Noire de Plaisir ~ Pleasure Training of the Fallen Vampire Princess~


When Eiji, an ordinary university student, woke up in the dead of the night due to suddenly feeling a weight on his body, the scene of a young, peerless beauty possessing jet-black hair straddling onto him came to his view.

「Your blood, I’ll be taking it.」… Announcing thus, that young girl’s sharp fangs bit into Eiji’s nape.

Eiji, who had closed his eyes from fear, felt a stinging pain from his nape; he thought that this was the end, so he resolved himself for the incoming death.

But after some time passed, he became suspicious of the never-coming death, so he opened his eyes only to see the appearance of a fainted young girl whose pussy was gushing out nectar fluids.

Well, what will you do in this kind of situation?

There’s no need to even ask. It’s a man’s shame to not eat what is offered to him.

A modern erotic fantasy about a youth in possession of 100,000 times the magical power within his blood in comparison to an ordinary person, and a vampire princess who craves magic power. Follow as the youth gives ‘special’ training to the vampire princess as she gets accustomed to his overabundant magic power and the pleasure it brings.

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