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「Whoa, you two, Carol and Chem, get along. You too Gams, don’t stay silent and do something」

In a dimly lit room, there is a man muttering something towards a PC monitor, the only source of light.

It’s not like this man was angry, no, on the contrary, he seemed to be smiling with amazement.

The man has a messy hair as if he had not brushed for a long time and wears clothes soaked with sweat which he did not change for several days. Nonetheless, he doesn’t stink, since he changes his underwear after taking his daily bath, and even if he had a bad smell, he wouldn’t care.

There is a PC and a desk in the room. There is also a bookshelf filled with manga and light novels. And a futon which is laid all year round. After that, there are dumbbells in a corner of the room.

This man sleeps when the sun rises and his day starts when it begins to sink, but recently, it became a habit of his to get up early.

This is also all due to the game 『Village of Fate』 which drove him crazy.

You could say that since he started playing this game, he became a total addict. Now he spends most of his time if not all on the game.

The monitor shows people clearing a forest rich in nature in order to create a village.

In this awfully realistic game, a lot of characters are working hard. The game seems to have a fairly high-performance AI, even its conversation pattern is also abundant since the man has never seen the same line spoken except for the usual greetings.

「Everyone, the oracle has come down today again」

When a beautiful woman dressed in priest clothes open a sparkly bible, the villagers begin to gather around her.

「Everyone, let’s do our best today too」

Even though the man knew that his voice wouldn’t reach them, the man seemed to be happy while smiling at them.

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