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C106: I’ll be ready to conquer the capturepoints

With each swing of the sword, the snake-shaped monster’s head would whirl through the air. Behind the blood smoke, I see a statue of a god who freely manipulates the swords in his hands and brings about successive deaths. The corpses of countless snakes were lying around, and the earth was stained with blood.

“Whoa! I am with God!”

I can’t take my eyes off the activities of the villagers who are fighting alongside me, including the former chief priest, who is wielding a mace while shouting like a hero and bursting into tears.

“Don’t get too far ahead! Just do what you can!”

Wielding the sword with which I cut down the two-headed snake, I sent the bloody paste and pieces of flesh flying, and now I sent a message to my friends. Although his skills are a bit hazy in front of the activities of the statue of God, Gams has definitely improved since we first met. Manipulating two swords with both hands, he kills the monsters around with his strength and skill.

Next to him is Niles, who uses his strength rather than skill to crush his enemies. Clad in a robe reserved only for those who serve the gods, he strikes with a huge mace with an iron lump at its tip.

“I shudder at the honor of fighting alongside the gods!”

His robe, which was supposed to be white, was painted red with blood, and the smile plastered on his face was made more ferocious by the blood makeup. When a snake with a body length of one meter is hit by Niles’ mace, it ignores gravity and blows away in an interesting way. Only one of them has the monstrous strength of another dimension.

The monsters fled in fear of his vicious appearance, but the arrows of Murus and Sudhir pierced the back of their heads without mercy, refusing to allow them to escape.

“Looks like there were three more of them here.”

“You missed one, though.”

The two of them, who respond to sarcasm with sarcasm, are still not on the best of terms.

“If you’re injured, please stand back! We will heal you!”

Chem, Ran, and Kang stayed in the rear, in charge of healing the injured and protecting them.

“You guys have to be active here or you’ll make less money!”

“No way!”

“Work, work, work!”

Two other groups of hunters were also struggling to keep up with the villagers. There were no casualties on their side, and so far things were going well.

“Yes, I can! Oops, don’t mess with the villagers!”

“Oh, you’re very active, Yoshio-senpai!”

It is Makoto, who is praising and flattering me as I manipulate the statue of God. He’s also watching the battlefield on his computer screen. Right now, the villagers are attacking one of the capture points in the Forbidden Forest. Since there’s nothing we can do about the mysterious village at the moment, we decided to put it on hold and attack the other points first.

One of them was a place where giant snakes lived, and it was an area full of snakes and reptilian monsters. The boss, a giant snake, had eight yellow eyes and white scales that shone like porcelain. It had an alluringly beautiful appearance, and I feared that it might be some kind of divine beast, but the reaction of the villagers and hunters was not so bad.

“Multi-eyed mutant snake.”

That seems to be the case. A multi eyed snake is a kind of monster that is not uncommon in other worlds, and is also known as a serpent of fortune. When it is born, it has three eyes, but as it gets older, it gains more eyes. It is said that the number of eyes is the standard for strength, and the eighth eye is a very high level enemy, capable of dominating snake-type monsters.

Since the hunters and villagers could handle all the monsters except for the boss, the multi eyed snake, I used the oracle to make a suggestion.

[Carve a small statue of the god out of light wood and have Niles, who boasts monstrous strength, carry it on his back.]

Niles readily agreed, he was very pleased.

“What an honor it is to obey God’s command and carry His statue! I feel my body tearing with joy!”

He cried like a waterfall and was thrilled. I had gotten used to that kind of reaction, so I watched him with a wry smile on my face. He’s always like this when God is involved. So for this battle, he carried the statue of God on his back without a shield and I activated the “Golem Summon” after moving to the site. I fought one-on-one with the boss, the multi eyed snake, and let the villagers and hunters take care of the surrounding enemies.

The statue of the god was carried to the site in a wooden form because of its weight, but I had Gochupicchu, the silver basilisk that accompanied me to the battle, petrify it on site before engaging in combat.

The multi-eyed snake possessed vicious abilities such as poisonous breath and paralyzing gaze, but it was too bad for the opponent. Since I was a statue, I was immune to such attacks. So, it was possible to dominate the enemy unilaterally. And now, I easily decapitated the multi-eyed snake, and the statue was covered in blood.

I guess I’ll just have to clean up the rest of the monsters and be done with it.

“It’s time to call it a day.”

Immediately after the snake was killed, snake-shaped monsters attacked as if in a rage, and the villagers were forced to fight a hard battle, but thanks to the success of the statue of God, the battle situation became one-sided.

If I zoom out the map and look at it from above, you can see the location of the monsters as red dots. There are only four red dots left on the battlefield, and now there are only two left.

“It was a stingy maneuver, but saving points is important, so I’ll take it.”

I could have used the “Golem Summon,” and walked from the base, but that would have cost me a lot of points, so I gave up. I thought about carrying the statue of the god in the state of a portable shrine, which I had done once before, but I wanted to leave some people in the village just in case, since I was worried about the existence of Iryu Mujin Village.

After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that it would be better to have Niles carry it. He’s happy, so let’s assume I was right. While I was forcibly convincing myself, the last red dot disappeared from the map. It seemed that we had eradicated the monster’s capture point.

[Capture point conquered. Two more points left.]

Blue letters appear on the PC screen. So now I have two left. I’d like to take out the other one, since I’m going to have to take out that Iryu Mujin Village later.

Here’s the plan I came up with after that. First, I’ll take out the other two capture points first. By reducing my worries, I can concentrate on the attack on the mysterious village, but I’m also impatient to get it done before “Temptation of the Evil God”.

“That’s the end of the first one. Can we finish the other one this month?”

“We’re still halfway through the month, so we should be able to make it, but my preparations are going well.”

I dared to reply cheerfully to Makoto’s question in a worried voice. I had already checked out the other point of attack, and that was an area where insects were the main type. It was a humid forest and huge spiders were crawling all over……I don’t think spiders and centipedes were exactly insects, but whatever.

When I first saw the video, I was so horrified that I wanted to scratch my whole body. I remember that Makoto seemed to be quite uncomfortable with it and let out a scream. There were spider webs everywhere, and the sight of spiders the size of children wriggling around was like a scene out of a horror movie. Incidentally, all the women in the village seemed to be uncomfortable with those huge spiders, and many of them begged not to be included in the team that was going to attack them.

“I’ll leave the raids there to the Dark Elves.”

“No! Stop trying to force me to do things I don’t want to do. Why don’t you just go?”

“No. For generations, elves have been determined not to touch that hunting spider. It’s……disgusting.”

“Don’t be so shy about your true feelings. We’ve been trying to stay as far away from them as possible!”

I was impressed by the way Murus and Sudhir were pushing each other.

Chem turned pale and announced her intention to participate, but Gams gently coaxed her into giving up. She seemed reluctant to do so, but let’s not get into the fact that she gently patted her chest.

While I was pondering about the next attack Gams and the others had arrived back at the village. I praised the members who participated in the oracle’s defeat and urged them to take a good rest today. Gams and Niles in particular have a tendency to be overly enthusiastic, so I need to remind them to take a break once in a while.

Now that I’ve used the oracle, is there anything else to do in the village today? I’ve been concentrating for a long time and my eyes are tired, so I think I’ll take a break.

“I’m taking a break, what do you want to do?”

“I’ll keep an eye on the village and let you know if anything happens.”

“I see. But don’t overdo it.”

“I’ve only been watching, so I’m full of energy!”

True to his word, Makoto replied cheerfully. It’s nice to be young. I leave the computer, lie down on the bed, and exhale heavily. I’d like to sleep like this, but there’s so much more to do than just run the village.

After lazing around for about five minutes, I got up and opened the zipper of my backpack in the corner of the room. I should take out all the stuff I had packed inside and organize it.

I’m going to act while it’s still light, but I need a flashlight in case of an emergency. If I’m going to a place that looks like the setting of a horror movie, I’ll need a flashlight. I also have a three-day supply of portable food. I’ve also packed drinking water and a portable water purifier to purify even the dirtiest water just in case. A raincoat is also included. Is there anything else I need?

Ever since I decided to go to Iryu Mujin Village, I’ve been studying to make sure I’m prepared. I watch horror movies to find out what the problems are and how to deal with them beforehand. It would be preferable to solve the problem easily, but it’s better to be prepared.

I thought about buying a stun gun for self-defense, but the price was higher than I expected and I was afraid of the risk of my family finding out about it, so I decided not to buy one this time.

“I don’t know if I can get any more information.”

Since then, I’ve been personally investigating Iryu Mujin Village, but I haven’t been able to get any interesting information. However, the people at the Exchange Plaza have found out the exact location of the island, so if I want to go there, I can leave right now.


Going to that place that is mixed with another world? After all this time, I’m not sure if it’s worth risking that much for the sake of others. To be honest, I don’t have any obligation to help the streamer because he deserved it. However, if I don’t do something about that village, I’m sure it will have a negative impact on the fate of my village.

Nevertheless, I want to be prepared. The ideal situation would be to conquer the other capture points before taking on the last one. The goal is to get……Gams to visit Iryu Mujin Village again. I’ll enter the village at the same time. Meet up with the villagers, secure the streamer, escape the village and return to Japan. The remaining villagers will continue to attack the village and secure the territory.

“It’d be great if this happened.”

Do not just hope for it, but try to make it happen. If I just wait and do nothing, I will not get anything. If I get distracted by too many things to think about and lose control of the village, there will be no point. As a player of the God of Destiny, I must guide the villagers.

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