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C112: I’m going into a horror spot

I ducked into the long weeds and carefully made my way through them. So far, we hadn’t seen a soul or even a beast. We have to be careful of the players on the evil side, but on an island rich in nature, the existence of wild beasts can be a problem.

If it’s a harmless beast, it’s fine, but if there’s a wild boar or a bear……no, if there are players on the evil side, I’m sure they’ll exterminate it if it’s inhabiting the area. Still, it’s worth being vigilant.

If it’s a single threat, Destiny’s petrification can overwhelm it, but if it’s multiple threats, I have to hope for poison breath. But it has some disadvantages, such as the fact that I need to be upwind of it and it can’t be used in a small space. If I rely on it too much, I might get hurt, so I should try to enter without being detected.

“I thought I was playing a village building game, but I didn’t realize it was a stealth game.”

A complaint spills out of my mouth. I’m not very good at stealth games where you have to defeat your target without being spotted by the enemy or invade enemy territory, but I guess I can’t say that.

Keeping my posture low, I chose a place with as little light as possible and walked towards the cave I wanted. On the way, I encountered a large insect and almost screamed, but I managed to hold my mouth shut and endure. Incidentally, the bug that scared me ended up in Destiny’s stomach. He really is a reliable buddy.

Other than that, there were no other troubles and things were going smoothly so far. I checked the map to see where I was and where the tunnel was, and it seemed to be pretty close to…….The closer I get, the more likely I am to be found.

“It’s now or never.”

I sat down with my back against a large tree and decided to take a short break. As I took out my portable food and water bottle to replenish my nutrition and moisten my throat, Destiny was staring at me. I filled a special deep dish with water and handed it to him; he lifted it with both hands and began to gulp it down with gusto.

I took out my phone and started up the game’s forum. The most popular thread right now is “Player invasion of Iryu Mushin Village”. Of course, it’s about me.

Since I announced it beforehand, most of the players on the Lord God side know that I’ m heading to the island. Since only the Lord God’s side can see this bulletin board, if the Evil God’s side knows about it, either there is a traitor or there is a way to illegally look into the bulletin board. So I intentionally announced on the bulletin board that I would be raiding today to flush them out as well. Then, the thread got a huge response.

It’s a hot topic in the company, and everyone is sticking to the bulletin board. They’re even asking to see what I’m doing. It seems that even the gods are paying attention to this mission. Even though I wasn’t the one who wrote the thread, “Player invasion of Iryu Mushin Village” posts coming in one after another.

555: I didn’t know there were players who would seriously venture into enemy territory.

556: I wanted a female knight to go in anyway.

557: Isn’t her life in danger?

558: What’s going on in the field?

559: Local slayer, how are you feeling right now?

I guess I should write this one up. I’ll post some pictures I took a while ago.

601: A player in the field. Situations like this.

I’ve also included a picture of the forest that I took twenty minutes ago after I wrote the post. This way, I can create a sense of realism and use it as bait in case the information is passed on to the evil side. I’ m pretty far away from that place now, so if they pay attention to that, the security will be lessened.

633: Looks like an uncharted land!

634: Is this what a deserted island looks like?

635: If there’s an Evil God player, it’s not deserted, right?

636: In case you were wondering, there’s also the Iryu Mujin Village.

637: I thought it was half a lie or fishing, but seriously?

Now that I’ve dropped some fuel, I’m sure this will keep people talking for a while. There’s another reason why I’m doing this: I was hoping that some players would be able to help from a distance, just like some players can use clairvoyance. In fact, there was a separate thread for this.

In the separate thread called “Iryu Mujin Village Strategy Thread,” where there’s a lot of serious discussion and advice that I’ve been referring to. I don’t know how he’s still doing it, but he posts pictures from the sky that he’s looking at with his “clairvoyant” every few minutes, which is very helpful. I really have to thank him. After a good break, I closed my phone and proceeded cautiously again.

“That’s it, isn’t it, the tunnel?”

I avoided the open spaces, but as I neared the tunnel, there was nothing to block my view. The tunnel was hidden behind a large tree, but if I stepped out of it, I would be in full view. There was no one in the vicinity of the tunnel. There are no surveillance cameras within sight, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe, and that’s the problem.

Just as the Lord God has a miracle called “clairvoyance,” the Evil God could have a similar miracle. Since this is a place that is often visited by streamers, it would be reasonable to assume that they are still monitoring it somewhere. But that doesn’t mean nothing will happen if I stay here and wait. I should take action.

I picked up a small stone that was lying at my feet and threw it towards the tunnel entrance. The stone went into the tunnel without any hindrance.

“They’re not using hallucinations to disguise the entrance, and there’s nothing that looks like a trap.”

I knew it would be okay since the streamers were able to get in, but now I was convinced. I checked the time on my phone and saw that I had five minutes left until the time I wanted.

This time, I activated the “Village of Destiny ” and looked at Gams and the others. The members of the village marching through the forest were Gams, Chem, Ran, Kang, Murus, and Sudhir…….Niles was carrying a life-sized statue of God on his back.

Then there is Gochupicchu, a basilisk riding on the shoulders of the statue of the god, plus two elves and two dark elves. The rest of the team consisted of three groups of five hunters. In terms of strength, it was perfect.

They are planning to enter the tunnel at the same time as me. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a method that will benefit both me and the villagers, but I’m really thinking about what comes next.

“I guess we’ll just have to trust fate.”

As the villagers arrived in front of the tunnel and lined up in a row, Gams, the leader, extended his right arm toward the sky. This was the signal I had decided on beforehand. I jumped out from behind the tree and rushed into the tunnel at a glance. I looked sideways at Destiny, who was running with me on all four legs, and saw that he was looking at me at the same time.

When I returned my gaze to the front, I found myself at the end of an unnaturally dark tunnel. A darkness that does not allow any light to pass through is standing there. Fear of the dark would’ve slowed me down, but Destiny, who is a little ahead of me, turned his head and……opened his mouth wide and made a sighing motion.

“Are you freaked out?”

It’s probably not a mistake that I feel agitated.

“I’m good. You can’t beat me.”

I stepped on my feet, which were beginning to lose feeling, and kicked the ground with all my might, plunging into the darkness. What was that? I felt a slippery sensation clinging to my skin, as if I had been sprayed with warm……breath. But the feeling lasted only a moment, and the discomfort disappeared in less than a second.

Instead, a chilly air that I would not expect in June hit my skin. It was Destiny rather than me who reacted sensitively to the cold, and he hurriedly climbed up my body and wrapped it around my neck like a scarf. The spikes on his body hurt a little, but I’ll let it slide.

It was pitch black inside the tunnel, and even though there was a bright view outside the entrance, no sunlight could penetrate the tunnel as if it were a boundary. I took out a small light from my bag and tried to shine it further in.

“It looks normal.”

I wondered what I would do if the light was completely blocked out of the space, but it seemed that I didn’t need to worry about that. The light alone was a bit disheartening, but the tingling pain and weight around my neck gave me courage. I’m not alone, and that’s enough to keep me going. I’m okay.

Under my feet is the hard texture of concrete, flattened by the light, not a pebble in sight. The walls of the tunnel are curved and shaped like fish paste. Normally, there would be lights on the ceiling, but I couldn’t find any. It looked like it was just made of hardened concrete.

As I walked, the sound of my footsteps echoed in the air. If I had been alone, I’m sure I would have slumped. I took one step at a time, stroking Destiny around my neck to distract myself. In a horror movie, you’d hear strange voices and see monsters and ghosts around here, but this is real life.


“……Oh, it’s…….”

Hmm⁉ I thought I heard someone’s voice. No, no, no, it must be an auditory hallucination caused by my fearful mind. I’m just listening to a voice that doesn’t exist in the atmosphere of this tunnel. Calm your mind, calm down, calm down, calm down.

“……coming soon”

“……will be fine.”

Yeah, I heard it again. Was it the sound of the wind? I wanted to be silly, but there was no wind in the tunnel. I tried to light up the area, but of course there was no one in sight. Give me a break, I’m really not good with horror stories.

“Is the Buddhist prayer good for this kind of situation? Oh, but if the other world mixed in, the prayer that Chem does is better.”

I was in a hurry and my thoughts were confused, so I tried to take a deep breath, but then I heard the voice again.

“Are you also at……brother?”


Hmm? They just said brother and Chem didn’t they? And what’s that voice? My curiosity increased more than my fear, and I listened carefully after catching my breath.

“Will those people be safe at the end of this tunnel?”

“The oracle said there was a good chance they were safe.”

“And you said there might be one person who could help us.”

This time I could hear them clearly. There was no doubt about it, the voices were Gams and Chem! Well, this tunnel is the boundary between the other world and Japan. I can’t see them, but I can hear their voices. It’s like the radio waves are mixed up. As soon as I realized that the villagers were also walking in the same place, my steps became lighter. I’m sure we’ll get through this tunnel.

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