NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 24.2

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Chapter 24 (2/2): Rescue Operation

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (unedited)

Now they have went back to the cave, I can take my eyes of the screen for a while. I reach out to the plate where I had placed the fruits for my nourishment.

I grabbed a new kind of fruit which looks like an grape but tastes like an apple.

“Oh, there are no more fruits?”

I looked around to see if it has fallen under the desk.

Did I eat it unconsciously? Is it possible?

It impossible for me to have eaten all of them without knowing. I brought around 10 fruits in the first place.

I looked around the room to check if it was rolling somewhere. I found the fruit…

“Oh, you know…..”

A new born golden lizard was holding my fruit. His throat was swollen and it was probably still swallowing.

It was sitting on the edge of the desk and staring with big eyes on his face…’s so cute.

We have already investigated that there are lizard which prefer fruits. Maybe this golden one is also of the same type.

To be honest, I am relived that I don’t need to provide it with insects and small animals. I am not good with either of them.

“If you get of the case on your own, then it would be bad.”

I thought to put it back inside but hesitated to touch it.

I don’t feel bad anymore, it looks so small and delicate, I am afraid to crush it by mistake.

I saw some videos of lizard breeding, there were quite a few who stroked the lizards head like this.

“So can you grow up there?”

When I asked, somehow the golden lizard shakes his vertically. [Skating his head vertically obviously means no, well if someone didn’t know that then please comment. I wanna talk to you.]

……is it a coincidence? Maybe the lizard and reptiles are smart but I just know about it. There might be rare species which can understand the human language just like the dogs.

“You still don’t have a name yet. I will decide later on.”

Let’s not think too much about it. My first priority is the event.

I returned my gaze to the screen just in time. The group seems to be ready for departure. The three of them opened the fence door and left.

“We are going. Be careful.”

“Okay Chem. I will close the cave door and will try not to step out.”

“I am sorry to say this but please come back as soon as you think it’s getting dangerous. Do not mix courage and recklessness.”

“When you return there will be delicious dinner waiting for you.”

There people stepped out and were sent off by Lodis family.

The visible area of the map is not at risk but the destination is the north side which is underdeveloped and never seen before.

“The number of monsters remaining at the enemy base is unknown but there were countless corpses is then at my village so I don’t thing there are many of then remaining.”

“There maybe me few surviving monsters which are fully intact.”

“I know where the burrows are. Even if I don’t know the complete map of the forest still I have the information about the nearby terrain in my head. There are three basic type monsters inhabiting the area. The black dog and wild boars have no habit of taking back the food. It would be reasonably to think that the ones taking the children were the Green demons.”

Because they are the only ones with intelligence.

It would be difficult for them to carry back an adult because of there short height but it seems then can still carry the child.

But this game…….

“It didn’t have any bans or R designations. I an worried because there were no such instructions…..”

In that case there could be a scenario where the ruined corpse of a child is lying on the ground and ruthlessness breeding and matings even though the race is different. [I am sure you understand. I cannot be more clear as I want this to be family friendly]

It’s a game which pursues realism, so it would not be strange for there to be such a cruel scene.

I an really sorry for Murus.

What is he thinking while heading towards the enemy territory? It’s a game but I was in his position then I would not be able to take this.

If the villagers encounter such a situation, I can’t brush it off by saying it’s just a game. I need to be serious about it.

The return of Gams, Murus and Chem should be the top priority for this event. If they find some whom they can help then rescue them. If possible then destory the base and kill the mosnters.

Let’s go with this priority order.

“So you think the enemy is the green demon and they are few in numbers?”

“These monsters only attack during the Temptation of Evil God. During the reconnaissance two months ago, the number of green demons identified was 55. The number if corpses in the village of green demons was around 40. The dam was really severe so there maybe slight errors but at most there can be only 10 of them.”

I am surprised by his swift mental spirit. Did you count the monsters corpses along with the villagers corpses.

“It maybe troublesome for one person but we can handle it with two of us.”

“Yes, having a monster Hunter with you helps a lot.”

He is really reliable when he has a bow in his hands. I grasped his ability with the bow during the two weeks of his stay.

Murus stretches out his arm to the side and stops. Gams and Chem also stop on the spot.

“We are close to the enemy base. I saw two enemy shadows. We should stop here.”

Murus scrambled the weeds in front of him and they grow rapidly and cover the three of them.

The view of the magic to manipulate the plant growth in action was beautiful. It is quite useful and excellent for use in the forest. The weeds did not cover the their line of sight. Their line of sight was divided into the left and right.

Murus quitely held the arrows on the bow, pulled the string and shot two arrows at the same time.

Both hit the head of a green demon and it dies instantly.

“Well done.”

It was such a great sniper shot that praised it a loud.

Gams approached the other one silently and soon its head drops to the ground.

By the way the video is a little distant so I didn’t see the bisecting of the corpse.

I have seen of dismantling monsters before but it wasnt in such a detail.

I coudnt ear my dinner today.

The corpses are hidden in the bushes grown a while ago.

The three continued on their path. There were no encounter with the enemies as they advanced through the forest which seemed same everywhere.

I an wart of what may lie overhead, but it’s meaningless as I can only see the area where the villagers have passed.

Twenty minutes later, their field of view changed.

There were many green demons in a vacant land without any fence. There were few home like things build using bundled up grass.

Tension are high among the three whom have competely stopped. I am just as nervous as them.

After reconfirming the miracles items that had been prepared in advance, I watched silently as they started moving.

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