NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 28.2

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Chapter 28 (2/2): Aftermath

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

It has been about an hour now?

Murus ended up dropping his knife. He unexpectedly removed a book from his bag containing the herbs and medicines.

He opened the book and breathed a sigh.

“Why didn’t you help us like the God of Fate when it mattered.”

Murus asks with an expression full of agony.

This book maybe like a Bible containing the teaching of God’s in which Murus believes.

The book which shows my Oracle is a special one isn’t it?

Chem and others were astonished to see the Oracle when I first did it.

So it should be rare to get a blessing of a God in this game.

It seems he wants to complain to his God after seeing such miracles.


I noticed something bad just now…

I have no way to help the villagers if they are attacked during my work hours. There is a possibility of village destruction without the miracles, maybe similar to the case of the God whom Murus worshipped.

“Yes, til now I was a NEET, I can watch the villagers when I am not sleeping, eating or in the toilet but I can’t now.”

If so, then should I quit my part-time job and become a NEET again?

It’s impossible. It’s impossible to let go of the chance to change my life.

It would be nice if I could help the villagers during my work but there isn’t such a convenient way.

While thinking about that, I found an interesting ad in the game options. I clicked on it.

【If you download this app, you can play the game anytime and anywhere as long as you have your smartphone.】

Well was such a convenient feature always there. If I think about it nowadays every game have their mobile version….

Up to now it would have been impossible but now I have the smartphone from my mother.

I downloaded the app without any hesitation. The icon of the game 【Fortune Of Life】 appeared on the screen.

“It seems that the miracles and Oracle’s can be operated without any problems.”

This is convenient. Now I can play the game during the breaks or when travelling in the car.

Finally, what about the fate points usage?

In the fierce battle with the Red demon, I performed miracles and that secure the victory. I wonder how I can control my avatar. I didn’t get back all the consumed points but almost ⅓ is back.

I can most likely perform some miracles with this amount.

Regardless of whether Murus stays or not, I have enough points to at least perform one miracle.

I woke up in the morning and sit in front of the PC to start looking for Murus.

He is not in his room but…

There is a large table lined up with lots of handmade food and everyone is there.


I stroke my chest and breath a sigh of relief.

Murus’ complexion is not good but it’s fine for now.

A meal with a heavy atmosphere can be seen on the screen.

Carol is a smart child even though she is so young. She is silently eating without saying anything extra.

“I am sorry everyone.”

Murus, who hasn’t eaten anything apoligizes to everyone.

“I have been thinking about this last night. Can you forgive me and let me stay here? I thought about leaving this forest but there might be someone who survived. As I don’t know much about the world outside this forest so I can only live here. “

It would be a lie to say that I am not happy because I wanted this from the start. I am glad that Murus chose to live here rather than just being a friend.

Of course, Murus was accepted without any rejection by the villagers.

“Murus as been added to Village of Fate” [1]

So Murus has been officially recognized as the member of the village.

I hovered the mouse over him to see the details.

【Murus, 151 years old female Elf living in the forbidden forest. She excels at archery and is an excellent pharmacist. She believes in the God of Medicine, the cousin of God of Nature but she lost her faith after her village was destroyed.】

There are many things which I want to say but the first is age and race.

On hundred and fifty years. She looks mostly twenty at top.

Elves are a familiar creature in fantastic world, with long age and beautiful figure. The also have long ears but it’s hidden in the hair so the tip is not visible.

If you think about it, they seem to hate humans and specially dwarves. In addition to that, if one lives in the forbidden forest and has good archery skills, then she must be an elf. I didn’t realize that there was such a classic setting here.

Let’s leave that for me and focus on celebrating the additional of a new villager.

And she was a ……. woman? She has neutral characteristics and beautiful face which can work either way but I though she was a man.

Well she never said that she was a man.

Now if you think about it there was a woman who can hunt with Gams. Isn’t it perfect combination?

……In addition to be brocon younger sister, there is also Carol.

Yup…I have a terrible premonition.

Anyway I am pleased with the increase in the villagers.

Even if only one person has been added, that person has a lot of importance. Fighting power, information about the forest, wisdom, knowledge and a different personality. She has everything which we need.

“Welcome Murus.”

Murus is welcomed by the villagers and her complexion has gotten a little better.

The only problem is that I cant be in that circle……It’s rather regrettable. [2]

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] I am having a feeling that be was being treated as a commodity

[2] Poor MC. He must be feeling sad.

Yup read that right. Murus didn’t commit suicide which all of you must have…..not been expecting. Seriously if someone thought that she would die then please comment, so all of us can troll you. ~ Asada

I know…I know. The MCs reaction was lame when he found that Murus is a woman. I mean he should be more shocked or something. BTW are you shocked? ~ Asada

Oh…Yeah. I would like to kindly remind you not to read raws. I am telling you that you will spoil your experience. Please wait for the translations or you will miss really important details in the raws. If you want faster releases then support us on Kofi. ~ Asada

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