NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 3..1

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Chapter 3 (1/2): Lazy Me and Working Villagers

“Wow, ah, is it already morning?”

Sunshine shone through the curtain’s gap.

It was already 9 a.m when I checked the clock at the bedside.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been awake at this hour.”

When did I go to bed yesterday?

Oh, I see. It was night time when I was looking at the villagers, and….

I got addicted to “The Village of Fortune” and watched the villagers til late.

There are several things that I noticed.

They go to sleep in an odd manner. When it’s dark, they eat dinner and sleep immediately. Gamz alone had been up for a while to keep a lookout for the surrounding but still slept at 8 p.m.

The most serious thing is their dependence on God. I thought it was convenient for me if they were my loyal devotee but when I listened to their conversation last night, I changed my mind.

“How about sleeping, Gamz?”

“No, Lodis. I don’t know when a monster will attacks. I need to keep watch.”

“Don’t worry about that. Haven’t you witnessed the miracle of God? We also had that oracle, that means the God of Destiny is watching over us. The monsters will not come close to us due to His power. “

“… I hope so too….”

Excuse me, God (I) has no such power.

The villagers also have the problem about logging and woodwork, as they also think that God will do everything from processing to the drying of timber but that’s a shallow thought.

“Oh man, I am sure that I can’t always keep them safe. It’s better to tell them that my power is limited and is not omnipotent or I don’t think its going to be safe. ”

What should I do?

Last night, I laid down to research the wood processing on the net because of the pressure from the villagers.

If you’ve spent a lot of time that you have to watch videos, browse online sites, or just chatting on bulletin boards to give villagers a little more decent advice, will you regret it? No.

As usual, I wanted to look away from reality and immerse myself in the game.

However, on the screen the villagers were working hard. Their hard life was different from mine.

Even young Carol is working hard to help her mother.

“You don’t need to….”

“I know. But everyone needs to do their best, right? It’s tiny, so it’s not heavy at all. I think I can help.”

“Carol. When you find it hard you can go to your dad for help.”

“Don’t worry. It won’t be a problem”

Lodis is looking at his daughter over and over again during his work. He seemed to be worried about his daughter. Sometimes he was about to walk towards her but somehow managed to stay put.

The girl who keeps worrying about her father is constantly moving while carrying one thing and then another. Even though it is a fictitious programmed world, it is lively. Different from my lazy self.

I know that the person is a character of the game, but my chest is tightened just by looking at them.

The more precise the image, the more the scene will tear my turbid heart.

Looking over my room, you will notice a roll of candy bags. They have been piling up in the room after eating, since the previous day.

What I did yesterday just increased the trash in the room.

“Let’s spill the beans so they do not overestimate their incompetent God”

The villagers will be annihilated if they think that God can do everything. It seems that this game does not have a save function, so it must be avoided at all costs.

I was struggling with words which would convince the villagers without losing the dignity of God.

Maybe this is okay … At least that’s what I wanted to believe.

I executed the prophecy and readied myself for the reaction of the villagers.

“Everyone! There is an oracle from the God.”

The villagers stopped working and gathered in response to Chem’s cry.

“It read…..I have lost most of my power. Now I can only watch and perform a few miracles. I want you to live together with your neighbors and be devout believers. That is my earnest wish. Bless everyone!“

How about that. I wish I was able to successfully represent that the God’s power cannot be used indefinitely.

The villagers who heard the oracle went silent. Only the sound of the wind can be heard.

Should I think of a better excuse?

“What a wonderful thing. Everyone! God is watching over us!” “Oh God, thank you”

Chem is impressed and started praying on her knees.

“This is really bad! It might be because of the fight against the evil God that he has lost his powers. Even though that was the case, he blessed us yesterday. We shouldn’t rely on God but instead on ourselves.”

Lodis tried to convince everyone.

I was worried about the tone of the explanation, but is it natural because it is a game?

It seems that only Carol doesn’t understand it well, others seem happy. It seems they are convinced.

Although it was a little straight forward but at least it managed to do something.

The villagers looked at the bible and gave me a prayers of appreciation and hence my fate points increased.

After all, the amount of fate points depends on the amount of prayers.

This time the villagers seemed really impressed, so a considerable amount of points increased. Still it is not enough to buy a familiar.

Honestly, I want more fate points.

Listening to their story… in this case, it should be called eavesdropping not listening. Well, either name is fine but there are many things that can be understood just from their conversation.

The women were talking like this before.

“We can’t always sleep in a carriage. Besides, I will be relieved if there is a fence at least in case of an attack from monsters. I think that will make it easier for my brother to protect everyone ”

“That’s right. I can’t use that log because it’s necessary to make a house and I’m concerned about seasoning for the food as well. I just need a little bit of salt.”

Most of the things they talked about were about laundry, cooking or their worries for the future.

If I had some more fate points then some of their anxieties could have been dispelled but for now I can’t waste my points.

“The way to increased the fate point is through money.”

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