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Chapter 3 (2/2): Lazy Me and Working Villagers

All items that were not being used were put up for online auction. It would be good if a buyer could provide a couple thousands for it

Is there anything else that can be sold?

I noticed my comics and games while looking around my room.

If you take it to a secondhand bookstore, you can quickly get cash. It may not be a large sum but it is better than nothing.

The problem is, I need to go outside to sell them.

Several months … No, that’s not true. I haven’t been out for almost two years except at night.

He took a quick look at the screen of his pc. There were villagers who were working hard to live. The beginning of the game is really good, but I have a premonition that this game will become more interesting later on.

It’s a shame I can’t play the game if the village is annihilated.

“Now, shall we go outside?”

If you observe the villager’s behavior, it seems unlikely for it to be a game.

It seems like I have got addicted to them just like people who grow addicted to smartphones.

The outerwear that I took out after a long time came off after a while had a lot of sweat on it.

I feel uncomfortable dressed in these unfamiliar clothes.

I confirmed my appearance, there is an obese middle aged man.

The thirties that I envisioned as a child were more respectable as an adult. I actually believed that would be the case, but reality is far different.

Until now, I have always used the excuse “do my best from tomorrow”, as it was a very sweet temptation to leave everything for tomorrow.

But now it was different.

I saw the villagers working today.

Lodis and Gamz silently cut down the trees. The two men were working very hard but they did not show any signs of pains.

Chem walks around the surrounding to see if she can find anything to eat. Her brother, Gamz, said her sister was not good at manual labor but she is doing her job tirelessly.

Laila is doing laundry in the nearby river. The water seemed quite cold and I was unconsciously blowing my hand over and over again as if I was the one doing the job.

Carol responds vigorously to everyone as if she was hungry. She is careful about her surrounding and is helping everyone without complaining.

…… I’ll do my best too. It might be the end of the year that the game’s character encourages me, but I wanted something to do. The reason to inspire me.

When I got out of the room and went downstairs, my eye’s met my mother’s.

“Are you going out? Thats’s very unusual?”

“I’ll go out for a moment”

“Okay…Go on”

My mother had a surprised look on her face.

It felt like she was about to laugh. I’m going to go out after a long time and I wonder what she’s thinking.

“I’m going”

It’s been a month since I had a conversation with someone else except my family.

When I opened the door, I noticed that the air outside was cold.

Is it Winter?

I used stay in the room all the time. In the Summers, the air was cooled by the air-conditioner and in the Winters it was warmed by the room heater. My room maintained a constant temperature, so I didn’t realize what the outside world was like.

…… No. It’s not that I didn’t noticed but I avoided the outside world.

I unlocked the bicycle and put my foot on the straddle.

I was a little anxious about riding the bicycle after such a long time, but it seems my body hasn’t forgotten how to ride the bike.

When I started driving smoothly, the neighborhood residents started watching me and talking about something.

――Are they mocking me?

――Are they abusing me for not working at this age?

Such delusions filled my head.

I was scared. The delusion of those ridiculing me, did not leave my head.

I wanted to make a U-turn and threw everything away and return back home but I remember the villagers who were still working hard at home on my pc.

I want to make their lives a little easier.

…… I stepped on the pedal and started riding the bicycle.


I entered an old bookstore, my breathing was really rough.

Why is this place where no one knows me is so calm compared to my neighborhood?

I sold all the comics in the two tightly packed paper bags.

The mangas which I sold were more expensive than I expected them to be so I got some extra money.

I bought a magazine about log cabins and log houses and specialized books on wooden architecture, of course all were second-hand.

Knowledge can also be attained online, but it is hard to determine the validity of the content. The knowledge of the experts is present in the book.

I was planning to go home without a stop but I stopped on a whim and decided to buy puddings for my family.

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