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Chapter 40 part1

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

“Thank you. Happy New Year.!

“Thanks you and happy new year.”

“… tired”

I got off the car and lowered my head.

“Thank you. Happy New Year!”

I managed to complete my last job for this year and dropped off at the usual convenience store.

Since no one is at home, I plan to buy a lot of rinks and sweets and return home. Lets also secure a cup of ramen just in case.

I waved my hand towards my coworkers.

I managed to complete my job for this year but I am worried. Mr. Yamamoto wasnt fine when he left.

The last few days have been really strange. There were dark circles under his eyes and it was getting worse every day. I was concerned about his lack of energy and gaze.

I dont remember him being resentful but he may be rebellious in some things which I dont know about.

I tried to talk to him several times but was avoided. There wasnt any proper conversation.

I started to feel that gaze since the day……If I remember correctly, since the day when Mr.Yamamoto saw me playing Village of Fortune.

Whenever I look at the night sky, I start thinking about some extra things.

“Is that kind of thing possible…”

My mutters melt in the dark night.

I was stuck all this time. I guess the game which he is playing is realted to my game.

There were many things in common.

A game in its beta testing period whose contents are prohibited to be leaked.

The billing factor is important.

Destroying the villages,…….that is a opposite element so I didnt notice it till now.

Mr. Yamamoto said that he would earn points if he attacks and destroys a village. Also, he has recently lost a base.

I suppose that the village which was destroyed was of Murus and the destroyed base would be the place where the monocular red demon was.

All the events are overlapping.

Yamamoto noticed it early on and hence took such an attitude. If you think carefully, everything will match.

Village of Fortune is an online game so its no wonder that there are other players, rather its only natural.

There were too many things to worry about in the game so it was unrealistic of me to think about Yamamoto’s game.

If my assumption is correct, then there is another game which is paired with Village of Fortune and that was the game Yamamoto-san was playing.

“In that case, I should think that people other than Yamamoto are also playing …”

There are players like me who are subordinates of the Seven Main Gods.

There are also players on the side of Evil God like Yamamoto.

Two factions exist and compete in the game. If this is true then future measures need to be changed drastically.

“I think about it then it’s an interesting system for a game but I don’t want to fight Yamamoto-san.”

If I know and are remorseful about degrading someones base, can you solve it through discussions? but its forbidden to talk about the game.

There should be no problem if both of you are aware of it but if its end on the net then it will be problematic.

“But even if we talked about it, we still dont know much about the operations of the game.”

Its suprising that this game has so many mysteries. I just want to avoid breaking the rules and losing the game.

And also a lot of money is involved. It is excepted that this will not be solved through discussion.

“Why don’t we get involved with each other? Right now.”

I arrived at my home before arriving to a conclusion.

As I said earlier, no one is at home.

“Welcome home”


Chapter 40 part2

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

An unexpected voice came back.

Who is it? The voice of the women was so low that I coudnt properly understand who it was.

Haven t they set off yet? Perhaps my dad was later from work till the last minute.

“You are still at home.”

I opened the door of the living room and called out.

There was a women in the kitchen with her back turned towards me.

“It will be ready soon so please wait a moment.”

“Why are you here?”

I rubbed my glasses with my fingers and looked at the refined apron wearing lady.

“You didnt know about that. Aunty asked me to have good meal with you.”

“Mom …. extra things.”

My mother and Seika have always been on good terms so I guess she is trying to restore our relationship.ship.

“I’m grateful for you making dinner but is obasan okay?”

“Grandmother has gone back home for the New Year holidays. She was with me last year as I was hurt.”

After I met her after such a long absence, I used to avoid her gaze but now I am used to it.

“I don’t like eating alone so can I stay with you?”

“Well, of course. I welcome you.”

It was just an everyday occurrence for us to eat together before we our relationship got strained.

Although this is nostalgic, but the apro figure after these many years also gives a fresh feelings. My cheeks are loosing as if we are a couple……but dont get me wrong.

Seika has always been gentle. As we are in a family like relationship so its natural for her to take care of a bad family member.

Thats enough. I am satisfied for being just able to speak with you in such a way.

“By the way, for dinner … Ahhhhh”

I discover destiny looking up from at Seika’s feet and it runs up.

It slides and hides.

“What happened?”

“Oh, uh, I picked something falling from the shelf to prevent it from breaking.”

The reptile subtlety turns back and I return to the room.

I made sure that the door to the room is locked after placing Destiny on the desk.

“Ah….. She is not good with lizards. She will be flustered seeing you.”

She was scratching her face with a blurred expression.

Its natural that the language was not understood but in the case of Destiny, he probably acts like as if he understands.nd deceive.

“If you didn’t get out of this room. I will double your meal. I will priority your favorite fruit.


Destiny nodded while listening to my suggestion and nodded once and reached out to me.

He put my index finger in his hand and grabbed it tightly and shakes it as if he is shaking hands.

“So you do understand us after all?”

When I asked it, I slurped my tongue on purpose, it is appealing to the lizard.

“I thought I would be alone with you during the New Year.”

One of the reason for not going to the countryside with my family was because of the existence of Destiny. Someone has to take care of this glutton.

Should I also take care of the lizard which my sister has? It seems that is is still hibernating hassle-free.

“I have cooked the dinner!”

“I’m off now.”

After replying, I looked at the fruit with sticky marks inside the glass case. Did someone from the family gave it before they left?

“I’ll bring you the best meat later, so keep your promise.”

I reminded it again. Destiny opened the glass case top and went back inside.

I shouldn’t think about these things too deeply.

I got down the stairs and sat at the dinner table.

It was bad leave everything to her. I should have at least carried the dishes to the table. Lets do the washing by myself.

“I used the meat in the refrigerator without permission.”

“Okay, you can use anything. You can bring anything home as well.”

“It’s okay because you are splitting it in the neighborhood.”

We are giving out the meat to our neighbors due to the oversupply from the tributes.

Still there is more meat.

“But this meat is really delicious. It tastes great, you wont get tired eating it.”

“Isn’t it the same as obasan dishes from ten years ago …”

I dont remember the exact year as my memories from ten years ago are fuzzy.

She seems to have liked acting like my grandmother since she was little.

“Well, how about the taste?”

“It’s good as ever, especially the miso soup. I’ll tell my sister about this.”

“Thank you, Fufu, but I don’t think Sayuki-chan is a good cook. She came to me to learn how to cook earlier especially the egg dishes.”

Is that so? I didnt know that at all. She is a bad cook since a long time. I was one in charge of cooking in case of absence of our parents on the holidays.

We talked for a while then washed the dishes together and sent her home.

“Can I come again tomorrow?”

“I will be grateful but dont over do it.”

“Yeah, I’ve got too free time so why dont we eat New Year’s Soba together?” [1]

The door of Seika’s house closes leaving me all alone.

The last line was

Her last line was attractive though we both are in thirties.

I thought it was normal for us talk about adult conversation in some fashionable bar while drinking during my university days but now I am thirty yet there is not much of a difference from ten years ago.

I passed a decade without any socializing experience. I was able to cope up witht he adults as a student before isolating myself from Seika. I just realized that my heart is more immature than I thought.

Nevertheless, I dont think that I can be her lover anymore. I have no right to want more……..

While soaking in the bath after returning back home, I remember something and jump out of the bathroom.

I ran up the stairs with my body still being moist.

I saw Destiny sitting in front of the PC as soon as I opened the door. It looks at me silently.

After sitting down and apologizing, I offered a larger meal than usual.

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