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Chapter 44 part1

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

I encountered an unprecedented event of being attacked by Mr. Yamamoto on the evening of New Year’s Eve evening but managed to overcome it.

I was beaten with a crowbar and had some broken bones but I took the medicine sent from the village of Fate and healed quickly.

Rampaging Mr Yamamoto who has lost his sanity was knocked out by my golden lizard Destiny.

It was smart and I always suspected that it wasnt a normal lizard…but but indeed it seems to have the power to spit poisonous smoke and furthermore can also petrify a human body.

Looking at these two abilities of the lizard, I made a prediction of what Destiny was.

From there on I went back to my room, laid in my futon and stared at the Destiny by my side.

“Well, maybe a Basilisk?” [1]

When I asked it, Destiny nodded once.

Is that so?

After it hatched from the egg, I examined the lizards and just in case looked at the lizard like fantasy creatures as well.

When I searching with a faint expectation of it being a dragon, I found a lizard monster about which I was worried.

That is the Basilisk. Originally, I thought it to be a Cockatrice but it seems the Basilisk was more established as a lizard than the Cockatrice which was a chicken with tail of a snake. [2]

It has the power to exhale poison from its mouth and also can petrify its opponent. It is also known as the King of Lizards.

“It’s perfectly matches the conditions.”

Until an hour ago, I might have still laughed saying that it was stupid without recognizing the facts.

However, the incredible events beyond the common sense happened one after the another….finally the delivery.

A girl was sent in a huge cardboard to my house.

I knew the face of the ten year old girl with blond hairs.

Carol, one of the characters from the Village of Fate. I used to see her on my PC everyday. She was in my cardboard and was sent to my house.

… I think I am still probably sane …

It would be persuasive to say that everything was just a dream but unfortunately it seems real as hitting my cheek was painful.

For the time being, I take Carol to my room and lay her on the futon.

“What should I do, Destiny?”

I am confused. I am looking for help but it is eating fruits while facing his back to me.

His back seemed to be saying,”Decide yourself.”

Well, first of all, a review of the current situation.

The game which I was playing….Village of Date seems to really exist and the tributes sent were also real.

Not long before Carol was sent, the village was ruined and I thought that I could no longer play the game.

Perhaps I can imagine why.

Considering the villager last conversation, the cornered villagers gave Carol as a tribute to me, the God of Fate.

That makes sense if you ignore the common sense.

“I’m confident that my head is normal …”

The question is not about the world of game, existence of God, the safety of the villagers, Destiny but about what to do with Carol.

The current situation where a thirty year old man brings little girl to his house alone.

Its completely out of question but lets close the matter for now.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath….my head is filled with questions. I have to pick the important ones and deal with them first.


I heard a pretty voice of a girl.

Needless to confirm, when I search for the source of that voice…Carol is slowly opening her eyes.

She raises her upper body, rub her eyes and stretch.

She seems to have a sense of discomfort, she runs her gaze across the room and meet my eyes.

“Well, where is this? Well, who are you?”

She grabbed the comforter, backed up to the wall and stared at me with frightened eyes.

Its natural to panic. If she becomes suspicious of me and feels uneasy here, it will be no good. Cal down. Calm down.

I breath in and exhale.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be a serpent king, who can cause death with a single glance.

[2] A cockatrice is a mythical beast, essentially a two-legged dragon or serpent-like creature with a rooster’s head. Described by Laurence Breiner as “an ornament in the drama and poetry of the Elizabethans”, it was featured prominently in English thought and myth for centuries.

Chapter 44 part2

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

“My name is Yoshio. I am a servant of the God of Fate.”

I talk while building up a setting which wont make her feel uncomfortable.

I dont think it would be persuasive to say that I am the God of Fate. I dont have the dignity of the God.

“A servant of God of Fate? “

Carol life her futon and lowered her head and her head was rubbing the carpet on the floor.

“I am just a servant, so please raise your head. I am the same as Carol. Call me Yoshio.”

I have to say it to myself that this is a bad way of talking.

But for now, giving a sense of security is the top priority. I have to be as gentle as possible.

“You know my name? “

“Yes, of course.”

It is definitely Carol after all.

I have only heard her shouts in the game but her actual voice was so cute?

“Um, um, then Yoshio. Where is this? Where is Dad, mom and everyone?”

Carol who can cope properly in this situation without crying is great.

Well I have to pay close attention to my responses from here.

“You can call me Yoshio. I’ll call you Carol. This is the world of Gods, its separate from the world where you live.”

“The world of God …”

“If you dont believe it then look at this.”

I take out the wooden carved statue on the bookshelf and show it to Carol.

“This is the one Carroll carved! “

“Yes. Thank you for your tribute to God of Fate. He was very pleased.”

“Really! I’m so happy”

She smiled like a blooming flower.

I am glad that I left the tribute. I didnt think it would be useful on a day like this.

I have no choice but to tell her in this relaxed situation. Try to avoid as much deception and shock as possible.

“Carol, calm down and listen. Why are you in the world of God? Do you remember that the village was attacked by monsters?”

“Ah, yeah. Monsters come more than usual, so it’s dangerous to go out of the room behind the cave because it is dangerous. So my mom gave me a cup of tea … I don’t remember anything from there. “

“I see. Then, they were not able to stop the monsters so the villagers who were in danger gave you as a tribute to the God of Fate so as not to get you involved.”

This is mostly my imagination but it shouldn’t be wrong. There is no other explanation.

“What happened to everyone …”

Carol stares at me with tears almost about to burst out.

I gently her head with my hand.

“I’m sure they have escaped safely. The Bible was sent with Carol, so I can’t tell you what’s going on there, but I’m sure it’s okay. I got this.”

I stretch and beat my chest.

In such cases you need to show confidence even if your insides are in frenzy.

I cant shot any shard of anxiety towards Carol.

“God will do something!”

“Of course. People who have come to the world of God will not be able to return for a while, but please relax and be in a touristy mood.”

“Really. Well, thank you! “

Carol returns back to her cheerful self.

If she spends a fulfilling day in this world then she might be distracted. She might be pleased with my hospitality. What explanation should I give to my family?

I was just thinking about Carol and took her living here as for granted….how can I tell my family about this?

They are to our grandparents house right now but they will be back after a few days.

This is the hardest part.

The family will return on the fourth of January. Until them I am safe?

In the meantime I have to decide what to do in the future and also consider excuses for the family.

“Ah, Yoshio, Yoshio. What is this lizard?”

Carol discovers Destiny and catches it without any fear and is holding it with bright eyes.

“Yes. She was born from the egg that Carol asked God of Destiny to keep.”

“Thanks to Diss-chan”

Destiny is saying there without trying to escape.

I wonder if he is always caring.

I managed to survive a bit. Looking at the clock, only a little time is left for midnight.

This was a tough year.

An ordinary life will be impossible next year.

A blonde girl playing with a golden lizard. It is easy to imagine that this combination has nothing to do with peace.

While thinking about such things, the hands of the clock cross twelve.

“Oops, this is a new year. Happy new year.”

“Oh, happy new year!”

Carol releases Destiny, turns to me and bows down.

Is there similar greeting in the other world as well?

I was worried what to do after saying this but it seems okay.

New Year?….The goal of this year is not to regret again. Lets go with this.

Like Carol, I am worried about what happened to the Village of Fate but I cant show my anxious face to her.

I will not forget the villagers and the young life which they entrusted to me with their lives. Protecting it is foremost.

Nothing has been resolved yet but lets make progress step by step.

If I have desire to move forward then it should be quite possible. I learned this last year.

This year lets leave behind my unreliable self and be resolute and be an respectable adult.

As he determined this while looking at Carol and Destiny. He heard the door behind him opening.

“Hey, is everything okay? When did I fall asleep? I had a strange dream earlier…”

Looking back, there was a beauty.

The half closed eyelids from sleeping gradually opened. At this point her eyes were wide open and staring at Carol.

Her cheerful expression quickly disappeared and her cold glance turned towards to me.

My instincts are saying that this is dangerous. Cold sweat was gushing out from my back.

“Ah, that.. Seika. Um, that’s right.”

“Mr. Yoshio. Detailed explanation of that girl.”

The voice was frosty cold which I have never heard before.

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