NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 49.1

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Chapter 49 part1

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

“Are we going to see God?”

Carol tilts her neck apparently not pinning on my remarks.

“Thats right. Apparently Evil God seems to want this book so I am going to ask God to help me.”

“Is that so? There lets go. lets go!”

She is jumping with a big smile.

She seems to be enjoying this world but I still want to return her to the original world.

The words which I sad are not of sympathy.

Realistically, its almost certain that the Evil God players will reappear and aim at the Bible. Unless the current situation changes, a ordinary life will be impossible.

I though of giving away the Bible but this is what the villagers entrusted me with along with Carol. I cant afford to let it go.

Its also an important item needed to sustain the Village of Fate. If I lose, it would be no wonder, if it is treated as Game Over.

Having this Bible will not only damage me but also the peaceful life of my family. Even if the possibility is low, I have to take action.

“Yoshio. Where is God?”

I am not confused buy this simple question and give the prepared answer.

“He lives in the cold norther area.”

Whether its really God is unknown but I know that the guys who run the Village of Fate are there.

The address on the parcel of the tribute which always reaches my house.

It indicates Hokkaido.

There might be nothing there if I go but thats the only information I got.

A way to gain more information about the game and return Carol. Only the management can help me with it.

And thanks to that……I can directly voice out my complaints.


Is this the voice of Seika?

She is getting up from the bench and staring at me.

There are always danger at unpopular places who why not go home first?

Seika seems to be ashamed of getting drunk and sleeping. She is apologizing a lot.

“I didnt do any weird things and said any weird things?”

She asked the same question many times.

“I don’t know. You were some drunk that I didnt care about it. Dont drink next time.”

While speaking shyly, she returned homw with a brighter face than when she was drunk.

…… I may have teased her too much.

When Carol got home, she seemed sleepy so I handed over Destiny as a pillow and let her take a nap.

She became a resident of the dreamland in matter of seconds as she was already full.

I returned to my room on the second floor and started my new PC. The PC with the Village of Fate still shows a black screen….Keppeppe

“Well, this is?”

An image overlooking from the sky is now visible on the black screen.

I was delighted for a moment that the Village of Fate was restored but when I looked closely I realized that the sight was not of that world.hat world.

“This is my home and my neighborhood …”

For some reason, a cross section of my house and map of the surroundings is displayed.

“Probably this is the cause?”

I look at the Bible next to the keyboard.

A book that came with Carol from the game world. It is also something which Evil God side is aiming for.

When I tried operating the mouse, I was able to operate like normally.

Fate points are also displayed along with the miracles and optional items.

“That means”

When I took out my smartphone, a map from the sky was displayed in the same way.

In other words, the problem is not with the PC. However, the screen is in this world.

“Why did it only happen now? I dont know?”

I tried to put my thoughts together while manipulating the game but the mystery remained a mystery.

“Let’s try to find the answer with the information which I already know.”

I tried to organize my thoughts.

I was able to check the past log. When I looked at it, I saw the whole conversation from the moment Carol was sent to my house.

“The reason I can see the world map is because the Bible is here. That must be true.”

The Bible-centered game is a proven fact as I had anticipated.

“The next things is why did the screen suddenly started displaying? Why is this …?”

I dont know that. Is there any reason? Its useless to think of a Reason based on time, lets assume there is no such thing.

“If so, what’s possibly? Er, er, er.”

Looking at the past logs for any hints, I found a sentence written in Red.

“Congratulations. Level 2!》

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