NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 50.1

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Chapter 50 (1/2): Airplane Vs Bullet Train

The other caller is called “Management”.

“Management at this time, it must be the Management?”

There is no phone number in my phone book called “Management”. Yet it is displayed on the screen.

The call repeatedly rang but I still didn’t have any courage to take the call.

I want to make sure I ask the questions which I have.

I took two deep breaths and answered my phone.


“Ah! The one who manages the Village of Fate? “

……light. The voice is too relaxed!

Its a voice of a woman who is talking with ease, as if calling a friend’s house.

He voice sounds young but I don’t have enough life experience to determine her exact age by only her voice.

“Are you the Management?”

“Oh right~~~. I thought I would email you but the Evil Gods are watching, so its dangerous to leave any text. Hence the call~~~~”

“So that’s it”

“This could be dangerous if it keep going for a long time~~~. I think if you can come to me then I can return to Carol to her original world. We can’t move out of this place for a couple of reasons~~~~”

“She can return! I’m glad … Thank you!”

“No, no. It was a mistake in the first place. I didn’t really think about this development ne~~~~. Well, its just alpha testing to find out the bugs and problems.”

The game was in Alpha test phase. I had completely forgotten about it.

“Where are you?”

“You know that already, right~~~? I’ll hang up soon as I can’t talk anymore. I’m looking forward to your visit. Also, since the contents of this call is forbidden, you won’t be able to read it even if U write it down on the bulletin board-“

“A little more details ple- I was cut off…”

Once again, it was full of informations.

I was surprised that the person in charge of the Management was a young woman and she called was me first but above all, that tone!

I was imagining a dignified voice for the phone call from the God so I felt terrible now.

And I am sorry that I was the firs person for a women.

“But was my expectations were right?”

I took out the label of the parcel with the address from the drawer of the desk.

“In other words, I have to go there.”

Although I was tossed around by the raging wave of Fate, finally I can move by my own will rather than passively.

I took out my savings passbook from the accessory box next to the pc, checked the balance and then checked the route to reach Hokkaido as well as the transportation costs on the Internet.

“It’ll either be a bullet train or an airplane.”

I have used them both before but I have never arranged them from scratch before, be it family or school trips.

…… This is also a new experience which an ordinary adult must have!

I studied the routes to get to Hokkaido, but it’s really making me nervous.

January 2nd.

After waking up in the morning, I was surprised to see the date.

“It’s still only the second day … what an eventful New Year!”

–Two times in a life-danger crisis.

――Weird experiences many times.

Well you can’t just peel one layer of the onion.

Though that doesn’t mean the bad parts of my life are over, the coming year is bright with hope. I am only immature when the top layer is removed.

I will improve regardless of how many layers it take.

I’m confused even now about going to Hokkaido. But this!

“Air planes are cheaper than Bullet trains?!? I thought its the other way around.”

Airplanes had a high-end image to me but it seems there have been many low costing airlines which sold the tickets at half the expected price.

However, the New Year seems to have alot of travelers so it is quite expensive compared to regular days. But still I think its cheap though.

“Um, the airline tickets are scarce and expensive because the rush to go back home before January 3rd. But there are no vacant seats on the Bullet Train!”

Is it so crowded? I feel like I’m being shown the gap between the world and me who has lived without knowing about this world.

Will there be vacant seats on January 4th? It seems that there are many companies which take three to five days break. Seika also said that she had no work for four days.

So it should be appropriate on the 4th of January? My family will also return on January 4th so they will arrive after we leave.

I want to introduce them to Carol but that will probably be a confusing situation.

Considering Carol’s and my safety, I decided to leave on the morning of 4th.

Two days if we include today. We are ready for the trip but I will do my utmost to help Carol enjoy this world til then.


Two days have passed since and today is January 4th.

My family will arrive in the afternoon so I prepared to depart early in the morning.

“Carol, was it fun?”

“Yup! It was fun with Yoshio and Seika! The Kingdom of God is amazing! Like a fairy tale! 』

She gave the best reply with a face full of smile.

To me the world where Carol lives is like a fairy tale.

On the afternoon of the January 2nd, Seika visited us (in a bad mood?), and after we went shopping and ate the dinner together, the day finished like that.

On January 3rd, we decided to go and play at the theme park.

Although I was worried about the attack from the Evil God camp, they shouldn’t act in a high traffic area.

I learned from the Bulletin board that the miracles exercised in the real world are much less powerful than the game. At the same time, there seems to be no spells which affect multiple people or multiple areas at the same time, even at Level 2 and Level 3.

Then I judged that a place with large number of people should be safer.

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