NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 54.1

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Chapter 54 (1/2): Genius or Stupid?

I stared at Hatabata while the snowflakes fell down.

No one has got out of the car yet, but someone must be there. If it was only to decieve us into the car, it might be possible to do it alone…..but what would he do after that.

There must be at least one more person to watch and block our movements..

“It was a mistake to show you the monster on the deck. How did you notice it here too?”

“I would have been fooled by the first look.”

I was wary and noticed nothing strange at all. Not wrong at all.

But I was wary of everything so I decided to see if it was all illusion.

As I am Level 2, I can activate miracles in the real world so I decided to make it snow and see if the snow collects on the bus.

As a result, the snow passed through the phantom bus ceiling.

“So what do you want to do now that the plan has failed?”

I grinned and gave a confident response. In order to inspire Carol, who had an anxious face next to me, I can not show an anxious face.

There is someone else from the family who I can rely on if needed.

When I turned my eyes to the rucksack for a moment, It put out its finger and gave a thumbs to take care of me.

Its rather encouraging, Destiny.

“Well, what should I do? In fact, I don’t know how much harm can cause the game to be over, so I can’t help it.”

Thats true. Even on the bulletin board of the game, its difficult to determine the violations due to the gameover and memory lost.

“But if a player asks another person to do something wrong, is it also considered a violation? What do you think Yoshio-san?”

When he said so and raised his finger, three men appeared from the car.

They remind me of the young men with Yoshinaga.

“So you aren’t in contact with another players?”

“I haven’t talked with them in detail. I just told you that I have a good part time job. I do not kill people. I will not hurt you just restrain you a little and take away the book. The crime wont be so heavy for the game to get over.”

Hiring thugs with money?

This did not trigger a miracle and also did not cause any direct harm. Its a method of punching a hole in the rules.

Was the curtains were only blindfolding from the outside but it the outside can be seen from inside?

“Hey, don’t say anything weird. We just need convince your friend to return the book, so I’ll just persuade him to return it with to you. That’s the story OK?”

“That’s right. This is much more straightforward.”

The man speaks tenaciously with an offensive tone.

Did the three of them know that they are doing a criminal act or are they ok with it?

“So, accompany me quietly, give me a book or give it a shot with us. Choose whichever you like.”

I should be in despair but there is Destiny here.

I should feel free to resist.

I reach out to touch Carol’s backpack.

“Oops, don’t bring out that lizard.”

“… what do you mean?”

What does this mean. Why does he know about Destiny?

“You have a surprised face. I don’t know what the lizard has done for you, but I know he has defeated the other guy. That’s why I tried to figure you out and have taken some measures.”

Does he has some secret trump card?

“There’s nothing wrong with it being known.”

Its half false and half true.

If it breathes out poison or petrification to the opponent, it can easily reverse the situation.

However, it should be considered that the person is vigilant and already knows the information so he should have taken some measures.

“How did you know?”

“The answer is straightforward. I was the one who tempted the that Bandman. I wrote and directed him to your address on the bulletin board. If all goes well, I’ll just take it away. Fail. In this way, I can get useful information. I have no disadvantage. ”

He is clever for his rather average appearance.

If he has such wisdom and can manage people then surprisingly he may be an excellent office worker.

“The information is inconsistent. When I met you on the deck, you said I was level 1 but the information was wrong.

I told you that there is no rule that you need to tell the truth. Even if you pretend to be smart with words, you might get out if you miss some points, right? Because it might all be a lie?”

“This guy……”

Its just annoying when the man leans on his neck.

I take out the smartphone and check the screen.

A real-time image of this place is show from the above.

Since the Bible is here, I can see the surrounding images as well.

However, only the places which I have seen are bright so I can only see the ship, the platform and this area.

“Are you planning to do some miracle? If you do something overboard, I would have to take hard steps too.”

The three thugs are leaning towards eachother.

Office worker Hanabata won’t take a step and will not get his hands dirty?

Since the opponent is upwind, there is a high possibility that Destiny breath will not reach him and it require visual for the petrification ability.

Its bad. Its warming up in my backpack but would it like to come out at once?once?

“All three of you take some distance and keep eyes on them.”

Was the petrification ability really seen during the battle with Bandman?

This is …. dangerous. Actually, the power of petrification is only effective on one target.

So whether the person falls or not, only one person can be petrified. Only after removing the petrification on him, can you turn another thing into stone.

…I don’t have time to get lost in thought. Let Destiny face one of the guys who comes close at once.

In a blink of an eye, the body of the man below neck became stone.

“What⁉ My body can’t move!”

In response to the upset man’s voice, the other two are taken aback.

“I will pay double the amount to the person who takes the book first!”

A word from Hatabata counters the situation.

When the man caught the smell of more money, they approach again.

Great guys. They just witnessed a paranormal phenomenon and are not worried. Are they fools who doesn know anything? Or is this the greatness of power of money?

In this situation where we are sandwiched from the right and the left, even if the petrification is canceled and one side is turned to stone. Still the other one will reach us.

Poison breath might affect Carol so it isnt good, if it flows there. There is no time to be worried.rry!

“Remove petrification and petrify that place!”

Destiny turns to the direction where I pointed and petrified it.

Tho one who is suddenly able to moe will lose his stance so he will not come immediately.

But another problem was in front of me.

There is no choice but to hit and force him down.

When I tried to rush onto him but the man dodge right next to me.

I lose the timing and roll away, somehow still maintaining my balance.

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