NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 54.2

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Chapter 54 (2/2): God of Luck

“You’re definitely the God of Fate player! My bad, I overslept and was late.”

The (ノ≧ڡ≦) face is cute but she seems to be in a posture to kick someone??

Did the woman in front of me kicked the approaching man?

She is wearing a women’s suit with half-hair with straight bangs hairstyle( half-moon bangs). The legs stretching out from the short skirt have black tight on them.

She seems to be in her early twenties and looked almost same as Sayuki.

“Oh, did you fall in love with my legs?”

Is it possible to joke in this situation???

“Who are you?”

There was a lot to say but the biggest question slipped out of my mouth.

“I’ll explain it later. I’ll just say that I am on the Main God side. You should break free from this situation first.”

It was not time to be too surprise or think about the mysterious woman.

then I looked towards Hatabata, whom I forgot existed as I was so surprised. He narrowed his eyes and stared at me.

“Is it an ally on the side of the Main God? Must be, since we are also working together.”

Apparently he heard the conversation. He nodded many times and convinced himself.

On the enemy’s side, Habata and a thug were now alone. One of the thugs has turned to stone and the other was is convulsing with white eyes.

Was the power of the woman’s unexpected kick stronger than I imagined?

The number disadvantage disappeared because the ratio was now one to one … but there must be another player on the Evil God side who made the passengers from the ship sleep.

“Well, I don’t care who’s who!”

The last thug headed towards the mysterious woman with thirst of blood in his head, apparently he was angry.

That kick was great but I can’t let the woman do everything.

I stepped in between the thug and the woman.

“Huh? I will take care of him. I’m stronger.”

“… I’ve lived a life without pride, so I want to get it back, even if it’s only a little.”

Its the third time in the past month that someone has pulled out a knife in my sight.

I looked at him pull out a knife from his bosom but I won’t turn my back towards the weapon even if I am scared.

This world is full of violent events.

“Stop it. We need to go.”

“Don’t order me!”

The thug shouted back at the employer, Hatabata.

“Stand down! It’s about time for the people who slept to get up and the real bus for the passengers to arrive.”

I wasn’t aware but the two cars were parked very close by.

Did he decide that it would be dangerous to do anything more in this situation?

“Why don’t you stop? If you don’t want to be caught by the police of course.”

“… That!”

He clicked his tongue and dragged the man who had fallen to the wagon.

“Please remove the petrification”

When I asked Destiny who was in the rucksack, he nodded a little.

It’s clear that its important to leave the thug as it is. If we don’t release him then it won’t be possible to activate the next petrification instantly.

“I’m sorry to have missed this opportunity. So that’s all for today.”

Next to Hatabata is a man in a suit who was shaking his head to left and right. An astringent man with gray hair.

He looks like a butler from a coffee shop. Perhaps, he is the player who put the customers to sleep.

“Let’s meet again”

Hatabata and his friends bowed from the car.

They unexpectedly pulled it out. Just like the deck, the attention is dangerous.

Even if they try to break through with violence, unlike the world of the game, there is the power of the government here.

After confirming that the car has completely disappeared from sight, I relaxed my body.

“What did you do?”

When I turned next to me, it suddenly felt cold.

When I closely looked at Carol who was next to me, she was quivering.

“I’m sorry, let’s go back to the building and drink something warm. How about you have a glass as well. I want to thank you and ask about the situation.”

“It’s a pretty appealing suggestion but we should get into my car. I think the priority should be to leave.”

The woman’s word is right.

She couldn’t be from the Evil God side. In fact, we were almost robbed of the Bible if not for her.

Don’t doubt her.

“Then let’s go. It’s cold.”

I got on the black car parked at some distance.

Carol and I were in the backseat. Of course she was the driver.

“I’ll explain while driving. First of all, I’ll just introduce myself. I’m Seret Shinsei. I’m a player on the Main God Side … I’m the God of Luck.” [1]

Luck? Will it be appropriate to think that it has something to do with God of Fate.

I can’t miss a word from her story. While listening, a warm drink was handed over to me. I listened to every statement.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] I am telling you in advance that I have no idea what Seret means though Shinsei means Sacredness.

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