NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 57.1

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Chapter 57 (1/2): Returning Back

“Carol! Is it Carol?”


The slender-looking man throws away the weapons he had in his hand and tear-eyed women approaches from behind with full force.

“Daddy, Mama!”

Carol ran to both of them with outstretched arms and jumped into their chests.

She called them Dad and Mom.

There were other people looking gently at the trio hugging eachother but one fearless man gazed at me with bare sword in his hand.

And he stood infront of me and poinited the tip towards me.

“Hey, you the funny guy. Who are you and why are you with Carol?”

Was his voice always this good?

Normally, in this scene, you should be feeling danger for your life but I cannot afford to have such an impression.

Thats be cause I know that the one in front of me isnt someone who hurts people unnecessarily.


Words are stuck in my throat. What can I say?

Where am I? I have no intention of saying that. The faces which I sued to see on the screen over and over again everyday are now lined up in front of me.

The Rodis family is weeping and hugging eachother.

Gams, the cornerstone of the village is pointing the sword towards me.

Chem is worriedly peeking from behind her brother.

Murus is holding a bow at some distance.

Before I knew it, the couple, Kan and Ran have moved to my left and right and now are pointing the tip of their spears towards me.

After confirming the safety of everyone, tears of joy filled my eyes to my surprise.

This is……the Village of Fate. I cant be making a mistake.

There are people infront of me with whom I could have only spoken by writing in the oracle. Breathing and talking like this.

I am more happy than I thought.

The unrealistic situation of me being in the game world. The sight which I have always dreamed of.

It was a everyday wish which was impossible till the end of last year but this time I am really here. Only way to explain the current situation in simple words is……Different World Transmigration.

I am surprised but somehow my mind is calm because I already have grasp of the people in front of me. I have also read many such novels and manga and watched many animes.

Why did this happen?

Why did I come to different world with Carol?

–The voice I heard before going to bed …

This situation is full of many thigns which I dont understand but first I need to deal with the current situation.

Being impatient and upset can breakdown the situation. Thats one of the things which I have learned in previous few months.

I intend to be calm so I take a deep breath to suppress my high-pitched beating heart.

“A man who is emotionally unstable, suddenly crying and laughing. I would like you to answer this question, depending upon your answer….”

He has a sharp eye and questioning tone. If you didnt know about him then you would shrunk away from him but in my eyes he is only a reliable man protecting the village.

“I’m sorry. I’m Yoshio, a servant of the God of Fate. I’ve come to return Carol who was being protected in the Kingdom of God till yesterday.”

I gave a gentle smile while being conscious of my facial muscles. I hope he doesnt see any unnatural smile. I cant help but keep to this setting.

I have already told Carol so I pretend to be some other person, they will feel disillusioned.

“The servant of God of Fate? Anyone can figure out such a lie–“

“Gams onii-sama. Yoshio is the servant of God of Fate. He played with Carol over there!!”

She stands between me and Gams. She is angry with her bulging cheeks.

Destiny, half-out of Carol’s bear rucksack was waving violently as if saying, “Yes, yes.”

You are back here safely.

The body of the golden lizard shines in the sunlight against the green nature.

This world looks better than Japan.

Upon hearing Carol’s followup, Gamz immediately put down his sword, stuck to his knees and drooped his head to the ground.

Then the other villagers all took the same pose as Gams.s.

“I’m sorry to say that and not recognize you! All rudeness is my own responsibility. My responsibility.”

No, its such an exaggeration.

“My onii-sama didnt know! Please give mercy to him because of my dedication!!”

Chem rubbed her forehead against the ground and begged.

Is this the authority of God?

It seems Carol has convinced them by her safe appearance and words as she mentioned earlier but I dont want this kind of development.

“Raise your heads. I wont get angry about that. Mr Gams, you have protected this village to this day. God was really pleased.”

Lets say something like servant of God.

I am used to writing letters in the oracle but I am not good at speaking with such a polite language. Somehow my back is etching.

At the same time, an expression of relief appears on the faces of the brother and sister duo who have raised their faces.

“Don’t be too formal like that. I would be happy if you can treat me naturally like Carol.”

“Yeah, Yoshio is kind. He cooked rice and he played with me.”

“It was fun, was not it”

Gently stroke Carol’s head who is clinging to me.

Normally you would be wary of a man suddenly appearing in strange dress not suited to the world. Thanks to her, it seems that we are likely to get along.

“Thank you for taking care of Carol up until now! You even brought her here personally.”

“Thank you so much! Thank you! I thought that I will never see her again!.

Rodis and Laila take my hand and say thank you. Laila was so impressed that she ended up squirming.

“Sorry, if you want, lets go into the village. Its still underdevelopment but please let us entertain you!”

Chem approaches me with shining eyes.

To her, an avid believer of God of Fate, perhaps Servant of God is like a noble and admired being.

“Thank you. I want to know the current state of the village and you can talk to Carol how she has been.”

Dont get tired of this tone. I am doing my best right now but I feel like I wont be able to hold someday…Whose idea was it?

The Rodis family went inside first for preparing the hospitality. They ran to other side of the fence. Carol turned back and waved a lot.

“I don’t think Carol is so fond of …you”

Chem seems to have more to say than just her attitude towards me.

Its because she is always competing for Gams and so it doesnt look like a compliment.

“You’re a bright and kind child. By the way, how did you guys get out of that situation? I and God can see the lower world through the Bible, but during that Temptation of the Evil God, Carol and the Bible I was sent to this place, so I could not grasp the current situation of the village. ”

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