NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 57.2

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Chapter 57 (2/2): Servant of God

I understand that at that time, they sent Carol only due to the state of desperation.

The problem is from there. I can predict that they killed all the monsters with the large number of bombs left in the cave but I did not think that the villagers will be safe after such a powerful explosion in the cave.

“The Bible was connecting us to God ….. that day we are going to die with the monsters after we have decided to send Carol with the Bible to God.”

After all, I was right. The scene where everyone was prepared to die is still there within my memories.

“From there I … I will speak.”

“It doesn’t matter how you speak. I am just a servant, not a God. I am also a human being.”

I am still human.

Lets reuse the settings I used on Carol.

“It might be a bit rude, but please forgive me. We decided to use the bomb but Kan and Ran stopped us. They originally lived in that room. When we were there, they told us that the room was originally a tunnel which wasnt being used anymore.”


Kand and Ran had lived there in the past. So they knew about the hidden warehouse and found the bombs there.

They knew in advance that the room assigned to them was originally a tunnel separated by wooden walls.

Only the room assigned to Ran and Kan had one wooden wall of planks. That was…..a hint!

They seemed to have given up and curled up at the corner of the room but they were actually trying to peel off the planks.

At that time I was impatient so I coudnt afford to observe calmly and carefully. It was natural that I didnt even turn my head towards the movements of Kan and Ran…..Would I be worried if I noticed?

“Before we could peel of the planks, the door was destroyed but at the last minute we we managed to make the wooden wall collapse and escape into the tunnel. We detonated the bombs and the room exploded with the monsters in it.”

Extending the squib earned time for the explosion, all the villagers escaped safely and the enemy was destroyed.

I have regrets of not being able to see the explosion scene on the screen but the fact that the villagers survived is more than enough. Its a luxury to want more.

“Yes, you had a hard time but everyone is safe after all.”

These words cane out from the bottom of my heart.

I believed they were safe but always wondered somewhere in my heart if Carol was the only villager left.

But everyone is alive. There are breathing in front of me and having conversation with me.

I gaze at my hand, open and close it. The feeling of my body. I crouched down and touched the soil.

If this is a dream then its one where its impossible to distinguish between dream and reality.

At the moment I feel that a simple dream is more convincing to me but the feeling of my bod and this clear vision couldnt be a dream.

“Is something wrong?”

When I crouched down and touched the ground, Chem suddenly walked upto me.

“No, I’m sorry. I just wanted to touch the ground of this world.”

“Is that so? Was it different from the world of God?”

“Haha. It is the same.”

I stand up, watch dirt off my knees and catch upto Gams and Murus.

Speaking of Murus, she hasnt spoken a word. She is just staring at me.

She believes in a different God. A God who didnt help them and an attendant who brought back the believer’s child.

I wonder how much big of the difference there is.

Maybe there was a player overseeing the village of Murus. But I think he coudnt help for some reason. I think so.

I would like to say these words but I cant convey the existence of the players who give instructions in game like manners.

“Welcome to our village.”

When I heard Chem’s words and raised my face from the ground, the sight of the village still under reconstruction spread out in front of me.

The inside of the log fence has secured several times more land than before. Multiple houses like log cabins and tents made up of pillars and clothes are lined up.

The place where the cave was supposed to be was now filled with Earth and Sand. You can tell at a glance how powerful the explosion was.

There were about twenty people working in such a place. Most are new to me.

Even though its winter, everyone is sweating and working hard.

There are more than a dozen adult human beings. Five male and female elves with long ears. There may be more people than visible.

There are not only buildings but also fields and water filled areas. I used to hesitant to call the previous stae as a village but now it couldnt be laughed at if someone calls this place a village.

If we assume that the time flowed with same speed as my world since that explosion, is revival like this possible in just six days?

“They are?”

“The day after we managed to get over ” The Temptation of the Evil God “, Mr. Dordord brought a lot of immigrant applicants. The survivors from where we lived and the elf village joined us.”

Chem puts her hand together in front of her chest and thanks God.

Its a pain that the cave where they used to live can no longer be used but it seems that the villagers home are in good conditions. So far they do not have any problems with the lodging.

Looking at the tent like building, a large pillar is embedded at the center and a large cloth is laid over it.

A house which is easy to build after you can secure a large cloth. Not much stable but it should be enough to survive in rain and wind.

“The cloth was provided by Mr.Dordord. He said that it was a second hand item that was inherited from the nomads but it is very helpful.”

Nomad? The tent-like shape is a bit like that of the Mongolian nomads, to say the least.

“Is food okay?”

“Yes. We were able to secure a large number of corpses of monsters in that attack. It also saved the trouble of burning a few.”

I am satisfied with the explanation of Chem.

They killed nearly a 100 monsters so there should be dozen of the edible ones. Since the meat doesnt rot easily in the winter, it means that enough food was obtained.

“Please come in here..”

I was invited to a larger tent than the surroundings, I went inside.

The first thing should be information gathering of the last few days but Carol talked enthusiastically about Japan so leave it for now.

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