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Chapter 73: A villager with high expectations and me under pressure

Translated by X-tremeEdited by X-treme

Chem made an outrageous proposal. You’re entrusting me with a decision of this magnitude?

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You can’t do this kind of thing with someone you trust…….Oh, yeah. I’m the God of Fate, right?”

It’s a self-inflicted development, since I’ve been playing the role of a decent god and wrote the oracles in the first place.

“That’s a good idea. I’m sure the god of fate will show us the right path.”

“If it is God’s decision, I have no objection.”

“I will obey the divine oracle.”

“Yes, yes. No problem.”

Everyone agreed. They have total faith in the God of Fate. I’m glad for the trust, but I have no tolerance for pressure, and it makes my stomach churn.

“What should I do? I haven’t finished today’s oracle yet, so I have to respond by the end of the day.”

When I observed the Dark Elves in question, all but the leader, Sudhir, were sitting quietly in the building. They didn’t say anything unusual in their chats. They were all talking about how things were developing more than they expected, how they had seen elves for the first time, and other trivial things.

The leader was standing by the window, looking at the village with a curious look on her face. If I zoom in on the screen, I can see that she’s smiling……and following the working villagers with her eyes. If I just look at her here, she doesn’t seem like a bad person. But after listening to Murus cooperating with her seems dangerous.

“Let’s start by saying that the oracle will come to a conclusion tomorrow, to muddy the waters.”

At any rate, I wanted a little time to think, so I thought of an excuse that the villagers might accept and sent the oracle.

“I have only received your wish to leave the choice of fate to me. Tomorrow’s oracle will show you the path you must take.”

Well, that’s about it. The villagers looked relieved and went back to their work. Now, what to do? As for me, I’m in favor of attacking the enemy’s base together. However, attacking is several times harder than defending.

I’ve seen this in the defense of this village. The monster’s base is the base of the player on the evil god’s side. When I attacked Mr. Yamamoto’s base before, there was nothing but a crude house with no fences, so it was easy for me to attack. However, this time it may not go the same way.

If I were on the side of the evil gods, I would try to set up my base accordingly, taking into account the possibility of being attacked. So it’s only natural that there are other players with the same idea. Furthermore, I’m not sure if it’s safe to trust the Dark Elves.

The only place to find out more about the Dark Elves in this game is at……. I decided to gather information at the game’s dedicated message board, “Exchange Forum,” which I visit at least once a day. The first thing I did was to check the threads on the board.

“The old logs are gone, right? There’s no thread about dark elves at a glance. I think it would be easier to gather information if I start one myself.”

I quickly added a new thread because of my knowledge of the Internet that I developed during my time as a NEET.

《I need information on the Dark Elves ASAP.》

It would be nice if these things were simple and easy to understand. Many of the residents of this thread are kind, and respond quickly when you post an urgent message.

“Whoa, you’re here already?”

2: Dark Elves… I’ve never seen any.

3: I haven’t seen any either, but there are dark elves in this game? I’d like to see them.

4: Well, I’d say I haven’t either……but one of my villagers encountered them once. He said he saw three dark elves near the Forbidden Forest.

Whoa, we got a witness. I wonder if I can get some more information out of him. But are there players in the village near the Forbidden Forest? There may be an opportunity to make contact somewhere.

6: >5

I need more information.

7: That’s the end of the story. The villagers spotted them, and as soon as they noticed us, they disappeared into the woods.

8: You’re useless!

9: You’ve disappointed me, come back later.

10: Big words from someone with no information.

I was honestly disappointed too, but I won’t say so. For a while after that, we just chatted about unrelated things, but after an hour or so, there was a useful post.

187: I heard about dark elves. I have a family of dark elves in my village.

Holy shit! This is promising, isn’t it?

188: More information, please.

189: What do you want to know?

190: Traits, personality, how they get along with the other villagers…

191: Something like that. Hmmm…I guess they look like blackened elves, but everything else is the same. They’re good at woodworking and can use magic to control plants. I think their abilities are similar to elves and they’ve got good night vision.

I see. There is no mistaking their appearance, and their abilities are almost the same as elves. The only difference is that they have night vision.

In a normal internet forum, it is dangerous to believe what you read, but in this game’s forum, it is impossible to lie. So there are misunderstandings, but no lies.

192: What about their personalities? Dark elves in fantasy are supposed to be villains, right? Also, they have big tits.

193: That’s what I’m worried about too. Especially the breasts.

194: I guess so. They’re a bit outspoken at times, but they’re cheerful and sociable. I’ve heard that normal Dark Elves are self-centered. They don’t like elves in particular and won’t interfere directly with them, but if they’re in trouble, they’ll say, “Suck it.”……Their style is about the same as the elves.

195: Yes, dismissed!

196: Thank you for your hard work!

That’s true, including the style. I’ve seen with my own eyes that they don’t get along. If it’s only against elves, I feel like this village with a lot of humans would be fine, but self-centered. Murus also said something like that.

197: Don’t disband. I just remembered something. I’m sure you’ve heard the story before, but I’m not sure if it’s true or not.

198: I heard a story like that somewhere too, about a minstrel who came to a village and sang something like that.

199: A priest in a church told such a myth to a kid.

“Oh, so that’s how it’s set up. I’ll have to remember that.”

Murus said that they’re traitors who turned from the evil side.

200: Really? So, which side are the Dark Elves on? Are they on the Evil God side now? The Lord God side?

201: The village elf said he was formerly on the Evil God side and turned to the Lord God side.

I’ll have to get some information out of you.

202: Back from the Dark Side? That’s possible.

203: The fact that they were on the side of the Evil God is quite a cause for concern, isn’t it?

204: But you know, if they’re on the side of the Lord God, maybe there’s a player who plays in the Dark Elf Village.

……Oh yeah! I hadn’t thought about it, but someone might be playing in the Dark Elf village. So what god are the Dark Elves worshiping? I didn’t get any more useful information from the forum, so I just thanked them and closed it. I’ll have to look at it again later.

The existence of players, huh? Is there a possibility that this time’s actions were also directed by the gods? When I checked the logs from the time I was focused on the bulletin board, I found something noteworthy in the conversation between Chem and Sudhir.

“Why did you decide to attack the monster’s base, Sudhir-san? I understand the logic, but didn’t you hesitate to take the risk?”

“Oh, that’s right. We were in a lot of trouble with the constant attacks, and we were even talking about abandoning the village and leaving the Forbidden Forest, but there were a lot of people who insisted. At that time, I received a message from the gods. Then I got a sign from the gods, telling me to work together with other villages to destroy the enemy’s stronghold.”

“A sign from the gods? Is Sudhir’s village also blessed by the gods?”

“Oh, yes, it is. Our village believes in the “God of Nature.” It’s natural to cherish nature, but it’s also part of our doctrine to live naturally. We’re told to be flexible, not to exert ourselves, to live as we are and as our hearts desire.”

The object of their faith is the “God of Nature.” I’ve heard that he also has oracles, so I guess I’m right. There is a player who controls the village of Dark Elves.

“Betrayal between the Lord God’s side is prohibited. This was written in the forums. Even if the Dark Elves are untrustworthy, the players shouldn’t let them do that.”

In a conversation with Sudhir Chem inadvertently spilled the words, “Talk to everyone and the gods,” to which she responded, “The gods……are right.” In other words, the other side expected that there would be a god……player in this village.

I don’t know how they got the information about this village, but I feel that if they knew there was a player, there would be no problem taking on a joint front……. At the very least, we shouldn’t have to be wary of betrayal. It should be……good, right? It’s a good idea to know what I’m getting into.

“You’ll give me……?”

The golden lizard nodded his head in response to my question. Before I knew it, Destiny was sitting at my computer desk, offering me a piece of fruit to eat.

There’s still time. Let’s eat and refresh ourselves and then think again. I’ll have to keep an eye on the dark elves and be careful with their conversations.

If we’re going to fight together, who should go? We should also think about how we’re going to fight…….after all we’re attacking not defending like usual.

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