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Chapter 8 (1/2): Tribute To The God

“What is the Village of Fate? I thought you won some sweepstakes.”

My mother is saying something but I am not paying attention to it all.

My mind is in utter confusion and panic.

Is Village of Fate??? That Village of Fate? Did I just receive a gift from the game world?

No, no, no! It’s stupid and impossible.

If you think logically, it should be something from the company that produced the game Village of Fate. Maybe a reference material or manual which they have missed.

“Pinch me.”

“What are you talking about? Oh, it’s a fruit but it has a strange shape. It looks like a pear but its color is like an apple. I’ve never seen such a fruit.”

The mother opens the cardboard and take out its content without permission.

What she was holding in her hand was exactly like the fruit I saw in the game.

“You are kidding me……”

“Did you win a special price somewhere? You can eat this after dinner.”


My mother gave me the mysterious fruit and disappeared into the kitchen swiftly.

I stared at the fruit in my hand.

It’s not fake and is certainly a fruit.

It smells nice when I smell it. I feels like an apple with smell of citrus mixed in it.

[ TL: Its the Citrus acid found in the Oranges and Lemons. Most probably. ]

“Is it some new kind of genetically engineered apple ?”

I tried to find a reasonable explanation but nothing was able to convince me.

“Should I take a bite?”

I think it’s reckless to eat the contents of a suspicious package, but for some reason I didn’t worry about poison.

Even though I knew it was possible but I thought it was rude to the villagers to think about it.

After taking the bite, fresh juice with fresh fragrance fills my mouth.

The sourness and sweetness are just in the right proportions although my throat feels abit dry after swallowing it.

“It is delicious.”

If my family eats this, they will become happy.

The cardboard box was already empty and was lying on next the trash can in the kitchen. I removed the label with the address and went back to my room.

The sender was the Village of Fate.

Well, the real problem is the address.

Actually, when the game disc was sent, I looked at the box carefully. There was no mention of the address.

This time, the address was clearly stated.

“Uh, so it is Hokkaido?

After searching the address on the Internet, a small apartment was shown on my screen.. It certainly seems to exist, but there is no travel expense or heart for me to go from here to Hokkaido.

“I think this is a clever technique designed by the company for a promotion or something.”

If that is the case, then the parcel can be explained but I was really surprised.

I thought that the only thing which the company did was to earn money using the billing system but It seems they are gathering player feedback with this method.

It’s easy to forget that this game is testing stage.

“In any case, I got a delicious fruit, so I won’t complain.”

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