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Chapter 8 (2/2): Tribute To The God

The next day.

“Come on, get down here! Hurry up!”

I had a bad premonition after hearing my mother’s voice. After stepping down, I was hesitating to open the front door.

“You have a parcel from the Village of Fate again”

A massive log was placed where my mother was pointing to.

…… A very familiar log.

I wrote a oracle yesterday thanking the villagers for the fruit and asking them for a log as a tribute.

Honestly, it just came to my mind but I didnt think that I will actually receive a log.

………… Is the developer of this game sane?

What are you thinking? Yesterday was the best thing I could get, and i definitely thought that I won’t be receiving the tribute the second time but now a log…

“For now, I will just bring it to the garden.”

“That’s right. Do something with it, at least you will train your body.”

My mother closed the front door after saying so.

After she left, I took out a rope from the warehouse in the garden and tied it to the log, and I pulled it all the way to the garden.

The log was about the same size as me, so I managed it somehow.

“Goosh, it’s heavy! This wood is so heavy!!”

But I was still pulling it somehow. The muscle training that I started recently hasn’t been working at all.

I took a break after somehow carrying it to the garden. Even though it wasn’t far away but I was sweating profusely.

Since the garden is spacious, there was no problem in keeping a log there but what am I supposed to do with it?

“Is it possible to sell logs like this?”

I don’t know. I will check it out later.

My father is doing a job related to the import business, so couldn’t he sell it with his connections?

The next day again.

“No…Not like this!”

A gift from the village of fate for three consecutive days.

This time it was a fresh meat of a monster.

When Gamz and Murus got rid of the wild boar monster in the morning, I had a bad feeling.

I should admit that there was cold sweat on my forehead when the meat was delivered to the altar but I really didn’t think that meat will be really sent through mail.

“Hey, what is your relationship with the Village of Fate? The quality is good and theres a lot of meat, but I don’t which animal it belongs too. Surely it doesn’t look like pork.”

My mother seriously stared at the meat which was already cut into pieces.

“Oh, that’s the wild boar meat.. The idea for village development that I applied on the net was recognized and accepted.”

“Oh…yes. Great!”

My mother is delighted to hear it.

I can’t back down anymore.

It’s not a complete lie as we’re actually talking about the village, but can I tell her that I am working as a tester for a game?

Anyway, let’s forget the details. It’s definitely a boar meat even though a monster. It seems that this has been popular recently.

Probably, there are some kinds of tributes in the game, and it is randomly decided. I can only think of this possibility.

I have recently started suspecting that this game was made for the super rich due to its exmtremely advanced AIs.

The game disk must be very expensive and its requires a basic fee of 10,000 yen per month using the billing system. They must have implemented a delivery system using the Villagers tribute.

“You are receiving the goods from the game”

If they sell the game using such a catchphrase then it must have an excellent advertising effect and will attract a lot of customers.

Some food companies must also have partnerships with them.

And they use this strategy to get the customer addicted.

This game is really devilish.

Now that I have come up with this explanation, it seems really convincing.

If so, then the high-performance AI and tribute can be explained.

The other side of the screen is more realistic than the dreams in which a real person moves to a different world.

“Maybe I was mistaken as a rich man for the beta testing…”

If that’s the case then I should have as much fun as possible.

After strongly convincing(hypnotising) myself, I returned to the second floor and sat in front of my pc.

The villagers were working fine today.

The characters seem not to be affected by the chat bubbles even though they talk quite frequently. It might be not visible to them.

Rich expressions and smooth character movement. There are no unnatural moves.

“It’s performance is really insane …”

Even though I had a strong suspicion about this being a game and all, a while ago but seeing the villagers working, it gradually left my mind.

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