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Chapter 87: The Temptation of the Evil Gods begins and I fight back

Translated by X-tremeEdited by X-treme

There was only half a day left before the coming [Temptation of the Evil Gods]. After deciding to focus on defense, I spent most of my time working on strengthening the village. With the increase in the number of villagers, the efficiency of the work is much higher than before. In addition, with the help of the Dark Elves, I think we’ve been able to get some things done.

As for one of the problems, the Dark Elves moved out of their village early this morning and all of them have already settled in our village. Now we can concentrate on defending ourselves without any worries.

In addition, ten hunters from the town are staying in the village. This is a result of the miracle “A skilled hunter is coming”, and the story goes that Mr. Doldold dispatched the hunters he hired himself. This succeeded in greatly increasing our strength.

Ran and Kang were busy making arrows and bows since many of them are good archers, but once they get over the [Temptation of the Evil God] I hope they can enjoy bathing in their favorite water without worry.

The basic strategy is to deal with everything from a distance without letting the opponent get close. This is probably our best move. If we do get into close combat, there are always Gams, villagers, and even hunters. In addition, if the need arises, I can use the “Summon Golem” to jump into the enemy territory with the statue of God and have them shoot arrows at them while I raze the enemy camp.

“We did everything we could, didn’t we?”

I’ve been in touch with the God of Nature player a number of times and have rehearsed what we need to do tomorrow. Still, there is……cause for concern. I’m not sure if we can survive that horde even after all this.

This morning, I checked the number of monsters near the enemy’s base and found that there were over a thousand in the visible range alone. No way, four digits. We had ninety-seven, including the villagers and the new dark elves. Adding the hunters to that and we’ve managed to get over a hundred.

The difference in strength is more than tenfold. And the other side has a huge amount of money as well. However, the Forbidden Forest is a temporary base, so it will take time to summon monsters from the base and move them there. It should not be possible to have more than this number increased at once.

“If it were a comic book or a game, it would be a fiery development. In fact, if I were to do it myself……would be aaaaaaah.”

I can’t help but sigh. The enemy is the president of the company and his employees. The challengers are a duo of NEETs and ex-NEETs. Let’s not think too much about…….

“I should check to see if any enemy forces have crept in, like last time.”

Using the mouse, I click on all the characters in the village. Each time I do, a description of the character is displayed, but there is nothing strange about it. There was a slight concern that if the dark elves became villagers, the game would be over for the player who is the God of Nature, but I was relieved when I received a message earlier saying that it didn’t seem to be a problem.

If this method is possible, one of the players on the Lord God side could start a country, and the other players could gather there. It might be a good idea to consider such a development eventually.

“I’ll be busy tomorrow, maybe I’ll take a nap.”

If I don’t get some sleep now, it will affect me tomorrow, that’s what I told to the God of Nature.

“I can stay up all night for two days at least.”

I was given a youthful answer. I’m a little jealous. I sent a message on SNS saying, “Please contact me if anything happens. I’m going to take a nap for a while,” I sent him a cute picture of a cat saluting.

I knew there was such a function, but I’ve never used it…….Well, I can’t speak for others, either. I can type easily in chat rooms, but I was never good at talking to people. I can’t say I’m good at it now.

“I think I’ll go to bed then. And Destiny, if you’re watching the computer, wake me up if anything happens, okay?”

When I called out to him, where he was eating a piece of fruit on the computer desk, he raised his tail without looking back. I guess he meant to say, “Okay.” Now I can sleep in peace.

After all, it was my mother who woke me up before dinner. I didn’t find anything unusual in the village, and no strange events occurred. After dinner, I took a quick shower and came back to my room. When I checked my phone, I saw a whole bunch of posts from God of Nature player with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. I know how you feel, but……it’s a little scary.

“We’ve got a long way to go, so let’s just calm down.”

I’m grateful to him. It’s thanks to him that I’m able to stay calm. When there are distraught people around me, it makes me calm down, doesn’t it? Speaking of cell phones, the one I’m using now is a new model. I was using my mother’s old one before, but I bought a new one a week ago. It’s a lot more powerful than the old one, but of course I’m not familiar with it.

I stepped away from the computer, took a deep breath, and did some light stretching to relax my body. I should prepare myself for what I will do in the future.

Up until now, there has been a notification when [Temptation of the Evil God] starts. So, it is impossible to take us completely by surprise. However, since the notification comes after allowing them to approach to some extent, if we are not careful, we might be overwhelmed.

However, there are always guards, even in the middle of the night, and the trees around the village have been cut down to improve visibility, so I don’t think we need to be that vigilant. All the non-combatants are supposed to gather in the strongest building we have in the center of the village. It’s easier to protect them if they’re all in one place.

In fact, even now, the villagers were gathering one after another at the shelter. Our village is spread out like a fan against the sheer cliffs of a rocky mountain, so we don’t have to worry about attacks from behind, which is strong. Perhaps we should consider climbing the rocky mountain and attacking from behind, but when we checked the entire rocky mountain, there were no easy paths to climb.

“Well, I guess it’s time to go.”

Checking the time on my watch, I wait for the moment when the sun is about to set. Three, two, one, zero.

[Temptation of the Evil God begins!]

The red letters on the screen and the loud siren-like sound and then, a group of monsters coming towards the village.

“Out of nowhere!”

I had expected this development, but I didn’t expect it to come really fast.

“Enemy attack! Everyone, take your positions!”

Gams’ shout echoed through the village. All at once, the villagers came running out from the resting place built near the log fence. The elves and dark elves climbed up on the watchtower and stared over the fence with their bows at the ready.

It was a good thing we had hung lanterns filled with glow stones on the top of the fence and on the branches of the trees in the forest in preparation for the night attack. Thanks to them, I could somehow see the enemy.

Most of the villagers and hunters had taken up positions near the fence, holding spears that were longer than they were tall. Gams was watching the enemy through a peephole he had carved in the fence.

“As far as I can see, there are more than two dozen green kobolds and a dozen yellow medium kobolds!”

From the top of the watchtower, one of the dark elves told us the number of enemies.

“That’s not the number you’re going to hit me with for your little test!”

A few months ago, I’m confident that this number would have easily destroyed us.

–But now it’s different.

A torrential downpour of arrows filled the screen, and the monsters fell to the ground with arrows sprouting from their entire bodies. The ones that managed to endure the storm rushed to the log fence, but they got caught in the pit and fell to the bottom of the hole, where they were skewered by the sharp-edged logs that had been set up in advance.

The fence was surrounded by a long, deep trench that had been dug over a period of several weeks, and a thin board covered with sand was placed over it. I had used plant magic to grow weeds for camouflage, and it seemed to have worked. Some of the fallen monsters were still alive, but they were easily killed by the arrows that rained down on them.

“The enemy has been destroyed. We’re going to dispose of the bodies. Everyone else, check the fences for damage. And don’t forget to restock your arrows.”

Gams opens the front gate and leads the others out. Since corpses don’t disappear spontaneously as they do in most games, we decided to dispose of them right away out of concern for hygiene and getting in the way of the battle.

I had dug a hole for dumping the corpses beforehand, but with such a large number at the beginning of the game, it seemed like it would fill up quickly. The villagers seemed to have made the same decision and decided to dump the bodies in the nearby river. The river was deep and flowing fast there, so the bodies would be washed away in no time.

“All right, we’ve destroyed the first group. Now we can rest for thirty minutes.”

During the [Temptation of the Evil God] they can only attack once every 30 minutes. So, I can use this time to dispose of the corpses and take a break.

“The enemy is attacking! This time it’s stone dolls and lizard-like monsters!”

The guards announced an enemy attack. Although the first attack had just ended, the next one came without a moment’s delay.

“We’ll deal with the bodies later! Everybody back!”

They threw out the bodies they were carrying and all ran back in unison. As Gams and the others slipped inside the fence, the gate was closed and a large bolt was inserted. Countless monsters appeared from between the trees. As the guards had told us, they were composed of bipedal lizards and mannequin-like monsters made of stone.

The lizard that walks like a man is probably a lizardman. When I clicked on it with the mouse, it said “Lizard Man”. I also clicked on the mannequin-like creature, and it was named “Stone Doll.”

A rough count from the sky shows that there are at least thirty……. The number is higher than the last time, but the strength of the race is different. A single stone doll is said to be capable of easily dispatching several green kobolds. Lizardmen……lizardmen are also better individuals than green kobolds.

“I knew you’d do that.”

To be honest, I had already anticipated this turn of events. I knew that the enemy would either attack all four of us at once, or take advantage of our numbers and strength to attack us constantly. If there were more than one enemy, it would be possible for all of them to attack at different times and make an uninterrupted attack.

Even if we were able to defeat this enemy, the next one would probably be waiting for us. In this way, for thirty minutes, we continued to fight without stopping, accumulating fatigue on our side. This is a strategy that can only be carried out if there are enough people and plenty of money. It’s the worst, but also the best.

“It doesn’t matter how strong you are, you’re just a target if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere! You guys know what you’re doing!”

Sudhir, who had climbed up on the watchtower, raised one arm and swung it down at his opponent, causing tree roots to shoot out from all over the ground and entangle the legs of her opponent. Arrows rained down again on the swarm of monsters whose movements were completely blocked.

The lizardmen have scales all over their bodies, so even when they are naked, they have a high level of defense and can apparently repel half-hearted attacks. However, both elves and dark elves are great archers.

They struck the opponent’s soft parts with precision, and there was nothing they could do to protect themselves from the tree roots that clung to their bodies. The lizardmen were easily destroyed, but the problem was the stone dolls.

From a distance, it looks like a giant mannequin, but it’s made of stone so it’s not affected by the rain of arrows. They seemed to have a lot of strength, tearing out the roots of trees and never stopping moving forward. There were only three of them, but their cost seemed high.

When it became clear that they could not be defeated with arrows, the gate opened and Gams along with the hunters ran out. In their hands were not the usual swords and spears, but a blunt instrument with a lump of iron on the tip – a mace.

The stone puppet, which has the ability to focus on sturdiness, moves slowly and is a sitting duck for the skilled Gums and hunters. When it became immobile, it was shattered with the maces. The second group was easily defeated.

“The enemy is approaching from the other side of the forest!”

The third enemy attack.

It’s going to be a long night.

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