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Chapter 0012-2 – Lightning Infinity

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Hai Long was fully absorbed when listening to Reverend Elysian’s explanation. “Will I only be able to train in that art after I reach the Fetal Formation Stage?”

Nodding, Reverend Elysian explained, “That is a definite requirement. I’ve told you before that training in the dao requires constant effort and patience and it can never be rushed. The way of the thunderbolt prioritizes the cultivation of the Internal Pellet (内丹). Without embarking on the path of training in the golden pellet, there’s no way that you will truly be able to understand the mysteries of the way of the thunderbolt. A body formed from the dao (道体) itself is the foundation of training in the Internal Pellet. When the energy within that body is projected outwards, it can be used to various effects and allow one to use arcane skills and techniques. With the Internal Pellet successfully formed and harmonizing the primal ki and the Xiantian ki.There is a saying in the Skyheart Technique, ‘the sole ki melds into three clarities’, a part of the sole ki refers to the primal ki. ‘The heavens and earth gains myriad transformations upon receiving the sole ki; as the only spiritual being among the various life forms, upon receiving the sole ki, humans will gain the capacity for gratitude towards the heavens and the earth, perceive spiritual beings as well as summon the storms and their paths will remain unhindered’. Do you understand?”

While Hai Long’s wit was definitely higher than most at his age, upon hearing such an in depth explanation of the dao, he found that he understood none of it and only shook his head in frustration. “I have remembered matriarch’s teachings and will strive to comprehend it in the future. When I successfully form my golden pellet, I will definitely seek matriarch out to learn the way of the thunderbolt.”

Waterstop laughed and said, “Then, you definitely have picked the best person to learn from. Among the nine second generation disciples, third sister is the most adept at the way of the thunderbolt. Even the sect leader wouldn’t dare to take her Heavenly Lightning of the Divine NIght at full force. However, while the way of the thunderbolt might be strong, it suffers from an extreme energy consumption due to the requirement of activating the primal ki with the golden pellet as a catalyst. To fully display the might of the heavenly lightning, you’ll need to be stronger than the Fetal Birth Stage. Only when your Pellet Energy (丹气) is at its prime will the sole ki be able to be activated to summon the heavenly lightning. That marks the point when you begin training in the way of the thunderbolt.”

Nodding, Reverend Elysian said, “Junior apprentice sister is right. The way of the thunderbolt truly is not a simple one. Even I am considered to have just started treading on the path of the Human Pellet Realm (人丹境界).”

Hai Long said with much surprise, “Matriarch, what is the Human Pellet Realm?”

Elysian said, “The golden pellet formation is divided into five stages and even traversing one level is harder than one can imagine. When you reach the Fetal Birth Stage, you will enter the basic level of the Spirit Pellet Realm. When you achieve the Infallible Cycle, you will no longer be bound by the lifetime restrictions of the five elements and enter the Human Pellet Realm. Upon reaching this stage, you can already be considered to have a body of a half immortal. During all the time of my cultivation, I have only heard of one person who has broken through the Human Pellet Realm to the Earth Pellet Realm, and that person is the founder of the Cloudlink Sect, Grandmaster Cloudlink. Do you know what the Earth Pellet Realm represents? It means that one has become an immortal.”

Hai Long gasped and said, “One can already become an immortal at the third stage of Internal Pellet cultivation… Then what about the later two stages? What kind of cultivation would one have at that point?”

Elysian sighed and said, “The last two realms can only be said to be things of legends. In the ancient manuals of the daoist sects, what comes after the Earth Pellet Realm is the Heaven Pellet Realm and one would be a Heavenly Immortal at that stage (神仙). The Divine Pellet Realm comes after that and one would be at the level of a True Immortal of the Great Firmament (大罗真仙). As for what kind of power that level has, it is not something the likes of us understand. Alright, we’ve told you quite a bit for today. You will take quite some time to fully understand these things. Get some rest, we’ll be arriving at the Brahmaheart Sect soon.”

Hai Long nodded and thought back on what Elysian had said about the way of the thunderbolt and Golden Pellet cultivation. Although he was only at the Crouching Tiger Realm, he was already looking forward to the deep and mysterious ways of cultivation that lay far beyond him.

The azurish cloud sped forward and Revered Elysian slowly closed her eyes. Given her cultivation, the outer demons had no way of disturbing her and she entered a calm and tranquil state. Hai Long sat beside her quietly and mulled on the words that his two matriarchs had said. Within this short journey, his understanding towards the world of cultivation had greatly increased and he knew some things that even his uncle-masters or master didn’t know about.

Time passed incessantly. With Reverend Waterstop controlling the flying cloud, the scene of the Divine Continent below was but a blur. After seven hours, Waterstop’s eyes beamed as she said, “If I remember correctly, we’ve arrived at the Brahmaheart Sect. Apprentice sister, it’s time you woke up.”

Elysian slowly opened her eyes and said with a smile, “Apprentice sister, your cultivation seems to have improved yet again. It didn’t take you too long to bring us all the way here.”

Hai Long stared at Reverend Elysian with an astonished look and thought, why wasn’t she afraid that she would be disturbed when she entered her meditation? Didn’t sixth uncle-master say that once one was interrupted during meditation, one’s cultivation had a high chance of going astray?

Seemingly able to read Hai Long’s thoughts, Reverend Elysian explained, “Upon reaching the Infallible Realm, it’s quite impossible for our cultivations to go astray. Our spiritual senses are so sensitive that it wouldn’t be able to be disturbed even if we were meditating.”

Hai Long just shook his head and muttered, “My cultivation is too far from the two matriarchs, so there’s a lot I find difficult to comprehend.”

Reverend Elysian looked at Hai Long, who has stopped behaving rowdily, and felt a little down. She pat his shoulder and said, “Don’t rush it. When your cultivation improves in the future, you’ll come to understand these things.”

Waterstop looked at Hai Long before saying, “Apprentice sister, has your internal energy fully recovered?”

Nodding, Elysian replied, “I only attacked with the heavenly lightning twice, so my cultivation recovered rather quickly. Let’s make our preparations and head down to the meeting place.”

Reverend Waterstop nodded in agreement and turned to Hai Long. “Later when we go down, make sure to not reveal our cultivation to others, especially the fact that apprentice sister used the Heavenly Lightning of the Divine Night. No matter how the disciples of the other sects look down on you, you must endure it, understand? That’s because our Cloudlink Sect doesn’t wish to participate in this expedition and is only here to give some face to the Brahmaheart Sect leader, Bodhisattva Cloudwake.”

Looking at the two matriarchs, Hai Long nodded and said, “This one understands and will take matriarch’s reminder to heart.”

Waterstop nodded with satisfaction and said, “That’s good. Apprentice sister, let’s go.”

Under Hai Long’s surprised gaze, Reverend Waterstop and Reverend Elysian utilized their powers at the same time and two green lights flashed. Hai Long felt a force lifting him up as the azurish cloud turned smaller and disappeared in mid air. Two flying swords that were quite similar in appearance to that of Ling Tong’s supported the two matriarchs’ bodies in mid air while he himself was suspended there. The two matriarchs currently looked like normal cultivators and the glowing aura as well as their azurish halo at their backs could not be seen.

Reverend Elysian said, “Now, we look like normal cultivators. Apprentice sister, Hai Long, let’s go.”

The sudden feeling of vertigo made Hai Long slightly uncomfortable as the scenery around him blurred when he was transported downwards. In a moment, he felt the firm ground beneath his feat and noticed that he had landed on the ground. The two flying swords stopped glowing as they suddenly flew back into the scabbards that were previously not there behind the two matriarchs’ backs. Hai Long understood that they wanted to keep their true capabilities hidden.


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