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Chapter 0012-3 – lightning Infinty

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Elysian turned to Hai Long and said, “Hai Long, right now we’re using a Concealment Technique (隐迹术). It is a very easy to learn technique that’s very effective and useful, but it requires one to be at least at the Dawn Raising Realm (霞举的境界) of power. Right now, even if someone sweeps us with the Appraisal Technique (探察术), they wouldn’t be able to discover our true cultivation. Behold, this is the land of the Brahmaheart Sect.”

Hai Long turned his eyes toward the front and only saw a large imposing mountain before him. While it didn’t look as majestic and mighty as the Cloudlink Mountains, the lush greenery that covered its body which resembled a sitting buddha added to its air of majesty. The surrounding atmosphere was calming and prompted one to feel some degree of respect. The peak of the mountains were beyond the clouds and its appearance couldn’t be easily discerned.

Waterstop said, “This is one of the sacred lands of the buddhist practitioners, the Brahmaheart Zen Realm and the Brahmaheart Sect members train and pray here all year long, giving the place a distinct buddhist aura. I can already feel my heart calm down even before entering the place. The height of this mountain is only three thousand meters tall and pales in comparison with our Heaventake Peak, but the surface area it occupies is incomparably wide. It’s been a thousand years since I’ve been here, I wonder if anything changed. Let’s go and check it out.”

Hai Long said, “Matriarch, why can’t we just fly over there? I believe it’ll take us quite some time to climb up to the peak.”

Elysian smiled slightly and said, “The reason why we chose to climb up the moutain on foot was because we wanted to go there through the main entrance of the Brahmaheart Sect to show them the necessary respect. Well, that’s the main reason, the other reason is because the mountain also has a barrier like that of the Cloudlink Mountains that prohibits anyone from entering elsewhere.” As she said that, the three of them started walking up the mountain path which was a flight of stone stairs that was around ten meters wide. Not a speck of dirt could be seen on the stairs, giving one a pure, clean feeling.

Waterstop said, “It seems like the old rules of the Brahmaheart Sect haven’t changed at all! Hai Long, you should consider yourself fortunate. If you had entered the Brahmaheart Sect instead of ours, the moment you entered the sect, you would have to clean up all 5300 steps of these stone stairs. You would have to clean them for about ten years before you can be considered an official disciple of the sect. The reason they do this is because they want the people who enter the sect to have a calm and clear heart, which is of utmost importance to the buddhist practitioners.”

“My fellow practitioner speaks the truth. When it comes to cultivating one’s mind, our daoist sects really can’t compare with the Brahmaheart Sect.” A bright cheerful sound rang out. Quickly, a middle-aged man appeared amidst Hai Long’s group of three. He wore a long white robe and had a jade, white sword hung on his back and looked to be in his forties. He had a rough outlook that emanated a strong masculine aura.

The middle-aged man’s appearance didn’t cause Reverend Waterstop nor Reverend Elysian any surprise as they had obviously noticed that person’s presence already. Elysian greeted the man, “Greetings, fellow daoist.”

That man returned the greeting hastily, “This one is Whiterock of the Thousand Wisdom Valley. May I ask where you fellow daoists come from?”

“This one is Elysian of the Cloudlink Sect and that is my apprentice sister Waterstop. Here is my young disciple, Hai Long.”

Whiterock said with surprise, “The Cloudlink Sect? This is indeed a rare encounter! I didn’t expect that the Cloudlink Sect was invited to the gathering by Bodhisattva Cloudwake as well.” While Elysian and Waterstop’s cultivation were very strong, they didn’t leave the mountains that often so not many in the cultivation world know their daoist titles.

Hai Long furrowed his brow and said, “”Senior, why were you expecting otherwise?”

Whiterock looked at Hai Long with a serious glance and said with a smile, “Daoist, you don’t have to address me as senior. As the saying goes, ‘the sea of knowledge is boundless and those who prove themselves will be respected’. This one doesn’t have the slightest intention on berating the Cloudlink Sect. It’s just that your sect is situated quite far away and often doesn’t attend gatherings with the other six sect, that’s why I was surprised. I hope you understand.”

Seeing that person being so sincere, Hai Long gained a much better impression of him and looked nervously at Reverend Waterstop. He looked downward and said in a soft voice, “This one has been impolite. I hope senior will forgive my rudeness.”

Reverend Waterstop said, “Friend, are you here to represent the Thousand Wisdom Valley?”

Whiterock shook his head and said, “I’m only a common disciple of the Thousand Wisdom Valley and am unable to represent the seniors in the meeting. This time, the ones who will be representing our sect is my two uncle-masters, Daoist Youngcrane (童鹤) as well as Daoist Purplecrane (紫鹤). Few days prior, I got a spiritual message from my uncle-master and he summoned me to come over to witness the proceedings. Fellow daoist, let’s continue our conversation as we climb up the stars.” Having finished what he said, he saluted towards the group of three.

Reverend Elysian’s sound softly rang out beside Hai Long’s ear. “Don’t make a sound, I’m talking to you telepathically. Don’t look down on Daoist Whiterock. If I am not mistake, he is at least at the Illustrious Dao Stage (道隆的境界). When we go to the peak, please keep your talking to a minimum and observe the people there so that you may further your experiences and knowledge. Also, you must call me master and refer to Waterstop as aunt-master.”

Hai Long sighed in his heart. It seems that any person from the world of cultivation was way stronger than him. It seems that he had to train hard after he returned to the sect.

The four of them went up the mountain together and merely climbed upwards without using any of their internal energy. As they walked, Whiterock smiled and said, “I heard about your sect once from my uncle-masters, Youngcrane and Purplecrane. They said that they have met a senior from your sect that could easily defeat the two of them combined, earning him the respect of my uncle-masters. I wonder if that senior is doing well? If there’s an opportunity, I would love to meet that senior and gain some guidance from him.”

Reverend Waterstop started in her heart and thought, it seems that those two are the ones who are representing the Thousand Wisdom Valley this time around. I believe it’ll be difficult for me to keep my identity hidden! Without a change in her expression, Waterstop said, “You must be referring to our senior. She is doing pretty well. Thank you for your concern. If you’d like, you are always welcome to come visit our sect. We’ll definitely welcome you with open arms.”

Whiterock laughed out and said, “That’s great! Since I’m planning to roam the world for a hundred or so years, I will definitely pay a visit one day. I’ve long heard about the Heaventake Peak of the Cloudlink Mountains that’s often said to be the place closest to the heavens. I guess I finally can see it with my own eyes now.”

Hai Long said, “Isn’t the Thousand Wisdom Valley pretty mysterious as well? My daoist friend, do you think you can bring us along for a tour some time?”

Whiterock’s face paled as he sighed, “I’m afraid it can’t be done. It’s one of the many rules of our sect and it pains me to tell you that I can do nothing about it. However, should there be an opportunity someday, I will definitely invite you over.”

Waterstop glared at Hai Long and said, “You don’t have to heed his ramblings, fellow daoist. We have no intentions to pry in the hidden matters of your sect.”

Whiterock said with a regretful gaze, “It is not his fault. Our Thousand Wisdom Valley is indeed pretty secretive among the other sects. This fellow daoist must have only started cultivating not long ago, correct?”

Startled, Hai Long nodded and said, “That’s correct. I am embarrassed to say that I have only entered the Crouching Tiger Stage not long ago.”

Whiterock smiled. “Young one, you don’t have to be so humble. Your build and physique is among the best that I’ve seen. I can see that you will have great potential in the future.”

Hai Long gave a bitter laugh. “Is that so? My master said that I wasn’t talented at all!” Suddenly, he came to remember that his current ‘master; is actually Reverend Elysian who was standing by his side.

Whiterock looked at Elysian and said, “Fellow daoist, your disciple is indeed pretty suited for cultivation. Based on the luster of his skin, it can be said that he has a Lustrous Body of Dao Harmony (道合莹肌之体) that is often heralded in our daoist cultivation world!”

Hai Long grimaced and thought, this fellow definitely has some screw loose about him. To think that he’ll look at my skin with those eyes! I better stay away from him in the future. For some reason, Hai Long didn’t have an ounce of good impression about that cultivator of the Thousand Wisdom Valley.

Reverend Elysian laughed in reply, “It is probably because my eye isn’t discerning enough. However, this disciple of mine is indeed pretty hard working. The main reason I brought him along this time is for him to gain some experience about the outside world. I’m embarrassed to have not noticed his qualities that you have pointed out.”

Whiterock said, “No wonder you’re looking out for that disciple of yours so much. When I was at the Crouching Tiger Stage, my masters weren’t willing to let me out. Compared to me, this child is truly fortunate.”

The four of the continued chatting as they walked and given Hai Long’s cultivation, the journey wasn’t considered tiring for him. In an hour or so, they have already arrived at the halfway point of the mountain. Hei Long could see a broad archway on the mountain path with a sign that said ‘The Sea of Buddhism has no Boundaries’. Several young buddhist acolytes that looked to be in their early twenties could be seen standing still like statues beneath the great archway.

Whiterock said, “We’ve already climbed half the distance. This is the outer doorway of the Brahmaheart Sect.”

Without waiting for the group of four to approach, two young acolytes came over to welcome them. With their palms together, they greeted, “Seniors, please show us the spirit message scroll of our sect.”

Reverend Elysian took out the scroll that had been presented to her by Reverend Heaventake and handed it to the young monk. “This one is Elysian of the Cloudlink Sect. I have brought with me apprentice sister Waterstop and my disciple Hai Long to attend the gathering.”


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