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Chapter 0014-1 – Seven Sect Gathering

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Xingtian’s face colour changed, his gaze swept over Hai Long and said “I can handle my sect’s affairs, are all Cloudlink Sect disciples without rules?”

Hai Long flared up, just as he was about to rebuke, Reverend Waterstop pressed down lightly on his shoulder to stop him, as a voice resounded next to his ear, “You don’t have to stoop down to his level to deal with him, let the dog continue barking.”

Hai Long was taken aback, he swiveled his head and glanced at Reverend Waterstop, never did he expect that uncouth words like ‘dog barking’ would actually come out of Reverend Waterstop’s mouth, the disdain she felt for Xingtian was clear.

A smile hung on Reverend Elysian’s face as usual “Sorry Dao Friend Xingtian, I will properly educate my disciple when I return.”

Sect Patriarch Cloudwake looked at Xingtian then looked at Reverend Elysian, he shook his head in his heart, then went and stood beside the last female, “This is Lotus Sect’s Patriarch Lianshu.”

Hai Long’s group of three turned towards Patriarch Lianshu, looking at her, Hai Long couldn’t help but shudder, the Patriarch Lianshu in front kept her head lowered, although her body radiated an unnatural aura, Hai Long didn’t pay her too much notice, at this time as she neared, he then saw her true appearance. She didn’t wear a kasaya like Brahmaheart’s Patriarch Cloudwake, nor did she shave her head. A white long robe was draped over her body, a head of forest green hair flowed down her back, her fair skin emanated a radiant shine like the lustre of a gem, an air of nonchalance showed on her face, although her aura was not as natural and refined like that of Reverend Elysian, she still gave others a holy and untaintable vibe, just like that of a descended goddess.

Lianshu gently took a step forward, a look of respect surfaced on her beautiful face as she bowed, “Nice meeting you two Daoists.” Reverend Elysian stared blankly for a moment before hurriedly supporting her up by the shoulders and said, “How could we accept Patriarch’s huge display of respect? We are undeserving.”

The rest of the people were taken aback, Lianshu was the first to arrive at Brahmaheart Sect, when the rest of the sect representatives arrived, she only faintly greeted them verbally, but when facing Reverend Elysian and Waterstop, she actually bowed in respect, this gave rise to some astonishment from the crowd, especially Pentashine Immortal Grotto’s Woodpine, who grunted and showed some displeasure towards Lianshu.

A faint smile hung on Lianshu’s pure face, “Daoist Elysian, not sure if you still remember me. 1,700 years ago, on Rainwish mountain, you saved a drowning girl, you fed her with food and money that enabled her to continue living. This girl then went on to join the lotus sect, that girl is actually I, Lianshu. Daoist Elysian’s benevolence, Lianshu has never dared to forget, although cultivating the path of buddhism, that sincere and kind smile that was plastered on Daoist Elysian’s face back then has been deeply etched onto Lianshu’s heart. 1,700 years have passed and the flowing of time didn’t seem to have left any marks on your face, your looks are still as beautiful as before. Just now, when I saw your smile, I already realised your identity, I didn’t expect to be able to meet you again after 1,700 years, this show of respect is worthless compared to back when you saved my life. If Daoist has any need of help henceforth, as long as you send a spirit message, Lianshu will definitely arrive at her fastest speed.”

After hearing Lotus Sect Patriarch Lianshu’s words, everyone in the main hall went silent. Apart from those who guessed the truth such as Youngcrane, Purplecrane and Patriarch Cloudwake, no one from the other sects could tell that Reverend Elysian had 1,700 years of cultivation experience. Their impressions of the two people Elysian and Waterstop couldn’t help but be lifted. Pentashine Immortal Grotto’s Woodpine and Heavenask School’s Xingtian’s face expression both sank, as they borrowed their brows and rested their gaze on Reverend Elysian.

A rush of joy appeared on Reverend Elysian’s face, as she thoroughly examined Lianshu and smiled, “Little sister, so it’s you! After saying goodbye previously, I never expected you to have already became a patriarch, I truly couldn’t recognise you! You’ve grown up and are prettier than before. Don’t be too hung up over that issue of the past, saving the common folk is our mission, it just so happens that it was you.

Patriarch Cloudwake laughed faintly, “Junior Sister, I have to congratulate you. Daoist Elysian, I’ve never expected that you’re actually Junior Sister’s unforgettable benefactor. You have to know, it’s exactly because of your kind deed, that allowed the Lotus Sect to obtain an outstanding Patriarch. Junior Sister Lianshu and my path of Buddhism have affinity. In a short 1,700 years, she has already cultivated to a level not far from yours at the peak of the Infallible Realm, and is regarded as a genius of the Lotus Sect. Soon after, she was noticed by the old Patriarch, and succeeded him. Under Patriarch Lianshu’s leadership, the current Lotus Sect is already vastly different from that of the past. This is all due to the seed you planted!”

Lianshu said, “Senior Brother flatters me. Daoist Elysian, after this gathering is concluded, you must definitely pay a visit to my Lotus Sect, Lianshu will properly received you.”

Woodpine said in a low voice, “Patriarch Cloudwake, today shouldn’t be for reminiscing, since all the participants have arrived, I think you should start.”

As though not hearing Woodpine’s words, Lianshu bowed towards Elysian, Waterstop and Hai Long before returning to her original place, as she walked, her eyes emanated a feeling of restlessness due to her emotions.

Cloudwake returned to his esteemed seat and said, “Firstly, Cloudwake thanks all cultivators for your presence which has dazzled my Brahmaheart Sect. The reason for today’s gathering should be clear. China’s mainland has enjoyed peace and stability for a long time since the last demonic war thousands of years ago, but in the recent hundred years, the originally suppressed and hiding demonic sects have surfaced again and their actions more savage than before. China’s mainland already has many incidents of demons wrecking havoc, we absolutely cannot turn a blind eye towards their provocations, and even more so cannot let any more innocent lives be lost. I’ve decided, in the Brahmaheart Sect under me, all disciples with at least a hundred years of cultivation are to head down the mountain to eradicate these evil demons, I sincerely hope that you cultivator friends can support this cause as well. Only when our righteous sects form an alliance, can we then give those evil demons a painful defeat.”

Thousand Wisdom Valley’s Daoist Youngcrane said “Patriarch speaks the truth, Thousand Wisdom Valley will provide full support. I suggest we divide our forces into several groups consisting of the various sect powers, then sweep China for the demonic sects, upon discovery, we should destroy them without hesitation or mercy.”

Reverende Elysian said, “Daoist Youngcrane, could I ask if your esteemed sect has a disciple called Whiterock?”

Youngcrane thought for a moment and said “Yes, Whiterock is my Junior Nephew, from the line of Reverend Whitecrane. Could it be that you’ve seen him? He should be travelling across China right now.”

Daoist Elysian lightly sighed, and gave a recount of the demon transforming into whiterock during their battle. “……due to Cloudwake Sect Patriarch’s arrival, only then was the demon scared away.”

Youngcrane locked his brows and said, “Whiterock could be said to be one of the outstanding later generation disciples of my sect, could it be that something happened to him? Sect Patriarch Cloudwake, sorry to impose, I want to let my Junior brother Purplecrane go down the mountain and look for the whereabouts of Whiterock, in case he gets into trouble with demons.”

Cloudwake nodded his head, “I advise Dao brother Purplecrane to be cautious, that demon possesses a true magical treasure, he can conceal his aura, you must not fall into his traps.”

Daoist Purplecrane replied, “Sect Patriarch please be at ease, we from the Thousand Wisdom Valley have our own methods to recognise fellow disciples. Fellow Patriarchs, Dao friends, Purplecrane takes his leave. Daoist Elysian, thank you for your timely reminder.” As he finished, he darted out of the main door, taking to the skies atop a purple flying sword and headed towards the outer regions of the mountain.

Cloudwake let out a soft sigh as he said “The three demonic sects have many sly techniques, we have to be more careful. We must also hope that the righteous doesn’t diminish and let the demons prosper! To continue on this last topic, I agree with Dao Brother Youngcrane’s words, if our various sects form an alliance, we can make up for weaknesses and learn new skills. What do the other sects think of this old monk’s suggestion?”

Woodpine said, “Patriarch Cloudwake’s suggestion has merits. I think the forces of all the sects can be split into five groups, each to be led respectively by my Pentashine Immortal Grotto’s five Patriarchs, to destroy demons and triumph over evil.” The moment he said it, he simultaneously incurred the dissatisfaction of the Heavenask school and the Fullmoon school. Xingtian said, “Patriarch Woodpine, I feel that the leadership positions should be well-considered and this takes time. When all the righteous forces gather, but are all commanded by the Pentashine Immortal Grotto, I don’t think that is very apt.” A cold glimmer flashed in Woodpine’s eyes as he replied, “Why isn’t it apt? My Pentashine Immortal Grotto is the leading Sect of the 6 Great Sects, it is only normal for us to lead the rest!”


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