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Sect Patriarch Cloudwake spoke: “You two please do not argue, we will discuss this leadership role in further detail in the future. Let us first decide on the date when we will dispel the demons. Also, Patriarch Woodpine, our righteous forces are not made up of 6 Sects, but 7 Sects. You made a mistake earlier.”

Patriarch Woodpine grunted, “I didn’t make a mistake. As for those tiny, small sects with no proper power, we don’t have to pay them any heed, my Pentashine Immortal Grotto agrees to the expedition this time.”

As Cloudwake was about to speak, Lotus Sect’s Patriarch Lianshu rebutted faintly instead, “Is the Pentashine Immortal Grotto truly that strong? Could it be that Patriarch Woodpine you think your cultivation can best Patriarch Cloudwake? There are no small or tiny sects within our 7 Great Sects. If the Pentashine Immortal Grotto has no thoughts of cooperating, it is better if you don’t join at all.”

Woodpine went into a rage and said, “Lianshu, what’s the meaning of this? The small and tiny sect I was referring to wasn’t your Lotus Sect. Vanquishing the demonic powers are a huge matter, my Pentashine Immortal Grotto is the leading Sect. How can we not participate?!

Although Sect Patriarch Cloudwake’s cultivation is profoundly deep, but in terms of Sect prowess my Pentashine Immortal Grotto is stronger. Whatever I said was the truth, how could it be that I’m insincere? Please be more cautious with your words.”

Cloudwake sighed and said, “Patriarchs please calm yourselves from anger. Now that the demonic powers are running rampant, we cannot afford to have any internal strife over who has more power to lead the expedition. We, the 7 Great Sects, definitely do not contain any small or tiny sect within us. Daoist Elysian, what are your views?”

Reverend Elysian smiled and said, “Sect Patriarch Cloudwake can decide everything, my Cloudlink Sect has no objections, even though we are that small and tiny sect that Patriarch Woodpine is referring to. Nog matters such as this, it would be better if we do not participate, lest any small mistakes that arise could cause the other Great Sects to harbour grudges. Our motive for coming this time around was to see how grave the situation regarding the demonic powers was, Sect Patriarch Cloudwake, could you please enlighten us?”

Cloudwake looked deeply at Reverend Elysian and said:

“Daoist, please don’t stand on ceremony, Cloudlink Sect is still one of the pillars of our righteous forces. The expedition to vanquish demons will naturally include you. As for the demonic powers, let me simply explain.

Based on the information brought by the various Patriarchs, as well as our Brahmaheart Sect’s personal information about the situation, the current demonic and evil powers are becoming more savage. The three evil sects are namely the Devil Sect, Demon Sect and Evil Sect. The skills they cultivate all have their special points.

The most frightening thing is that they have an evil way to incite and provoke internal potential, allowing their cultivation to increase greatly within a short span of time. It is precisely this ability that allowed them to recover their powers so quickly after the last Great Cleansing.

This time our demon vanquishing expedition must thoroughly exterminate them, and not give them a chance at recovery like last time. The 3 Demonic powers are helmed by the Devil Sect, with the Demon Sect and Evil Sect as vanguards. The Devil Sect Patriarch Litian has underwent another thousand years of secret cultivation, his strength has definitely soared.

Not long ago, a disciple from my sect captured a member of the Devil Sect, and according to that member’s report, Litian’s demonic prowess has already achieved higher levels. His cultivation has broken new heights that no other demonic cultivator has reached before.

He is currently the greatest threat to our righteous forces. The number of demonic sect disciples are huge, they do not lack experts, and although they were all formally humans, they have already given up their human nature and fallen deep into the evil ways.

There are currently over 20 Demonic Elders that have attained cultivations of the Illustrous Dao Realm and above, adding on the large number of disciples, they are extremely hard to deal with. Evil Sect’s Sect Patriarch Donglei is also another dangerous character.

During the war between good and evil a thousand years ago, this old monk had 3 disciples to his retinue. His evil powers have also attained new heights, with his sophisticated and cunning strategies, he’s extremely hard to deal with.

The Four Evil Kings under his command are also creatures far from normal. Although their combined strength is less compared to the Devil Sect, they possess enough power to threaten us.

Although the Demon Sect is not the strongest within the Demonic Powers, they are actually the scariest. Their make up consists of various evil demons. Although the previous Demon King has died at our hands, rumors say that the title of Demon King has fallen outo a Demon with 10000 years of cultivation behind him, as to how deep his cultivation Is, I am also unsure.

Although Demons have a harder time cultivating than us humans, to be able to cultivate for 10000 years, he shouldn’t be far from the Tribulation Formation Stage. This Demon King’s cultivation definitely will not be below Devil Sect’s Litian.
With regards to overall prowess, our righteous forces definitely hold the advantage, however these demonic powers all have hidden tricks, if they launch a successful ambush, it will cause huge headaches for us. This is the extent of my knowledge, are there any other add-ons from the crowd?”

Xingtian let out a hmph, “After so much talk, isn’t Patriarch Woodpine’s intention to let the Pentashine Immortal Grotto lead the entire Seven Sects? I agree to an alliance, but my Heavenask School pushes for Bodhisattva Cloudwake to be the chief. Regardless of merits or cultivation, Patriarch Cloudwake has no equal”

Woodpine’s face color changed slightly as he replied “It doesn’t matter who takes the lead, as long as he is capable of eradicating the demonic sects. However, to deal with pinnacle demonic experts like Litian, I’m afraid that is something Patriarch Cloudwake will find hard to do. Only using the combined skill of our Pentashine Immortal Grotto’s Five Immortals and the Heavenly Thunder, can victory be achieved.

Although our 5 immortal’s cultivation is not as strong as Patriarch Cloudwake, when we come together and join our powers, we should be stronger. I believe that under our joint leadership, we can thoroughly eradicate the three Demonic Sects.”

“No way, I don’t agree. If you people from the Pentashine Immortal Grotto take the lead, then my Heavenask School will back out.

Seeing them continuously bicker, Hai Long’s heart gave birth to some frustration, are these the so-called righteous people? For power, they are willing to fight to such an extent! Even without coming into contact with the evil powers, there’s already internal fighting, no wonder the other Martial Ancestors refuse to participate.

The Reverends Elysian and Waterstop in front of him seemed to not be affected by the bickering and just quietly sat there, Reverend Elysian would occasionally send mental messages to the Lotus Set’s Patriarch, from the looks of it, even though they just met again, they have already became good friends.

Just at this moment, a Brahmaheart Sect disciple brought two people into the main hall, a male and a female. From their bearings, it was quite obvious they were Dao partners.

Seeing these two new entrants, Xingtian did not bother with Woodpine anymore and turned his head towards Cloudwake and said: “Patriarch, they are disciples of our Heavenask and Fullmoon schools, Coldheart and Snowphoenix.” Hearing his introduction, the two people hurriedly bowed towards Cloudwake, then stood behind Xingtian and Blackrain.

Coldheart seemed to be quickly transmitting something beside Xingtian’s ears, Xingtian’s face colour gradually changed as his shock could not be kept hidden.

Raising his head, Xingtian shouted to Woodpine “Patriarch Woodpine, I didn’t expect your esteemed sect to actually have already begun the expedition, I wonder which esteemed Patriarch from which sect activated the Heavenly Thunder to eradicate demons.”

Woodpine was taken aback and replied, “Heavenly Thunder? Are you sure you didn’t get it wrong? To activate the initial power of the Heavenly Thunder we need at least two people!

Patriarch Watercharm and myself are here, the other three Sect Patriarchs are still in closed cultivation, it’s impossible for us to use the Heavenly Thunder against any demons. Could it be that you saw it with your own eyes? Or did the disciple that just arrived tell you. I’m afraid you got it wrong.”

Xingtian was started, he knew Woodpine wouldn’t lie, if it was the doings of the Pentashine Immortals, with Woodpine’s arrogant character, he would already have started bragging. From this situation, it’s clear that it wasn’t them. He said suspiciously “In our righteous forces, isn’t the Pentashine Immortal Grotto the only one that can use Heavenly Thunder on enemies? Coldheart is my best disciple, he wouldn’t have saw wrongly.”

Woodpine immediately responded, “No way, absolutely impossible. Without two experts from the Infallible stage, the Heavenly Thunder is impossible to activate. Furthermore the two experts have to have deep understandings in the arts of Thunder. Your disciple definitely saw wrongly.”

Seeing the definite look on Woodpine, Hai Long couldn’t help but giggle, although he laughed quite softly, it still attracted the attention of various people. Due to Hai Long’s status as Reverend Elysian’s disciple, Lianshu had a good impression of him and said, “Why did this Dao Friend here laugh? Could it be something joyful?”

Hai Long looked at Woodpine, brought his volume lower and said, “Patriarch Lianshu, not sure if you’ve heard an idiom, looking at the sky from the bottom of a well?”

“Did you just say I’m ignorant?” Woodpine banged the chair and stood up, ever since becoming one of the Pentashine Immortals, he had never received such a huge insult. Forget Hai Long’s measly attempt at speaking softly, even if he transmitted a message, as long as Woodpine paid attention, he would still be able to hear.”

Hai Long stuck out his tongue and said, “I didn’t say it’s you! I am just referring to whoever is narrow-sighted. Patriarch Woodpine, your temper is huge! There’s something I don’t understand, there are those who look for gold, those who look for silver, but why are there still people who look for scoldings?

You’re of such high stature, who would dare to say that you are IG—NO—RANT!” After saying these words, Hai Long purposefully dragged his tone. He had long gotten tired of Woodpine’s bossy attitude, this time he really couldn’t take it, so he dished out insults.

However he was more experienced than previously at the Cloudlink Ranges, this time he insulted sarcastically and not directly. He knew that no matter how incensed Woodpine was, he wouldn’t strike out in front of so many sects, furthermore Reverends Elysian and Waterstop were both here.

Reverend Elysian doted on him, and although Reverend Waterstop didn’t particularly have a good temper, she didn’t have a good impression of The Pentashine Immortal Grotto and Heavenask School either, hence he wouldn’t get into so much trouble and dare to speak out.

Hearing Hai Long’s words, apart from Brahmaheart Sect Patriarch Cloudwake and those from the Pentashine Immortal Grotto, the rest of the Sect representatives all laughed out loud. Even the reserved Lianshu smiled and shook her head.

Woodpine’s blood boiled till his whole body was shaking, he angrily shouted, “Good, descendent, I knew this Cloudlink Sect couldn’t produce anything good. I won’t let you off today.” Red beams of light swelled from his body, a red halo appeared behind his back, just that the halo wasn’t as dense as Reverend Elysian’s. Hai Long saw that Patriarch Woodpine was truly angered, and hurriedly hid behind Reverend Elysian as he called out, “Master save me!!!!!!”


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