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Chapter 0015-1 – Battle of Immortal Artifacts

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Reverend Elysian smiled and spoke. “Junior Sister Lianshu,–you wouldn’t mind me calling you this way right? Although we are not as innately talented as you, it can still be said that we’ve cultivated for over 2,000 years, Waterstop is definitely able to handle this situation, you don’t have to be worried for her. Even if she’s in danger, I will save her in time. Pentashine Immortal Grotto’s arrogance should be flattened a little.”

Lianshu was stunned “Sister, you’re so confident? Patriarch Watercharm has exceeded the 5 ways and has already reached the Infallible Realm.”

Reverend Elysian replied “Let’s watch on, you’ll understand in a while”

Lianshu looked at Reverend Elysian’s confident demeanour and felt a faint movement in her heart, she didn’t say anything else as she cranked her head back to look at the two hovering individuals.

Watercharm and Waterstop were steadily staring down each other in the air. Regardless of how strong Watercharm’s vigor was, Reverend Waterstop was like an unsinking boat amongst ferocious waves, which disallowed Watercharm to properly grasp the situation.

Watercharm coldly said “Waterstop, you make the first move, if not you won’t get another chance.”

Waterstop faintly replied “I should be the one saying those words. Watercharm, my Daoist name is Waterstop, seems like I was meant to deter you. Let me truly taste the power of your Pentashine Immortal Grotto. Ah! Right, don’t forget the promise we made, if you refuse to admit defeat after you lose, I’m afraid your Pentashine Immortal Grotto won’t be able to stand proud in the world of cultivators.

Watercharm coldly snorted, “This is the first time I’ve met someone that overestimates their capabilities to such an extent, can’t you tell my cultivation? I’ve already entered the Infallible stage, and exceeded the 5 ways, and am Reverend-class! We all belong to the righteous, I also don’t want to make things too difficult for you, as long as you admit defeat, and fulfill the previously set conditions, I will let you off.”

Reverend Waterstop smiled “I’m afraid you’re the one that overestimates their capabilities. Infallible stage? That seems like something I achieved hundreds of years ago. You know, I’ve already held the title of Reverend for a long time. No wonder Hai Long said that the Pentashine Immortal Grotto was ignorant, it seems like an apt description. Heaven and Earth is boundless, with the forces of Qiankun, appear.” With the ringing sound of a magical skill, an azure ring shone out of Reverend Waterstop’s body, a halo which was much brighter than Watercharm’s appeared behind her back, a huge wave of power capable of covering the entire land appeared, and immediately suppressed Watercharm.

Youngcrane who was viewing the battle suddenly exclained in shock “Didn’t expect that after a thousand years without meeting, Daoist Waterstop actually reached Reverend-class, truly too powerful!”

Xingtian stared blankly at the changes in the battle above, and muttered “This, how can this be possible? Such a small sect like Cloudlink Sect actually produced someone above the Infallible stage, unimaginable, absolutely unimaginable.”

Youngcrane said “This is nothing unimaginable. A thousand years ago, my Junior brother Purplecrane and I joined forces, but still lost to Daoist Waterstop. Her skills are unfathomably deep to the extent that we offered our deepest respect.

Of course Xingtian knew exactly how lofty Youngcrane and Purplecrane’s status was in the Thousand Wisdom valley, they were all experts in the Dawn Raising Stage, whose cultivations weren’t lacking compared to his, but this Daoist Waterstop could actually triumph over both their combined skills, her power was truly unimaginable.

Patriarch Cloudwake looked at the fairy-like visage of Reverend Waterstop in the air and murmured “If Cloudlink Sect could send their true strength to join this demon vanquishing expedition, this battle would definitely be worthwhile.

Lianshu’s buddhist skills were profoundly deep, and she possessed extremely high battle power. Adding on to the fact that Reverend Elysian emanated an air of confidence, she wasn’t too surprised by the changes in Reverend Waterstop’s battle. She only transmitted a message to Reverend Elysian: “Senior Sister, are you similarly hiding your power as well?”

Reverend Elysian smiled and “Of course. Our Cloudlink Mountain Range possesses dense spiritual qi, if Junior Sister is willing to be a guest at our sect, we will definitely be very welcoming.”

Lianshu nodded her head and replied “After this Demon vanquishing expedition is over, I will head over to pay my respects.” She had a lot of doubts in her heart, the usually quiet Cloudlink Sect suddenly produced two experts that surpassed the Infallible Realm, she would really like to understand the entire situation regarding Cloudlink Sect.”

Reverend Elysian’s eyes lit up “Careful, they’re starting.”

As expected, Watercharm and Waterstop both released intense light rays, and in the space above their heads were flying swords respectively, seemingly amassing power. Actually, Watercharm was shocked after seeing Waterstop release such huge power, but she definitely could not admit defeat in front of such a big crowd. Gritting her teeth, she sent her flying sword out to clash with Waterstop’s.

Patriarch Cloudwake lightly sighed as a staff appeared in his hands, “Buddhist words are empty and know no boundaries. They cannot be measured. Buddha is homeless but still gives. All achievements are empty. They cannot be measured. There are no boundaries. Everything in the world has touched emptiness. Everything in this world has touched buddhism. Buddhism has no boundaries, and exists in the ordinary.” The low sounding Brahma chant continuously sounded out, the air was silent as everyone’s expression became calm and solemn, with Patriarch Cloudwake as the apex, a layer of yellow light took shape and spanned over 20 metres, protecting the crowd, that transparent layer of protection seemed ordinary, yet gave the crowd a sense of security.

Reverend Elysian said to Hai Long “Patriarch Cloudwake just used a great Buddhist Skill, if I’m not wrong, it should be the Jingang Incantation. Don’t underestimate this simple looking barrier, even if I attack with all my power, I might not be able to penetrate it, it requires great skill to even use it.

Lianshu taught “The Jingang Incantation is a skill of similar level to the Cultivation world’s Heavenly Thunder, it can be tough or gentle, look at Senior Brother’s ease in using the skills, his cultivation should have already entered late Mercurial Stage. Perhaps Big Sister is still ignorant, but if we Buddhist Cultivators were to do battle, the Jingang Incantation is absolutely essential to being dominant. Senior Brother Cloudwake’s cultivation truly garners my admiration.”

Reverend Elysian turned her head towards Hai Long and said “With the protection of Patriarch Cloudwake’s Jingang Incantation, Junior Sister Waterstop has no way of knowing the situation down here. After a while, when they start using their true powers, you have to leave here immediately. Go back to Cloudlink Sect yourself first. After half a year’s time, it should be the routine disciple acceptance event date again, at that time Cloudlink Mountain Range will open naturally. Once you enter the mountain, go to Cloudstroke peak, then enter closed-door cultivation, I will try to coax Junior Sister so that you won’t be punished.

Hai Long laughed bitterly “Martial Ancestor, I’ve never come to the central plains before, I don’t know the way back.”

Reverend Elysian said “The road is simple to navigate, you just need to keep heading to the west, after you leave the central plains, ask around for Cloudlink Mountain, you will naturally find it. Didn’t you want to visit your friend? You can pay him a visit along the way.”

Hai Long’s heart churned with excitement “Thank you Martial Ancestor.” To be able to escape Reverend Waterstop’s punishment and even see an old friend, how could he not be elated? Furthermore, he could also go and have some fun in the central plains, after all he had half a year, he would surely be able to return.

Reverend Elysian sighed in her heart, Hai Long was not like an ordinary disciple, it would be good for him to gain some experience himself in the central plains, it would definitely be beneficial for his future endeavors.

Lianshu curiously looked at Hai Long and Reverend Elysian “Senior Sister, although this child’s words are slightly abrasive, you do not need to blame him.”

Reverend Elysian sighed “Junior Sister Waterstop has always been strict with disciples, Hai Long’s cultivation is low, so it isn’t convenient for him to join the Demon Vanquishing Expedition as well, he might as well be headed back first.” Turning her head to look at Hai Long, she said “Do be careful on the road, try not to reveal your identity of a cultivator, the Demonic powers are running rampant now, once you meet them, you have to immediately escape without turning back, understood?”

Hai Long touched the Blue Star Chain on his neck and excitedly replied “Martial Ancestor, please be at ease, I will definitely head back to the sect at my fastest speed. With my Grandmaster’s Spirit Artifacts, I’ll definitely avoid danger.”


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