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Chapter 002-2 – Text Redacted

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Ling Yan Zi laughed in response to his question. “Your thinking isn’t bad, but do your think the 2nd generation grandmasters take in disciples easily? Without 500 years of cultivation in your pocket, I’m afraid it would be difficult to even request an audience with the nine 2nd generation grandmasters.

Currently our strongest 2nd generation consists of 9 people, you have to remember. They include Heaventake peak’s chief, who is also our Cloudlink sect’s patriarch, we address him as Reverend Heaventake. Us later generation disciples all have to address them by the names of their respective peaks. There is Cloudsummit peak’s Reverend Cloudsummit, Elysian peak’s Reverend Elysian, Immortalization peak’s Reverend Immortalization, Skyrock peak’s Reverend Skyrock, who is also our grandmaster and your great grandmaster, Boundless peak’s Reverend Boundless, Hingeknot Peak’s Reverend Hingeknot, Flameruin Peak’s Reverend Flameruin and lastly, Waterstop Peak’s Reverend Waterstop. Since you belong to the 5th generation, your Daoist title should begin with ‘Tan’. My Daoist title is called Ling Tong Zi, you can address me as 6th Junior Master, these are respectively your 8th Junior Master Ling Zhi Zi, 9th Junior Master Ling Yan Zi. As long as it is disciples of your Master Dao Ming, you may refer to them as junior-masters.

After hearing Ling Tong Zi’s words, Hai Long’s expression seemed like he just received an imperial edict. How could he, who was still a child understand so much in such a short time?

“Then.. I should call you either Junior Master Ling Tong Zi, or 6th Junior Master. As for little beansprout, he…”

Ling Tong Zi cultivated for many years, so he naturally wouldn’t tell lies, and sighed softly “Fate binds us all, don’t think too much into it. As long as that little brother of yours doesn’t get lost in worldly affairs, he will naturally come back and reunite with you.

The disciples of our sect are mainly ranked by their overall cultivation level. There are a total of 21 cultivation levels, namely: Initiation, Early Insight, Crouching Tiger, Soaring Cloud, Firm Dao, Fetal Formation, Enlightenment, Perforation, Peak Ascension, Unrivaled, Burden, Illustrious Dao, Fetal Birth, Dawn Raising, Infallible, Grand Dao, Mercurial, Stellar Revolution, Tribulation Formation, Immortal Ascension and Prime Celestial”.

Hai Long scratched his head and asked “6th Junior Master, you speak too quickly, I can’t seem to understand!” Although he studied literary arts with Zhang Hao for a few years, most of his priorities still somewhat remained with woodcutting and other activities. Although he learnt how to read numerous words, his comprehension abilities could only be counted as ordinary.

Ling Tong Zi’s education was far from shallow, and has always been patient, although this child in front of him seemed ordinary, even slightly covered in dirt, he was still filled with a profound sense of affection and kindly explained “Once I explain with more depth, you will understand. Although the names of every stage may seem simple, they have their respective idiomatic meanings which more or less means ascension to a higher level.

For example, initiation stage refers to initial understanding, you will enter this stage once you formally go through the disciple initialization. Early insight stage is where insight is evident, crouching tiger stage represents the ability to vanquish tigers, Soaring Cloud stage refers to the ability to soar above the clouds, Firm Dao stage means that your Dao solidifies, Fetal Formation stage refers to the successful formation of a Dao foetus…”

Listening till here, Hai Long hurriedly interjected “Wait wait, 6th Junior Master, when cultivation reaches a certain level, we would have to give birth?”

Ling Tong Zi and the two others staggered a few steps back as Ling Yan Zi said with a smile “The Dao fetus is different from a normal human fetus, speaking of this, it can be considered as one of our special cultivation abilities”.

At this very moment, the clouds near the middle region of the mountain which covered a large surface area suddenly rose quickly, continuously forming dense mist and a formless pressure stumped Hai Long, who was just about to ask another question.

Ling Tong Zi’s face changed colour “Not good, the restrictive spiritual array is about to go to motion again, little Eleven isn’t back yet.” Once the spiritual array closes, unless the the Cloudlink Patriarch and the other senior masters of the second generation jointly unseal it, Ling Yu Zi will be unable to return within the next 5 years. As the relationship between the four disciples have always been tight, anxious looks could evidently be seen on the faces of Ling Tong Zi and the rest as they watched the spirit array gradually activate.

“All-seeing eye heed my command, release Sky Vision” Blue-coloured light abruptly shone as Ling Tong Zi hurriedly unleashed his Skyvision technique to his utmost limit. His blue pupils emanated an additional wisp of gold as he looked towards Ling Yu Zi’s direction. Ling Zhi Zi and Ling Yan Zi both had similar thoughts and quickly landed behind Ling Tong Zi, quickly transferring power to him to elevate the effects of the technique.

Hai Long set his gaze upon the rapidly rising misty clouds, he too fervently hoped that Ling Yu Zi returns quickly, that was the only way for him to know whether Zhang Hao has reached home safely. After seeing Ling Tong Zi use this magical power numerous times, he has already long since generated much interest towards it.

The misty clouds expanded quickly, signifying that the spiritual array was about to reopen anytime soon. Under the battering of the chilling winds atop the summit, Hai Long inevitably fought a war with the cold. The blue light dimmed and Ling Tong Zi’s expression turned grave as he used his hands to form several gestures, and spoke with a low voice “My two junior brothers, Ling Yu Zi is currently rushing back, let us go and escort him. Heaven and earth is everlasting, universe shows the way, a great dao forms from heaven, roads belong to those with affinity”

Ling Tong Zi recited an incantation as his body was enveloped by green qi which arose from his core, upon completion of the incantation, green light twinkled and Ling Tong Zi’s magical flying sword unsheathed.

Ling Zhi Zi and Ling Yan Zi both rotated their cultivation base, and simultaneously injected their power into the magical flying sword in front of them. Under Ling Tong Zi’s prompting, the magical sword’s green light burst out and immediately shot into the clouds, out of their view. Their objective was actually to take advantage of the initial formation of the spiritual array, and allow their Junior Brother’s return path to be lit by the flying sword.

Seconds and minutes flew by, as their over exhausted their cultivation base, Ling Tong Zi and his two brothers could be seen trembling, their limits have clearly been reached.

Suddenly, Hai Long astonishingly realised that the misty clouds were stirring violently, forming a whirlpool just beyond the precipice. Within the central vortex of the whirlpool, a small opening about the width of a meter opened. Two indiscernible bright lights flashed out, and lightly landed on the ground in front of them. Hai Long gazed upon the two lights and happiness could be seen on his face as he recognised both Ling Yu Zi and the magical flying sword were back in one piece.

Ling Yu Zi’s expression seemed slightly pale, and could be seen gasping. Ling Tong Zi and the rest hurriedly went to surrounded him, but they were bested by Hai Long “11th Junior Master, did you manage to send little beansprout home safely?”

Ling Yu Zi nodded his head and said “It was because I wanted to make sure he was safely delivered to his doorstep, that I almost couldn’t make it back. 6th Senior brother, 8th Senior brother and 9th Senior brother, sincerest of thanks”.

Ling Tong Zi helplessly shook his head “You! After cultivating for so many years, your impulsive habits clearly haven’t changed. Thankfully you returned just in the nick of time, if the spiritual array had sent out a second wave of strengthening energy, even we can’t do anything about the situation. Come, let’s all head back up the mountain. Hai Long, come, I’ll carry you.” As he spoke, four magical flying swords all shone with green light as they penetrated the clouds of Cloudlink range’s outer region, towards the inner region.

The second time experiencing the sensation of flight within the clouds, Hai Long finally managed to adapt to it, however as the winds within the mountains were too chilly, adding on to the fact that he was only wearing a simple shirt, how could he possibly withstand it? Just as they flew past another mountain peak, Hai Long’s body shivered uncontrollably from the cold, and hues of purple could be seen on his lips. Thankfully, this was realised by Ling Tong Zi just in time, and he transferred some qi to protect and warm him up, if not, he might have froze to death even before reaching Master Daoming’s dwelling, the Cloudstroke peak.

As he felt the warm flow of qi coming from Ling Tong Zi, a peculiar feeling was born within Hai Long’s heart, although he was flying at high altitude, the current him felt totally safe and at east. Without realising it, under the protection of Ling Tong Zi’s dense qi, Hai Long drifted into dreamland.

“6th Junior Brother, you guys are back!” An individual in his twenties appeared in front of Ling Tong Zi and his junior brothers. A white long robe graced his upright posture, his handsome face showed traces of joy. Ling Tong Zi and his junior brothers hurriedly greeted “2nd Senior Brother”.

“Alright, we’re all brothers from the same family, don’t have to stand on ceremony with me. Right, you all shouldn’t be aware, eldest senior brother left for secluded meditation yesterday. If he manages to break through to the Perforation stage this time, we would have to call him Junior Master. I really envy him!”


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