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Chapter 002-3 – Daoist Title “Spittoon”

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The individual termed by Ling Tong Zi and the rest as 2nd senior brother was called Ling Wise, although he looked young, he was actually an elder of 150 years of age. Because of his being in the Fetal Formation stage, he could rewind the effects of ageing. Within the ranks of Master Daoming’s 11 disciples, his skills were only inferior to the eldest disciple, Ling Xiu Zi. Ling Wise has never been selfish and would always share any new cultivational enlightenment with his junior brothers, hence, he unknowingly became their unnamed ‘teacher’ as time went by. In actuality, the respect and admiration that the junior brothers had for him was even greater than what they had for his senior brother, Ling Xiu Zi.

“6th Junior Brother, this time round your results aren’t bad! The child you’re carrying in your arms must be the chosen disciple from this round of trials. It’s been 20 years, but this is actually the first time, let me have a look.” His right palm was outstretched and he made a grabbing motion. An invisible energy seemed to wrap around Hai Long as his body floated gently into Ling Wise’s arms. Green light emanated out from his hands as Ling Wise attempted to probe Hai Long’s body with his cultivation base.

After some time, Ling Wise returned Hai Long to Ling Tong Zi’s arms and frowned “This child definitely can’t take hardship, his body contains too many impurities, and isn’t very strong mentally as well, it will be quite difficult for him to achieve much success in cultivation. 6th Junior Brother, looks like your taste isn’t too good!”

Ling Yu Zi rebutted “It’s alright if his aptitude is slightly lacking, as long as we have a 5th generation disciple, someone will undoubtedly take care of our menial chores.” He has always been straightforward, and unknowingly said out the true feelings in his heart.

Hearing Ling Yu Zi’s words, Ling Wise’s face turned ugly as he angrily rebuked “nonsense” an unfathomable pressure suddenly sprung out. In an instant, the 4 brothers realised how formidable Ling Wise truly was. In the past 10 years of interacting, this was the first time Ling Wise has gotten this pissed, hence the 4 brothers quickly lowered their heads.

Ling Wise glared fiercely at the 4 junior brothers, and lowly spoke “As a cultivator, you guys should know that cultivation of the mind is of utmost importance. Since you’ve accepted this kid as a disciple, it is your duty to make sure that he is brought up well. Back then, if Master accepted with such an attitude, do you think you would have made it this far? Yes, he is a 5th generation disciple, and it is important for him to go through the rite of menial chores, but in your hearts it is improper for you to think of him as merely a chore handler. Ling Tong Zi, in the future, the task of establishing his cultivation foundation will fall to you. If he is still unable to reach the Crouching Tiger stage within 10 years, you can forget about calling me your 2nd Senior Brother.”

After he finished speaking, Ling Wise seemed to regain a bit more composure as he softly said “Our old master is particular about cleanliness, take the child for a bath at the Sweetdew springs, and also hand him a fresh set of clothes. I’ll head back first. 6th Junior Brother, once Master officially completes the master-disciple ceremony, come and take a simple cultivation pellet from me to help the child cleanse his body of impurities.”

A light flashed as Ling Wise soared away on his magical flying sword, leaving behind Ling Tong Zi and his 3 junior brothers staring at each other in dismay.

Ling Yu Zi stuck out his tongue and said “I’ve never expected that 2nd Senior Brother’s temper would be this scary. Seems like he still pretty much values Hai Long, this kid is truly blessed! Nothing can beat 2nd Senior Brother’s personally refined simple cultivation pellet for a cultivation beginner like this child”.

Ling Tong Zi softly sighed “Looks like we were wrong this time. 2nd Senior Brother is correct, cultivation of the mind is of utmost importance, we were too selfish in the aforementioned matter”.

Hai Long looked at the fresh garments on his body with some awkwardness, the dirt on his body has been thoroughly cleaned, he could feel waves of cool air on his skin, he was reminded of the amazing feeling of soaking in the crystal clear pool just now, and his heart gave rise to waves of comfort. He thought to himself, these junior masters treated him well but he still can’t help but feel awkward with new, unfamiliar clothes on. However, the fruits that he ate just now tasted amazingly good despite him not knowing what it was. Hopefully when he meets his Master later, he wouldn’t let out an accidental fart.

The refreshed Hai Long seemed like a totally different person, although his small eyes gave off a hint of awkwardness, he still looked like a delicate child, wearing a slightly baggy daoist robe. He looked quite amusing indeed. Ling Tong Zi said “Hai Long, when you see Master later, do be careful with what you say, your Master doesn’t like bad-mannered disciples”.

Hai Long laughed mischievously “6th Junior Master, don’t worry, I was once the smartest guy in the village, isn’t it just manners, I am more than able to put on an act”.

Ling Tong Zi sternly knocked Hai Long’s head and said “You little brat, respect towards seniors should sincerely come from the heart, how can you put on an act? Your Master’s cultivation base is extremely high, he can definitely tell if your respect comes from the heart”.

Hai Long was taken aback, as he touched the area on his head that Ling Tong Zi knocked, his eyes showed some signs of distress.

Ling Tong Zi shockingly thought to himself, I didn’t use any strength, could it be that I’ve accidently injured him, he hurriedly asked “Hai Long, what’s the matter?”

Hai Long’s change in expression actually wasn’t due to Ling Tong Zi’s knock on the head, but rather, Ling Tong Zi’s action closely resembled what he used to do to Zhang Hao, this made him unintentionally reminisce back to those days. He lightly shook his head and said “6th Junior Master, I’m alright. I just suddenly thought about little beansprout.

Ling Tong Zi smiled “Kid, you truly have a strong sense of affection. Alright, don’t think too much, we’re already here.” As they were conversing, Ling Tong Zi and his 3 junior brothers already brought Hai Long to Cloudstroke peak’s Cloudstroke immortal cave. This was actually Master Daoming’s cultivation abode.

Respectfully standing outside the cave, Ling Tong Zi and his 3 junior brothers poured spiritual power into their voice and said “Disciples Ling Tong Zi, Ling Zhi Zi, Ling Yan Zi and Ling Yu Zi have completed our task on Groundspirit Peak and accepted a disciple, we’re here to report.”

“Mm, you all can bring the child in”. A seemingly mature voice called out of the cave.

Ling Tong Zi and the rest hurriedly replied, then brought Hai Long into the immortal cave. As they entered the cave, the first thing that entered Hai Long’s line of sight was a large patch of greenery. The various brightly colored flowers emitted a light, flowery fragrance that refreshed the mind, and Hai Long felt rejuvenated in an instant. Within that area were also several crystalline sparkling fruits that had drops of dew forming on it. Hai Long couldn’t control his drool as he breathed in the sights.

Cloudstroke immortal cave was wide and uncovered, while sunlight shone through the roof and gracefully landed atop the lush garden. One look would leave one baffled, as if one had been living inside the bottom of a well all this time.

The cave’s surface area spanned over a thousand square metres, and a stone hut was situated in the middle. The hut’s door was currently shut, but the design and style looked simple and natural, as if it were a product of nature. Although the surrounding was quiet and secluded, this scene defied Hai Long’s expectations. Originally he thought that with Master Daoming’s status, he would be living in a luxurious palace-like residence, never would Hai Long think that he would live so simply.

Ling Tong Zi saw the befuddlement in Hai Long’s expression and spoke to him in a low voice. “We cultivators have never paid too much attention to materialistic things, we let nature take it’s course and live organically. This entire immortal cave was naturally sculpted by the environment, even that beautiful hut that houses your master, it was originally a large boulder. This place teems with spiritual qi, making it an excellent location for cultivation. Following the winding path through the garden, the 5 of them finally arrived in front of the stone hut.

Following a creaking sound, the door to the stone hut opened. A man with a huge frame walked out. Hai Long rubbed his eyes and gazed intently, he knew that the man in front of him must definitely be his Master. Master Daoming’s height exceeded 7 feet, and was slightly obese. He looked to be roughly 30 years of age, and his eyes were slightly smaller than Hai Long’s. In contrast, one had to look rather closely before being able to identify the two cracks. To Hai Long, apart from Master Daoming’s belly that stuck out, he looked absolutely like an average guy in every other aspect.

Ling Tong Zi pulled Hai Long, together with Ling Zhi Zi, Ling Yan zi and Ling Yu Zi, and they knelt down and said respectfully “Junior disciple greets Master”.

Master Daoming wrinkled his brows and waved his sleeve, sending a gentle wave of power to support the 5 individuals up. “Alright, no need for so many formalities.” He quickly measured up Hai Long and said “You are the 5th generation disciple brought back by Ling Tong Zi and the rest? Ling Tong Zi! Are you sure he meets the requirements?”

Ling Tong Zi hurriedly stepped forward and said “Yes Master. Our sect’s most important requirement is a test one’s temperament, this child…” At that point, he quickly summarised and retold the story of Hai Long and Zhang Hao.

After listening to Ling Tong Zi’s account, Master Daoming faintly nodded, lightly pinched his chubby chin and said “Since you’ve already passed the test, then from today onwards, you are Cloudlink Sect’s 5th generation disciple.”

Hai Long hurriedly knelt down on the floor and said “Many thanks for Master’s benevolence”. However in his heart, he secretly scolded, “This fat old thing, what is he grumbling about, his attitude is far from sincere, what airs he’s putting up.”

Master Daoming’s expression suddenly became strange, as two beams of radiance emanated from his not-so-big eyes as he indifferently said “Brat, are you secretly scolding me?”

Hai Long was startled, as he suddenly recalled what Ling Tong Zi told him earlier, his back started to shudder with cold sweat as he hurriedly replied “No, no. How could I ever dare to scold you.” As he spoke, he tried his best to shake off the distracting thoughts in his heart. Ling Tong Zi and the rest were even more startled, to the point that they started shaking, ever since they entered as disciples, they’ve only ever known fear towards this Master of theirs.

Master Daoming indifferently said “One of the biggest taboos for us cultivators is to say one thing, but think another in our heart, and be narrow-minded, you have to remember this. Since you are the 5th generation disciple, your Daoist title will have to begin with ‘Tan’. Let me now bestow you with a ’Yu’ character for your Daoist title. From today onwards, your Daoist title shall be Tan Yu, learn well under these Junior Masters and fight for a spot within the ranks of the 4th generation disciples, do you understand?”

(TN: ‘Tan Yu’ translates to spittoon, with the same mandarin pronunciation but written in different chinese characters).


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