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Chapter 001-3 – Going Up The Mountains To Seek A Master

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Ling Tong Zi, Ling Zhi Zi and Ling Yan Zi all sat cross-legged and started to observe the two potential disciples using the Skyvision technique.

“Brother Long, let us go back. I cannot continue! How long more will it take us to reach the mountain peak?!”

“Little brat, you desperately pulled me along, we’ve already walked so many days and you’re thinking of giving up again? Hmph, you don’t even have a bit of perseverance. Now it’s too late for us to descend, our rations have been depleted, if we’re unable to find your so-called immortals, I’m afraid we might starve to death here. This time, you’ve really caused me to forfeit my life”.

“This can’t be blamed on me! Who knew that this mountain path would be so treacherous, it wasn’t easy for us to arrive at the foot of the Cloudlink mountain but we couldn’t enter no matter what. However, even though we painstakingly managed to get in by walking for a few days, this mountain is simply too high. My precious rations! These savings did not come by easily. Ai.. If you let me choose again, I would definitely remain back in the village with you and chop firewood. Climbing a mountain is just too much effort.”

These two persons climbing the mountain, of course were the 4 years ago mentioned Hai Long and Zhang Hao from the small village within the western frontier. The past 4 years, in order to achieve his dreams, Zhang Hao dragged Hai Long to the study hall daily to read and 4 years later, it can be said that the number of words they could read were not little. At first, Hai Long was truly unwilling to make this journey with Zhang Hao, he was also sick of hearing the story about the immortals over these 4 years. However, he still had no choice but to give in to Zhang Hao’s desperate pleading.

Their appetites were small, and actually had quite a bit of rations, but it was a pity that they came too early and already arrived at the outer region of the Cloudlink Ranges a month ago. But just based on their frail bodies, how could they have hoped to breach the ancient spirit array?

They circled the ranges for an entire month, but just when they were about to give up, they suddenly saw a golden light shining out of the Cloudlink Ranges. Spurred by curiosity, they once again strode towards the interior of the ranges. This time, the spiritual array was already open and hence, they steadily walked along the path and gradually ascended Groundspirit Peak. They clearly did not know that Cloudlink refers to an entire mountain range. When they finally walked in, they thought that the towering mountain peak ahead of them was the fabled Cloudlink Mountain.

Although Groundspirit Peak was just one of the smaller peaks along the Cloudlink Range’s outer region, it was still over 4000 metres above sea level! Hai Long and Zhang Hao were only 13 and 12 years of age and the condition of their bodies cannot be counted as much, so even after climbing for 4 full days, they were still somewhat midway through their journey. As they raised their heads, they could only roughly make out the shape of the summit. Zhang Hao was usually lazy, hence it was no surprise that his he lost out physically to the Hai Long who chopped firewood daily. Although he was really clinging onto the hope of getting a discipleship, he really couldn’t go on anymore, he sat his butt down on the floor and refused to get up no matter what.

Zhang Hao retrieved the last bit of rations, flung it over to Hai Long and said “Little worm, eat this up, I can’t go on anymore, I reckon that I was conned from the start. I think those 2 people that I chanced upon 5 years ago were mentally unsound, if it were really true that the immortals were accepting disciples, why isn’t there a single person in sight? Ai.. It’s all my fault that you were dragged into this, don’t bother with me and hurry down the mountain after eating, the descent should be significantly easier. If you’re lucky, you might even make it back to the village.”

Hai Long trembled, seemingly detecting something from Zhang Hao’s decrepit expression, yet he did not approve of Zhang Hao calling him ‘little worm’. He firmly said “Little beansprout, I won’t leave you here alone, although we weren’t born of the same womb, you will always be my best brother. There’s no turning back for us, don’t think that descending the mountain is easy, have you forgotten how many obstacles we’ve faced on the way up? Right now there’s only one road ahead of us, and that is to continue climbing. Even if we choose to die, we should die on the summit.” He then split the ration into 2 halves and threw a portion back over to Zhang Hao and continued “Quickly eat, let’s take a short rest before continuing the climb.” After speaking, he chomped down on the piece of ration in his hands.

Zhang Hao looked at the half-portion of ration in his hands and mumbled “Little worm, you’ve always took care of me since we were young and looked upon me as your younger brother. When other kids in the village bullied me, you would always stick your neck out for me. Two years ago, in order to help me take revenge, you even fought with the strongest kid in our village, Da Xiong, who is 3 years older than you! Although you lost, Da Xiong didn’t bully me henceforth. You were heavily injured during the fight, which even left a scar on your chest. You’ve kept it hidden from me but I already know! But, but I even harmed you despite your kindness to me. Little worm, I…” As he spoke, tears were already streaming down Zhang Hao’s face, and he started sobbing. In the face of danger and desperation, he lost the ability to playfully bicker with Hai Long and his tiny heart was truly filled with immense regret.

Seeing Zhang Hao’s tears of sincerity, Hai Long’s eyes turned watery, he sat beside Zhang Hao and patted his shoulders “Two brothers in this lifetime, why say all this! Hurry up and eat, let’s hit the road when you’re done. Although the road ahead is uncertain, didn’t you say that immortals have many abilities? You didn’t harm me! If you truly want to do something for me, then quickly regain your composure and finish up the rations. The only hope of survival for us is to ascend to the summit.”

Looking deeply at Hai Long’s tanned face, a strong desire seemed to take root in Zhang Hao’s heart for the first time as he bit down on the dry ration, he astutely spoke “Big brother, we will definitely make it. After resting for a bit, let’s continue ascending. If the heavens truly decide to forsake us brothers, we must stand atop the Cloudlink mountain’s summit in death. At least, we’d have worked hard.”

Groundspirit peak, 4 streams of blue light faded simultaneously, Ling Tong Zi and his juniors glanced at each other, their eyes also contained some signs of dampness. Ling Yan Zi said “6th Senior Brother, let’s escort them up. Looks like there’s no need for us to put them through the trial, there’s also no need for us to bend the rules, these two kids already match our requirements completely.”

Ling Tong Zi nodded and sighed in admiration “Yes! Not only do they have firm beliefs, they also possess unwavering dedication. The most precious however, is their resolute friendship, for it to reach such a stage shows that it definitely suits our Cloudlink Sect’s heart-teachings. Let’s go and escort them up. Flying sword, unsheath!” He waved his right hand and a light sound was made as his sword left the scabbard on his back and floated in mid air. Ling Tong Zi rotated his cultivation base and floated, lightly landing on top of his magical sword, a glimmer of light could be seen as he flew towards the lower regions of Groundspirit peak. Ling Zhi Zi, Ling Yan Zi and Ling Yu Zi also quickly followed behind on their flying swords. Four streams of light quickly descended down the mountain.

Hai Long and Zhang Hao rested for over 10 minutes, and managed to regain some physical strength, just as they were about to continue trekking up towards the summit, they suddenly felt a freezing cold gust blow towards them as they rocked. Hai Long quickly pulled Zhang Hao and squatted closely behind a rock, this abrupt change brought about immense shock and fear to their young spirits.

A light flashed by as Ling Tong Zi and his 3 juniors steered their magical swords and arrived almost instantaneously in front of Hai Long and Zhang Hao. Hai Long jumped in shock, then stepped forward and shielded Zhang Hao behind him, cautiously gazing at the four middle-aged figures in front of him. As Zhang Hao was more quick-witted, he probed “You! You guys are immortals?”

Ling Tong Zi and his 3 juniors kept their flying swords and hovered in front of the 2 young boys, although they were dressed simply, the way they valiantly sheathed their swords deeply shocked the hearts of Hai Long and Zhang Hao.

Chuckling, Ling Tong Zi said “These 2 juniors, please don’t feel flustered. I presume that the reason you’re ascending the peak is to seek discipleship?”

It was now that Hai Long finally understood, his eyes met Zhang Hao’s as these pair of clever brothers knelt down and respectfully called out “May esteemed immortals accept us as disciples”.

Ling Tong Zi and his 3 juniors all laughed, this turned out even simpler than in their imaginations. These two brothers were indeed clever. Ling Yan Zi Said “You can get up. Let’s discuss more when we return to the summit” Without waiting for their replies, the flying swords rose, shone with light and wrapped around Hai Long and Zhang Hao’s bodies as they felt a strange surge of power. The scenery quickly changed as the mountains quickly slid from view. They were but two ordinary village boys from a village along the Western Frontier, how could they have experienced such a phenomenon, following a gasp, Zhang Hao fainted. Even though Hai Long was more physically adept, as he strained a look at the roiling clouds below his feet, he also unwillingly lost consciousness.

Four green lights descended onto Groundspirit Peak’s summit as Ling Tong Zi and Ling Yan Zi put Hai Long and Zhang Hao on the ground.

Ling Yu Zi laughed. “Looking at them brings back memories of when I first joined the sect, where Senior brother carried me and flew. At that time, I was even more helpless than the two of them And I even peed my pants.”


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