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Chapter 0006-3- The Iron Bar Displays Its Might

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition


The 8 Reverends simultaneously shook their heads, they did not know what these words referred to.

“Martial.. Martial Ancestor, I know.” A voice attracted the attention of these peak experts, the one who spoke was Hai Long’s Grandmaster, Daoist Daoming.

Reverend Heaventake then said, “Speak.”

An unnatural expression appeared on Daoist Daoming’s face, his lips moved slightly as he transmitted a message to Reverend Heaventake. As the other 8 Reverends also had extremely high cultivation levels, they could naturally intercept and listen in to Daoist Daoming’s transmission. As they listened, all 9 of their expressions turned solemn, Daoist Daoming’s tale continued on for another half hour before it was finally concluded.

“Such a big thing, why did you not report earlier?” Reverend Skyrock could not hold it any longer and questioned.

Daoist Daoming laughed bitterly “It’s not that I did not wish to say, it was that he didn’t allow me to! If it wasn’t for such a huge occurrence, I wouldn’t have said it. I implore the reverends to forgive me. Although this child Tanyu is slightly playful, his innate nature isn’t bad, I hope that you martial ancestors can be magnanimous.”

Daoist Daoyun stared blankly at Daoist Daoming with some curiosity, previously, Daoaist Daoming even wanted to personally strike out and punish Tanyu, but is pleading now on his behalf, this should clearly be the effects of those words ‘Golden Fire Eyes’.

Reverend Heaventake nodded his head and sighed, “I didn’t expect that the old senior would be leaning on him, seems like our cultivation still isn’t up to par! Since the old senior disallows for us to interrupt, so be it. All Cloudlink disciples listen up, all of you are to use forgetting magic to wipe away the memories of whatever happened today on this training ground, no one is to bring up this matter lightly in the future. Junior Skyrock, let things take its course. Who knows, this child Tanyu could be the pride of our Cloudlink Sect in the future. Daoming, take good care of Tanyu when you’re back, explain everything clearly. Do not use the forgetting magic on him, if not the old senior will not be happy. Understood?”

“Yes, Sect Patriarch. Daoming will definitely handle this properly.”

Reverend Heaventake looked deeply at the iron bar in his hands, as he returned it to Tanyu’s chest. He also double-checked Tanyu’s current condition before returning him to Daoist Daoming.

“Respective Peak Chiefs, bring your disciples back. Today’s gathering will be cancelled. My junior brothers and sisters, please stay back for a bit.”

“Yes, Sect Patriarch.” Under the command of the 3rd generation disciples, hundreds of green lights soared away from Heaventake Peak’s training ground, in the blink of an eye, there were only the 9 Reverends left on the training ground.

Reverend Cloudsummit was one of the 3 females, although her looks could not com[are with Reverend Elysian, her cultivation was already close to the Mercurial Stage, and was second only to Reverend Heaventake, she lightly sighed “The old senior’s appearance on Cloudstroke Peak, I’m not sure if it should be seen as a blessing or disaster for us!”

Reverend Heaventake said “It should be a blessing, he didn’t invoke any heavenly calamity, and is only here to receive punishment, didn;t Daoming mention earlier, he will leave of his own accord after 500 years. Let us quietly observe.”

Reverend Skyrock looked at the divine gem in his hands and sighed “I was too impulsive today, it seems like my anger is still there, I will have to undergo closed-door cultivation for some more time when I return.

Reverend Elysian smiled faintly, up till now, she still couldn’t forget Hai Long’s sentence “Sect Patriarch is right, this matter should be a blessing for us. Who knows, that child Tanyu might even reap benefits from him”.

Reverend Heaventake said “A month ago, I received a transmission from Brahmaheart Sect. Sect Patriarch Wuyun mentioned that right now in mainland China, the various demonic powers are beginning to stir, and apparently it will affect us. Hence, he;s invited us to go to his Brahmaheart Sect’s grand gathering of the 7 Sects in 3 years time to discuss this issue.

Reverend Hingeknot said “Although Brahmaheart Sect is a true Buddhist Sect, and Sect Patriarch Wuyun is on pretty close terms with us, the 5 old fogeys of the Pentashine Immortal Grotto has looked down on us all this while. Now that the Buddhist way is flourishing, the other 6 great sects will definitely send experts, why do we need to dive into the flood? We can just stay here and quietly cultivate”.

Reverend Immortalisation said “Junior Hingeknot’s words make sense. Sect Patriarch, we are situated quite a distance away from the affected area, why do we need to be a part of the other 6 arrogant sects? As the saying goes, evil will not triumph over good, the power of the 6 sects should be enough to deal with those evil beings.”

Reverend Heaventake lightly sighed “Nevertheless, we’re all cultivators, we shouldn’t be so heartless. How about this, I’ll reply Sect Patriarch Wuyun with a transmission, giving him an excuse that we cannot participate for the time being due to a lack of power. If the evil beings really turn savage, it won’t be too late for us to lend a helping hand.”

Reverend Elysian said “Sect Patriarch, that’s not very good. If we do this, it might seem questionable. How about I make a trip and represent our sect for the gathering in 3 years.”

Reverend Heaventake laughed and said “That would be for the best, sorry to impose on you 3rd Junior Sister. Based on your cultivation, it should be enough to deal with any circumstance.”

Reverend Elysian “Time flows quickly within the mountains, ever since I arrived here in the Cloudlink Ranges, I’ve only left the mountains thrice, I wonder what state mainland China is in now. To be born is to be part of the world, hopefully I will make some gains this time.”

Reverent Heaventake said “Then it is decided, is there anyone who would like to join 3rd Junior Sister to go?”

Reverend Waterstop was also another one of the female Reverends, she was ranked last, and has always been well taken care of by the senior brothers and sisters, her features were beautiful but not as alluring as Reverend Elysian. She has just broken through into the Infallible stage 300 years ago, as she heard Reverend Heaventake’s words, she smiled “Since my cultivation is the lowest, there’s no harm if I skip cultivation for a few days, let me go with my 3rd Senior Sister.”
Reverend Elysian smiled “I knew you couldn’t stand being alone, let us sisters make the trip together and look out for each other.”

Reverend Boundless murmured “Added up, the two of you number almost 5000 years old, what need is there to look out for?”

Reverend Elysian slanted her eyes and spoke to him “Why not you go then? If you’re not willing to share some of Sect Patriarch’s troubles then speak less nonsense.”

Reverend Boundless seemingly hit a hard iron nail and helplessly shook his head “It’s not that I don’t want to share some of Sect Patriarch’s troubles, I am just about to reach mid-stage of the Grand Dao Realm, I shouldn’t be distracted! Furthermore, Senior Sister’s cultivation is much deeper than mine, with you around, you can display the might of our sect to the other 6 sects of the Central Plain.

Reverend Heaventake said “Alright, then it is settled. My fellow junior brothers and sisters, it’s about time for us to return to cultivation”.

Reverend Skyrock said “My divine gem was broken by that thing, I’m not sure what kind of magical item that is, but it’s power is tremendous, if mastered, the effects would be unthinkable.”

Reverend Heaventake said “That magical item seems to already have merged with Tanyu’s body, based on the power I used to extract it before, it seems to weight over ten thousand kilos, if it wasn’t merged with Tanyu’s body, based on his cultivation, it should be impossible for him to carry it around. Although it’s magical power is tremendous, Tanyu’s cultivation could be said to be shallow, if he truly wants to use it, I’m afraid it would take him a thousand years of cultivation.

After returning to Cloudstroke Peak, including Dao Xiuzi, all 4th generation disciples did not dare make a sound. Daoist Daoming’s face colour was so dark that it seemed like water was dripping on him. He was humiliated atop Heaventake Peak’s holy training ground today in front of so many disciples, and was even angered by Hai Long to the point that he puked fresh blood. The Daoist Daoming now was akin to a time-bomb, waiting to explode at any moment.

Green light hovered as everyone approached the sky above Cloudstroke Peak, Daoist Daoming coldly said “All of you return to the Cloudstroke Plains. From today onwards, Tanyu will be cultivating with me.”

Ling Tongzi was internally shocked as he tried to plead “Master, Tanyu is still a child. Today he truly went overboard, but I urge you to please give him a chance.” Following his lead, the other 4th generation disciples all knelt down and pleaded with Daoist Daoming.

His gaze circled around the people in front of him as Daoist Daoming angrily rebuked “Are all of you intending to start a revolt? When did I say I was going to punish Tanyu, hmph, this goo disciple you’ve raised. All of you can choose not to use the forgetful magic, it will affect your cultivation, but from today onwards no one is allowed to mention today’s happenings, all of you go back now.” After he finished speaking, he steered his flying sword and seemingly disappeared in front of everyone. Daoxiu sighed “Not to worry my junior brothers, when we were atop Heaventake Peak, didn’t master plead on Hai Long’s behalf? I don’t think anything untoward will happen to him. I need to return to Wind-rain mountain, this 7-Construct sword, pass it to Hai Long when he returns.” After speaking, he passed the 7-Construct sword to Ling Wise then flew away sepedily.

Daoist Daoming carried Hai Long back to his own Cloudstroke Cave Residence, today’s happenings truly shook him deeply. Before, he was angered by Hai Long, but after knowing that Hai Long had relations to his most respected old senior, all the anger dissipated quickly. To be able to receive that old senior’s blessing, truly was a blessing! After carefully putting Hai Long on his bed, Daoming murmured, “I wonder what kind of dog-shit luck this little brat chanced upon” as he slowly pressed three fingers on Hai Long’s pulse and checked his current condition.


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