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Chapter 0007-2 – Atrocious Engorging of Food

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

As he watched his progress, Hai Long chuckled happily “Daoming, I’ll anger you to death. Didn’t you want to kill me? I’ll kill all these plants and flowers of yours first.” After half a day’s worth of torment, he finally got tired. As he turned and walked back towards the stone hut, he rubbed his grumbling belly, then sat his butt down on the bed. The current Hai Long was feeling confused, he was just a child that was slightly past 10 years of age, he couldn’t generate any fear towards dying, as he imagined the sight of Daoming being enraged, he couldn’t help but feel some coldness in his heart as he secretly thought to himself, that fatty surely wouldn’t let me off, let alone cultivate under him.

Hai Long lied flat on the bed as his thoughts undulated. Suddenly, he realised a small lump at the corner of the bed, it seemed like it was made of metal, it was truly an anomaly within this barren house. As he went towards it, Hai Long reached out for the metal lump, a mysterious feeling flowed into his body. Within that metal lump, there was stored power that came from the same origin as the power within Hai Long’s cultivation. Autonomously, a faint warm qi emanated from his Dantian and flowed through his pulse, streaming through his chest area and into his arms, before finally flowing out of his middle finger into the metal lump. As though it was resonating, the metal lump started trembling. Hai Long shockingly discovered that the stone bed he was on started to move towards the stone door. Amidst his fright, he hurriedly jumped from the bed, in the spot where the bed originally was, there was a 1 square metre gap which contained stone carved steps leading downwards. As Hai Long squinted to check, some light could be seen coming from the bottom of the steps.

After hesitating, Hai Long decided to explore the steps in hopes of finding some food. The stairs were simple, they seemed to have been carved from the same rock foundation as the residence, after going down 21 flights of steps, Hai Long reached a stone chamber. There was over 10 square metres of space, and there was a precious gem the size of a fist embedded into the wall, white coloured radiance was circulating around it, clearly it was the source of light for the room. In the 4 corners of the chamber, there were shelves embedded with gems, wooden, jade boxes and porcelain bottles as well as household utensils could be seen lying there. There was a painting suspended in the middle of the room, which depicted someone dressed like an old Reverend, a 7-coloured halo shone behind his back. His right hand held onto a magical sword that flickered with blue light, his left hand held a small jade bowl. He looked like a descended immortal. Misty clouds surrounded the old man whilst a 7-coloured Auspicious cloud could be seen in the background. Everything seemed so vivid and lifelike, the entire decor of the place felt so ancient, it truly gave people a sense of calm. There was no trace of any damp smell in the room, on the contrary, there was a sweet fragrance.

Hai Long suddenly recalled when Little Smarty was injured, Ling Yuzi told him that all mature immortal grass were kept hidden by Daoist Daoming. Based on the looks, it should be in here. Clenching his teeth, Hai Long told himself, Daoist Daoming isn’t going to let me off anyway, I might as well do a thorough job, it’s still death in the end, I might as well die with a belly full of immortal grass. Hai Long then reached for a jade box and gently opened it. As he did an even denser fragrance than the 5th grade Purple Lingzhi emanated out and imbued into the atmosphere within the chamber, this greatly stimulated Hai Long’s appetite. Lying within the box was a jade white ginseng. The ginseng’s body wasn’t large, but there were numerous string-like threads attached to it, the most peculiar thing was that it was shaped like a human and in the central area of the ginseng, a blood red streak could be seen cutting across from top to bottom, it seemed like a blood-coloured vein. Hai Long threw a quick glance at the opening of the stone chamber before grabbing the jade ginseng and gobbled down on it. As the jade ginseng was chewed on, a bittersweet taste stimulated Hai Long’s tastebuds.

“This is delicious, this must definitely be a delicacy. The old fogey Daoming, he’s truly kept a lot of treasures. Hmph, I’ll eat, I’ll eat, I’ll let him feel the heartache.” As he harped on this, Hai long started his cleanup operation, poor Daoist Daoming’s several hundred year stash of precious medicinal plants and pills were all ingested by Hai Long into his belly.

Finally with Hai Long’s hard work, close to 30 different kinds of immortal medicines entered his stomach, porcelain bottles, jade boxes and other packages were left lying around.

Patting his slightly protruding belly, Hai Long let out a burp that was filled with a refreshing fragrance as he sat down in a corner of the stone chamber. Warm qi started rising from his belly as his whole body was heated up as he fell into a fuzzy state filled with endless comfortable feelings. With a chuckle, Hai Long spoke to himself “Seems like I struck it big this time, there wasn’t even a single poisonous medicine. What a wonderful feeling. Who knows, after eating all these and after a good sleep I might even attain immortality. That old fogey Daoming, please don’t hurry back! Wait till your grandpa here attains immortality, I’ll show you a thing or two.” A cultivator like Daoming, how could he not keep poisonous medicines. Within this stone chamber were only painstakingly acquired treasures, some of them were even gifts from elders that Daoming couldn’t bear to eat, and was preparing to imbue into medicines. Perhaps it was even fated for Hai Long to get away with such a chance. The slightly worn-out Hai Long gradually drifted off into slumber as the effects of the medicines started to take over.

Daoist Daoming heaved a sigh of relief, and slowly retracted his power. He used his sleeve to wipe off his perspiration, as he smiled at the his 6th disciple Ling Tong. After 3 days of hard work, Ling Tongzi successfully formed a Dao foetus and entered the Fetal Formation stage. As a teacher, what could be happier than seeing a disciple’s success? He turned his head and told Ling Yunzi “Take good care of your 6th Junior Brother, absolutely do not let anyone interrupt him, his Dao foetus is formed, he will naturally awaken after 7 days. Ling Zhizi, you and the other younger disciples must work hard. Within 10 years, you should at least reach the foetus formation stage as well.”

All the 4th generation disciples all felt Daoist Daoming;s affection and bowed “Yes, Master”

Daoist Daoming was angered by Hai Long and spewed blood on Heaventake Peak, after coming back, he helped his 6th disciple with his breakthrough, it is no wonder that he felt tired as he nodded “I’m tired, you guys leave 1 or 2 people to look after Ling Tongzi, the rest of you can return and rest.” After speaking, he flew back to the peak on his flying sword.

“Master, please wait a moment.” Ling Yuzi shouted towards Daoist Daoming

Daoist Daoming has always favoured his youngest disciple “What’s the matter?”

Ling Yuzi pondered for a moment and said “Master, you, could you give Tanyu a lighter punishment? He’s still a child! We will teach him properly in the future.”

Hearing the two words, Daoist Daoming’s face sunk as he lightly said “Let me handle this my way. You guys just concentrate on cultivation.” As he finished speaking, he flew off on his flying sword. Without waiting for Ling Yuzi’s continued pestering, he became a streak of green light that shot towards the mountain peak. As Daoist Daoming soared through the cloud and finally landed on Cloudstroke Peak, he was thinking in his heart. “3 days of time, that child should have awoken by now. How should I speak to him?” As he pondered, he had already stepped into the vicinity of his Cloudstroke Residence.

His whole body trembled, Daoist Daoming stood stupefied at the entrance of his residence, not a single word could come out of his mouth. The scene in front of him was like a dream, he vigorously rubbed his eyes and looked carefully, yet the scene hadn’t changed. The fat on Daoist Daoming’s body trembled even more violently, as the green light surrounding his body started roiling, he roared “WHO, WHO DESTROYED 100 YEARS OF MY EFFORT!? My poor flowers and plants! You died terribly!” The usually strict and stern Daoist Daoming broke down and cried like a child at the sight of this savage cruelty.

After some time, he stopped crying and Daoist Daoming’s cognition started working again. He thought to himself, when he left, he already set a strong spiritual array around Cloudstroke Peak’s area, even if someone stronger than him appears, he would know the instant the barrier was attacked . However, when he was protecting Ling Tongzi’s Dao, he did not feel any changes. There could only be one explanation, the flowers and plants were harmed by someone ON the peak, and that pointed to 1 person. After concluding his thoughts, Daoist Daoming used his spiritual power and roared “TANYU YOU BASTARD, COME OUT NOW” After screaming out, Daoist Daoming suddenly shivered, as he seemed to recall something, his body shot straight for the stone chamber with speed faster than the wind.

“Woargghh!” A mouth of fresh blood spurted out as Daoist Daoming saw the open secret passage. Daoist Daoming’s body was already shaking and on the verge of collapse because in his heart, he already understood what happened. An icy voice was squeezed out through his gritted teeth “Tanyu, you’re a ruthless child, you actually dared to destroy all of my precious belongings.” With a last glimmer of home, Daoist Daoming slowly walked down one step at a time.

As the broken jade boxes and porcelain bottles entered his view, as he saw the distorted wooden boxes, Daoming’s last shred of hope went into the wind. He trembled and said “My, my Thousand Year Blood Ginseng! My Hundred Year Xuduan! My poor Green Dao Pill! You, you guys are finished, finished. Everything is finished..” *Pudong* Daoist Daoming’s fat body fell limply onto the floor and showed some signs of twitching. His dispirited eyes unintentionally fell onto the ancient painting hanging on the middle section of the wall, his freshly sat fat body immediately left the floor as he stood straight up and carefully shifted it away, revealing a small hidden cubicle where a bottle gourd sat in front of his eyes. It was as though Daoist Daoming saw a precious treasure, he hurriedly embraced the bottle gourd and muttered “Darling, my good darling, luckily, luckily you’re still here” If Hai Long was conscious, he would definitely be able to tell, the treasure that Daoist Daoming was embracing, was actually the bottle gourd that the eccentric man gave him that day.

Turning his body, Hai Long who was slumped in a corner came into Daoist Daoming’s view. Rage like never before surged up as he appeared by Hai Long’s side with only 1 step, his fat palm that was filled with force and emanated with green light unhesitatingly struck towards the top of Hai Long’s head. If this palm landed, Hai Long would become mincemeat.


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