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Chapter 0007-3 – Atrocious Engorging of Food

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

In a blink, the words “Golden Fire Eyes” flashed past in Daoist Daoming’s heart. The palm, filled with green lightning abruptly stopped 3 inches from Hai Long’s head. Daoist Daoming’s face appeared to have waves of red and white and with a belching sound, he vomited another mouth of blood. Thinking of the eccentric man within the monkey group giving him a warning, he could not even harm a single hair on Hai Long’s head.

“Heavens! Why, why am I so unlucky, I actually accepted this grand disciple. Could it be that heaven sent this devil down as a way of punishing me?” He sat his butt down beside Hai Long as he took a breather. His mental state took such a huge blow, after coughing out blood thrice, he had already hurt his origin qi.

Hai Long’s face was blood red, his skin looked like it was about to leak blood and his breathing was ragged. Sitting by his side, Daoist Daoming could clearly feel the heat that his body was emanating. His heart skipped as he hoarsely said “Good brat, he couldn’t have eaten all my precious treasures. Even if it was myself, I wouldn’t be able to digest all these dense treasures!” He took Hai Long’s pulse and used his powers to check. Within Hai Long’s body, over 10 different streams of powerful qi were restlessly surging, the blood within his body seemed to be flaring up. If it was anyone else, they would have already exploded into pieces. The peculiar thing was that Hai Long’s qi core seemed unusually durable, no matter how tenacious or violent the qi, they could only move about within his core and wouldn’t leak out. Daoist Daoming has never heard of such a thing. Under the stirring of his curiosity, he carefully imbued his power into Hai Long’s body. Just as the magic entered, Daoming felt a wave of strong resistance, it was as though the over 10 streams of qi found a drainage to exit from as the qi frantically rushed towards the power that Daoming imbued. His whole body shivered as he removed his hand from shock, Hai Long seemed to be suffering some discomfort as his eyebrows furrowed.

Daoming knew that he did not have the ability to clean up this mess, specifically to properly resolve the issue of the monumental spiritual qi buildup. it seems like it had to be done by someone of his master, Reverend Skyrock’s level. But Daoist Skyrock has already went into closed-door cultivation to restore his Sky Rock, only that person, that’s right, only that person can truly save Hai Long’s measly life.

Daoming let out a long sigh as he regretfully glanced at Hai Long and angrily said “Count yourself lucky.” as he slung Hai Long onto his shoulders with utmost reluctance, he flew out of the Cloudstroke Cave Residence and steered his flying sword towards the communal living area of the group of monkeys. Based on Daoming’s cultivation, such a short distance only required the time of a blink and as the green light descended, the hustle and bustle of chattering monkeys entered his eardrums.

Daoming carrying Hai Long here was already discovered by Little Smarty and as he saw Hai Long’s unconscious state, he stumbled as he rushed in front of Hai Long and made endless shrieks.

“You may place him on the floor, I know about the happenings.” a deep ancient voice sounded out, the eccentric man appeared in front of Daoist Daoming. Daoming bitterly saluted “Senior.” He knew that within the 72 peaks of Cloudlink ranges, no occurrences can escape this eccentric’s eyes.

The old eccentric nodded and said “Hai Long this little monkey was truly too playful, this time round he’s in the wrong. Many thanks for showing mercy at the last second. The power I bestowed could only save him once, on top of Heaventake Peak.

Daoist Daoming secretly thought to himself, his own disciple’s bastardly behaviour, could it truly be summarised by just the word “playful”? In not for you, I would have chopped him into pieces, and let him experience agony, oh my precious treasures!

As thought sensing Daoist Daoming’s displeasure, the eccentric said “Don’t be too upset about the immortal grass, I will make up for your losses. From now on, you may come and take a bottle gourd once a month for the next 5 months, this should help you recover your loss.”

Daoming trembled in delight, as the killing intent disappeared from his eyes almost instantaneously, a thud sound could be heard as he knelt on the floor and excitedly said “Thank you, thank you senior.”

The eccentric waved his hand casually, as Daoming’s body was supported up with profound power, “You don’t have to thank me, I’m only paying this child’s debts for him”

Daoming hurriedly said “Of course. Of course. The mortal objects that I possessed definitely can’t compare to your immortal treasures. If I, Daoming is successful henceforth, I shall not forget your kindness. Senior, it’s just that I don’t understand, Tanyu is just a very ordinary disciple of our Cloudlink sect, why do you have to treat him so well?”

The eccentric let out a sigh and said “This can be counted as fate. Some things were already predestined from the start. I have a piece of advice though. Actually, Hai Long is not a symbol of your bad luck, on the contraty, he is the fortune star of your life. He is the crux as to whether you’ll be able to make it big in the future.”

Daoming shuddered, stared with wide open eyes and said horsely “This, how can this be? When he has angered me so greatly?”

The eccentric mildly replied “Do not just blame the actions that others inflicted on you, you should also reflect upon yourself. You and Skyrock are the same, your nature isn’t bad, just that you have some temper issues which is holding you back in cultivation. I cannot divulge too much about the will of heaven, so whether you can grasp this chance, that’s up to you”.

Daoming breathed in deeply. He knew that the eccentric wouldn’t lie to him, as he looked at Hai Long, he said “Tanyu has eaten so many treasured products, his body contains too much excess power, will he be alright?”

The eccentric replied “All are works of fate, the seeds we plant today, will be sown in the future. Fortune or disaster, it is his fate to bear. With regards to his life, you can be at ease, this child possesses great fortune, added on with my nourishing him, even if no one bothers him, after 100 years of sleep, he will be able to absorb all the excess qi in his body. You’ve hurt your core qi today, go back and drink a mouthful from the gourd, then cultivate for 10 days, your cultivation level won’t be hurt. Go.”

Daoming nodded and said “I thank senior for your guidance, Daoming takes his leave.”

The eccentric said “Although Hai Long’s ingesting of these spiritual products can’t be reversed, the immortal grass surrounding your residence still contain immortal roots, with just a drop of what I’ve gifted you, they can regain their vitality. Tend to them with care and their effects towards cultivation won’t change. Go then.”

Daoist Daoming’s troubled heart finally regained it’s original disposition, after a deep bow towards the eccentric, he didn’t speak further and disappeared into the horizon atop his flying sword.

After sending Daoming off, the eccentric nodded his head and talked to himself “Daoming this child possesses some intellect, he could make it quite big in the future. Hai Long you brat! You’re truly the fruit of my happiness. I’ve not been this happy for ages.” Bending his back, the eccentric picked Hai Long and laid him on his elbows, while walking towards the huge boulder. As he walked, he murmured “You actually asked for love from Elysian, I give it to you, who knows, you guys might have some immortal destiny together”.

After an unknown period of time, Hai Long slowly awoke from his sleep, a warm feeling drifted towards him, he felt that he had been asleep for a long time. Opening his eyes, he found himself within the group of monkeys, the clear pool of water was still there as usual, the level of water was maintained as per usual, there was no more no less. His body was submerged in the rock basin that he was familiar with, the basin’s water was transparent. The happenings before his sleep drifted back into his memory as he muttered “I, am I dreaming?”

“No, you’re not, everything was real” The effectric’s old and ancient voice rang out beside his ears.

Hai Long stepped out of the basin, a black blur flashed past as the eccentric appeared near the pool in a cloak, only, his back faced Hai Long as usual.

“You saved my life, right? If not, I’m afraid I would have been beaten to death by that fatty Daoming. You’ve already saved me a few times, how should I repay you?”

The eccentric replied “There’s nothing to thank, this is fate. Actually Daoming isn’t as bad as you imagined him to be. It’s just that your first impression of him was too strong, that’s why you see him as an enemy. Remember, to attain immortality, your heart must attain a clear, untainted state. Ai, your cultivation can be said to be going quite well!”

Hearing the eccentric’s words, Hai long suspiciously asked “Senior, isn’t it a good thing that my cultivation is rising fast?”

The eccentric replied “You will understand naturally in the future. Hai Long, Do you know how long you’ve slept?”

Hai Long shook his head and answered “Feels like I’ve slept a long time, could it be that 3 days have passed? This sleep was really comfortable, I feel like I’m brimming with power.”

The eccentric suddenly laughed “3 days? You truly underestimate your sleeping prowess. You’ve already been asleep for close to 3 years, an entire 1000 days. Look at your bodily changes”.

Hai Long was unimaginably shocked, 1000 days, how could this be? He lowered his head and observed himself, his complexion was as smooth as jade, his skin seemed to be glowing, as he pressed with his hands, they felt bouncy and supple. The most astonishing thing was, the object between his 2 legs had grown significantly longer, it was even wrapped with a dense black forest. The muscle on his body was also significantly tougher. It seemed like he grew much taller, as though he became an adult overnight. Hai Long muttered “3 years, it’s been 3 years, in that case, I’m almost 18 years old. Now I truly understand what it means by 60 years passes in the blink of an eye on the mountain! This is too mystical!”.

“En, it has indeed been 3 years. You’ve changed much within these 3 years, although you were asleep all the time, as compared to ordinary cultivators, your training was more focused, hence you had a better result. Those heavenly products that you ate at the Cloudstroke residence have been fully absorbed. You can check to see what stage you’ve reached.”


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