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Chapter 0008-1 – Three Immortal Treasures

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Hearing the eccentric saying that his cultivation had risen, Hai Long felt joy in his heart as he mustered power within his hands and paid attention to his body. He loudly said, “Great elder listen…Why am I only in the early Crouching Tiger Stage! This is too low. Could it be that ginseng I ate was actually just a carrot in disguise?”

The eccentric laughed, “Little one, don’t be discontented. That thousand year Blood Ginseng is an immortal plant with the highest Yang qi, it’s effect is strong. At first I intended not to let you break through into the Crouching Tiger Realm in the next 10 years. But that damsel Elysian’s powers plus the immortal plants that you ate contained too strong a power, although a lot of power has been suppressed under my efforts, you still managed to break into the Crouching Tiger stage in the end. You must know that ordinary cultivators take over 10 years to reach your current stage. However, you have only cultivated for slightly over 4 years.

Hai Long was slightly confused “Senior, Why did you have to suppress my cultivation? Could it be that you did not want me to absorb the power?”

The eccentric lightly shook his head and replied “Do not ask about this. When the time comes, I will naturally tell you.”

The eccentric senior was truly mysterious in Hai Long’s eyes, Hai Long truly had many unanswered questions, but he knew that unless the eccentric said it himself, he would not get an answer no matter how he asked. Nodding his head, he said “Alright, I believe you won’t harm me. Ah! Right, senior. Little Smarty? It’s been 3 years, how did he change? Is he very big now?”

Without waiting for the eccentrics reply, a grey-brown shadow already surfaced, that aura of familiarity made Hai Long shocked, in a split second, he pulled the shadow into his embrace.

“Wa, Little Smarty, how did you become so heavy? Did you eat too much good food?”

Little Smarty indeed had gotten bigger and heavier. If he stood upright on the ground, he would already be taller than Hai Long’s waist level, his arms have gotten even thicker than the bigger species of monkeys, matching with his red coloured eyes, he gave one a very fierce vibe. He seemed to be really happy, a pair of mature monkey claws tousled Hai Long’s hair. Shrill chattering sounds flooded Hai Long’s ears.

A warmth of familiarity made Hai Long slightly tear from his eyes, he stroked Little Smarty’s big head and happily said “Seems like, I’ve really slept for 3 years. Time truly flies by quickly!”

The eccentric said “In your case, these 3 years have reaped you quite a lot of benefits. These years, I’ve completed all that I wanted to do. Although it isn’t very stable, at least it is completed. From tomorrow onwards, I will undergo efforts for one last spurt, once my final wishes are complete, I will make preparations to return.

Hai Long furrowed his brows and said “Senior, can you not say words that I don’t understand? This makes me uncomfortable.”

The eccentric remained silent without words for some time. Little Smarty jumped out from Hai Long’s embrace and hopped by the eccentric’s side, making chattering noises, as though it were saying something to him.

The eccentric lightly sighed “Hai Long, you may leave. You don’t have to return in the near future. On the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month, 2 years later, will be the day I leave. If you have the heart, you may send me off then.”

Hai Long’s body shook, he detected some melancholy in the eccentric’s voice. “Senior, didn’t you say that we cultivators live a long life? If I didn’t guess wrongly, your cultivation level should not be any weaker than my 2nd generation Martial Ancestors. Since you’ve already attained this state, why do you have to return?”

The eccentric shook his head and replied “I’m different from them. They practice orthodox cultivation, whereas I am different. Don’t ask too much. I don’t wish for my issues to trouble you. How about this, since you want to know, then come and look for me 2 years later on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month, within a day, I will explain all that you wish to know. As for Little Smarty, he will look for you at the Cloudstroke Plains in the future. I hope that the two of you can become eternal compatriots.”

Hai Long nodded his head “Senior, then I won’t interrupt your rest any longer. Two years later, on the 14th day of the 8th lunar month, I will definitely come back punctually. Do take care.”

This moment, with his eyes, he could see streaks of melancholy emanating out from the old eccentric, he truly looked lonely.

Just as Hai Long was about to leave, he heard the eccentric say “Hai Long, after you return you have to diligently cultivate the Skyheart Technique, once you become a part of the immortal world, you have to lay a solid foundation. Do know, to cultivators, the first 100 years are the most important. I’ve calculated, there will be a chance for you to learn through experience soon., do cherish that chance. The Iron bar that I’ve given you, do keep it close to you at all times as well. I’ve already re-imbued it with divine sense, and this time you can completely activate it by yourself. When you encounter danger, you just need to shout, “Thousand Pounds” these two words, and it will save your life. Your character is innately rash, you have to try not to lose yourself too easily, don’t offend people that you cannot deal with. After returning, go and pay a visit to your Grandmaster at Cloudstroke Cave Residence, you can be rest assured, he will not be biased against you.”

The silhouette of the fat Daoming flashed past in Hai Long’s mind, the corner of his lip quivered and said “Daoming’s cultivation is so high, I simply can’t triumph over him. As long as he doesn’t trigger me, I won’t go against him of my own accord.”

The eccentric slightly nodded and said “Little Smarty, go send Hai Long off”.

Reluctantly throwing another glance at the eccentric, Hai Long and Little Smarty got up on their feet, and turned into two comet streaks headed for the Cloudstroke Plains. As his concentration was still focused on the vicinity of the water basin, on the old eccentric, after travelling midway, Hai Long suddenly realised he was still naked. He pulled Little Smarty and awkwardly asked, “Little Smarty, where are my clothes?”

Little Smarty shook his head and displayed a puzzled expression.

Hai Long laughed bitterly in his heart and thought, Seems like I would have to return bare-bodied, but luckily the masters are all males, after not meeting for 3 years, I’m not sure if they will still recognise this unruly troublemaker.

Helplessly, Hai Long found a large leaf from a nearby forest to cover his most important part, then continued on his journey towards Cloudstroke Plains.

The Cloudstroke plains was still as normal. It looked the same as it did 3 years ago. The row of small houses still stood neatly and quietly in a line, under the cover of dense forestry, various plants and flowers grew more vibrant. Breathing in a mouthful of familiar air and looking at the lifeforms in front of him, Hai Long’s eyes turned watery. The caring words said by his masters reverberated in his ears. Those were people that were truly good to him!

Raising his powers to the peak, Hai Long dispersed like a shadow and after maneuvering past some obstacles, he had already arrived near the wooden houses. The original room that he lived in had it’s doors closed, while heavy breathing sounds reverberated from other houses nearby, clearly his masters were currently cultivating. The outer regions of Cloudstroke Peak were cloaked with spirit formations, as long as anyone neared, a warning would alert Ling Tongzi and the rest. With this layer of protection, on usual days, they will cultivate whilst retracting all 6 senses and focus wholly. This time, Hai Long returned from the mountain forest , hence he did not activate any of the formations.

Hai Long touched his barren face, and realised that he had unknowingly let down two streams of tears. With a shock, he thought to himself, since when have I become so weak. As he felt someone touch him from behind, he turned his attention behind him. What he saw was Little Smarty’s cheeky smile, as he pointed to the road they came from. Hai Long understood that Little Smarty wanted to return. He lightly nodded his head and said softly, “You may directly look for me here tomorrow”.

Little Smarty jumped up and lightly knocked Hai Long’s head before vanishing into the mountain forest. As he gazed at Little Smarty’s athletic back view, Hai Long helplessly shook his head. He then turned around and pushed open the door, and entered his own residence.

The layout of the room was exactly the same as before, On the bed and tables, no dust could be seen, a faint fragrance wafted by Hai Long’s nose. It seems like this place was routinely cleaned. Hai Long’s eyes once again were filled with tears as he muttered, “Masters, you all maintained this room for me? All of you still remember me!”


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