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Chapter 0008-3 – Three Immortal Treasures

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Daoming was slightly infuriated when he heard this. “I just reprimanded you, and you violated the rules again. Reverend Elysian possesses remarkable abilities, even the Sect Patriarch needs to give her face. To dare to speak such words to defile her, you are the first one. That day, the other Martial Ancestors felt surprised and it was a refreshing matter, that’s why they let you go once, if this happens again, I’m afraid you will be in grave danger. The iron bar gifted by the old eccentric senior can’t save your life multiple times.”

Hai Long impatiently said “I know, I know. I won’t shoot my mouth off next time.”

Daoming smiled lightly “Tanyu, you’re still my grand-disciple in the end, with your current cultivation of early Crouching Tiger Stage, although the Seven-cultivation sword is good, you’re still unable to control it perfectly, let me gift you with some protective items. Lest others say I’m stingy.” He did some pinching gestures, under the binding of some magical powers, 3 glows of blue, red and white light streams floated in front of Hai Long.

Hai Long looked excitedly at the three streams of light, and enthusiastically asked “Grandmaster, what are these!?”

Daoist Daoming recollected his emotional stage and lightly said “Manifesters” The green light wrapping around expanded and contracted. The three magical treasures showed their true form. Hai Long fixed his eyes and stared, he could see respectively a blue necklace, an exquisite red 8-trigram, and a little white dragon sculpture. The anxious Hai Long reached forward to grab them, but was denied by a silky barrier, he could not go near it.

Daoming smiled lightly “You even know how to feel anxiety. Don’t have to be too impatient, let me explain them to you one by one. These three magical items have been specially prepared by me based on your cultivation level. They are considered spiritual artifacts, their best advantage is that they do not require large amounts of spiritual power to activate. This blue necklace is called the Blue Star Chain, the red 8-trigram is called the Demon Slaying Mirror and this little white dragon is the best quality item here, it surpasses even the 7-cultivations sword, it’s called a Fantasy Dragon.

Daoming’s fat hand made a wave, the blue necklace attached itself to Hai Long’s neck, an icy cool qi flowed into Hai Long’s body, and within a short time, mixed with the power within his body, it made him more alert. While caressing the glossy exterior of the Blue Star Chain, Hai Long asked “Grandmaster, what does this do?”

Daoist Doaming said “The nature of the 3 spirit artifacts that I’ve given you are different from that of magical flying swords. These artifacts contain a formation within them that allowed them to absorb natural qi from the environment, hence to fully utilise them, you only need to channel a bit of your power to activate them. What you’re wearing now is a defensive artifact, when activated, it can turn into a set of Blue Star Armor, as long as your opponent’s attack is not powerful to the degree of shattering it, it will protect your body and prevent any harm to it. You can test it out, you just need to channel some power into it.
Hai Long excitedly nodded. According to his will, a strong heat emanated from his body and flowed into the Blue Star Chain. Blue light suddenly beamed, while Hai Long could distinctly feel the icy cool qi spreading throughout his body. His vision turned slightly blurry for a moment as he felt his body being covered by something.

Daoist Daoming smiled and raised his right hand, and released a magic spell into the void. The surrounding air surged like angry waves, as a mirror appeared in front of Hai Long. As Hai Long looked into the mirror, he shockingly almost couldn’t recognise his own looks. Within the mirror, there was an elegant youth with long black hair draped across his shoulders, he was like a courageous gladiator, his two eyes let out divine glows. On the body of the youth, a set of twinkling armour could be seen, he looked as exquisite as a sapphire statue as the armor covered every part of his body, sharp edges could be seen sticking out past his shoulder blades, as exquisite rhombus shaped armor plates could be seen weaved together. This youth’s figure was accentuated by the armor and far surpassed the realm of mortals.

Hai Long stupefiedly said “Grandmaster, the handsome, elegant, confident, fierce and well-built youth in the mirror exuding an immortal-like aura, could it, could it actually be me?”

Daoist Daoming covered his stomach and heavily coughed till the his face was dyed red. He dissipated the magic mirror. Hai Long was taken aback and smiled “Grandmaster, what happened to you? Could it be that you’re losing yourself to evil forces?”

“Pah! You don’t have to tell me everything. This is your fault. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone as thick skinned as you. If you wanna say such things, I’ll take back the other two artifacts.”

“No, no, no. Grandmaster, I admit my mistake, you are so wise and brilliant, within a hundred years, you’ll definitely attain immortality, how can these low grade items complement your status?”

Daoist Daoming snorted “Little brat, your character flips even faster than I flip the pages of a book. Listen to me carefully. This Blue Star Armor is not omnipotent. From today on you need to exercise some restraint, do not offend anyone you cannot afford to, if not the consequences will be unthinkable. As long as the opponent is one or two levels higher than you, they can easily shatter the defences of the armor, and send you to your death.”

Hai Long wasn’t affected the least as he said “It doesn’t matter. As long as I have this awesome appearance, that’s enough. As long as I find a Dao companion in the future, won’t I be invincible?”

Daoist Daoming gave a groan “I’ve already mentioned, marriages amongst cultivators, mostly exist on the emotional level, without a deep cultivation and healthy cultivation habits, even a ghost wouldn’t choose you as a partner”. His face colour changed Daoming suddenly became sincere as he repeated “My ancestors above, please forgive disciple’s lies.”

Hai Long wouldn’t even bother with Daoist Daoming’s words as he was playing with different parts of the armor and was as excited as can be. Although the armor looked extremely sturdy, there was no sound at the hinges when moving and it was seemingly weightless, it was no different from wearing a cloth robe during times of peace. “Grandmaster, try hitting me, hurry and hit me, let me test the defenses of the armor.”

Daoist Daoming’s face showed an astonished expression as he muttered “Don’t forget you requested for this!”

Hai Long was still immersed in his excitement, and he didn’t notice the changes in Daoist Daoming’s expression. He impatiently said “Yes I’m the one who asked you to hit me, hurry up.”

Daoist Daoming gave a crude laugh, and waved his palm-leaf like hand out towards Hai Long. Suddenly, a glowing green shadow in the shape of a palm appeared, the glowing palm kept expanding in the air, when Hai Long realised, he was already in shock as the palm approach his front. “HONG” a sound rang out as Hai Long’s body shook violently as he was lifted into the air by the strong power, his body smashed through the door of the hut as Hai Long fell directly onto the Cloudstroke Plains, with his face full of dirt, and pain emanated from virtually every bone of his body. The blue light surrounding him flashed as the Blue Star Armor abruptly vanished.

Daoist Daoming’s palm strength was perfectly grasped, it perfectly exceeded the maximum limit of pressure that the Blue Star Armor could withstand, such that it did not shatter or suffer from harm.

Hai Long painfully and angrily cried out “Damn fatty, why did you use so much force”.

Daoist Daoming’s fat face had a smile hanging on it as he drifted beside Hai Long and said out in a tone as if he was wrongly accused “You were the one who wanted me to help you test the power of the Blue Star Armor, if I did not use enough power, how would you know it’s limit?”

Hai Long replied suspiciously “Really? Could it be you were not making use of this chance to teach me a lesson?”

Daoist Doaming innocently shook his head and said “Of course not. I am your Grandmaster, how could I do such a thing? However, from a seniority perspective, there isn’t any issue even if teach you a lesson.”

Hai Long angrily rebuked “You, you despicable thing!”

Daoming gave a laugh “I didn’t expect that angering you was such a good feeling, seems like it won’t take much time for me to breakthrough to the Illustrous Dao stage. Hai Long, I actually have to thank you instead! Don’t start with me already, could it be that you don’t want the other two immortal treasures? Tell me first, how did it feel being attacked by me? Truthfully speaking, the strength I used just now could shatter boulders weighing hundreds of kilos. Without the Blue Star Armor, I’m afraid…”

Hai Long indignantly snorted, he was thinking in his heart, the artifact that Daoming gave indeed was good stuff, and the other two treasures are even more tempting, he shouldn’t flare up towards Daoming. Thinking back to the earlier situation, he muttered “When I was hit by you earlier, it felt like I was looking at numerous blue-gold streams of light, The armor seemed to perfectly cover me, turning me into a glowing mass. But now, it has disappeared.”

Daoming took down his amused expression as he said “Although I used quite a bit of force in the earlier palm, it also allowed you to find out the limit of the Blue Star Armor. If the force of attack is too strong, not only will you die, the Blue Star Chain will also follow along and turn into dust. Like the earlier situation, if the power in the armor generated by the Blue Star Chain is thoroughly exhausted, then the armor would disappear. When this situation occurs, the Blue Star Chain takes about a day’s time to re-absorb atmospheric energy and rebuild the armor. Therefore, you cannot overly rely on this artifact. Stick out your left hand, let me give you the second artifact.


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