Owari no Seraph - Volume 1 - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - Enrollment of a Hated One

"Glen-sama, Glen-sama, from today on, you will be a high school student, are you mentally prepared for it?"


"I, I, to be frank, am feeling nervous. No, I'm fully aware that this is the moment where one could retort, 'is that what the guard of Glen-sama should be saying?', but! But you know! As a retainer of the Ichinose House, entering the First Shibuya High School is, as expected, quite a nerve-wrecking thing. Erm, so......"

Even as the voice of the girl went on, Ichinose Glen paid no heed to it and looked up at the sky.

The sky was covered in pink.

Cherry blossoms danced in the air.


The season of enrollment.

Wearing a school uniform with a stand-up collar, with his hands tucked into his pockets, Glen was walking underneath the cherry blossoms. Continuing down along this road, would be where the First Shibuya High School stood.

Framed by blacked hair covered in very gentle waves, accompanied with a somewhat cold look in his eyes. With those very eyes, he looked at the girl who had been babbling non-stop beside him.

A girl who was of the same age as him, at 15. Her height was probably around 160 cm. Clad in a sailor uniform, crowned with brown hair. A beauty with well-ordered features which one would be unable to envisage just from her boisterous way of speaking.

She was Hanayori Sayuri.

Sayuri, apparently really nervous, had her hands pressed against her chest as she spoke.

"Erm, so, even though I think it might also be because of my own failings, ahhm, I'll do my best so please take good care......"

But, cutting her off, Glen said.

"Ahh, Sayuri."

"Y-Yes, what is it, Glen-sama!"

"Your clamoring has been rather annoying for a while."


Sayuri raised her hands to her shocked face, and further added,

"I-I beg your pardon!"

Clearly downhearted, Sayuri shuffled to the back.

And drew near to the girl who had been trailing behind Glen.

She then said.

"Uwuuhh, Yuki-chan...... Glen-sama is mad at me. He said that I was annoying."

On hearing that, the girl who was called 'Yuki-chan' looked up at Sayuri.

This was a petite girl who was no taller than 150 cm. She had a calm, awfully cold, expressionless face.

She was Yukimi Shigure.

Also 15 years of age, another guard of Glen, she was a girl who had accumulated many years of training at 『Ichinose House』.

Shigure said.

With her expressionless face,

"...... that's because you were really annoying."


"...... if you babble too much, you will just lower the dignity of our master, Glen-sama of Ichinose House, and who on top of that is the next head of Ichinose House, so can you please stop?"

"Auuh auuh auuh!? Yuki-chan, you too!?"

The two of them were sure noisy.

Turning back to his two retainers,


Sighed Glen and he turned to look ahead again.

At the school road with fluttering cherry blossoms.

At the students who were smiling at one another jubilantly.

However, as it stood, Sayuri was probably not the only one who would feel nervous about walking on this road, thought Glen.

The reason was because the school here was not a normal one.

Since it was an unsavory, cursed school ruled by Oni and sorcery.


《 First Shibuya High School 》.


It was a school for nurturing sorcerers, a school operated and administered by a prominent religious organization in Japan, which was known as 『Mikado no Oni』.

Of course, its outward appearance was different. It had the outward appearance of a normal high school. However, most of the people here were the children of those who belong to 『Mikado no Oni』 and who believed in its teachings.

And it was also an elite school, where only the selected best of the believers of 『Mikado no Oni』 were gathered.


"Auuh auuh auuh!? Yuki-chan, you too!?"

That was the true nature of the First Shibuya High School.

In other words,

"All these people here, are my rivals huh?"

A delightful mood in anticipation of a new term welled up in Glen as he surveyed the students.

Shigure, who was behind Glen, came forth to his side and said. With a thin smile as she too, looked intently at the other students,

"No no, it is unthinkable that the brats of 『Mikado no Oni』 would be as powerful as you, Glen-sama."

Following that, Sayuri joined in excitedly,

"T-that's right! Our next head of Ichinose House, Glen-sama, shall show his power to those stuck-up fellows of the Hiiragi House with a Bam!"

By the way, Hiiragi, had been the reigning house of 『Mikado no Oni』 ever since the organization arose 1200 years ago.

Then, 500 years ago, the Ichinose House split from the Hiiragi House to form 『Mikado no Tsuki』, and since then, 『Mikado no Oni』 and 『Mikado no Tsuki』 had been at terrible odds with each other.

Of course, Ichinose House could not publicly oppose Hiiragi House which was overwhelmingly larger and more powerful ---

The retainer of Ichinose House, Shigure, said.

"Firstly, judging from the system they created, whereby having the head of the Ichinose House enter the high school of their turf while he is still young and making him yield, one can know the caliber of those people from Hiiragi. Their era has ended, I say."

Sayuri then said in follow.

"Yeah, yeah, I too have always thought the same. So, Glen-sama, please do not worry. We definitely are the stronger ones."

On hearing that, Glen turned around and said to Sayuri.

"Not to mention worry, I'm not even nervous. You were the only one who had been clamoring all this while."


Following that, he looked down at Shigure and said.

"And also, Shigure."


"You were calling those Hiiragi guys brats......"

"Ah, I'm sorry about that. As a result of my repulsion towards the Hiiragi people, I just......"

"No, I'm not talking about your choice of words."


Shigure cocked her head.

Glen then said to her.

Looking down at the small Shigure,

"Appearance-wise, you are the brat."


Uttered Shigure, who then said while biting her lips, her usually expressionless face in a tinge of red.

"...... are you telling me about the fact that you know that I'm bothered about it?"

"Haha, I'm just saying that you girls are underestimating the Hiiragi House. Thus I dare say this. Don't let your guard down for even one second. Stay alert. You should already know this, but the only 『Mikado no Tsuki』 people here are just the two of you and myself. In other words, the remaining people around us --- are all enemies."

Said Glen.

And by that time, their surroundings were already teeming with students aligned with the Hiiragi House.


This was the road used for commuting to their school.

And right now, Glen and his aides were entering a school that was administered by their enemy.

Shigure and Sayuri's faces tensed up.

They probably felt the several gazes that were directed at them.

They could even hear their voices.

"What the heck are they?"

"The crest on their collar school badge is not that of 『Mikado no Oni』 huh......"

"Yeah ~, I see. This is the year huh. They're the guys of Ichinose. Those without any real power are mingling into our school."

Voices like these started to proliferate among the group of students quickly.

Glen looked up at them.

At the moment, he could feel more than a hundred pair of eyes directed at him.

Cold eyes. Mocking eyes. Obvious ill will. Distaste. Contempt.

Shigure said,

"Damn, they are looking down......"

But, she was interrupted by Glen.

"I'm used to it. So don't move."


"Save it for another time. We won't show our power here. There is no need for us to become heated up like little kids, and show the scope of our power in reaction to their deliberate taunt."

After saying that, Glen turned around to face his followers and smiled at them.

Even though the two of them were unsatisfied, Glen already had that intention right from the beginning.

They would not show their power here.

Even while in school, he had decided that they would not show a single bit of the sorcery system which the Ichinose House had developed.


But at that moment, suddenly.

Dohn, he felt something hit his head.

Glen turned to the front.

What hit his head was a plastic bottle that contained cola. The cap was open. Naturally, cola covered his head.


Sayuri shouted.


Shigure wanted to step out.

But Glen grabbed Shigure's shoulder.

"Don't butt in."

He pulled her back. He did not know what kind of face Shigure was making then.

However, while grinning foolishly, Glen put his hand on his head and said.

"Ah ~, this hurts though?"

Upon saying that, the students who were under the patronage of the Hiiragi House all laughed at once.

--- what's wrong with him?

--- how cowardly can he get?

--- thus, this is only what the Ichinoses can amoun to.

Glen did not know who threw the plastic bottle. But, he did not care about that.

The reason was because everyone here was an enemy anyway.

Thus, while receiving the dissing and mocking laughs from them, Glen told his followers.

"Sayuri, Shigure."

"...... yes."

"What is your will?"

Their voices trembled. They trembled in chagrin. They were bitter about seeing having their master ridiculed.

And this was probably also due to his own powerlessness.

If he had the power to crush the entire Hiiragi House now, he would not need to bear with all this. Because if the Ichinoses could overwhelm Hiiragis, then such a thing would not be happening.

Thus, Glen turned around and said.

"I'm sorry for making you feel this lousy. But, we have to bear with this for three years. Will you continue to accompany me?"

Both Sayuri and Shigure looked up. With teary-looking faces which they did not want to let the Hiiragis see, they looked up and while nestling themselves closer to Glen,

"O-Of course. Since the only reason why I was born is to serve you, Glen-sama!"

Said Sayuri, who had her face shoved aside by Glen, who then said.

"The extent of that feels, heavy."

"Auh auh ah!?"

Sayuri groaned as she was brushed aside.

Following that, Shigure looked up at him,

"...... but, this is vexing. If you can just use the spells you have, Glen-sama, even in the Ichinose House, you have been dubbed as the talent who appears only once in a thousand years."

"Who said that?"

"My, father......"

"Samidare huh?"

"Yes. Even the rest of the top brass of 『Mikado no Tsuki』 also said that, as Glen-sama is the genius that appears only once in a thousand years, I have to protect you even at the cost of my life......"

But, cutting her off, Glen said.

"I see. That's how highly they think of me huh."


"Then, also tell those top brass old geezers."


"For the Ichinose House which has a history of not even 500 years, there's no way you can get a genius who appears only once in a thousand years, morons."

"Eh, ah...... well...... haha, indeed."

Shigure smiled in slight amusement.

Looking at Shigure,

"My, Yuki-chan, you're smiling, how rare."

Sayuri said.

Both of them seemed to have calmed down.

Glen looked down at them and then turned around again. There were hardly any students left. School was about to start.

If school was starting, then the other students could not help but to stop teasing the worthless trash.

Thus most of them were no longer there.

The ones who were left was the Glen who was soaking wet from the thrown cola, and his two retainers.

"Well then, shall we go?"

Shigure then said.

"...... Glen-sama."


"...... we should be the ones protecting our master, but yet we ended up getting protected......"

"Shut up fool. It's the master's duty to protect his subordinates."

"...... ah."

Shigure then kept quiet.

Then, from behind, Sayuri started,

"Hey hey hey, Yuki-chan, why is your face red?"

"I, I'm gonna kill you!"

"Eh eh eh eh eh, why!? Why're you hitting me, Yuki-chan!?"

The two of them were noisy as before.

Then, with a gloomy face, Glen started turning towards the direction of the school.

The school was already visible. No, this place was already part of the school premises where normal people could not set foot in.

Tall roadside cherry trees.

At the end of it, was the school gate, and there, a man stood.

He had rare white hair. Just like him, he was in a uniform with a stand-up collar.

The man was smiling thinly.

He was clearing smiling at them.

He then suddenly raised his hand.

In his right hand.

A talisman was at his fingertips. Glen immediately knew what kind of talisman that was. It was a spell talisman. It was a talisman used to perform a Hiiragi spell. That talisman burned up and disappeared.

Instantly, a flash of lightning appeared in front of his eyes.

That spell invocation speed was amazing. That man was probably very skilled. He might even be someone with the Hiiragi name.

However, even so.

--- I can dodge that.

Glen judged.

I can even make a counterattack.

If so, how should I act?

How should I deal with this?

The nervous signals interconnect in his brain as he considered in this manner, and then, he acted.

First, he turned his gaze to the right. In the opposite direction of the lightning bolt. As if he did not notice that lightning bolt, he started turning towards his retainers behind him.

Then, at that moment, the lightning bolt popped.

Pohn, a small sound rang out, and he could feel his body getting struck.


From that instant of intense impact, he almost lost consciousness. He was aware of his body falling to the ground. But even so, his body could not move for a while.

He could tell that both Sayuri and SHigure were yelling something. With their eyes widened slightly and faces on the verge of crying, the two of them called out to him.

Looking up at the both of them vacantly, Glen thought.

That was a little dangerous ---

If he had dodged thoughtlessly, there was the possibility of his real strength getting revealed.

But, did I manage to show that I couldn't react to it well enough?

Following that.


If I fight with him seriously, can I win?

While pondering about such things, he waited for his entire body to recover its senses.

Sayuri held his head to her and was crying.

"Glen-sama, Glen-sama."

Glen then said.

"My face is touching your breast you know?"


Following that, Shigure stood in front of him as if to protect him and was looking at the school gate.

"I, I beg your forgiveness, Glen-sama. Such a thing happened even when I'm here."

Glen then said to her.

"You didn't make any mistake. I took the hit on purpose."


"Will you be able to react immediately to an attack coming from any direction? If not, my capabilities would be made known. So, pretend that you are more capable than me. Let them see that I'm a useless piece of trash that can't do anything without being protected by you."

"No way......"

The trash got up. And held his head,

"Damn, what in the world happened......"

He tried saying.

Shigure's face looked troubled for an instant, and following that, she pointed in the direction of the school gate,

"A-An attack came from right there."

She said in a somewhat monotonous tone.

Then, at the point, Glen turned his eyes towards the school gate for the first time.

The man was still looking at them.

He looked straight, intently at them, still smiling.

On seeing that, Glen moaned gloomily,

"...... ah ~ this isn't good huh. Did he find out?"

The man then shrugged his shoulders, and turned around. He entered the school.

Glen looked hard at the back of that man and then said.

"Well, shall we get going as well?"

Sayuri then said.

"But your wound......"


Glen touched his forehead with his hand. There was a little blood. He wiped the blood off his hand,

"Haha, the blood smells like cola. Get me some fresh clothes."

"Then, I'll go back and get them."

Said Shigure. Glen then gave her an order.

"And also, check out the true identity of that guy. He looks pretty strong. We need to be on our guard with him."


After nodding in acknowledgement, Shigure started running off in the opposite direction of the school.

"Well then, shall we go to school?"

On hearing that, with an apologetic look as before, Sayuri said.

"E-Erhm, I really wasn't of much......"

"Just by being by my side, you're already a big help to me."


"Firstly, we are in the middle of our enemy's turf you know? I won't bring anyone else other than the ones I trust the most. So don't make that kind of face."

On hearing that, Sayuri's face become flustered for some reason and her cheeks flushed red,

"E-E-Erhm, Glen-sama, my life belongs to you......"

"Like I said, that sounds heavy."

"Auh auh ah!?"

Glen laughed at Sayuri who had her face shoved aside and her body arched backwards.

"Jokes aside, let's go. But well, it seems like right from the first day, our high school life is going to be fun."


And thus, the 15 year old Ichinose Glen, became a high school freshman.


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