Owari no Seraph - Volume 1 - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – The Dream Mahiru Saw

The following day.

At the practice ground, the sorcery selection examination was still in full swing.

The practice ground was filled with students on all four sides cheering.

Guren stood among those from the elite in Year 1 Class 9. Most of the students had already beaten their opponents from other classes and were successfully promoted.

Either tomorrow or the day after, the students would be expected to compete against other from the same class.

But before that, everyone was still comrades.

From yesterday and today over these last two days of exams, the students’ bonds appeared to deepen.

“…… But, I must be an exception.”

A small smile appeared on Guren’s face as he looked up into the sky.

Recently, the weather had been clear. Today was also the same with beautiful blue skies.

Not a cloud in the sky.

Ironically, under this beautiful sky, the students were fighting to the death against each other.

Although not as brutal to the extent of human experimentation, apparently, there would be one death every two or three years.

To be honest, this is just as bad as human experimentation.

“How is this any different to «Hyakuya Church»……?”

But, the Ichinose House also has a similar training regime, so I’m not in the position to criticise it.

Then suddenly a person appeared next to Guren, calling out to him.

“Hey, Guren.”

It was Shinya.

“Hm? I thought you said you never wanted to talk to me again?”

Shinya laughed and replied.

“Ah, I did say that. And what’s more, I’m very disappointed with you.”

“Then don’t bother me.”

“But, because you’re so weak that I’ve decided to help you out.”

“Ah? What do you mean?”

“Let me fight for you in today’s fight, don’t compete.”

Guren turned to face Shinya.

“Don’t compete? What are you saying?”

Shinya replied.

“I heard about yesterday’s incident. Your subordinate…… what’s she called……”

“Hanayori Sayuri.”

“Yes, that girl. Heard that she was admitted to the hospital?”

Guren heard him then replied.

Sayuri’s injuries were severe and had to be rushed to the hospital after the fight. Guren had also instructed Shigure to look after Sayuri. So the two of them were not at school.

“How are her injuries?”

Shinya looked at Guren and asked.

Guren turned his attention back onto his classmates fighting at the practice ground and replied.

“…… Nothing much. Not a big problem. My subordinate can’t possibly be affected by this extent of fighting.”

“Haha, so the master is really that weak.”

“…… That’s exactly it.”

“Anyway, you really don’t have any shame at all?”

Guren glared at Shinya, not saying a word.

But Shinya was unfazed and continued to speak.

“The opponent had already lost pathetically. Even if you know you will already lose, you still have to fight Seishirou to the death——Are you sure you’re that reckless?”

Hearing this, Guren laughed bitterly.

“Ah, what do you suggest I do about my recklessness?”

“About that……”

“I know the difference in power is really that big between that guy and myself. I’m not the sort to overestimate myself.”


“Of course, my subordinates as well….. Sayuri also doesn’t believe I would do that. They won’t believe that I would do senseless things only to get hurt……”

Shinya suddenly interrupted Guren. He waved his hands, as though wanting to forget about what Guren had just said.

“Ah~ ah~, alright that’s enough. I now completely understand your excuse. You’re really just a sad lost puppy, aren’t you?”


“It appears that I’m right. I originally thought, if you wanted revenge, I would have told you Seishirou’s weak points, but forget about it. You should withdraw. If you go and fight him, you will die for sure.”


“Seishirou is that type of guy. You’ll be playing right into his hands. The teachers also won’t stop him and even if he kills you, they won’t even give him any demerit points. So……”

“So you want me to withdraw?”


“To flee without fighting?”

“Yes, that’s right. This is not exactly your strong point.”

So Shinya had said it.

Guren was lost in his thoughts. What would be the best course of action? To be honest, Guren wanted to fight with Seishirou for a little while. In order to personally determine the Hiiragi House level of sorcery.

But now the situation had changed.

After seeing Sayuri in that state yesterday, Guren didn’t know whether he could control himself.

To test Seishirou out.

Guren thought that he could pretend to be trembling in fear while secretly observing the incantations for the spells, and after that, he would just lose without anyone knowing better——

Guren didn’t think he was mature enough to tolerate this sort of situation. The anger that had been carefully hidden was now bubbling up to the surface.

His self-esteem.

His desire to show off.

However, this was just a stumbling block in his journey to gain more power. For a short-term gain, he would ruin his future.

So Guren had to constantly remind himself.

Be patient. Control your desires. This is not what you really want right now.

This is not some stupid game that children play.

So Guren looked at Shinya and said.

“Alright then, I’ll withdraw.”

Shinya was stunned, a pair of cold eyes staring back at Guren.

“…… You’re really trash, aren’t you.”

“But you’re the one who suggested it……”

But Shinya ignored Guren’s words, feeling a little regretful.

“Bastard, then Mahiru, she……”

But Shinya stopped himself. He looked at Guren, then hit his fist against his shoulder.

“Alright I’ll help you.”

After he said these words, Shinya turned and walked off.

At the practice ground, just before the current match ended.

The judge read out the names of the students for the next match.

“Year 1 Class 4, Hiiragi Seishirou, come up.”

Seishirou went up to the stage.

Then the name for the opponent was called.

“Year 1 Class 9, Ichinose Guren, come up.”

But, Guren didn’t move at all. Instead, Shinya went up.

The students all around started murmuring.

Among them were Goshi and Mito who looked over to see what was happening.

Mito asked.

“What on earth is going on?”

Goshi also asked.

“Why is Shinya-sama up there?”

Guren had an embarrassed smile on his face and replied.

“…… Heh, I withdrew.”


“Because I can’t possibly beat Hiiragi Seishirou-sama.”

Hearing this, Goshi widened this eyes.

“Hah? Are you for real?”

Mito also looked at Guren.

“I say this is really too much. Your subordinate got beaten to a pulp yesterday, don’t you have any feelings at all?”

“Exactly. Even if you lose, then fair enough. Your subordinate has already fought him… and you, the master, just gives up like a coward? I can’t accept this. Even if you don’t win, you have to go out there and fight.”

“Yes! And even if you lose, we will stop him…… Otherwise, your subordinates……”

“Ahhhh, shit, just shut up. Why are you all picking on me? I already said I’ve withdrawn. I’m much weaker than Sayuri, right? If this is the case, fighting would be completely pointless.”

Mito who just kept staring at Guren was speechless.

Goshi was the same, looking at Guren like he was trash.

Then finally, at the fighting ring, Seishirou understood what was happening after seeing Shinya take Guren’s place.

“Ha, haha, what’s this? Forfeit? This is so like you. Your woman got beaten up until her face was all unrecognisable, and you just cowardly flee? No wonder the Ichinose House is all trash.”

Everyone was laughing.

By now, news of Guren’s forfeit had spread to all of the students around. The laughs kept getting louder. Teasing, cursing, everyone was mocking Guren.

But Guren was still calm.


Guren didn’t move, couldn’t face anyone, so he just looked up towards the sky.

But he still could hear what everyone was saying.

“This guy is so scared that he can’t move at all?”

“Really what a piece of trash.”

“So this is the guy whose subordinate got beaten up yesterday? After forfeiting today, how can he even show his face at school?”

Similar words were being said all around.

Guren could hear laughter everywhere.

How they laughed at his own cowardice.

Even Guren started to laugh at himself.

As they say, I really am a piece of trash.

A useless piece of trash with absolutely no self-esteem or pride.

I have to wait until they get tired of laughing at me. Wait until they stop noticing me.

As always.

For the next three years, I have to continue playing this piece of trash.

——But now, the situation has changed.

“…… What?”

Suddenly, Guren felt a strong sense of unease and wanted to react. He felt that he could not stop himself. He looked towards the direction of the source of this unease.


Then he saw a flash of red light.

The red light was aimed at Guren’s direction. It was a direct attack and Guren was preparing to dodge it.

But then he saw a girl standing on his side.

Juujou Mito and Goshi Norito, both were standing in the direction of the red light.

But the two didn’t see the attack.

They did not even notice it.

No, in this case, ordinary people won’t even notice it.

This also meant that if Guren didn’t react, those two would die.

Guren scrunched his face up,


He stretched out his hand.

And gave Mito a hard push.


Mito had a big shock being pushed suddenly. And bumped into Goshi who was standing next to her.

“Uwa! What was that?”

Goshi looked surprised at Guren.

Mito fell onto the floor,

“You! What the hell was that……”

But her words stopped short.

The red light had finally reached them.

The red light passed by Mito’s eyes and engulfed a dozen students behind her in flames, some of them falling onto the ground.

Then, it exploded.

Fortunately, the explosion range wasn’t that big. It appeared that its purpose wasn’t to kill people.

Even so, it caused no small damage.

Students have died.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t just one red light anymore.

There were more than ten beams of red light spread across the practice ground, students were falling all across the grounds.

There were explosions everywhere.

The ground shook.

The ears could hear a constant ringing noise.

Then, after a moment of silence,


“Wh… What? What the hell happened?”

“Arm, my arm!?”

“D… dead!? Everyone is dead!?”

The practice ground was filled the sound of agony.

The students were all crying and howling.

The cries of terror were getting louder and louder.

But now wasn’t the time to cry.

Obviously, the school had suffered a surprise attack.

Guren once again looked up to the sky.

At this time, there was a large group of men in black suits coming down from above.


So the war has started.

The war between «Hyakuya Church» and Hiiragi House has started.

What Saitou had said about the war starting in ten days has been a lie. Because it has only been two days.

Even though Guren didn’t believe his words,

“Isn’t this still too early?”

Guren observed his surroundings.

By now, there were only a few people who could react rationally to this situation.

The sudden explosion and resulting smoke had reduced visibility.

It looked like the red lights just now were used to create a distraction.

Mito and Goshi were nowhere to be seen. Guren could only see Shinya and Seishirou.

But he could still hear the screams.

The students were all heard screaming through all the smoke.

“Don’t kill me! Please, I beg you! Don’t kill…. Noooooooooooooo!”

“What, what the hell…… do you think you’re doing! This, this school is run by『Mikado no Oni』, don’t you know…… Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

Now the enemy was in total control.

Fully armed soldiers attacking a bunch of unsuspecting students… this was too easy.

“There might not be one left eh……”

Guren put his hand on sword around his hip.

Then, at the practice ground where the examinations were just held was a man wearing a black suit standing in the centre.

Someone familiar.

Someone Guren first met just two days ago.

It was that man named Saitou, the «Hyakuya Church» assassin.

Saitou looked around him and a smile formed on his face.

“Good, kill all of them.”

He opened his arms.

This time, Shinya reacted to it.

“Who on earth is that guy……”

Then Seishirou also spotted Saitou,

“Bastard, what are you laughing at……? Attacking the Hiiragi House, don’t think it’s going to end well for you……”

“I also thought so too. But what I hate most is a brat who talks too much.”

Saitou said.

Suddenly, several chains came out of Saitou’s body and attacked Seishirou in one hit.

Seishirou dodged it.

One chain, two chains, three chains.

“Heh, hehe, you still want to fight with these weak weapons?”

Seishirou laughed.

It turned out this was just a distraction.

Saitou’s real aim was to get him to move in that direction.

Saitou’s chains were gaining speed.

Saitou smiled and said.

“Checkmate. Don’t forget to tell God in heaven that you died because of your arrogance.”

In an instant, a chain flew out.

Seishirou was unable to dodge it. His actions just now landed him in a spot where movement was impossible. No, even if he had space to move, he would still be unable to react to the speed of Saitou’s chains.

Saitou’s real power is actually this strong.

“Wait, don’t……”

There was a look of absolute fear on Seishirou’s face.

But, Guren,

“…… Move, you idiot.”

Suddenly, Guren viciously kicked him from behind.


Seishirou’s body ended up flying, disappearing into the smoke where the first explosion took place.

But, Saitou’s attack didn’t stop even though Seishirou had disappeared. The chains that he had cast out before were now ready to attack again.

All the chains were moving around rapidly, just like when Seishirou wasn’t able to dodge it.

A total of eight chains, dispersing in all directions——


But Guren ignored them.

Turning a blind eye to all the chains around him.

If he had reacted to each one, he would not be able to react in time, so he only looked in front, then, in a moment just before the chains entered his field of vision, he drew his sword.

The sword already had a few curses placed upon it. A spell that unsheathed it quickly. A spell that enhanced its sharpness. And a spell to cut through anything.

Guren cast a few incantations simultaneously that were normally impossible, instantly cutting down all the chains.


He heard a voice from behind him.

Shinya’s voice.

Guren glanced behind. Spotting a stunned Shinya,

“…… You, your power……”

“…… Ah shit, the guy I least wanted to witness my power actually witnesses it……”

“You, if you were always this strong, then why did you……”

But, Guren interrupted him.

“Shut up. I’ll have to kill you. I’m not the sort to believe a guy who talks endlessly about his ambitions……”

“…… Ah.”

“But, now the situation has changed. Answer me. Do you really want to fight the Hiiragi House?”


“If you’re lying to me, I’ll immediately unleash my real power and kill you.”

Having said so, Guren turned his blade and aimed it at Shinya’s neck. Shinya didn’t react. No, to be exact, it was Guren who didn’t allow him to react as he moved his blade with such impeccable speed and timing.


Shinya still looked surprised.

Guren let out a smile and said.

“But, if your hatred towards the Hiiragi House is real, then I’ll take you as my subordinate. How’s that? Become my subordinate and help me defeat that black suit?”

Shinya looked at the knife pointed at his neck and laughed happily.

“…… Ha ha…… so it has come to this. You make it sound like I’m the one who’s……”


“Ha, don’t look down……”

But his words were stopped short.

Because Saitou had launched another chain.

Guren dodged the oncoming chain. The chain was fast. Just as fast as how Seishirou couldn’t dodge it just now.

If you don’t react in time, you’ll immediately die.

Several chains moving towards Shinya shot past.

So if this guy really is useless trash, then I don’t need to waste my shots on him——

But, this time,

“So how do you intend on killing him?”

Shinya asked from behind.

Guren turned his head and saw Shinya already placing a talisman on the chain and sealing it to the ground.

It seems that I’m not the only one who has been hiding his strength.

Guren opened his mouth to reply.

“Ha, mine is stronger.”

“Heh, why don’t we compare?”

Shinya looked at Guren.

This time, Saitou interrupted them.

“Yaaaa~, why is it that the area I’m in charge of is the most troublesome. Out of the seven people I have to watch out for at this school, I have to fight two of them at the same time.”

Guren turned to face Saitou and said.

“I see. So you have checked out both Shinya and myself, Saitou.”

“Of course. We can’t possibly fight the Hiiragi House without doing our research first.”

This time, Shinya spoke.

“Oi, Guren. Do you know this guy……”

Before Shinya finished, Guren replied.

“They are from the «Hyakuya Church». To stop the war started by the Hiiragi House, they have asked for my help.”

Faced with this reply, Shinya looked at Saitou through his half-lidded eyes, not in the slightest way surprised.

“Aaaah~ so I see this is the situation….. I don’t have to think too hard about what you’ve said to understand. But to brazenly challenge someone from the Hiiragi House…..”

Guren continued.

“It can only be the «Hyakuya Church». But if you ask this sort of question, you’re just as stupid as a monkey.”

“Aha, do you want me to kill you?”

“As if you can.”


Shinya continued to laugh.

“Then, what exactly is the situation now?”

He asked.

Shinya looked around his surroundings,

“It seems that we’re surrounded by this smoke. In order for the other students and teachers not to see us……”

Guren only needed to use his eyes to assess the situation.

He could still hear the howling from outside, as well as the sounds of explosion and fighting.

Shinya continued to speak.

“And it seems to be planned from the start. To surround us two Hiiragi House haters in smoke where no one else can see. It looks like……”

Saitou replied smiling.

“Iyaaaa~ it’s so great to be talking to people who are smart. Of course, this was planned.”

“Hmph. And?”

“…… Why don’t we team up to fight the Hiiragi House?  Then after the Hiiragi House has been defeated, you’ll be able to take charge of it.”

Hearing this, Shinya became interested and laughed.

“Hoho, so between Guren and myself, who will become the head?”

And then Saitou,

“That’s a matter between the two of you. You can fight to decide that.”

So he said.

Shinya looked at Guren.

“So he has said it. What are you going to do about it?”


“So it seems you’ve already accepted their proposal. What conditions did they set for you? Are you already part of the «Hyakuya Church»?”

He asked.

Guren glanced at Shinya and replied.

“I’ve already told you that you’re a troublesome guy. You should just accept it already. After defeating the Hiiragi House, I don’t care who becomes the head.”

“Eh? Then.”

Guren interrupted him and continued.

“But, I’m definitely not under «Hyakuya Church». Being dependent on people, pretending to be weak, I’ve already had enough, so……”

Guren jumped up and raised his sword.

“I want to get rid of all the people above me and destroy them all!”

Guren swung his sword at Saitou.

Not wanting to just kill him, but to banish his existence from earth.

Saitou looked up.

“Really, haven’t you already tried this? Physical attacks are useless against me. This is the result of the experimentation.”

Saitou said, then another chain shot out from his body as it atomised.

That’s right.

Looks like this guy doesn’t have a physical body.

Maybe this human form is only temporary and the chains that shoot out——that is his actual body.

But, Guren didn’t care and he swung his sword at Saitou.

Saitou used his chains to block Guren’s attack.

“Ahh, so it seems that if it’s only the chains, then they can be stopped……”

Then the sounds of chains breaking could be heard.

And Guren had cut through Saitou’s shoulder.

But Saitou continued to laugh and gloated.

“See, I told you it’s useless……”

But Guren didn’t stop there. Hidden in his sleeve, he took out a talisman and placed it on his sword.

In an instant, his blade was shrouded in blood-like crimson flame.

“Destroy, Kujakumaru*!”

Suddenly, an explosion.

The talisman that was placed on the blade had exploded on Saitou’s body.

Previously, Saitou’s body turned into mist in order to absorb the impact of a physical attack. But this time, he was unable to do it.

Guren’s Kujakumaru was an heirloom that had been passed down the generations in the Ichinose House. It was a sword that had been sealed with the curses of those who had been beheaded by it.

Once the seal had been lifted,

“Gah, ah, what…… My body……. Is not responding……”

Saitou’s face was filled with shock as he looked on at Guren.

And murmured.

“My, my body was made to dispel any curse from Hiiragi House.”

Guren looked at Saitou,

“But I’m not a Hiiragi.”

And replied.

The curse was gradually corroding Saitou’s body. His flesh was tearing, his body starting to atomise, while his chains were turning into red lumps.

Guren had a cruel smile on his face and said.

“Ne, Saitou. Do you know why your body is turning red? You’ve become cursed by this blade. And being cursed, you’ve become its food. After being swallowed, you will tumble around inside the blade for all of eternity.”

Saitou looked up, full of fear.

“St, stop……”

“If you want me to stop, then you have to answer my question truthfully. Why attack here? Why attack a school full of powerless kids? The Head of the Hiiragi House is not here. So why on earth are you bunch of bastards attacking this place?”

Guren asked.

The sound of howling could still be heard.

The howling from the students.

The students who enjoyed teasing Guren were now all howling in agony.

“That’s, that’s because……”

“If you lie to me, I’ll immediately kill you. If I feel that you’re lying to me, I’ll also immediately kill you. So, if you want to answer, you better answer properly. Why are you here?”

Saitou looked at Guren.

“Looks like I really have no choice.”

Then he reluctantly closed his eyes. Then in an instant, as he decided, he opened both his eyes widely.

Just as he opened his eyes, the image of a serpent had formed in the centre of his eyes.

A curse.

A curses embedded in his irises.

Guren instinctively took a step back. However,

“Don’t need to retreat.”

It was Shinya. He had already covered Saitou’s eyes with a talisman.

“Alright, all sealed.”


Saitou let out a strained cry.

Overlooking Saitou, Shinya opened his mouth.

“I’m also interested. Even though I don’t care how the Hiiragi students are treated….. but you don’t have any reason to attack here. With the number of people you have come with, you would have been easily destroyed by the main forces of the『Mikado no Oni』. So why on earth have you come here?”

So he asked.

Saitou finally let out his true pained expression.

“Iyaa, even though you’re still a brat, you’re a bit more powerful than expected….. That’s why I’ve already told the higher ups that one person can’t possibly deal with two……”

However, Guren didn’t wait for him to finish and raised his blade at him.


Saitou groaned in pain.

Guren then said.

“Shut up. No more bullshit. Just answer the question.”


“So why are you here?”

This time, Saitou finally answered honestly.

“Because there is something we want here.”

“Something you want?”


“So what is it?”

Saitou replied to this question.

“Research data.”

“Research data? That’s……”

“Ah, yes, the easiest way to put it is that one of the students here has been selling secret incantations from Hiiragi House to the «Hyakuya Church»…… So we’re here to conduct an experiment with that student.”

Guren laughed.

Looks like the Hiiragi House has many enemies. The status of the Hiiragi House is not as strong as I thought.

No matter who powerful the organisation is, there will always be people trying to defeat it.

Anyone who isn’t happy with them, there will always be people who will betray them.

Whether that person is myself, or someone else.

“…… Could it be you’re the person betraying the Hiiragi secrets?”

Looking at the person who had just placed a seal on Saitou’s eyes, Guren asked.

Guren only saw Shinya shrugging.

“So about this whole shocking issue, «Hyakuya Church» has never contacted me. Why didn’t you find me~?”

Saitou laughed.

“Because a person more talented than you has already sold us the data.”

Guren was unable to guess who it was from what Saitou had said. This was not surprising as he wasn’t too familiar with the Hiiragi House matters. With the strength and scale of the Ichinose House, it was impossible to fully investigate the Hiiragi House.

Under the agreement to some extent, Ichinose House is overseen by『Mikado no Tsuki』, which has depended on『Mikado no Oni』for its survival. This has always been the status quo.

So to get this sort of information, it must be someone who has about the same power and capacity as the Hiiragi House, such as the «Hyakuya Church».

So it must be someone from the Hiiragi House?


Guren threw Shinya a glance.

And saw his expression change. It looked like he had a clue.

“Do you know who it is?”

Guren asked.

But Shinya didn’t reply.

But Guren didn’t need Shinya’s reply. He had other ways of getting his answer.

“Never mind. You answer it, Saitou. There is no need for me to……”

Guren added a bit more pressure to his blade.


Saitou let out another groan.

Guren looked at him with a scrunched up face and asked.

“….. Enough of this rubbish, answer me. Or I’ll kill you.”

“Ahaha, so scary~! But it doesn’t matter even if you kill me.”


“I’m saying that my task is almost complete. The experiment and the retrieval of the data is now within our reach. In fact, it should be completed by now. My job was to distract the two people who were most likely to get in the way. And that has been successful. To let myself become an obstacle, to try and let you focus on my body……”

And then suddenly,

“Shit! So that’s it!”

Shinya’s expression changed and he suddenly straightened up. He went straight towards the direction of the smoke.

Guren noticed his departure, then looked at Saitou once again.

By now, Guren had more or less understood the situation.

Because all the information needed to grasp the situation had now surfaced.

·         There was someone inside the Hiiragi House who was selling information and engaged in an experiment with «Hyakuya Church».

·         That person harboured an intense hatred towards the Hiiragi House.

·         In order to get to this person, they had to stop the two people most likely to get in the way——Guren and Shinya.

With all this information, even an idiot would be able to figure it out.

So Guren said a name.

“…… That traitor, it’s Mahiru, isn’t it?”

Saitou raised his head to look at Guren.

“Ah, you’re a lot calmer about it than I expected.”

“Why would I lie about it?”

“Because Mahiru-san is your lover, is she not?”

But Guren laughed in response.

“I’m not stupid enough to make a woman I haven’t seen in ten years my lover.”

“Ahaha, I see.”


“But there’s still an attachment, no?”


“No no, there is. The fact that your power——is at a much higher level for someone your age, is all because to rescue Mahiru-san from the Hiiragi House……”

Guren thrust his sword even deeper into Saitou’s chest and said.

“I already said there isn’t.”

“Haha, is that so? Well forget it, it doesn’t matter now. But it seems that Mahiru-san still likes you a great lot.”


“Just to return to your side, she honed her skills and betrayed her family. What a determined person, eh? In her heart she’s always wanted to see you, these ten years couldn’t have been easy for her to bear.”


“Can’t you just accept her already? I’m sure Mahiru-san really wishes to be embraced by you.”

Saitou continued to talk.

Guren thought about what happened that day in the sick bay, where he met with Mahiru.

Her face was filled with joy.

Seeing how Guren had no single redeeming point——thinking about how she couldn’t forget over the last ten years, she had a look of disappointment on her face.

Still, her face has been praised as beautiful, her happy and sweet face.

“So, the «Hyakuya Church» is going to help us?”

Saitou smiled and nodded.

“Of course, that was the intention. Both your strengths will be very well-received. Of course——this means that the Hiiragi House and Ichinose House will be under our control.”


“But, if we manage to really defeat the Hiiragi House, then you and Mahiru-san can sort it out, you can become the king and queen if you wanted. We won’t interfere in this respect. As long as you want it, you can be free to love her or do whatever you want.”

So Saitou had said.

Guren lowered his head and looked at Saitou.

Saitou still had the same smile plastered on his face. Even with half his chest opened, and half his body already food for the blade, he still smiled with ease.

Staring at his smiling face,

“So you’re saying, this has been your job so far?”

Guren had asked.

At this, Saitou still smiled and replied.

“Yes, exactly. To persuade you, that has always been my responsibility.”

“Then, the one who convinced Mahiru……”

“Was me. Mahiru-san said that she still likes you. She wanted to be together with you. She said to achieve this, she was willing to do anything, even betray her own family.”


“So, Ichinose Guren-sama. What do you think of it? We can go together to where Mahiru-san is……”

Then, from outside the smoke, an explosion could be heard.

At this time, all the students were shouting.

“The main troops from 『Mikado no Oni』have come!”

“Fina—finally we’re saved!”

“Kill them! Destroy them all! Let them regret they ever messed with 『Mikado no Oni』!”

There were shouts after shouts.

Then suddenly from the other direction,

“Ma—Mahiru-sama has been captured!”

“Quick save her! Even if you have to sacrifice your life, we have to save Mahiru-sama…… Gyaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

The farce still continued.

All according to «Hyakuya Church»’s plan.

Of course, Mahiru does not intend to reveal the fact that she has betrayed the Hiiragi House. She has to pretend to be kidnapped in order to escape. That being said, it seems that she isn’t planning on returning.

Saitou opened his mouth and spoke.

“Aah, there already isn’t much time left. I don’t want to expose «Hyakuya Church»’s real plan and we can’t possibly defeat the Hiiragi House main troops, so we have to retreat.”

“Ha, don’t want to expose? I’m the……”

“No, because you hate the Hiiragi House, you won’t tell them about this, right?”


“Or, could it be because you actually like Mahiru-san…… So you don’t want anything bad to happen to her?”


“So I’ll tell you the meeting point. Tonight you can finally meet with Mahiru-san. If you are willing to show up, then «Hyakuya Church» will agree to welcome you as the hero who defeated the Hiiragi House.”


“Now then, can you now pull out your sword that’s lodged in my chest? So that I can help you reunite with Mahiru-san after ten years.”

Guren glared at Saitou.

Saitou was still smiling.

Guren’s head was filled with many thoughts.

Now that he has revealed this, what should I do about it? How do I look at the situation and decide how much of Saitou’s words to believe?

There isn’t much time.

If I accept Saitou’s proposal, then I have to let Saitou go in front of the『Mikado no Oni』main troops. If I let this bastard get captured by 『Mikado no Oni』, the Ichinose House won’t be able to intervene.

So Guren quickly considered his options.

What should I do?

What would be the right thing to do?

No, what exactly do I want?

Then, Guren opened his mouth.

“To be honest, I feel really uncomfortable. To be played like a fool just the same.”

Guren let out a smile, he pushed the sword in deeper.


Saitou howled.

But Guren didn’t care and continued.

“So that’s why I’m not planning to let you go. I’ll capture you and get all the information out of you.”

This time, Saitou opened his mouth to speak.

“In that case, Mahiru-san would……”

“If you’re tortured, you’ll then tell the truth.”

“Haha, even if I’m tortured, I won’t say anything. Because I’ve already been tortured. Also, my brain has been altered so that if I reveal anything, I’ll immediately die.

“Eh, is that so? Then just die.”

This time, Saitou appeared a little more anxious. He looked at Guren,

“…… If that’s the case, then you will never be able to see Mahiru-san again……”

“It doesn’t matter. You seem to have misunderstood, I didn’t become strong because of her……”

Then the following words were heard,

“Don’t say such cruel things.”

A voice.

A girl’s voice.

In an instant, Guren withdrew his sword from Saitou’s chest. Then he quickly jumped back.

Because in front of him he could feel a strong killing aura. As if to tell him that if he didn’t step back, he would die for sure.

But the killing aura followed. Now it was pressed against Guren’s back.

Guren quickly pointed his sword at this aura.

Then he heard a “ding”, the sharp sound of clashing metal.

Guren looked in front of him.

Then out of nowhere a beautiful girl appeared.

Long flowing grey hair.

A dignified look.

Pink lips.

It was Mahiru.

Hiiragi Mahiru was standing right in front.

In her hands was a jet black Japanese sword.

Holding his blade, Guren looked up.

“…… Mahiru?”

And called out her name.

Then, Mahiru laughed. For some reason, it was almost as if she was happier, her expression more lively.

“Ah, so you’ve dropped the polite speech…… Not like when we were at the sick bay.”

“Ha, I don’t have to when talking to the traitor of the Hiiragi House. Also, my power has been exposed.”

At this, Mahiru smiled happily at Guren and nodded.

“So it has…… After all, there are only a few who can block my sword.”

Mahiru relaxed her stance. Her power wasn’t like a small girl’s. It wasn’t even human. Whether it was because of the amplification of the curse itself or some other power. Guren smiled.

“Ah yes maybe. Maybe we should fight to see who is stronger.”

Despite this, Guren took a step back.

Releasing his sword from Mahiru, he attacked with another strike.

In an instant, two swords clashed.

But, Mahiru’s sword was fast.

Stronger and faster than Guren.

But Guren was more skilled in sword work. So they were evenly matched.


“Sh—shit….. is this for real?”

Guren was slowly being overwhelmed.

After clashing swords, Guren gradually stepped back.

“Aha, what’s this? I thought you said you wanted to fight? To see who is stronger?”

“…… You, don’t be so proud.”

At this point, Guren suddenly took a step back. His hands stretched out, ready to throw out another talisman.

Mahiru’s response,

“Ah, so you admit that you can’t defeat me.”

“You talk too much.”

But Guren hadn’t pulled out his talisman. It was just a decoy. He pulled out his whole sword.

“Wah wah wah.”

Mahiru hurried to defend herself, but it was too late. Guren had driven his real sword straight through Mahiru’s heart, however,


At that moment, his sword stopped.

Mahiru looked down at the sword and laughed.

“So powerful…… You’ve really become stronger, Guren. Was it because of me?”

But Guren withdrew his sword and said.


“Ah, no?”

“Aah, no. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

Mahiru was not pleased and bit her lip. Guren had seen this expression before. When they were younger, he had seen it on several occasions. Mahiru had always asked if Guren liked her, and when he had always evaded her questions, she would have that expression on her face.

Then she looked at Guren.

“Really……? The reason why I became stronger was because I wanted to be with Guren.”

She said so in a pitiful voice.

But, Guren still stared at her.

“So that was why you cooperated with «Hyakuya Church», to start a war?

He asked.

In the meantime, the howling continued to surround them.

The sound of war had not stopped.

The sound of fighting between the main troops from 『Mikado no Oni』and «Hyakuya Church» continued to ring through.

The sound of killing.

Amongst the cries of the students’ agony——Mahiru still laughed, so pleasantly and flirtatiously.

“Fu, fufu…… Once you have the power, it becomes very enjoyable. Isn’t that how you feel, Guren? To let your body become so strong like now you have to be completely immersed in it.”


“But the physical body has a limit. I can’t reach a higher level with this.”

“…… Higher? What do you mean?”

Guren asked. Mahiru raised the sword with her right hand and said.

Her eyes narrowed slightly,

“As I said, higher.”

Then, she struck her sword down.

The sword immediately emitted a black light. A normal sword would just break if it was struck down like that.

Then, the ground suddenly split. The ground was divided into the two. The crack had extended all the way to the other side of the smoke.

This power can’t be regarded as human.

If Mahiru had actually used her real power the first time, I’m sure I would have been dead.

Mahiru looked at Guren and smiled.

“Ah, are you scared? This weapon is called «Kiju»*. This is pretty powerful, isn’t it? This is created from combining the Hiiragi and «Hyakuya Church» incantations. It allows me to enter into a contract with the «Demon» that has so far eluded us……”

Guren had already heard enough.

Guren had heard about «Kiju».

The so-called «Kiju» is the most difficult to use amongst all the spells.

It can directly call upon the soul of a Shinki* or Kokki* and then seal it into an artefact, such as a weapon.

The seal can be a number of weapons.



Bow and arrow among others.

The weapon that seals the «Demon» has to go through years of sacrifice and purification to be able to be used.

However, all this is only theory, modern science hasn’t been able to realise this yet.

No, even if it is possible to achieve this, it would take tens of millions of human trials.

With the current incantations, the «Demon» cannot be completely sealed in a weapon, the weapon’s user would be occupied by the «Demon» leading to disaster.

Then, once they become devoured by the «Demon», all rationality, memory, everything will be lost, and they will just become cannibals that will only get pleasure from eating humans.

There, this is called the «Kiju» incantation. At least in the Ichinose House, this type of research is banned. Of course, the Ichinose House does not have enough technical and financial resources to study it anyway.

And here she is holding the sealed «Kiju» weapon.

But she still looks like a human.

Guren asked.

“…… So you have completed the «Kiju»?”

Majiru laughed after hearing this and replied.

“Ah, are you interested? In this new powerful weapon?”

“Just answer me.”

“Aha, alright.”

Mahiru raised her sword and said.

“I guess I can say that it’s almost done. But, Guren. Even with just this, I’m already undefeatable, right?”


“Even the Hiiragi House or anyone else can’t defeat it.”


“Even the vampires who view humans as livestock, I can also kill them all. If I can complete this, as long as I can complete this……”

This time, Guren replied.

“Ha, you’ve gone mad. Because of this, you’re willing to sacrifice others? Because of this experiment, how many have become offerings?

Hearing this, Mahiru looked at Guren and said.

“Ah, aren’t you being a bit hypocritical? As if you have never made any similar sacrifices…… You have got to be kidding? In order to get this strong, I think you must have also given up something.”


“Wasn’t this what we agreed to that day? Under the blue sky, on the green grass. How can you protect something if you don’t have power? Even the people you care about, you cannot protect. Even the important things, you cannot protect. That’s why you need power. Me too, you too……. Right, Guren?”

Then, she reached out her hand to Guren.

And said.

“Why don’t you come with me? If you do, you can also become this powerful. With me together, to make this power complete……. To make it…… complete.”

Then suddenly her words were interrupted.

Mahiru suddenly clutched her chest in pain.

Her tone had changed.

It became tender and tearful.

“Don’t… don’t come here, Guren. I’m already…… I’m already swallowed by the…… «Kiju». It, it was a failure…… I, I’m already, not…… shut up, shut up! I’m not swallowed up yet! I still have a lot more power…… A whole lot more power……”

She was talking chaotically.

Suddenly, Mahiru’s right hand shook.

It started to tremble and shake.

Then, from her black blade, a black object appeared and moved towards Mahiru’s arm.

It was like a curse.

Almost wanting to curse Mahiru herself, the blade began to erode her real arm. Then the wrist started to become deformed. Her fingernails grew longer, almost as if turning her into a monster.

“Oh! This is not good.”

Standing at the side, Saitou called out.

He released his chain again and wrapped it around Mahiru’s wrist.

“Oops, you’ve dawdled too long. Let’s call it a day, Mahiru-san. You still can’t use this weapon for a long time.”

After hearing this, Mahiru’s expression on her face recovered.

She returned to her calm face.

“…… Eh, that’s right. Let’s go back.”

But this time Guren glared at Saitou.

“Bastard, what have you done with Mahiru?”

He asked Saitou.

“If you really want to understand, then you should join «Hyakuya Church».”

But Guren dismissed it.

“I’m asking you, what the hell did you do to Mahiru!?”

Guren sped towards Saitou. He raised his crimson red sword, wanting to cut down Saitou.

But, Mahiru blocked it.

She stood in front of Saitou, holding up her black sword.

The crimson blade and the jet black blade instantly attacked each other.

But this time, there wasn’t a sound of clashing metal.

Guren’s sword, Kujakumaru, broke.

The blade with the «Kiju» curse placed upon it stopped just before it struck Guren’s neck.

Obviously, Guren’s head would have been cut off, but Mahiru stopped the sword and said.

“Let’s call this even. Because you didn’t kill me just now. Even though if you had pierced my heart, I still wouldn’t die.”

What is she saying?

Even if I pierce her heart, she won’t die? ——That’s not human at all.

However, Guren looked down at the sword pointed at his neck.

“…… Even if you cut off my neck, I also won’t die.”

“Ahaha. That’s impossible. Because you are still human. But, Guren, you’re still so interesting.”

“I am not interesting.”

“Fufufu. Ne, Guren.”


“I really like you.”

Then she hugged Guren. She straightened her back, with her hands clasped around Guren’s neck. She was so close to him that her breathing and heartbeat could be heard clearly.

This sound, it’s exactly the same as before.

Lying on the grass.

Looking up at the sky.

However, the situation is completely different.

It has become annoyingly completely different.

Mahiru let go of Guren.

She stared at him and asked,

“I’m going to ask you again, Guren. Do you want to come together with me?”

Guren replied.


“You will gain more power.”

“Not interested.”

“Ahaha. It looks like Guren really hates me now.”

She sounded a little sad.

However, Guren replied,

“That’s not the problem. The power I seek is not the same as yours.”



“Alright…… But when did we become this different?”

The answer was impossible to find out. Because it had been ten years. In the last ten years, two people both have experienced many things. Maybe in those ten years, some things happened that changed the course of the future forever.

Whether a happy or sad thing, it would be impossible to find out.

But, at least Mahiru appeared really sad.

She said.

“….. Hey Guren, I’ll let you in on a secret.”

Saitou reacted nervously.

“Mahiru-san. That matter……”

“This year at Christmas, the world will experience a disaster.”


“The horn of the apocalypse will sound and the virus will spread. The world will definitely need more power than what it has now. That way, you will be sure…… you will be sure to need me. Until that time comes, farewell.”

“Mahiru, you, what are you saying……?”

But Mahiru didn’t want to answer any more questions. She tiptoed and twirled backwards.

She smiled sweetly, and again,

“I like you, Guren.”

She said.

“This is my true feeling. So, I will always wait…… always wait for the day you need me again.”

Then, she disappeared into the other side of the smoke.

Saitou looked a little tired.

“Looks like the plan was disrupted quite a bit. But, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Ah, if you still want to get in touch with «Hyakuya Church», then you can speak with the Director of the orphanage where that boy you saw that day was from. Hyakuya Orphanage——you know the place right?”


“You can contact me that way. Alright, I shall take my leave now.”

With that, Saitou left.

There was only Guren left in the smoke.

He stared at the smoke where Mahiru had disappeared into. She was already long gone, but he continued to stare straight on. Then he looked at his hands that held his broken blade.

The blade of the Kujakumaru was forged by powerful incantations made from the birth of the Vidya-Raja. It was definitely not the type of blade to be so easily broken like that.


“It ended up breaking into two…… what on earth is that power?”

Guren muttered in shock.

No, to be honest, he still hadn’t figured what exactly had just happened.

What the hell is Mahiru planning?

Looks like something will happen on Christmas Day.

The «Kiju» weapon is really powerful.

Its power is really unfathomable.

“Shit, this really pisses me off.”

Guren frowned like a dissatisfied child.

The smoke was beginning to dissipate. It seemed that a spell was used to keep up the smoke cover.

So the «Hyakuya Church» troops had also retreated as the smoke disappeared.



The disappearance of the smoke had revealed the situation before him, it was really like hell.

The vast practice ground was filled with the stains of blood.

Injured students.

A girl who was crying by herself.

A boy who was standing, lost.

Another boy who was performing CPR on a corpse who had been dead for a long time.

The bodies of students.

The bodies of teachers.

It was a sea of blood.

There were no corpses with black suits in sight. The students who constantly teased Guren couldn’t even defeat the assassins from «Hyakuya Church».

Or «Hyakuya Church» did not leave any corpses behind to be identified.

But whatever it was, this battle fought on the Hiiragi home front was a complete defeat.

Because the Hiiragi House did not even know the true aims of their enemy and still let all their enemies escape. It was a sad sight.

“…… Those people really have a lot to deal with……”

Then Guren heard a female voice.

“You, you……. You’re still alive?”

He turned his head. It was Juujou Mito. But, she was all covered in blood.

Though it wasn’t sure whether it was her blood or the blood of others.

Guren looked at Mito and said.

“The blood on your body……”

Isn’t yours right?

Was what Guren wanted to say, but Mito ignored his words and ran towards him. Not knowing why, but she started crying in Guren’s arms.

“That’s, that’s really great! It’s great that you’re still alive!”

Mito yelled out. Her whole body was shaking. Her weak body kept trembling.

“Every, everyone is dead…… I tried desperately to save them but…… everyone, everyone……”

Guren didn’t know how to reply. He felt very awkward. Then in order to let Mito calm down, he gently hugged her shoulders.

Mito calmed down a little. So Guren asked.

“Calm down. Then answer my question.”


“Are you injured? It could be that you’re in a state of shock that you don’t notice the pain.”

Mito shook her head.

“No, no, I’m fine. I didn’t get hurt badly.”

“Good. Then that’s good.”

“But, but, everyone…… all the students…… and myself……. I also…… If you hadn’t pushed me aside, then I would also have been blown apart by the explosion.”

Saying this, her face became distorted with fear. She was still in a deep embrace in Guren’s arms.

At this time,

“I say, when did you two become this close?”

A surprised voice.

It was Goshi.

They looked towards the direction of the voice. There was a blood man standing there watching with a cynical look on his face.

Mito saw him and,

“Goshi! You’re still alive!”

Mito exclaimed excitedly.

Goshi opened up his arms and said,

“Ah, so this is how you get to be so close to the girls? Then, come here, come here.”

Goshi said this but for some reason, Mito didn’t throw herself into Goshi’s arms.

Goshi looked at Guren, unsatisfied.

“This is really unfair treatment. What do you think of it, Guren?”

“Hmph. I’m more suspicious by the fact that you’re suddenly on first name basis with me.”

“Naaah, well~ nothing much. If you hadn’t saved me just now, I would already be dead. So you’re sort of like my saviour.”

“Then you call all your saviours by their first names?”

“Because you have so few friends, shouldn’t you be happy about it?”

“Go and die.”

“Ahaha. Alright, I won’t joke around. Now the situation has really become ridiculous.”

Goshi looked around him.

He could see the bodies of all his schoolmates.

All of them covered in blood.

Although the main troops from『Mikado no Oni』had arrived and began rescuing the wounded, but the practice ground was still in chaos.

“Who would have thought that this would happen in the middle of Shibuya?”

Goshi asked. Then turned to face Guren.

“Hey, you’ve always said you were really weak, and yet you still survived?”

Suddenly, Mito left Guren’s embrace and nodded her head.

“How on earth did you dodge that black suit’s chains?”

It seems that the guys from «Hyakuya Church» were also attacking wantonly outside the smoke screen.

Guren replied.

“….. Ah~ that, that’s because…… I was squatting down the whole time.”



Both Mito and Goshi said at the same time.

Then Guren began to explain.

“So as I was saying, I was squatting the whole time and didn’t move at all, before I knew it, it was over.”

Mito looked at Guren with a look of shock on her face, then she turned to Goshi before bursting into laughter.

“Are you seriously……”

“Even then, this guy still could sense the first explosion.”

Guren shrugged his shoulders,

“I saw it because I just happened to look up at the sky.”

Both Goshi and Mito laughed at his explanation.

But their laughter was not one of contempt. Maybe it was because the adrenaline had died down that they were now relaxed enough to be able to laugh.

They laughed until they wanted to cry, then stopped.

Goshi looked at all the injured students around him and said.

“…… But, this is really not the time to laugh.”

Mito nodded her head.


“We may take a moment of silence for our fallen classmates, but we can’t remain docile.”

“…… Mm.”

“We have to take revenge for them.”

Goshi said. And Mito once again,


And nodded her head.

Guren looked at these two, deep in thought.

Revenge? ——But who on earth is the target of their revenge?

«Hyakuya Church»?

Or the one who caused all this, Mahiru?

Then suddenly, Guren thought of a younger Mahiru.

Thinking about his childhood, it was as though he could smile without a care in the world.

——Ne, Guren.

She always happily called out his name.

——So…… Can we……. Can we get married?

She asked cheerfully.

——So that we can be together forever, like how we are now?

Guren raised his head.

Standing in the middle of the blood-soaked practice ground, he looked up and saw the usual blue, cloudless sky.

However, his mood had already spiralled down.

Feeling as though he was stifled by depressive feelings.


Someone called out to him.

It was Shinya.

That guy is still alive.

Guren looked at Shinya.

Shinya was soaked in blood. He looked at Guren sullenly and said.

“Mahiru…… Mahiru is gone.”


“It seems she was taken away.”

Even though he knows that the true traitor is Mahiru, he still doesn’t say it. It must mean that he really hates the Hiiragi House. It looks like he is serious about defeating the Hiiragi House.


“So, what are you going to do now?”

Guren didn’t know how to reply to this question. So many things had happened. He had no energy to explain himself.

So Guren replied.

“Why do you have to inform me about the matters of your fiancé, Mahiru-sama?”

Shinya’s eyes widened in shock. Then he noticed that Mito and Goshi were standing next to Guren, so he changed his expression, as if asking Guren whether he was planning to keep up this charade.

“…… You.”

He opened his mouth, then Guren laughed in reply.

“Are you angry?”

“…… You should really stop this if I already know.”

“Haha. No, but I’m very tired. Let’s talk about it later.”

Shinya stared at Guren.

“Is there still time later?”

Guren pointed to all the corpses on the ground.

“’Is there still time?’ I think we’re already too late.”

No, we need to attack the enemy head on, but we will need time to prepare. We need to consider every strategy and gather all the intelligence in order to be fully prepared.

Regarding this, we’re already way behind «Hyakuya Church» and Mahiru who had already long completed their preparations.

Shinya nodded his head.

“If that’s what you believe, then alright.”

And said.

Shinya turned around and walked off.

This time, Goshi,

“What was that about?”

At this, Guren cocked his head.

“Who knows what?”

“I’m talking about Mahiru-sama getting captured. Is it true? Would there be any danger?”

Goshi opened his mouth to speak, but Guren was already unable to listen.

The sky was blue.

It was an absolute vastness of blue.

The wind was slowly blowing in the clouds.

Guren looked up,

“The war…… it has already started.”

He said emotionlessly, just a faint whisper.

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