Owari no Seraph - Volume 2 - Chapter 1

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Volume 2 Chapter 1 – A Lion in Hiding

The sun was slowly becoming glaring.

The start of summer.


Ichinose Guren wore his collared uniform, in a bad mood, he unclasped his top collar button,

“…… It’s so hot.”

And complained quietly.

The location was the exercise field of First Shibuya High School.

Guren squinted his eyes to shield himself from the glaring sun and looked up.

Standing in front of him was a girl with red hair with a strong aura who was screeching at him.

“Hey you rebel, what are you looking around for?”

Piercing eyes, pale skin. Her sailor uniform showed off her slender waist.

Juujou Mito.

In an instant, she shortened the distance between herself and Guren. And,


With a loud roar, her fists attacked.

This was a record. Most students wouldn’t be able to react to this speed.

For Guren, he could easily dodge her attack.


But he pretended not to notice,

“Hm? What is it?”

And didn’t react to it.

But Mito’s fist stopped just right before Guren’s face. She glared at him and said.

“What is this? Completely no reaction, Guren? Are you sure you’re fit to be the next head of the Ichinose House?”

She asked.

Guren looked at Mito and replied.


“Seriously, if someone like you becomes the head, it will only encourage other people to mock you!”

Looking at Mito’s provocative expression, Guren shrugged and said.

“Ah yes, I’m just a good for nothing from the Ichinose House. It’s only because of my bloodline that I’m able to become the next foolish head.”

That was a complete lie.

In fact, from birth, Guren had been entrusted into the care of the religious organisation『Mikado no Tsuki』which the Ichinose House belongs to, and had always carried through those annoying expectations.

When he was born, Guren’s ability for sorcery was lacking but he had the advantage of physical ability——he had to improve his skills in order to one day defeat the 『Mikado no Oni』——this was what he had been instilled with.

This was why Hiiragi House of 『Mikado no Oni』 had been ignorant of Guren’s existence. The Ichinose House had taken great pains to hide this fact. Even until today, no one knew the real power of the Head of the Ichinose House.

Of course, even if his power was not deliberately concealed, the Hiiragi House has absolutely no concern over Guren.

The weak, powerless branch family was not even worth mentioning.

Guren smiled sheepishly. Mito seeing this opened her mouth.

“Do you know what a person who smiles like that even after being humiliated is called?”

“No idea.”


Guren laughed at her words.

“So you’re planning to call me this every day?”

Mito clenched her fist again. Her speed was not fast. But Guren still pretended not to notice it.

Her fist hit Guren’s left shoulder.

The pain spread throughout his shoulder.

Guren wanted to put on a pained expression, but would it look too fake? Thinking about this, he hesitated a little.

While he hesitated,

“…… So why on earth are you smiling? Being ridiculed like that, don’t you have any shame?”

Mito asked angrily.

Guren didn’t reply.


Actually, there is nothing to regret.

Truthfully, I still don’t have enough power to defeat the Hiiragi House, so I have no choice but to be ridiculed.

Of course this sounds very extreme. But, to show even half my strength and to be praised for it, what’s the use of that as well?

Mito opened her mouth.

“So you don’t even want get stronger?”


“Do you actually want to be looked down upon?”


“Can you seriously even call yourself a man?”

Mito interrogated him continuously.

The other students on the exercise field have all stopped.

A few of them looked on with contempt while they laughed at Guren.

Since being admitted in April, the situation still has not changed. I am just a piece of worthless trash from the Ichinose House.

This was Guren’s position.

But daughter of the Juujou House, loyal to the Hiiragi House, Mito,

“…… Alright come with me, be a bit more serious. I’ll help you with your training.”

And said to him.

Guren looked at Mito, a bit troubled, and thought to himself.

It really was a mistake to save her life. I just pretended it was just a stroke of luck, but I never thought she would be this grateful, and she’s becoming closer to me.

Guren replied.

“Oi, Mito.”

Hearing this, Mito immediately raised her fist rather aggressively, a cute smile formed on her face.

“Ha, so you’ve finally become a little more energetic…..”

But she was interrupted,

“You’ve been talking to me nonstop, does this mean you’re in love with me?”

And heard what Guren had just said.

Mito widened her eyes. Her cheeks burning up, and then,

“Wha, whawhawhawhawhat what on earth are you saying!?”

Her face had become very angry.

Guren continued.

“What? Am I wrong?”

“Of course you’re wrong! The daughter of the famous Juujou House, how on earth can I fall for someone from the Ichinose House……”

“Then why are you still pestering me?”

“It’s, it’s because when I look at your face, I get so upset!”

“Heh, you’re really so nosy.”

“What? Your attitude……”

Guren opened his mouth to interrupt her,

“You’re really annoying.”

And then,


It looked like Mito had been hit from her expression. Maybe it was sadness, maybe it was loneliness.

But Guren does not stop.

“I don’t want to become strong. And I hate working hard. So you and your natural genius classmates should just become strong on your own together. If you stick around with trash like me, you’ll become their rival.”

Mito glared at Guren,

“…… I see. I’m really stupid to have expected more of you.”

“Ah, yep.”

“Besides, the trash from Ichinose House is really trash after all.”

“Since you finally understand, please leave me alone……”

Hearing this, Mito stepped forward and raised her fist again. Guren could see what was coming to him clearly.

But he didn’t move.

Then her fist hit Guren squarely on his left cheek.


With a shout, Guren went flying in the direction of the hit.

Across the road, Mito shouted.

“…… I don’t ever want to talk to trash like you again, you hear me! Don’t even come find me!”

Mito walked away angrily.

Guren stared at her back as she walks off, and then,

“Ah…… really so troublesome.”

He sighed and looked up at the sky.

There was another annoying guy at the side, secretly looking on.

Goshi Noborito.

This guy has a reputation for hating me, so I don’t know why he’s always hanging around.

Goshi opened his mouth to speak.

“Aah aah, you’ve made her angry. That was really cruel, Guren.”

“What are you talking about?”

“This is how it is. Mito, she… She’s been working really hard so that the person who saved her doesn’t get bullied as much.”

“Who asked her to be so nosy?”

Goshi laughed,

“Ah, I also hate putting in effort, so I can understand this point~”

Guren got up and snorted at Goshi’s words.

“Ha, for someone who hates hard work, how I become strong like you?”

“Nope, nope. ‘You’re born into the Goshi House’, I was simply just forced by my parents to work hard. I suppose it’s the same for you?”

Goshi said while laughing.

“So what you’re saying is I can be strong if I just put in effort every now and then? You really make people angry with your words. Don’t you know that no matter how much effort is put in, ordinary people can’t be helped?”

Goshi looked at him,

“Ah, sounds like you have tried.”


“I’ve tried but failed, so I just gave up and ran away from it all.”

Guren replied.

His words were half true.

Up till now, I’ve been desperately trying. Frantically, desperately trying. And up till now, still nothing.

Still not able to defeat the Hiiragi House.

Unable to stop Mahiru from being consumed by power, unable to stop her from being deluded by 《Hyakuya Church》.

I can’t save anyone if I have no power.

So I haven’t achieved anything. And I never ever thought about just running away from it.

I never wanted anyone to understand how I really feel.

Goshi said,

“But ah, Guren. Escaping only brings you pain eh?”

“Haha, so you’re lecturing me now? Don’t make me laugh.”

“Nope, I’m not lecturing you.”

“You’re really annoying, aren’t you?”

Goshi laughed again.

“Haha, forget it, since your reaction is like this…… But no matter what, you have my thanks for saving my life…… And since we still have to see each other in school for three more years. When you graduate, you should have a little more power, and you’ll thank Mito and I……”

“If you really want to repay me, then leave me alone. I don’t have a need for such friends.”

Faced with Guren’s refusal, Goshi laughed,

“…… Haha, I’ve also been through this phase. The complaints of being born into a noble house. To be honest, I’m tired of hearing it.”

His tone seemed to imply he knew everything.

I don’t know what this guy who’s been born into this noble house has experienced. But I don’t really care to find out.

So Guren showed an uninterested expression.

Not expecting Goshi to laugh,

“Forget it, let’s just get along since we are classmates.”

Then turned around and walks off.

Guren looked at Goshi as he walked away, then, when both Goshi and Mito had left, the other students started yelling out.

“Oi, the trash from Ichinose House, are you slacking off?”

“Get up, be our opponent this time. We’ll fix you up.”

Guren was surrounded by them.

Guren looked around and muttered.

“…… Seriously, these guys are still easier to deal with.”

Mindful of this, Guren smiled.

The number of students are different from when school started.

This is of course expected. In April, Shibuya First High School was attacked by an unknown religious and more than half of its students were killed.

Many first years who were not strong enough died. The school originally had 600 students, now there is only 180 left.

The number of classes also reduced to five. Half his classmates have changed——but it doesn’t matter because I don’t even remember the faces of these people, so it’s alright.

Despite the change in classmates, the『Mikado no Oni』students are still doing the same thing.

Still teasing the branch Ichinose House, boasting they are superior, and worshipping the Hiiragi House.

“Oi, are you deaf, trash?”

A student walked up to Guren and kicked him hard in the chest.

But Guren didn’t move.


He groaned loudly at them.

The students all laughed.

Then towards the end,

“Oi oi, if you want to bully the weak, then you shouldn’t touch them. You might catch the Ichinose House germs if you’re not careful.”

A voice appeared.

An unnaturally clear voice.

Guren looked in the direction of the voice

But the other students reacted faster.

“Ah, Shinya-sama!?”

The girls screamed out.

Where the girls were staring at stood a man.

A man belonging to the most privileged class.

Hiiragi Shinya.

Snow white hair. Collared uniform. A perfect smile on his lip, a sharp look on his face.

Those eyes looked straight at Guren and said.

“Let me do the job of bullying this piece of trash, everyone else go concentrate on your own training.”

With those words, the students dispersed from Guren’s side.

Here, this is the place.

A place that will decide everything.

This is the place where any command given by the Hiiragi House, the ones who rule 『Mikado no Oni』, will have to be obeyed without complaints even if it means sacrificing your life.

As for the recent attacks here, there were hundreds of fifteen- to sixteen-year-old deaths.

A massacre that occurred in the middle of Shibuya.

Yet there was no mention of it in the news.

『Mikado no Oni』immediately issued a gag order in order to reassure everyone and stated that they had already punished the criminals who started the attack——this is untrue.

In this regard, the students just have to believe and not question, this is what they have been taught.

Guren looked at Shinya whose presence caused the other students to disperse like spiders coming out from the larvae and quipped.

“…… Here we go, as always what astonishing power, obviously since you’re the adopted son.”

That’s right. This man called Hiiragi Shinya, actually doesn’t have the Hiiragi blood flowing in him.

From birth, in order to ensure an excellent heir for the Hiiragi House, he has been trained from young, like a stud horse.

And the woman he was meant to marry in order for him to inherit the Hiiragi blood——Mahiru.

That was what was meant to be happen, before Mahiru disappeared.


Shinya walked to Guren’s side, looked down at him and said.

“You’re always pretending when you get bullied eh~”

Guren laughed.

“Ah, and who called me trash?”

“Haha…… you’re only able to endure it because you’re so strong like a monster.”

“…… I was born very patient. I’m different to those brats who like to boast of their strength.”

“Who do you mean?”

“You, of course.”

Shinya looked at Guren and laughed.

“Aha. That’s a really lousy provocation.”

“Not provocation, it’s a fact.”

Saying that, Guren stood up and looked at Shinya.

Our heights were about the same. Similar physiques as well. It must be that Shinya has outstanding talent in sorcery. Otherwise, I might have been chosen to be Mahiru’s fiancé.

Then, how will he fare against me?


Guren thought about this.

I haven’t fought seriously with him, so if it came down to that, will I be able to win?

Guren thought about this as he spoke.

“So, what of it? Why do you bother talking to me? If you really hate the Hiiragi House and want to get rid of them, then don’t bother me and just go do your own thing to your heart’s content.”

Shinya was still smiling as he replied.

“I’m saying your attitude is really not too easy-going. Why don’t we find a café and talk about future plans as we drink some red tea……”

But he was interrupted,


“I knew you would say that.”

Shinya laughed.

But Guren ignored him.

“I have no interest in your fantasy. Get lost.”

“Ahh, then, shall we exchange information?”

“Ah? You have some valuable information?”

“Only after I’ve mentioned this, then you change your mind. Forget it, actually I don’t have any information that might interest you…….”

“Then you better get lost.”

“Alright, alright, take it easy. I’ll tell you what the Hiiragi House plans to do.”

Shinya suddenly blurted.

It must be regarding the attack in April, about how 『Mikado no Oni』plans to deal with that.

The ones who instigated the attack 《Hyakuya Church》invited me to join them, so I knew the identity of the enemy, but it seemed that the Hiiragi House knew nothing of this when they attacked.

Of course, it’s already been more than a month, who knew what the Hiiragi House have come up with in their investigations.

“…… So what’s the progress with their investigations?”

Shinya replied.

“They have already figured out the identity of the enemy.”

“《Hyakuya Church》?”

“Yes. Things have gotten complicated. It seems that behind the scenes the two most powerful religious organisations have already started a war. The whole country might end up becoming completely destroyed.”

Faced with this information, Guren was only concerned about what happens after.

“It doesn’t matter what you think. Continue.”

Originally, the Ichinose House was in favour of war. In the midst of the battle between these two, even the branch family in charge of the weak 《Mikado no Tsuki》 may be able to find an opportunity.

Of course, Shinya had already figured Guren’s way of thinking, and he should also want to make use of this opportunity. But in the end, Shinya’s ambitions regarding his revenge against the Hiiragi House was still unclear.

Guren asked.


Shinya laughed and said.

“I’ve already given you a report, aren’t you going to tell me something in return?”

“Not possible.”

“Ahaha, so you’re saying my report wasn’t enough?”

“I’m not the same as the idiot whose motive is still unclear and just blurts out any information.”

Hearing this, Shinya asked.

“And by idiot you mean?”

“You, of course.”


Shinya continued laughing.

“Then, do I need to disclose more information in order to win your trust?”


Guren silently observed Shinya.

Shinya was the first to speak.

“Internal investigations have already begun.”

Guren nodded.

“Of course. To organise such an attack, it’s not possible without the help of an insider. But, specifically this means……”

“Yes, they still haven’t discovered that Mahiru was the traitor. They still treat her like the head of the family, and her father Hiiragi Tenri-sama also believes in her.”


“She has more potential than the current Third Year Representative Hiiragi Kureto——everyone is looking forward to it.”

Guren laughed when he heard this.

“Naturally, as her fiancé, you must be very proud.”

Shinya just shrugged at Guren’s sarcastic tone and said.

“Isn’t she your ex-girlfriend?”

“That was such a long time ago. I’ve already forgotten about it.”

“Mahiru was always talking about you.”

“Ah, so? You’re jealous?”

Then, Shinya,

“Haha, actually, I am a little.”

And replied.

Guren looked at Shinya. Shinya was still smiling and it was difficult to read his true feelings.

“The internal investigations is being organised by the Student President Hiiragi Kureto. You’ve probably already been red flagged.”

Guren heard Shinya and replied.

“But why? I’ve been desperately pretending to be a useless piece of trash.”

“Aha, but you have a motive, right?”


“At this school, the number one outsider who hates the Hiiragi House the most is……”

“Ichinose House?”


“Then, my subordinates……”

Guren was worried about Shigure and Sayuri’s safety.

Shigure and Sayuri were transferred to the class next door because of the number of classes that were cut.

Shinya replied.

“But you’re still the first one they suspect. Shigure and Sayuri’s powers have already been revealed. From the sorcery selection examinations, you can tell that they do not possess that kind of capacity.”

“Then, surely mine is much lower than theirs?”

“No no, I’ve secretly looked at your evaluation……. ‘He could not have possibly survived due to his level of incompetence’——That was what was reported. So that’s why you are suspected. In fact, you’re being observed right at this moment. Do you realise it?”

At his question, Guren replied.

“Monitoring is already so commonplace here. So, from which side?”

“The school building. Year 3 Class 1 window. But don’t look directly. Otherwise, he’ll notice.”

I’m not that stupid.

From young, I’ve been careful enough not to be noticed by the Hiiragi House, that’s how I have survived.

So that was why Guren pretended to stretch his neck. In that moment, he glanced over at the window that Shinya mentioned.

There was a man standing there.

Even though I’m aware that I’m being watched, I still don’t feel his presence. If Shinya hadn’t mentioned it to me, I wouldn’t have noticed at all.

Black hair, cold measured eyes.

In order to avoid his gaze, Guren turned his back toward him and asked.

“…… That’s the School President?”

“Yes. Third Year. Hiiragi Kureto.  He and Mahiru have been fighting to determine the next head of the Hiiragi House.”

“Mm. Is he strong?”

“…… If I fought against him, I would lose.”

“Hmph. Then I’m surely stronger.”

“Hahaha…… then I hope so too.”

Shinya laughed again.

Sure enough, I still don’t feel his presence. But I know for sure, he is there. As if he can see through me. As if he can see through my real power.

As if he can see through my motive.

“Then, Guren……”

Shinya said.


“You need to beat me up.”


“Because I’ve been noticed. If you don’t want others to suspect that there might be something between us, then you need to seriously hit……”

Before Guren finished, he already aimed his fist at Shinya.

But his action was too dull.

Shinya looked impatiently and caught his fist.

“Too slow, Ichinose trash.”

Shinya smiled in return. Guren who had already lost his balance had his face swiftly kicked by Shinya——

“…… Not just a good hit, but a kick too……”



Guren let out a groan.

And fell backwards.

The students were all laughing.

As always, it was amusing to them.

The look of a weak, pathetic piece of trash.

However, with this performance,

“…… Can I convince the great School President?”

Guren muttered quietly before falling in the middle of the exercise field.

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