Owari no Seraph - Volume 2 - Chapter 2

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Volume 2 Chapter 2 – Hiiragi Shinoa

 On the way home from school.

“Guren-sama! Guren-sama! Did something happen today!?”


“Seriously, I’ve been worried every day since coming to this school. I can’t stop worrying about something bad happening to Guren-sama when I’m not around and what would happen if Guren-sama runs into something terrible.”


“Of course, whether it’s Guren-sama’s power or knowledge, I know worrying about it all is out of my depth, but as Guren-sama’s attendant, I can’t always be around to serve Guren-sama——“

Attendant Hanayori Sayuri was still going on and on about it.

A fifteen-year-old girl wearing a sailor uniform. About 160 centimetres in height. She had brown hair, even though she talked a little bit too much, her face was surprisingly beautiful.

Guren looked at Sayuri and wanted to tell her that she was talking too much, but in the end only let out a sigh.

Suddenly, Sayuri appeared to understand his feelings, her face all flustered.

“S—so, it looks like something terrible happened again when I wasn’t there!”

“Nothing of that sort!”

Guren subconsciously raised his voice.

But Sayuri didn’t stop.

“But, but, just now, you sighed…… You looked really tired and heaved a big sigh!”

“That’s because of your nonstop jabbering!”


Sayuri raised both her hands and gave a ridiculously loud shout.

Seriously, so noisy.

Then as usual, Sayuri sadly took a few steps back, walking behind with Yukimi Shigure and spoke to her.

“…… Uuuuuuh, Yuki-chan, Guren-sama thinks I talk too much.”

Then Shigure raised her head to look at Sayuri. Her height was under 150 centimetres, Guren knew that she had already stopped growing. The calm and composed girl also wore a sailor uniform.

This time, this girl spoke.

“Aren’t you this noisy every day?”


“I also think you’re very noisy.”


“Hey Sayuri, aren’t you enjoying this?”

Sayuri was still holding her hands,


And smiled.

Shigure let out a sigh, and she looked at Guren with her expressionless face.

“But, I feel the same as Sayuri who worries every day. Even though the number of classes have been cut and we’ve been transferred to the class next to yours because of the April attacks, the fact is we still don’t know what happens to Guren-sama in class.”

Sayuri had a look of “yes that’s it!” on her face and nodded.

Shigure continued.

“So, please tell us even just once today. That bruise on your face, who did that to you?”

Hearing that, Guren lightly touched his cheek. Where Shinya had kicked him.


“It’s nothing. Hiiragi Shinya was just helping me out.”

Upon hearing this, Shigure had a smile on her face that seemed to say “aah so this was what happened!”.

“…… That, Hiiragi scum. I will kill him. Let’s go Sayuri.”


“Don’t just say yes!”

Guren restrained the pair of them.

Then impatiently told them.

“This. Is. Why. I don’t want to tell you anything.”

“But with Shinya’s strength, even though he was pretending to hurt you, you’re still injured……”

Guren continued his explanation.

“No, it was because someone else was watching so we had no choice.”


“Mm. Seems like I’ve caught the attention of the School President.”

The two attendants looked at each other, and Sayuri spoke.

“Hiiragi Kureto?”

“You know him?”

This time Shigure answered.

“I only know his name….. Reports on Hiiragi House are very secretive so it was hard to investigate, but since entering this school, I’ve heard his name several times. He and Mahiru are tied for first place in school academic ranking, and he has maintained a high level of performance ever since. In summary, he is tough, smart, cool, and there are rumours that he will be the next head of the Hiiragi House.”

So she said.


Guren narrowed his eyes.

I recall the Kureto I saw not too long ago. Even though it was only a glance. But, indeed, even he had such a presence. No, you could also say he had no presence at all.

It seems he is quite good at hiding his real power.

Sayuri spoke.

“But, I don’t believe there is anyone in Hiiragi House who could match up to Guren-sama!”

Shigure also agreed.

“Of course.”

Both of them looked serious.

Compared to the people of Japan’s number one and two religious organisations, Guren was better——without any doubt.

No, it should be said that all those who belong to『Mikado no Tsuki』have pinned their hopes and expectations on Guren.


“…… Hmph.”

Guren could not deny. He had already accepted all of their expectations.

So he just sighed and put on a bored expression.

“…… But, if I can’t even meet your small expectation, then I really have no value in my existence.”

And then laughed.

But Sayuri did not know why,

“…… Ah.”

Her face showing a hint of regret and couldn’t bear to look at Guren.

Guren continued to walk ahead.

At the same time, he was finishing analysing the situation in his mind.

·         Regarding the secret war between 《Hyakuya Church》and『Mikado no Oni』.

·         Regarding Mahiru betraying the Hiiragi House and joining 《Hyakuya Church》, carrying out weapons research on the banned technique 《Kiju》 to surpass human limitations.

·         Also regarding 《Hyakuya Church》, the enemy of 『Mikado no Oni』, but yet the war still has not been disclosed to the public.


Guren thought of what Mahiru had told him.

『…… Hey Guren, I’ll let you in on a secret. 』

When she uttered these words, Saitou, the assassin from《Hyakuya Church》, let out a rare display of anxiety.

Guren still didn’t know whether this was a trap, or whether Mahiru really told him a secret that shouldn’t have been divulged.

Then, Guren remembered what else Mahiru had said.

『This year at Christmas, the world will experience a disaster.』

Mahiru said these words.

『The horn of the apocalypse will sound and the virus will spread. The world will definitely need more power than what it has now. That way, you will be sure…… you will be sure to need me. Until that time comes, farewell. 』

Guren didn’t understand what she really meant by this.

Of course, the words themselves are understandable.


——Spread of the virus, destruction of the world.


Actually, it is very simple.


“Because of the virus, the world will be destroyed? Does it mean 《Hyakuya Church》 will carry out a virus attack?”

But, I can’t understand why 《Hyakuya Church》 would want to do this. 《Hyakuya Church》 is already the country’s biggest religious organisation. They have a lot of power in matters of the country, you could even say that right now in this world——《Hyakuya Church》wanted to destroy the political system.

Even if only《Hyakuya Church》has the vaccine, taking advantage of this to spread the virus around the world——to think that someone with such ambitions exist,

“Control the world? What a foolish dream, can it even really happen?”

But that was what Mahiru said.

With a sincere expression as well.

The world will be destroyed because of this virus.

And it will be on this Christmas day.

Now it’s already June, there are only six more months till the destruction of the world.


Also, the phrase ‘horn of the apocalypse’ is from the famous religious text 《Revelations》, the horn of destruction will be sounded by 《Seven Angels》, or perhaps alluding to something similar, I can’t be sure.




“If the world only has six more months left, then it is really too calm now.”

Guren thought about these uncertain words and smiled as he looked up towards the sky.

It was almost the rainy season, but it still hasn’t rained.

It was so clear that it was unnerving.

Guren stared at the sky,

“…… Rather than attacking after the enemy has struck, would it be better to discuss matters with《Hyakuya Church》……?”

He muttered quietly.

Even if I didn’t contact 《Hyakuya Church》, the Hiiragi House has also suspected that I’m the traitor.

But this also works.

Even if it wasn’t me.

Mahiru had betrayed the Hiiragi House, and 《Hyakuya Church》 also contacted me.

So it can be said that in this war of intelligence, the rival is the Hiiragi House.

But, the Hiiragi House aren’t idiots as well. If we waste our time, they will be sure to catch up. Then it will be certain that they will go all out against the 《Hyakuya Church》.

First of all, the Ichinose House needs to decide on their position for self-preservation.

Guren thought about what Saitou, the 《Hyakuya Church》 assassin, had said.

In the future, if I want to get in touch with 《Hyakuya Church》, I have to go to Hyakuya Orphanage to initiate contact.

“…… Even if I want to go, I have to make sure that I go before I get noticed.”

Guren muttered.

Then at this time,

“Eh? What did you say just now?”

Almost as if she had heard his words, Sayuri raised her head and asked.

Guren looked down at her,

“Nothing. Aren’t you two going to the supermarket?”

“Yes. We have already used up all the groceries last night. It has been three days since we last bought anything.”

“Then you two go ahead. I’ll head back home first.”

Shigure tried to read Guren’s expression,

“We can both go but…… Are you thinking of something else?”

Guren couldn’t help but smile.

Because the things he was thinking about, he had no idea how to deal with them. Guren nodded his head,

“We’ll talk later when you get back.”


Guren interrupted Shigure.

“Your power is just in the way now that we’re being monitored.”


Hearing what Guren had just said, Shigure and Sayuri both felt uneasy about it.

Guren continued.

“I’m going to gather intelligence. When I return, I’ll assign you both tasks. We each have our own thing to do, so as to minimise any mistakes as a team.”

With that, both went quiet. Even though they were usually noisy, as attendants to the Ichinose House, they were both outstanding.

Then, finally,

“Ah, just one more thing, Guren-sama.”

“What is it?”

“What would you like for dinner……”

Guren gave his usual answer.


Sayuri frowned,

“Seriously, Guren-sama, you always give the same answer.”

Shigure gave a wry smile,

“I know you don’t want to put in too much effort on this silly thing, but……”

Though Shigure hadn’t finished, Guren laughed,

“But I just like curry?”


Sayuri couldn’t help but smile.

“I understand. Leave tonight’s dinner to us then!”

“Alright, thank you. Your cooking is extremely delicious, I always enjoy it.”

Being praised on their culinary skills, their eyes lit up and cheeks blushed red.


“It turns out that even without thinking, the choice will always be curry~”

Sayuri pursed her mouth and said.

Guren smiled and deftly avoided the topic, taking the opportunity to leave the two.

And he walks towards the high rise apartment in which the Ichinose House has rented out the upper floor.

Guren clearly noticed that the people monitoring them have separated.

And it was obvious that one was an unskilled watcher while the other he just noticed the breath of a highly skilled hidden watcher.

It should be that Sayuri and Shigure have also noticed them.

“Hoh hoh, it seems that before I wasn’t worth caring about, now it’s like I’ve become some big shot.”

Guren secretly laughed to himself.

Now it’s actually quite easy to shake these people off. I bet the one who ordered this was Hiiragi Kureto.

So, the time to act,

“Is now.”

Guren calmly continued walking.

He walked towards the road of shops at the side and entered a small games arcade. He then greeted the shop staff and said he needed to use the toilet. In the games arcade, there was a toilet in the staff only area, and next to the toilet was a back door.

The Ichinose House had long already developed a backup route in case they were monitored.

Guren slipped out the back door.

And just like that, the feeling of being watched disappeared.

But just in case, Guren went another way to make sure that he had really lost the person tailing him.

Guren then returned to the supermarket where Shigure and Sayuri had went.

《Hyakuya Orphanage》and the apartments where Guren was staying at should just be across the road from the supermarket.

Where they kill the parents of the children with special talents and put them in the orphanage to be experimented on——these are the rumours of this place.


Guren went through the small alley behind the supermarket.

Sure enough, there was no sign of being followed.

After making sure, Guren went back onto the main street. This street was nothing special, 《Hyakuya Orphanage》should be on this residential street, an ordinary looking orphanage.

However, on the way to the orphanage.

Sandwiched between the houses in the middle of a road stood a cute girl.

Age was about seven or eight.

It was clearly a child, watching the world with such wide eyes. With snow white skin that almost looked transparent.

But the most surprising thing was that it was the same as Mahiru——the same grey hair.

The girl watched him closely.


Guren stopped, looked in her direction, and gave a gentle smile and said.

“Eh, so what is it? Do you want to tell me something?”

Then the girl answered.

“…… Are you Ichinose Guren?”

“And you are? Ah, can it be that you’re related to Mahiru-sama?”

Hearing this, the girl touched her head and said.

“Ah, is it obvious? The hair colour is similar eh.”

Then she gave an unchildlike smile. She bowed her head and introduced herself.

“I’m Hiiragi Shinoa. Mahiru’s younger sister.”

Mahiru’s younger sister.

Guren nodded his head and replied.

“Ah, so it is. Then, Mahiru-sama’s little sister, what do you want with me?”

“Big sister wanted me to pass you a message.”

That was what she said. It seems that she’s Mahiru’s messenger. So if it turns out that this brat is telling the truth.

Guren gave a small smile and said.

“Mahiru-sama’s message? So what did she want……”

The girl called Shinoa calmly interrupted him.

“Ah ah, quick get rid of that smile that grosses people out. I’ve already been warned by big sister that you’re that type of person.”

“Eh? What are you talking about…….”

“You still won’t believe me no matter what I say, so I shall tell you a little about what I know. 《Hyakuya Church》 . 《Kiju》 weapon. Mahiru betrayed Hiiragi House secrets for the man she loves. How’s that?”

It’s true, only Mahiru knows all this information. No, if this information had been leaked, if the person in front of me isn’t Mahiru’s sister, then my own ambitions will have also been exposed.

So Guren returned a smile,

“Alright. And so? What did you want with me, brat?”

Then, Shinoa gave a happy smile.

“Ahaha. Your expression has changed. But it has more of a charm.”

“I’m not too happy that a kid’s just complimented me.”

“Really? I’ve always wanted to see what kind of person who my sister just can’t stop dreaming about. But fortunately, you’re not boring, so that’s good.”

Shinoa said so.

Her big sister’s obsession of the person she keeps dreaming about.

Mahiru’s real intentions of running away in the end and helping the enemy’s research into the 《Kiju》weapons.

But how on earth would this brat know about Mahiru’s intentions?

“Whose side are you on?”

Hiiragi House?

Or 《Hyakuya Church》?

Shinoa replied.

“The interesting side.”


“To be honest, I’m just a kid. I have absolutely no interest in rights or power. And I’m very lucky to have such a good big sister and I’ve never been expected to become the next head……”


“All those stuff only concerns Kureto and big sister…… But, in order to prevent the both of them from dying——only because of this reason, I’ve started training later on. But, even though I’m just a kid, I still have a bit of talent. My power can barely make it.”

Once she finished speaking, she made her move.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, she was holding a talisman on her right hand.

She’s fast.

A murderous aura radiated from her small body.

It’s hard to imagine that this is coming from a small child.

Is she a genius?——it seems like she’s one. After all, her talent could be because she has the Hiiragi blood, or even that she is Mahiru’s younger sister.

But, Guren did not react in any way. Only narrowed his eyes and stared at her.

So Shinoa stopped and gave a smile.

“Ah you see. I could have killed you just now…… but you didn’t move an inch.”

Guren opened his mouth.

“Your level of skill can’t hurt me at all.”

“I know.”

“So? What on earth are you doing?”

The talisman that Shinoa was holding onto disappeared. She said.

“As I said, I’m only proving which side I’m on. I have no interest in the Hiiragi House. I also have no interest in the 《Hyakuya Church》. But…… I like my big sister. She’s very kind to me, everything she tells me is very interesting.”

“So, I should tell you that I believe your every word?”

Shinoa shook her head.

“I’m only here to pass a message.”

“What message?”

“Please don’t go to 《Hyakuya Orphanage》. Big sister also plans to betray 《Hyakuya Church》.”


“The fact that big sister likes you so much to disclose such information, that’s really shocked me.”

Shinoa laughed frivolously.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such desperate, senseless behaviour from big sister.”


“This so-called love can make people do such impulsive things. For a kid like me, I completely cannot understand it.”

Guren stared at Shinoa and spoke.

“….. I also don’t understand it.”

“Ah, really?”


“That’s a pity. It’s going to make big sister cry.”

Shinoa laughed.

Guren then said.

“Oi, Shinoa.”

There was surprise in the girl’s eyes, as she looked at Guren,

“I know I’m younger than you, so you can call me by my first name…… What’s wrong, Guren?”

Shinoa also used his first name.

Guren ended up smiling and said.

“What else is Mahiru shouldering all by herself? What is she planning to do?”

Shinoa’s lips curved a little.

“Ah, if you don’t love her, why do you care?”

“Never mind, just answer me.”

Shinoa tilted her head and replied.

“Who knows? Because big sister is so smart, her plans are so complicated so I don’t know.”

“Then just tell me all that you know.”

“No no, I only know about your relationship with my sister, that you don’t want to be in the way, so you haven’t stopped gaining power.”


“But my sister also told me that you’ve tried very hard. ‘Guren also wants to be with me.’ Although the paths taken are different, the destination is the same. When she told me this, she had the look of girl who’s completely immersed in her dream.”

So Shinoa had said.

The same destination.

In Guren’s mind flashed a few words.




“…… So that’s all you know?”

Hearing Guren’s question, Shinoa nodded.


“Then, can you help me pass a message to Mahiru?”

Shinoa laughed again.

“Aha, you want me to pass on a message of love?”

Guren said.

“Tell her, ‘what I hate the most is being controlled by others.’ Tell her, ‘If you still love me, then tell me the whole plan, you idiot.’”

“Ooh, you sure you want me to say it word for word?”

“Aaah, that’s right.”

“Yuuuuuuuup~ Turns out I really can’t understand love between adults. Don’t you think it’s very twisted?”

Shinoa crossed her arms and cocked her head.

Then, a group of young children about the same age as Shinoa could be heard from behind her.

“Akane-chan, let’s race to see who gets to the park first!”

“Eh~ how can we all beat Mika?”

Was everyone’s reply.

Guren turned his head towards that direction.

There were a few kids over there. But there was one that caught Guren’s attention.

Golden hair, with skin fairer than Shinoa, a young boy with mixed foreign blood perhaps.

That kid should be the same one that 《Hyakuya Church》assassin——Saitou brought from 《Hyakuya Orphanage》.

I remember the name was something like, Mikaela.

Guren looked at the boy, and almost as if he had immediately noticed Guren’s presence, he looked back.

“Ah, this isn’t good.”

The girl beside him asked.

“What is it?”

“That big brother with the evil looking eyes, I’ve seen him before. Saitou-san said he was a pervert!”


Hearing those kinds of words, Shinoa immediately spat out laughing.

Mikaela ran over to Shinoa to check on her.

“Hang on, are you alright?”

Shinoa turned around and spoke as though she was terribly enjoying herself.

“No, I am not alright at all~ ♪ This pervert came to attack me, now no one is safe~!”

“So that’s it!”

That’s not how it is! Guren argued in his head before turning around.

“So that’s it. I’m leaving the message to you.”

Mikaela answered before Shinoa could.

“Ah, don’t run! I’ll go call the police!”

“Ah~ yes yes!”

“Don’t hang around here next time……”

“So annoying, you brat. I’m going to leave now, so you better just shut your mouth.”

Shinoa couldn’t help herself,


Hearing her laugh again, Guren ignored it and turned around.

If what Shinoa said is true, then no one must know what Mahiru’s sister and I talked about, not even 《Hyakuya Church》or the Hiiragi House.

Of course, I can’t just believe it completely.

“….. Still going to betray 《Hyakuya Church》? The destruction of the world? Reaching the same destination, eh?”

Guren muttered softly to himself.

“What is this~? Some kind of heroic love story? Really, Mahiru?”

Guren called out his past——his childhood love’s name, and let out a defeated sigh.

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