Owari no Seraph - Volume 2 - Chapter 4

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Volume 2 Chapter 4 – Torture and Revelation





This pattern, how long has it been going on for?


Guren once again woke up, slightly opened his eyes.

His vision was distorted.

Probably the truth serum.

But he had received training on resisting poisons, drugs, and torture.

Guren examined his situation.

It was an extremely bright room.

The chair was fixed to the floor.

Guren was tied to the chair, enduring constant questioning.

“Are you working with《Hyakuya Church》?”

The one responsible for the torture was a man dressed in army uniform from the『Mikado no Oni』. Guren couldn’t see his face clearly. He was shining a bright light against Guren, the glare from the light made him dizzy.

Looks like this situation has been going on for about three days. Once unconscious, Guren was woken up immediately as he was not allowed to sleep. So his mind wasn’t able to think clearly because of the fatigue.

Even the effort to lie was fast fading.

The man opened his mouth again.

“Are you working with《Hyakuya Church》?”

Now is about the time to respond.

This kind of torture, even for someone who had received training would also start to talk.

So Guren estimated that this was the time to start his lie.

“…… Uhh, ahh…..”

“What? So now you wish to talk?”

“…… Water, give me water……”

“Water? Answer my question then I will let you drink water.”


“Are you working with《Hyakuya Church》?”

“…… Hya, Hyaku?”

“《Hyakuya Church》. Are you their ally?”

Faced with this question, Guren thought about his answer before giving it.

“…… No, not an ally.”

“Liar. You are with the 《Hyakuya Church》.”


“You are with the 《Hyakuya Church》.”

“Uh, uh uh, I…… was solicited by them.”

“Solicited? So you have joined the 《Hyakuya Church》?”

“No, not that. Powerful, no……”

“Powerful what?”

The man continued to ask,

“Ah ah, looks like you can’t answer questions that are too complicated. But, I understand now. This is your secret. You’ve been solicited by 《Hyakuya Church》. So do you know why they attacked the school?”

“No, I don’t……”

“Liar. You do.”


Guren kept quietly. He thought about it carefully. This is the crux of the interrogation. If I answer well, then the interrogator will be satisfied, and let me go.

I just need to give him, give him a credible answer.

The man spoke.

“You know because it was you who let them into the school.”


“You know.”

“Uh…… ah, wa—war……”


“I know, there will be war…… but as for when……”

“You don’t know?”

The man continued to probe him.

Guren replied.

“Those people, said they want, us Ichinose House, to submit, they…… also said, that an organisation of our size, whether or not, it’s still the same……”

“…… Oh?”

“So…… I didn’t get the information.”

“So you joined 《Hyakuya Church》?”


“No, you betrayed the Hiiragi House.”

Guren suddenly looked up and smiled.

“Ha, ahaha, hahahahahaha!”

“What? Why are you laughing? Are you admitting your guilt?”

Guren replied.

“Why do I, need to betray the Hiiragi House? Being slaves to 《Hyakuya Church》 and being the branch house trash….. isn’t that the same thing?”


“Enough already. Just kill me. I’m tried. Why don’t you two big organisations just go and enjoy fighting each other?”


“After all, we are trash. Oh great Hiiragi House, why do you care so much about this trash?”

Suddenly, the light turned off.

The room darkened. The pupils couldn’t open in time so the eyes had to take a while to adjust.

The scene in front of him changes from white to black, the outline of the room was slowly emerging.

The interrogator was a fierce looking middle-aged man with a moustache. He turned his head,

“There are still others……”

This time, the door of the room opened.

Kureto was standing at the door. He looked to the side,

“Still can’t get an answer?”

“Yes. It seems he has received some training in resisting interrogations. Even so, there are still limits to what humans can endure. And I believe he is reaching that limit.”

“So? Has he told the truth?”

The man with the moustache nodded his head.

“Yes. At least I believe he has told the truth.”

Kureto stared at Guren with his cold deathly eyes.

“What did he say? Then, is this everything you know?”


Guren raised his head.

“Did I tell you that you’re too flattering?”

“If this is really the case, then you’re a big disappointment.”

“Ha, whatever suits you.”

Kureto’s gaze was still looking at Guren’s body and said.

“….. Your father has protested. He wants us to release you.”


“So we have interrogated him as well. He has said the same thing as you. The Ichinose House had been solicited by 《Hyakuya Church》——but both parties have not agreed on the conditions, while waiting for a response, the war already broke out.”


“Your father is really weak, eh? He succumbed five hours earlier than you. Even his heart stopped beating at the end.”

“…… tch.”

A hint of a sneer on Kureto’s face.

“Oh, this is the first time you’ve showed your true emotions, eh? You’re angry. So that also means that all along, you’ve just be acting. Even during interrogation, you only showed what you want to show to the other side. That’s incredible. I’m praising you now eh. Such outstanding talent born from the lowly branch house.”


“Ah, don’t worry. Your father isn’t dead. We resuscitated him and let him go. Even though you’re really strong, but as you say, even if someone is very strong, it still doesn’t change anything. You don’t even deserve to touch our shoes, vile Ichinose House.  You will never be a threat to the Hiiragi House. Of this, I’m very certain.”


He’s right.

Kureto continued.

“…… But, I appreciate your efforts, Ichinose Guren. Work under me. Then the status of the branch house can also rise a little, eh?”

“ ….. If I refuse?”

Kureto tilted his head and thought about it before speaking.

“…… Then I will destroy the Ichinose House. According to my calculations, I will only need five days to kill everyone in the 『Mikado no Tsuki』.”


“Your organisation’s strength is only this much. In fact, 《Hyakuya Church》 didn’t even pay too much attention to you. And the only reason why the Hiiragi House is allowed you to exist is simply because you have no power, you’re just a weak group.”


“But, I think you have talent. Alright, so choose now. Are you going to let Ichinose House get destroyed, or……”

“…… Swear allegiance to you?”


“So proud.”

Kureto’s face naturally just nodded,

“This is the Hiiragi House for you.”

And said.

Looks like I don’t have a choice.

But I still can accept this proposal from Kureto. Originally, I wanted to hide my power and play the fool at school. But if I can be by Kureto’s side, that’s not bad as well.

But once I give in to Kureto, I have to obey him.

I need to admit that I can’t beat Kureto and I’m not match for the Hiiragi House, so I’ll become their lackey instead.

Yes, as long as the Hiiragi House believes this, then it will be easy enough.

The only problem is whether I’ll be able to let go of the Hiiragi’s grasp eventually.

Guren raised his head to look at Kureto and said.

“….. Whatever it is, give me some water first.”

Kureto smiled and said.

“So you agree?”

“Is there even another option?”

“Is there? Next time you’ll be my comrade. Don’t worry. I don’t humiliate my subordinates.”

“Subordinate eh?”

“Not satisfied? Then, you want to be called friend?”

Guren thought what Kureto had said was odd.


Kureto ignored him and ordered the interrogator.

“Untie him. From today onwards, he is my subordinate……”

But Guren had already loosened the ropes himself and freed his wrists. He could have released himself any time he wanted to.


The interrogator looked shock as he faced Guren.

Watching the interrogator, Guren smiled,

“Ah, don’t worry. I accepted the torture voluntarily. I won’t hold it against you.”

Kureto looked calm. He looked like he wanted to say something as he looked on at Guren,

“You look a little haggard. Let’s call it a day. Tomorrow, I will give you a job to do.”

“So I already have to listen to the master eh?”

“Hm? What are you saying? Hasn’t it always been like this? From the start until eternity…… even your children will forever be under the Hiiragi House. Oh yes, your weapons, I’ve already let your father return home. Tomorrow I’ll pass you a weapon that will match your power, a more powerful weapon.”

Saying that, Kureto turned around and left the room.

Guren watched Kureto’s back as he left. Then the interrogator suddenly had a change of attitude and bowed.


“…… I deeply apologise for earlier, Ichinose Guren-sama.”

He respectfully said.

Now that I’ve become Kureto’s subordinate, the situation has changed.

Guren sighed. Actually it didn’t change anything. It’s still the same as ever.

The Hiiragi House is strong, and the Ichinose House is just lowly branch house trash.

Can I really overturn this?

The path Mahiru chose has already deviated from humanity.

A path that no human should walk on, the path of Shura.

Then, I……


Guren suddenly thought of what Mahiru had said. The message that Shinoa had passed to him.

『Even though the path taken is different, the destination is still the same.』

These words appeared in Guren’s mind,

“…… My… path……”

Guren muttered softly as he left the interrogation room.

The interrogation room is located underneath the gym. Probably for the students of the Hiiragi House to undergo training in resisting interrogations.

Guren looked exhausted as he left the gym.

The sky was red.

The sun had already set.

School should already have finished, but there are some still students training inside of the school.

Guren looked on coldly and debated whether to return to the school or return home. His bag was still in the classroom, but he assumed that Sayuri or Shigure would have helped him take it back. His mobile phone was confiscated. All his weapons would also have been sent home.

“…… Ah, really so nosy.”

Guren turned around, ready to go home.

Then, at that moment,

“Ichinose Guren!”

Suddenly, someone yelled at him from across the field. Guren recognised this voice.

Juujou Mito.

But Guren didn’t respond to her and continued on his way.

“Wait a minute!”


“Stand still!”

Guren suddenly felt a killing aura on his back.

He had better respond.

“Can you don’t squawk so much, I haven’t had much sleep.”

Guren turned around and narrowed his eyes at Mito.

Striking red hair. A pair of strong-willed eyes accompanied with a small solemn face.

For whatever reason, Mito looked furious. Guren didn’t know what he had done to make her angry.

However, Mito was muttering an incantation under her breath. A Hiiragi House spell. She uses the spell to enhance her strength, a technique that takes on the ability of a God.

Her red hair suddenly had become redder, almost like a wheel on fire.

This is a type of spell that borrows power from demons, Guren had already investigated it. But he had only seen it once. Of course, it warranted a more detailed study.

She’s using the 『Vajrayaksa Curse』.

“I can’t believe you tricked me, I’m going to kill you!”

Mito’s words were not to be taken lightly. She lightly treads the ground and lets out an unimaginable howl. The ground below had sunk. Mito leapt like lightning and charged towards Guren.

An ordinary person——no, even a person who have received training would not be able to keep up with this speed.

Mito’s power is really this strong.

Then, Guren just stood there tiredly, not moving at all. Mito’s fist was almost at his face.

Mito spoke.

“You still want to hide your strength……”

But her words were suddenly interrupted.

Because Guren had stepped back and easily caught her arm. He flipped her arm and restricted her joints. Mito wanted to escape by breaking her joints, but Guren had already expected it.

Guren took advantage of Mito’s momentum and swept her calf.


Mito let out a scream and lost her balance. But Guren didn’t stop there and pulled her arm to the ground. Seeing how she was going to fall on the ground——just a second before.

Guren grabbed the collar of her uniform to prevent her from falling down.

Then, he looked down at Mito who looked like she could not process what had just happened, and said.

“Oi oi, don’t just fall in such a place.”

This time, Mito had already figured out the situation. She raised her head at Guren,

“Are, are you joking? You’re so powerful, why, why did you have to hide your strength!?”

Mito asked angrily.

Guren answered her.

“If I exposed this strength, will I still be bullied?”

“You, you’re so powerful, how can……”

“I’m an Ichinose, Mito.”

Mito’s eyes widened in surprise. The look on her face, to hear these words, she finally understood the burden that Guren had been carrying.

But she doesn’t really understand anything. Whether the Ichinose House is powerless. Or the Hiiragi House is strong. If she is born into the Hiiragi House, then she still doesn’t know a lot of things.

Mito brushed off Guren’s hand and stood up.

“Then, then you’ve been hiding your strength even though you’re this strong? You’ve treated my sympathy and scolding like a joke?”

Mito didn’t expect Guren to shake his head.

“Not at all.”

“But, but, I’ve said some really mean things to you.”

“You did?”

“Yes! And you just accepted everything I’ve said. You endured all my cursing at you. This means, even if you were secretly laughing at me, I also……”

Guren interrupted her.

“I’m not that interested in you to the extent that I would just laugh at you.”


“And I’m also not that free. You finished?”

Hearing Guren’s words, Mito had a hurt expression on her face. Guren saw that she had tears in her eyes. Whether because they didn’t reconcile, or whether she had been born into the noble house of Juujou, she had never received such humiliating words before.

But it didn’t matter what the reason was. Because Guren hadn’t slept well these last few days.

Guren turned around and left.

Then, from behind, Mito shouted.

“But, but you saved me!”


“At the field, the attack…… If you hadn’t saved me, I would have died!”


“Why!? If you wanted to hide your power, then you shouldn’t have saved me. But you still help me whom you’re not interested in. Why on earth would you do that!?”

These words just entered Guren’s ears.

Guren was fed up. Why did I save Mito and Goshi that time?

Maybe it was a subconscious instinctive reaction?

Seeing people he knew dying, and not doing anything to help. Stupid behaviour. This was his weakness.

Guren didn’t answer and walked out of school.

But the more depressing thing was that Goshi was standing at the entrance. Arms crossed, looking at Guren. He had seen the fight between Guren and Kureto, so he also witnessed his strength.

Goshi said.

“You’re really too much. Aren’t you a genius or something?”


“Just a little effort and you’re already so strong——I suppose that’s expected of you from your parents and attendants?”

Guren laughed and then said.

“Ah, that’s right. My dad praises me every day.”

“Don’t kid me.”

“Did you really think that?”


“I’m strong. But, so what? Being an Ichinose, even if I was born a god, what can I do?”


“Hiiragi House masters, and you from the Goshi House. And behind there, the red hair girl from Juujou House. So, what am I? Just a smelly rat from the Ichinose House. It already doesn’t matter how strong you are.”

Goshi looked at Guren and said.

“What, I only heard that your character is really distorted.”

“Ah, then you better not get close to me.”

“Definitely not, how can I do that? Not matter what, you saved me.”

“So you owe me your life?”

“How is that possible?”

Goshi laughed.

“But I want to be your friend.”

“In your dreams……”

“What? Even though the red haired Juujou girl had already asked you, why did you save me?”

Guren immediately answered.

“The situation called for it, that’s all.”

“Ah ah, you’re really good at making things up. You shouldn’t have saved me that time. Otherwise, you playing the fool would have no meaning. But yet you saved me. Why?”


“You are really……”

Goshi was once again finding faults in other people, but Guren didn’t need to listen so he walked off.

Then he heard some nonsense from Goshi behind him.

“You’re really a good person, eh! Or just really easily lonely. But whatever it is, you’re my saviour, so because of this, I won’t ignore you. So we’re already friends, let’s be nice to each other!”

Guren scoffed. He didn’t look back and only said one word.



Guren heard Goshi’s laughter. Really so annoying.

But this sound started to fade away.


On the way home, Guren thought about Goshi and Mito’s words.

Why did I save them?

Why couldn’t I watch them die in front of me?

This weakness is really bad. As long as there is a need——in order to obtain things, to achieve my goal, as long as it is necessary, even if it’s Sayuri or Shigure’s lives, I need to be able to give it up easily. This way of living is necessary for the future.

Since the opponents are the Hiiragi House.

And 《Hyakuya Church》.

The opponents are strong organisations, all stronger than me. I have been planning to increase my strength little by little, in order to one day fight back. But, I have such a useless emotion to hold me back, this really shouldn’t happen.

“…… Good person……. Good person, eh?”

Guren berated himself and smiled bitterly.

He raised his head to look at the sky. In his vision, the high rise apartment where he lived.

Sayuri and Shigure, are they already home?

Guren thought of their faces and considered the situation——if Sayuri and Shigure’s lives were at risk, could I really ignore them and let them die? Guren thought about this.


“Surely…… you must have been able to abandon everything, right, Mahiru?”

Guren called out the name of the girl who did not stop in her pursuit of power, whom he had made a promise with in his childhood, and let out a sigh.

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