Owari no Seraph - Volume 2 - Chapter 6

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Volume 2 Chapter 6 – The Creation of the Squad

9 o’clock.

On the way to the student council room, Guren bumped into Hiiragi Shinya along the corridor.

Shinya spoke.

“Yo, long time no see. Heard you haven’t been at school because you’re opposed to going to school?”

Guren turned to look at Shinya putting on an act and replied.

“I’ve always hated this school.”

“Haha, I understand I understand. With your bad attitude, no wonder you don’t have any friends.”


“I’ve heard from Goshi and Mito. They said that actually you’re not a bad person, just scared of being lonely.”

“Lies. What on earth are you up to?”

“Ahaha. It doesn’t matter, at least you’re here. I thought that you succumbed to Kureto’s torture and ran off.”

Guren replied.

“That’s the truth.”

“Ehh. Then what did you say during the interrogation?”


“Then what about Mahiru?”

“Didn’t say a thing.”

No, regarding Mahiru, it was not even mentioned to someone from the Ichinose House. So Father wasn’t even pressed about it. Because he absolutely didn’t know a thing.

Shinya said.

“So you didn’t surrender?”

“No, I surrendered. How can I beat the strong and mighty Kureto-sama?”

“Hahaha, you’re a funny one.”

“Alright enough. How about you? This is the way to the student council office. You’ve also been summoned by Kureto?”

Hearing this, Shinya nodded.

“Yup. Quite scary eh. Almost as if it’s some mission.”


It also sounded like that when Kureto called earlier.

“Me too. He said there was something he wanted me——”

Just then, from around the corner, the student council room could be seen. At the entrance stood Sayuri and Shigure, as well as Goshi and Mito.

Sayuri and Shigure looked at Shinya and Guren and had bright smiles on their faces.

For some reason, Mito looked a little angry with a somewhat difficult expression and glanced towards Guren and Shinya from time to time.

Goshi raised his arm,


And called out loudly.

It seems that besides me, Kureto also called for Shigure, Sayuri, Shinya, Goshi, and Mito.

Everyone here, out of all the students from this school, were the few that would talk to Guren.

Shinya spoke.

“Ah~, so this, Guren……”


“Maybe we should be a little more nervous? Kureto might think we are all be traitors, so that’s why he called us out, have you thought of this as well?”

Regarding this questions, Guren nodded.

“Of course I have.”

So that was why Guren was attentive to his surroundings. Whether he was being followed, whether there was an assassin lurking around. Kureto pondered deeply on this point. Despite his extraordinary strength, he also won’t fight by himself. This behaviour does not make any sense. I’m sure that he also has a few talented people by his side. I can’t compete against the strength of the entire group.

But, I can’t seem to sense the presence of any enemies. There is no killing aura around us whatsoever.

But still, Guren was still vigilant and said.



“If we were to be attacked, I will take Shigure and Sayuri and retreat the same way. You take Goshi and Mito and escape through the other corridor.”

“Two different routes to separate the enemy’s force?”

“At least this way we have a higher change of escaping, right?”

Shinya heard this and laughed.

“I can’t do much about it. This is the Hiiragi House territory. If they really made a move, we would all die anyway.”


“The Ichinose House will all be eradicated in a few days.”


“Forget about it then. If we get killed, then it is fate.”

This must be their one and only chance to get rid of the adopted son, this is Shinya’s thinking.

If we are really killed, then it is fate——

This way of thinking is really,

“Not that bad eh.”

Guren quietly muttered.


“No, nothing.”

At that moment, Guren and Shinya arrived in front of the student council room.

Sayuri spoke.

“Apologies, Guren-sama. I was suddenly called out here and have not informed you……”

“It’s alright. Compared to this……”

Guren whispered softly into Shigure and Sayuri’s ears.

“Be more cautious. There is a possibility of getting killed.”

The two suddenly increased their vigilance.

Then, Mito who was staring at Guren said.

“What’s all this hush-hush secrecy? So annoying. Is there something you’re not telling us?”


Guren ignored her.

“Wait a minute!”

“So noisy. Please just leave me alone already.”

But Mito wasn’t planning on leaving Guren alone

“I can’t do that. Firstly, from today onwards, we are going to be teammates, so you need to change your attitude!”


Guren asked. It looked like Mito already knew the reason why the five of them were all called today.

Guren wanted to ask for more details, but,

“Is everyone here now? Then, please come in.”

It came from a female voice.

The door to the student council room opened.

The person who opened the door was a female student. She had golden hair tied in two ponytails, she looked extremely beautiful.

Looking at the female student, Mito got a shock.

“Sanguu Aoi-san! Why are you here?”

Sanguu——Guren knew this surname. Like Goshi and Juujou, it was one of the families that are allied with the Hiiragi House.

Apparently, the Sanguu House had a daughter in the same class as Guren, but from the start of school, she had never attended school.

But, it looked like this golden haired girl was from the Sanguu House.

The girl called Aoi looked at them with her jade green eyes, she didn’t answer Mito’s question and only said.

“Please come in.”

Guren looked at inside the house, the room seemed pretty big.

Once inside, there were two sofas for visitors to use and a coffee table. Inside further, there was a cold, black desk and Kureto was sitting behind it.

The layout of this room was similar to the school principal’s.

“So you’ve become the principal?”

Once Guren opened his mouth, Kureto raised his head. He stared coldly at the clock on the wall.


Kureto spoke.

“You’re late.”

“So what?”

“Next time you’re late, you will be punished.”

“Really? So what will you do?”

“I’ll kill your subordinates one by one.”

Kureto’s tone was monotonous. It wasn’t a threat; he would actually do it.

Guren glared at Kureto and said.

“I understand.”

“Then good. Be mindful next time. Alright, and also about what you just said.”


“You said that I’ve become the principal. Here, I am above the principal. If I wanted the principal killed, he would obey without a word. You are also the same, Ichinose Guren. In my eyes, you and the principal are no different. I am king, you are the servant——do you understand?”

Guren looked at Kureto. It looked at Kureto would not take dissent lightly.

“This has already been decided, hasn’t it?”


“Then, I understand. So, why have you called me?”

Hearing that, a smile emerged on Kureto’s face for the first time.

“Good people are sensible. Sit then. Aoi, pour tea for everyone.”


Aoi nodded, opened the door to the room next to the student council room and went in. It felt like there were other people in the other room, probably the members of the student council.

Shinya spoke from the side.

“There are six other student council members. Three of whom are Second Years. The remaining three are Third Years. Ahhh, all upperclassmen, that’s scary.”

Not sure whether it was a real or feigned fear, Shinya grinned cheekily.

But, Mito and Goshi appeared really nervous. Of course. We have all entered the throne room of this school, where Kureto has absolute control.

Kureto spoke.

“Alright, please sit.”

Goshi, Mito, and Shinya all sat upon hearing this.

But Guren did not.

If anything were to happen, I can’t react in time if I sit.

“What is it?”

Hearing Kureto ask this question, Guren replied.

“I’m not here to play house. If there’s anything you want me to do, then just spit it out.”

Mito nervously said.

“Oi, Guren! Kureto-sama told you to sit down……”

But Kureto interrupted her.

“No no, it’s alright, Juujou. I like his type of attitude.”


Mito looked at Kureto.

Kureto continued.

“This attitude, with real power, you’re not interested in anything besides the truth of things. Other people place too much importance on useless things. Complaining, excuses, pretense. Hey Guren, you hate all those things, right?”

At this, Guren smiled faintly and replied.

“You probably talk a lot of nonsense.”


Just then, Aoi came from the other room. She was holding a tray of seven cups.

“Kureto-sama as well……?”

Hearing Aoi’s words, he nodded.

“I’ll have one.”

Aoi firstly placed a cup in front of Kureto.

Seeing this, Shinya laughed.

“Kureto big brother drinks first in front of guests? That’s not very hospitable.”

Goshi frantically interrupted him.

“Seriously, Guren and Shinya-sama both please don’t say anymore. In this situation, why do you still have that attitude?”

Kureto held his cup and said.

“You’re not guests.”

“Heh, does that mean that Kureto big brother will be polite in front of guests?”

At this question, Kureto thought about his answer before replying.

“Hm, how do I say this? If there is one side applying pressure, then there will be another side taking the pressure. But, I will deeply respect my subordinates who are obedient. So this is why tea is served.”

Hearing this, Shinya took the red tea in his head and raised it at Guren and said.

“Hey Guren. Did you hear? This is respect, eh?”

“Hmph, a cheap tribute.”

Guren replied.

Hearing both of them speak, Mito and Goshi were scared, their faces beginning to turn green.

But Kureto laughed unexpectedly.

“You two are really interesting, eh? So what do I have to bring out to pay my respects? Maybe give you a lot of money?”

Guren glared at Kureto and said.

“Don’t waste any more time. I don’t want your respect. So just quickly tell me what you want.”

Kureto nodded.

“Alright then. Enough dillydallying. Aoi, the information.”


Then, somehow, Aoi began distributing pieces of paper on the coffee table. The pieces of paper were also distributed to Guren who was standing and his two subordinates.

Guren looked at the paper in his hand.

It looks like the picture was taken from above, overlooking Ueno. It’s dated today. The news said that the animals died because of poisoning, so that’s why there is a massive lockdown now.

But looking at this photo, it looks like the middle of Ueno Zoo had been bombed, or hit by a large meteorite.

Mito spoke.

“This is today’s news……”

Kureto nodded.

“That’s right. Have you heard about this on the news?”

Everyone nodded.

Kureto continued.

“But this news is fake. According to the Intelligence Division of the『Mikado no Oni』, the entire region of Ueno had become the《Hyakuya Church》’s experiment area. There was some accident that occurred. And now 《Hyakuya Church》is desperately trying to cover it up.”

Guren asked.

“What experiment?”

“Not sure. Even though we’ve long known of their experiments in Ueno, we have never intended to go to war with them, so we have never investigated it. If we want to investigate, we should be able to do it easily. But, right now, we have a lot of secrets that we don’t want the other side to find out.”

“But now the situation has changed.”

“Exactly. They broke the inviolable treaty. The war has started.”

“So you have sent troops to investigate?”

Regarding this question, Kureto nodded affirmatively and said.

“Since yesterday morning, we have sent out 17 troops. But they were all completely wiped out. So I have called you all.”


Guren narrowed his eyes.

In other words, they were all going to be dispatched together, an order from the frontlines of the secret fierce war happening in Japan.

Mito and Goshi looked at each other.

“Then, you’re saying that you want us to be sacrificed——”

Kureto interrupted.

“Quite the contrary. I believe that incompetent men were unable to do anything. So that’s why I’m sending out a team of talented people to go investigate.”


Hearing this, Mito and the others became silent. No, maybe because they couldn’t believe that someone from the Hiiragi House would say such glowing words about them, they were too happy to say anything.

Then, Shinya spoke.

“What is this? I feel like I’ve been forced to do something to troublesome…… Another cup of tea then.”

Kureto heard that and laughed.

“Then if I refill your cup, would that be settled? You can drink as much as you want.”

“Forget about it.”

Guren asked.

“So when do we start this mission? Immediately?”

“Yes, that’s right. Two hours from now, four troops will invade the northeast part of the zoo. But that is a decoy. You will use the confusion to sneak in.”

Guren looked at the paper again. He looked through each photo and placed them on the table.

Kureto said.

“You can take these. Remember to destroy after you’re finished.”

But Guren replied.

“No need. I’ve already memorised them.”

Hearing this, Mito and Goshi turned their heads, surprised. But Guren ignored them and continued.

“Two hours from now, right? According to the photos, it looks like we’ll sneak in from the south since that’s the weakest point. Then, who should lead?”

Kureto looked at them and said.

“You decide. As long as I get the results, I don’t mind.”

Guren lowered his head and looked at Shinya and asked.

“What do you think?”

“Guren is fine with me. Since your subordinates only listen to you. Goshi, Mito, are you alright with this?”

Faced with this suggestion, the two of their voiced their opinion.

“Whatever Shinya-sama says is fine.”

“Of course, we have objections.”

It was decided then.

Guren would lead this group.

“Then, in fifteen minutes, we’ll start planning——”

Kureto interrupted him.

“You can use meeting room 302 on the third floor. If you can return alive, then that room is all yours. Alright, and Guren……”


“My promise to you…..”

Saying this, Kureto took out a Japanese sword from under the desk and threw it over.

Guren caught it with his hand.

“《Hakushi》*. It’s a Demon Blade, but you should be able to use it.”

Hearing Kureto’s words, Guren lowered his head and examined the sword he held.

《Hakushi》——I’ve heard of this name. It is said that this blade has cut down thousands of demons and yet it has never been turned, it is a blade that has a strange legend accompanying it.

Guren took it out from its scabbard. The sword trembles from the curse that is released, a shrill voice that filled the room with endless despair. Guren’s mind was filled with the desire to kill.

“This really is a Demon Blade.”

After Guren spoke, Sanjuu Aoi who was standing next to Kureto immediately stood on guard. She narrowed her eyes and have Guren a death glare.

But Kureto spoke.

“Aoi. Don’t act. He is not an opponent you can beat.”


“Besides, he is no longer a threat. He is totally subservient to me. Am I right, Guren? Right now you have a weapon in your hands and I am unarmed. If you want to kill me, then this is your perfect opportunity.”


“But yet you still won’t make a move. Why? It’s because you know your own limits. You have ambition. Ambition deep in your heart. But you always just keep pretending. If you’re not pretending, then you won’t be able to restrain yourself. In fact, you know yourself the best. This is an ambition that can never be fulfilled. The difference in power between the Ichinose House and Hiiragi House is insurmountable. Am I right, Ichinose Guren?”

Guren put the sword back in its scabbard and said.

“If I said yes, would that make you happy?”

Kureto replied him.

“Ah yes.”

“Then, yes it is. Go and be happy.”

“But the happy one should be you right? How’s the weapon?”

“Hmph. Your tribute to your subordinates isn’t that bad after all.”

“Haha, you’re very interesting indeed.”

Hearing Kureto repeat his meaningless words, Guren ignored him and turned around and left the room.

Then Kureto said.

“Alright, everyone else can also go. So this is my order. I’m just waiting for the results now.”

At this point, the end of Kureto’s summon.

302 Meeting Room wasn’t actually any different to an ordinary classroom.

In the empty meeting room, there were Shigure, Mito, Goshi, Shinya, and Guren, the five of them. Sayuri went out to buy some snacks.

Mito looked like she was talking to her family, standing on the balcony.

The sound of her talking on the phone could be heard.

“Mm, Mm, yes. It is Kureto-sama’s direct order. But, this secret mission…… Yum. Probably it’s going to be dangerous. But…… mm. I will do my best. If I get use this opportunity to get recognition, it would be good for the future status of the Juujou House……”

That was the content of her conversation.

Goshi looked at Mito’s direction for a while before turning back and said.

“Looks like we’ve been forced into this, eh? Seventeen troops wiped out, aren’t they sending us to our deaths?”

Guren laughed and said.

“Is it alright if you don’t call your family to let them know?”

“Haha, I don’t have a good relationship with my family. I have a younger brother, he’s very talented. And a year younger than me……”

“Overshadowed by him?”

“Ah yes, that’s right. So even if I die, no one would care. But having said that, if they knew I was part of this new squad that Kureto-sama created, I bet they would be very proud.”

Saying this, Goshi looked over at Mito at the balcony and said.

“But if I really die, then there would be no meaning.”

I don’t understand why they are so eager to die, but looking at Goshi and Mito, they look quite nervous about this mission.

“I’m back~”

It was Sayuri’s voice. She bought paper cups and a bottle of oolong tea and a few snacks as well.

Goshi then laughed,

“Oh, Sayuri, aren’t you attentive? Potato chips are my favourite!”

But Sayuri firmly ignored him and asked Guren.

“Guren-sama, what would you like?”

“I’m not eating.”


Then Mito hung up and returned to the meeting room. Seeing Sayuri, she said,

“Ah, thanks for this. Sorry to trouble you in getting these, Sayuri-san.”

“It’s alright.”

“Ah, Yukimi Shigure-san. My father sends his regards. I’ve said before that I mentioned your strength to him and he was very interested in you…… You really don’t want to come by to my place?”

Then, Shigure replied with one sentence.

“I’m not interested.”

And that was it.

Mito unexpectedly nodded quite easily,

“Yup, I thought so…… Turns out that your master is stronger than me. Though his attitude is pretty crappy.”

She said as she looked at Guren.

But Guren didn’t bother paying attention to them and started.

“Alright, let’s talk about our mission. Having said that, there is nothing much left to say. After all, there isn’t much information. The target place is Ueno Zoo. 《Hyakuya Church》has hidden something there. Our job is to go in and investigate. 《Mikado no Oni》has sent out 17 troops, but they were all eliminated. In other words, Ueno Zoo is enemy territory. But, if every one of the Hiiragi troops sent were all hopeless, then they might not have known they were being poisoned and infected the other troops when they went back and forth——if this is the case, then maybe there aren’t any enemies there——”

Shinya laughed.

“Ah, but that doesn’t make sense. With or without poison, they would have already finished their investigations.”

“You’re also right. So looks like there are enemies in there. There are people who would die for this secret. This also means that we have to sneak in instead.”

What is this secret research that must be kept hidden anyway? So, what is this secret research that they are desperately protecting?

No matter what it is, as long as we can seize it, then it would be a very powerful force. Because 《Hyakuya Church》had stolen the secret research that 『Mikado no Oni』had been protecting. Its value is priceless.

Mito spoke.

“…… Ah about just now, you’ve just been talking about things that have already been said, are you sure you are able to command this mission……?”

Shigure interrupted her.

“Please don’t interrupt. Guren-sama has from young been through many dangerous situations……”

“Be quiet, Shigure. A barking dog never bites, haven’t you heard of this saying?”


Shigure kept silent.

Then, Guren looked at Mito and Goshi and said.

“Actually there is no need to talk about the information. But there is something I want to try.”

“What is it?”

As Mito spoke, Guren replied.

“Before the mission, I want to test your strength. In short, I want you to deal with my sword. I want to see your reaction speed.”

In that moment, Guren took the sword out from the scabbard around his waist.

Mito widened her eyes. Goshi was slower than Mito but still reacted.

But only so far. Guren’s sword stopped just before touching Mito’s nape.

“Ah, uh……”

Mito looked annoyingly at Guren.

“Can’t, can’t believe you attacked unexpectedly, you’re really too despicable……”

Guren interrupted her and said.

“You’re an idiot. If someone attacked you in battle, would they warn you beforehand?”

“…… Uhhh.”

“But, I roughly know your reaction speed. I will use this as a benchmark to give out orders.”

In that regard, Goshi looked a little hesitant. It was obvious that the atmosphere in the meeting room had changed.

But Guren only continued.

“It’s alright, Goshi. From the sorcery selection exams, I could tell that you’re better at spells and curses than physical strength.”

Goshi stopped his magic that he had already started.

“You could see through my illusion——”

“Your skill is pretty good. It should be very useful when we sneak in. In addition, before Mito infiltrates, you can cast spells to increase physical acceleration. From the start to the end of the mission. If we don’t have this, then it would be useless and we would die immediately.

At this moment, Shinya who was sitting back at the back spoke.

“How about me? Are you going to test me?”

Guren replied.

“If you end up dead, then you’ll be the laughing stock of the great noble Hiiragi House.”

“Ehh, that’s mean.”

Guren ignored him and looked at the clock on the wall.

It was already 9:40.

“…… From here to Ueno.”

Suddenly, the meeting room doors opened.

The one who came in was Sanguu Aoi.

Aoi spoke.

“The school will send a helicopter, so don’t worry about the time. In addition, I have also brought the『Mikado no Oni』special battle uniform. This uniform is resistant to some spells and it is also charged with magic. Please make use of it.”

Saying this, she placed the six uniforms she was holding at the entrance of the room.

Just as she was preparing to leave, Guren called out.


“What do you want?”

Aoi turned around.

Guren said to her.

“A covert mission and you want us to use helicopters? Are you idiots? We will go by car. Also, prepare six sets of casual clothes. We will change into these when we’re inside.”

Aoi narrowed her eyes and nodded.

“Certainly. I will immediately prepare for this. Site of departure?”

“Park the cars at the school entrance. Two of them.”

Aoi nodded her head.

“I will assign a driver and disguise it as a high speed bus which would be able to bypass the traffic congestion. May I ask what time you would like to reach the target destination before start of the mission?”

“Fifteen minutes before. Stop about one kilometre before the destination.”

“Yes. I will immediately go prepare. You can set out in five minutes.”

Aoi turned around and left.

Guren asked the people in front of him.

“Is that alright?”

Everyone silently agreed.

After everyone’s confirmation,

“Then, our war starts now.”

Guren gave his command.

*Literal translation of this kanji is “White Death”.

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