Owari no Seraph - Volume 2 - Chapter 7

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Volume 2 Chapter 7 – Deathmatch at the Zoo


As the gateway to the north side of Tokyo, normally at this time on weekdays, there would be thousands of people walking through shoulder-to-shoulder.

The south side of the station was full of bustling streets.

On the west, there was a museum and art gallery, a zoo, and also a park with lots of facilities.

But right now, there was not a single soul.

The silence was eerie.

Guren looked at the trees at the park, such greenery in the city could be described as rare. He listened to the leaves swaying in the wind, and said to himself softly.

“…… There isn’t even the sound of birds. Have they all escaped, or maybe they have all died?”

Guren thought of the word ‘poison’ that he had heard on the news. That was the reason why the park was in lock down. He heard that though the trains passed through Ueno, they didn’t stop at the station.

Then, he heard a voice.

“Oi you guys, if you sneak a peek, I’ll kill you!”

It was Mito’s voice.

Guren turned around. In the park, the girls were using the big tree as a cover and were changing into the Hiiragi House battle uniforms.

“Really, you’re so slow.”

Guren complained softly while checking his own battle uniform.

The battle uniform was black, like the old Japanese army uniforms.

The texture had a special thread woven in to ward off curses. It was also lined with various spells. The waistband also had a few weapons hidden in it.

Guren examined the equipment and said in a small voice.

“…… Ah, the Hiiragi House equipment aren’t bad.”

From behind, Goshi spoke.

“…… But, there isn’t a single soul here, it really is a bit scary.”

Guren turned around to where Goshi and Shinya were standing. The both of them had already changed into their battle uniform.

Shinya asked Goshi.

“Have you been here before?”

“Eh, Shinya-sama, you live in Tokyo, don’t tell me you’ve never been here before?”

“Ah, I have no interest in pandas.”

“I don’t think that’s the issue. They also have lions here, don’t they?”

“Ahaha. Then, if we make it out today, I’ll go have a look.”

Guren ignored the silly conversation between them and examined his surroundings.

Even though he had already scouted the place for surveillance cameras before changing, he wanted to confirm whether he didn’t overlook something like an energy barrier.

“Oi, if I had known that you girls change so slowly, I would have just let you enter directly in casual clothing……”

Guren still hadn’t finished what he was saying, suddenly Mito came out from behind the tree.

“Already finished! Stop complaining over a few minutes! If you’re like this, no wonder no girls are attracted to you!”

Dressed in the battle uniform, Mito’s comeback was not at all polite.

Sayuri and Shigure also came out dressed in the battle uniform.

“Deep apologies for making you wait.”

Guren interrupted her words.

“Shigure, it’s alright. Preparing hidden weapons takes more time. The problem is those other two idiots.”

Finishing, he looked at Mito and Sayuri.

Sayuri had a look on her face that said “isn’t this nice?” and excitedly checking out each side.

“Ah ah, indeed this is the Hiiragi House battle uniform, it looks really cute! Does, does it look cute on me?”

“You’re so annoying.”

“Ehhhh!! But, Guren-sama in uniform is really good looking! My heart is beating so fast! Right, Yuki-chan?”

Sayuri frankly admitted to Shigure.

Then from the side,

“Who did you say was an idiot, an idiot!?”

Mito yelled out.

With this attitude, are these guys really ready to head into a mission with a very low chance of surviving? Guren wondered.

“But, according to the intel, the first troops that had been killed off went through this area……”

Hearing what Guren said, Mito put on a serious face and examined her surroundings.

“But, it feels really bad here. Forget about humans, I can’t even sense the presence of animals.”

Then, Shinya said.

“I remember from the aerial photos that there was a crater in the centre of the explosion——”

“Let’s head northeast. According to my estimation, there should be several layers of protective barriers nearby. If we step into the barrier, the enemies will be alerted.”

Sayuri asked.

“If we relied on our abilities, would we be able to detect the barriers?”

Goshi took out something that looked like a match with a spell attached and said.

“Besides illusion spells, I’m also good at detecting curses——”

Guren put out his hand to stop him.

“No need. Anyway, once we go in, we will be exposed. But, right now before we are able to ascertain what the 《Hyakuya Church》is hiding, we can’t go back. So we just need to rush in all at once.”

“We have no plan?”

Shinya seemed a little surprised.

Guren replied.

“I think the more we do, the more likely the enemy will be able to catch us. Before we are detected by the enemies, we need to confirm the location of the mission, then we rush in at once.”

Hearing this, Mito said.

“This sounds like a very stupid strategy!”

“Is it?”


“Then what do you propose? In this situation where we have zero intelligence, we are in a bind. Instead of thinking what should be the plan, the plan should just be this, either we come up with stupid war plan using the ideal strategies, or we just deftly cut down any enemies in front of us. As long we don’t die, we can make it out alive.”

Guren said as he looked at the direction of the trees in the park.

The direction of the zoo.

Mito standing behind Guren said uneasily.



“Have you done this type of mission before? You seem very accustomed to this……”

At her question, Guren formed a smile on his face. He wanted to answer of course.

Because from the day he entered the Hiiragi House school, he was constantly accompanied by death, he never knew when he would have to fight in any situation.

But forget it, it wouldn’t make sense for me to say something like that at this moment.

So he ignored Mito’s questions, his hand on his sword on his waist. Then with the other hand, he took out a bullet-proof, anti-shock, anti-magnetic, anti-curse pocket watch from his pocket and opened it.

Before they left the school, everyone had adjusted the time to match.

Right now, the seconds hand was turning.


Thirty seconds.

Forty seconds.

“It’s time. The troops from the Hiiragi House will be launching their attack from the northeast. At the same time, we will attack.”

Everyone was obviously nervous.

Guren continued.

“As the team leader, I only have one order. Listen well. Only this one point to keep in mind. Don’t think about anything else. Doing that is useless.”

Fifty seconds.

“My order is——you absolutely cannot die.”

Fifty-five seconds.

“Alright, then……”

Suddenly, a deafening explosion.

The sky from the northeast.

It sounded as if a helicopter was shot down.

However, it was not possible to see the situation on the other side.

Guren’s voice was soft, but everyone could hear it clearly,

“Mission start.”

Then everyone bolted out.

The zoo immediately appeared in front.

Not sure whether it’s because they have taken down the barrier. Or whether we’ve already been detected from our position.

But, Guren and his team did not stop.

They climbed up the fence of the zoo.

The zoo also did not have a presence of life.

Only a numbing, pungent stench.

“…… What is this?”

Mito asked.

Shinya replied in a low voice.

“It’s the smell of blood.”

In front of them were a few monkey cages. But they were all empty. Only the stains of fresh red blood. The bars appeared to be twisted from outside, completely unable to hold in the monkeys.

But the monkeys that were supposed to be kept inside the cage were already long gone.

Goshi spoke.

“What on earth happened here?”

This sort of situation, who could have known what happened? That was why they were here to investigate.

Guren thought silently about the path leading to the centre of the explosion as seen in the aerial photographs. The centre of the explosion was at the centre of the zoo’s east area.

If we start from here, we would have to go through where the animal enclosures would usually be closed to public, then we would go around from the north or the south.

Alternatively, if we don’t worry about the enclosures, then we could just head straight.


He didn’t even need to consider.

He set out on the shortest route.

“Let’s go.”

Guren ran ahead to take the lead.

After passing through the bloody cages, there was an elephant enclosure. Then after passing through the bear enclosure, they should have reached their destination.

No matter which enclosure they passed through, there was no animal in sight.

Only blood.

A lot of blood.

But there were no bodies.

No trace of life in the air.

As though you could not believe that this was a zoo during the day time because of the eerie silence.

Even though there should be an ongoing battle at the northeast side, apart from the initial blast, there was no other sound of battle.

Have they all been defeated? Or a protective barrier had been set up to cut off the sound?

Regardless of the situation, we’re running out of time.

Past the bear enclosure, Guren and his team had arrived at the target destination.

Where the crane and tiger enclosures were.

The depth and width of the crater, even from the aerial photo it could be seen that it was not normal. But how this formation came about, there was no way of knowing.

Guren looked towards the centre of the pit.

In the centre, he saw the first living animal.

A tiger.

Standing behind him, Sayuri,

“Ah, it’s a tiger.”

And flatly stated the fact.

The tiger’s body was huge, normally seeing a huge tiger like that out of its enclosure would scare the living daylights out of people——but right now, these weren’t normal people.

The tiger raised its head and looked at them. Its huge teeth stained with blood.

Goshi spoke.

“Did it eat all the other animals?”

Guren didn’t think this was possible. We didn’t see a single animal since we came. There should have been a dozen monkeys, a few elephants, and also cranes, bears, and even lions. It’s not possible that a single lion ate all the animals.

But, I also can’t ignore the size of its body.

Shinya asked in a calm voice.

“So, what do we do next?”

Then, the tiger let out a roar. A noise so loud that it would have made people shiver.

But, no one was bothered.

Shigure said.

“If this was where the 《Hyakuya Church》was doing experiments, then they should also have some relevant equipment around. We’ll go have a look.”

Guwaaaah! The tiger let out another threatening roar. As though it was scared of these figures.

Guren stared at the tiger’s pupils.

Shinya asked him.

“Oi, Guren. Your order? Aren’t you the leader?”

But, Guren did not reply.

He only continued staring at the tiger——

“That tiger——is it alive?”

And asked this question.


Shinya stood next to him and looked at the tiger.

Guren also watched intently. The tiger’s pupils were white and lifeless.



Another roar, its tongue sticking out of its mouth. No, he had mistaken it for a tongue only for a second, then he suddenly realised it was a sharp tip, as though from a white blade.

When he realised, the blade was aiming towards Mito’s neck——

“Don’t you dare!”

Guren pulled out his sword.

He brandished his sword and used it to deflect. A resounding sound greeted them as the metal clashed. Even though the blade didn’t hit Guren directly and he only cut it down, his wrists were numb from the attack.

It can be seen that this tiger——its body is something difficult to deal with. To be able to react to such an attack just now——

“Shinya, did you see it?”


“Then, you and I are going to deal with it.”

Mito opened her mouth.

“Wait, then what about us?”

“Cover us from behind. Sayuri, Shigure.”

Two people immediately responded,


At that moment when they spoke, Guren rushed out. As he ran, he planned to use his sword to cut it down again, then suddenly, that thing came out from the tiger’s mouth again.

The tiger stared at him. The pupils were lifeless and cloudy white. A kunai aimed at its eyes came flying from behind.

Shigure’s hidden weapon.

If the tiger is able to dodge the kunai and head in this direction, then I’ll be able to cut it down. That was what Guren thought.

But, the tiger didn’t react to the kunai at all. Its cloudy white eyes was stabbed. But there was no blood.

Maybe it doesn’t feel pain. But this was what Guren had expected.

“No matter what you are, I’ll take your head!”

Guren finished and raised his sword again.


The tiger raised its paw against Guren.

But Guren did not dodge or hide.

Because Shinya had already stuck a talisman on its paw.


The incantation came from behind. A spell that explodes. The tiger lost its paw.

At this time, Guren jumped up and pointed his blade upwards. Then stuck it into the tiger’s neck. Halfway through he felt he hit against something hard, but he ignored the feeling and continued to cut. The sword he received from Kureto could cut through anything.

The tiger’s head flew out.

But there still wasn’t a drop of blood.

But, even though there was no head on the body, there was still something strange coming out.

That white monster with artificial skin like plastic. There were many legs with the front of each leg like a sharp dagger.

The body was obviously bigger than a tiger. No, how could it even get into the tiger’s body, it’s more than five times the size of a tiger.

One of the legs came rushing out towards Guren who had just chopped off the head.


Guren put up his sword to guard against the blow. The impact pressed him to the ground.

But the monster’s attack did not stop. Another one of the legs aimed towards Guren who was losing his balance. To avoid being hit in the chest, Guren took a quick step to the side. But that was his limit, it had still pierced his shoulder.


The monster raised its foot again. This time, Guren was unable to dodge it.

He looked up as the monster was about to attack,

“Shit, to die like this…..”


“This way!”

Mito yelled out. Guren was pulled back by an enormous force. His body was pulled up mid-air. He turned around twice before being let down.

Shinya and Mito returned. Their faces full of unimaginable shock, staring at the ominous monster in front of them.

“What, what on earth is that……”

Shinya said.

“Who knows? But we’re definitely not able to defeat it. That attack that went through Guren’s shoulder——that attack would have killed me.”

A sharp stinging pain from the shoulders. Blood couldn’t stop flowing out. Without any treatment, I can’t continue fighting. But, there is no place to handle this wound properly.


Sayuri cried out. At the same time, she threw a few talismans at the monster. They all exploded. For a few moments, there was sand scattered everywhere, obscuring the view.

At this time, Goshi started his illusion. He struck a few matches and entered the dust, fanning out hallucinogenic smoke while staying close to Guren.

“Oi, will your illusion work against it?”

Mito yelled.

“I don’t know! But it’s better than nothing!”

“Then just do it!”

Pop, pop, pop, Goshi clicked his fingers a few times. A method that worked on the difference between sound tones. It was really simple, but it made a powerful illusion.

It probably worked, it sounds like the monster on the other side is fighting something that isn’t there. Although it was not attacked in this direction, it could move very quickly, making it difficult to get close to.

Taking advantage of this, Shigure went over to Guren’s side. As she looked at his shoulder, she had a look of concern on her face.

“Gu, Guren-sama…… You need to get this treated straight away……”

“Cauterise it. Burning it will stop the bleeding. There isn’t any time to deal with this.”

Guren said while ignoring his wounds and took out a few talismans from his chest. He used a knife to string the talismans together, then smeared the blood from his bleeding shoulder on them.

Shinya realised what he was doing and said.

“…… Oh this is the Dead Blood sword? Well~ with your current condition, isn’t it impossible……?”

Shinya is right.

《Shikkeju》*. This is a forbidden curse that will result in death if it fails. And the failure rate is very high.

It turns one’s own blood into poison. It will allow the user to Blood Blade to harm the target chanting the incantation nine times within five minutes, the poison will then work its way into the enemy and cause certain death——that was how the curse worked.

But, if within five minutes, the opponent isn’t killed, then the curse will backfire and the user will bleed to death.

This curse has two sides——rather, it is actually a useless spell. Normally, using the sword to cut down nine times would be enough to kill the enemy. That being the case, why is it necessary to take such a high risk and apply this unnecessary curse?

It is said that this curse was developed to use it against enemies would couldn’t be killed by a sword.

Shinya spoke.

“In essence, it won’t work. I remembered that this was created to fight against the vampires? But, it wasn’t practical because to kill these vampires who surpass human abilities is just not realistic.”


“But, this is also the same, Guren. Retreat. If we stay here, we will all die.”

Guren looked up at Shinya.

Shinya’s assessment is right.

Now is the time to retreat. If you cherish life, that is. Now, if you don’t wish to die, then you should run away.

But Guren said.

“…… All of you leave. I will buy some time……”

At this point, Shigure put a talisman on Guren’s shoulder. The spell instantly burned up. The wound from the burn stopped the bleeding. Guren almost cried out in pain, but resisted.

Sayuri ran to his side.

“Guren-sama, let’s retreat. We have already seen what the enemy is like. If we report this back, I’m sure the Hiiragi House will understand.”

She’s right. After all, all the other troops didn’t survive. Perhaps we can save some face even if we just bring back this report.


But, what’s the use of that?

The Hiiragi House has already managed to get a lot of intelligence.

《Hyakuya Church》’s research had already been disrupted, it’s over.

Then, what about the Ichinose House?

Even disregarding this monster, we still haven’t been able to get the information about the experiments《Hyakuya Church》have been running. The day Ichinose House reigns supreme, will it come?

Guren thought as he looked at the dust settling.

Then at that moment, a watershed.

From my childhood past, the desire for power grew from inside my own heart. Has it always been there, or was it just childish desire?


Guren prepared his sword.

“Oi, Guren, don’t joke around.”

Shinya tried to persuade Guren, but he ignored him.

I am going to kill this monster.

And return to the Ichinose House.

This way, the Ichinose House would be able to get the information that the《Hyakuya Church》 were so willing to die for.

If I’m serious,

“I’m serious……”

I should be able to succeed.

Kill this monster. And also kill Mito and Goshi who will be witnessing it. Then pretend to be killed off and destroyed.

I shouldn’t be suspected.

Even the other troops didn’t make it back alive. Then, if we don’t make it back alive, it shouldn’t be a problem.



I must make my move.

Kill that monster.

Kill Mito.

Kill Goshi.

Then, gain strength.

“Hang on Guren. Don’t do such a stupid thing when you’re hurt this badly! Forget it, let’s retreat.”

Mito said.

“That’s right. My illusion is fast disappearing. Our position is going to be exposed. Let’s go.”

Goshi also said.

Guren looked at them both.

Mito with her “so you’ve finally listened” expression smiled and said.

“Alright, let’s go. This time I’m going to save you! Now!”

She said as she held out a hand towards Guren.

Guren silently,


He took the sword handle. It’s so easy to kill her. Just one swing would be enough. She wouldn’t be able to react or hide in time. They are stupid enough to fully trust someone from the Ichinose House.

Shinya realised what was going on. He looked at Guren. With his cold stare at Guren’s hand on his sword, then lazily,

“Ah ah, I see. So there is still this choice.”

Shinya had figured out Guren’s thinking.

Shinya didn’t stop Guren. No, he won’t stop me.

If I do not use this opportunity, I will not have another chance to deal a heavy blow to the Hiiragi House like this again.

So If I’m serious.

If I really want to get serious about gaining power——


Then, Mito’s hand stretched out and touched Guren’s arm that was holding the sword.

“Alright, keep your weapon…..”

Guren brushed her hand away,

“…… Don’t touch me. I understand. Let’s retreat for now.”

Guren said as he applied the《Shikkeju》.

Shinya then let out a smile.

Mito then smiled happily,

“I’m glad that I finally got through to you. Alright, let’s head off.”

Guren agreed, nodding.

“Ah~~ what is this? Don’t tell me you’re all really running off?”

A girl’s voice.

The moment Guren thought that, Mito was already hit unconscious from behind. Not only her, but Goshi, Sayuri, and Shigure all fell to the ground by a surprise attack.

Only Shinya was able to react to the attack in time.

“Damn, what…..”

However, he didn’t finish his words.

A pair of slender female hands wrapped around Shinya’s neck. As he desperately attempted to break free by grabbing onto the hands, he asked.

“…… Mahiru, why…… are you…… doing this? What on earth….. are you thinking?”

Behind him was Mahiru.

Hiiragi Mahiru.

Rare grey hair. Big eyes. On her beautiful face, a confident smile.

She was still wearing her sailor uniform from First Shibuya High School. Even though she had abandoned the Hiiragi family, she was still wearing the school uniform and carrying a Japanese sword on her waist.

Mahiru spoke.

“Don’t resist, Shinya. What would happen if I accidentally killed you?”

“Guh…… You, you better explain yourself. I, I….. for your power……”

But, Mahiru smiled as she spoke.

“What a pity. This is not enough. Alright, go sleep then.”

Then, suddenly Mahiru’s grip tightened and Shinya lost consciousness. His whole lifeless body just fell to the ground.

Guren looked at this and said to Mahiru.

“Hey, I thought you said that we won’t be meeting before the world ends?”

Mahiru laughed at Guren.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?”


“Aha. But I’m happy to see you….. But, I didn’t come here to see you.”

“What do you mean?”

Mahiru then said.

“I came to see you. But I still have something important to do here.”

Guren examined his surroundings. Goshi had already lost consciousness, but his illusion is still working. On the other side of the smokescreen that Sayuri made, the monster is still fighting an invisible enemy. But the illusion is going to wear off soon. If the user is unconscious, then the illusion will rapidly disappear.

Guren looked at the direction of the monster and said.

“Oh well. You’re one of 《Hyakuya Church》’s comrades, right. Now that the 《Hyakuya Church》experiments have failed, you’re here to wipe their ass?”

Hearing that, Mahiru looked strangely at Guren and said.

“I’m a 《Hyakuya Church》 comrade? That’s strange. My messenger……”

“You mean Shinoa?”

Guren said the name of the girl claiming to be Mahiru’s younger sister.

Mahiru nodded.

“Yup, Shinoa was supposed to help me pass on a message.”

“I heard you’re planning to betray the 《Hyakuya Church》?”


“Which side are you really on?”


“What is your purpose?”

Mahiru kept laughing. She looked so happy. Cute, yet smiling flirtatiously. She stretched out her delicate hand and gently touched Guren’s chest, stroked his neck, then caressed his burnt wound lovingly.

“Where I belong is the same as where you belong, Guren. No one else will get in our way——to spend time with your loved one freely, to be able to get to a place to gain power so no one would be able to get in your way again.”

Guren looked at Mahiru’s face and asked.

“Where is that?”

“It’s here.”

“Here, where?”

Mahiru pressed down on Guren’s wound mercilessly. Pain from the nervous spreading throughout his body, but Guren didn’t care. She also touched her own chest and pressed down.

“Deep down inside is the nest of the arrogant and wild ghost, that’s where I belong. That’s also the same for you right, Guren?”


“But, that’s still not enough. If you want to fall to the depths of where I am, you’re still far away from it.”

Mahiru pressed against Guren’s wound with more force.

“Why didn’t you kill the Juujou girl just now, and the playboy from Goshi House? You should have killed them.”

She dung her fingernails into Guren’s wound.

“To release a little more hatred. To become more insane. An《Oni》’s favourite thing is human desires. You should let the 《Oni》 choose you……”

Suddenly, Guren grabbed her hand.


To be touched by Guren, Mahiru had a look of enjoyment on her face.

Guren ignored her joy and said.

“My path, and your path……”

“Are the same, Guren.”

Mahiru interrupted him.

“Everyone is the same. We all die. Humans die so easily. What’s the meaning of life? Is there no meaning? This is such a stupid question, time is so fleeting that it’s unreasonable to ask. So how should we spend this time? Which path should we choose? Aha, hahaha. Besides, the end is always death. You want to talk to me about the meaning of the path you’ve chosen?”

Saying this, Mahiru drew out her sword from her waist.

The blade was black. It seemed to distort the space around it, an ominous kind of black.

It’s said that it’s impossible to succeed. To seal the curse 《Kiju》into the《Shinki》for research to develop weapons.

Mahiru stuck her sword into the ground in front of Guren.

Suddenly, radiating a few metres from where the sword was struck, the ground turned black. A curse overflowing from the sword. Guren’s feet touched the curse. The curse immediately wanted to violate Guren’s body and mind.


Guren silently recited some curses in his head to keep the black curse at bay.

Then Mahiru spoke again.

“Ah, let me tell you first. You can’t stop the curse from the blade just using『Resistance Curses』!”

Guren glared at Mahiru.

“Why do you want me to touch this sword?”

“Because you want more power right?”

“I won’t obey you. And I won’t let anyone control——”

“No, Guren. It’s not me who’s controlling you. The decision rests with you. And yet you’re not resistant. Your lust for power. Your thirst for power. Because you and I are the same, living in the secluded cave deep down in the depths.”

Then at this time,


A roaring voice.

It was the monster wriggling free. The illusion was gone.

Mahiru looked at the monster and laughed.

“Ahaha. Look, in the end you don’t have a choice. If you don’t take the sword, then you can’t win against the beast that had been implanted with the gene of the 《Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse》. If you lose, it means death. And all those unconscious young comrades of yours will also die.”

Ton, ton, Mahiru tapped her feet gently on the ground and smiled.

“As for me, I’ll be watching you from here, Guren. To see what choice you make. Do you really want power? Or are your wild ambitions just childish dreams?”


“Even though I already know the outcome. You will succumb. Succumb to power and fall, because you and I are the same. So that’s why I like you, Guren. I really like you! Ahaha.”

So Mahiru said.

Then, the beast with the 《Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse》 gene, which Guren had no idea what it meant, implanted into it became aware of them.

I’m afraid that if I’m to defeat it, how I am now is not enough. How that thing’s body is structured, what spells are effective against it, what are its weaknesses, I don’t know a damn thing, but even just having a glimpse of its physical ability, I’m already dead meat.

If I were to die, then the rest won’t be able to survive.

Sayuri, Shigure, Goshi, Mito, Shinya.

That guy who collapsed like an idiot will also die.

“Right now I need the power……”

Guren lowered his head and looked at the black sword on the ground, hand stretched out towards the handle.

Standing next to him, Mahiru spoke.

“That’s right. Quickly gain its power. Give up being a human….. No, no you can’t, Guren, stop…… If you do this, there is no coming back…… Shut up, shut up! Right now it’s the most exciting moment! I have to stop!”

Suddenly, Mahiru pounded her own chest.

And stopped herself from talking.

There seems to be two opposing personalities inside her body, just like that time during the April attack.

“Which one of you is the real Mahiru?

Hearing this, Mahiru smiled and said.

“…… What has that got to do with your choice?”

A smile formed on Guren’s face and he replied.


He pulled out the sword from the ground.

In an instant.

Guren felt a strong influx of power coming from the sword in his body. A power that had never entered him before.




Destroy everything.

My mind is being taken over by this strong urge.

Anger and despair.

Happiness and sadness.

Then everything is mixed together, darkness, darkness, engulfing everything.

Mahiru was right. There was no time to chant the enhancing spells of 『Resistance Curses』.

The most important part of the body——the hatred in the deepest pits of the soul is expanding, and in that centre, an《Oni》appears.

I say an《Oni》, but its appearance is indistinguishable from humans. Terribly beautiful with a human-like androgynous appearance.

Male or female, I can’t tell.

But I know this is an《Oni》.

《Shinki》 type 《Oni》.

The 《Oni》 finally spoke.

《Humans are so pitiful. Always seeking power.》


《But your decision is wrong, Guren. This is a place you shouldn’t step foot in.》


《But, your desire, your lust for power has driven you to this insane situation. For me, to be summoned like this is actually quite a happy thing……》


《So you want power?》

Guren replied to this answer.

“I do.”

《Even if you lose something?》


《You have no need for your comrades. This is one of Ashura’s paths. What is it? Sayuri? Shigure? Kill them first. That will be your first task. Kill them both first. 》

“…… Ah.”

《Then, release it. Release the 〈Kyouki〉*  inside your soul, Ichinose Guren. And you will gain power!》

Then suddenly, all was quiet.

Guren slowly became conscious again.

The chimera appeared in front of his eyes, raising three legs to kill Guren. If it was me from before, I don’t think I could have handled it.


“Shut up!”

Guren brandished the sword with the 《Oni》 inside.

In one instance, the chimera’s body was cut in half. Furthermore, at that moment, the scenery behind the chimera had also been cut in half.

“Aha, this is really quite good.”

From behind was Mahiru’s happy voice.

Guren turned and looked at Mahiru.

She was still laughing,

“Fufu, fu, you also wish to kill me? You can’t suppress the urge to destroy everything, eh?”


“And you also want to kill all your comrades here. Pull the entrails out from the boy, violate the girls, cut all their heads off. That’s the problem with this weapon…… your mental state will obviously worsen due to being possessed by the 《Oni》.”

Guren raised his sword. Then looked at the people on the ground. He looked at Sayuri and Shigure. He wanted to kill both his subordinates.

Mahiru continued.

“But, that doesn’t matter, Guren. First, kill the five of them to temporarily ease the urge. Then, we can go explore how to use the 《Kiju Equipment》. You and I together, we will definitely improve this power. This way we can forge ahead. No one will be able to stop us.”

She paused for a while before continuing.

“But, ah, you have to kill them first. Then we can move on.”

Hearing this, Guren held the sword tightly.

Kill Shigure.

Kill Sayuri.

Kill Mito.

Kil Goshi.

Kill Shinya.

I know that by killing them, I will feel an immense joy rushing out from my heart. Happiness that would be able to change the world. The things that have tied me down, common sense and worldly things, brotherhood and love, these things would all collapse, leaving only the true self, leaving the pure desire of the pursuit of power.


“Ah ah, that’s right. This is power.”

Guren muttered to himself.

“That’s right, Guren. It’s something that you and I have been chasing.”

Mahiru said so.

Guren turned to watch Mahiru. Even she wanted to violate and kill——this thought is constantly there. But first, I have to kill the two easiest to kill. The two subordinates. Two of my own who have always been following me.

From inside Guren’s soul, the 《Oni》 spoke.

《Go and cross that line.》

That line.

What is that line? Guren thought to himself. Is it the line that makes me human? To tell me to give up on my humanity, to become Ashura?

But, this is necessary.

To defeat the Hiiragi family.

To gain strength and freedom.

In short,

《Destroy all of it.》

Hearing 《Oni》’s command, Guren raised his sword. The target was Sayuri’s head.

But at the same time, Guren also brandished the Demon Blade that Kureto gave him《Hakushi》with his left hand. But compared to Mahiru’s 《Oni》sword, it could be said that 《Hakushi》 could not be really regarded as a Demon Blade.

But, still he raised it.

The blade edge of 《Hakushi》 was aimed at the right hand that was going to cut down Sayuri. The cut of 《Hakushi》was sharp and silent, even pain couldn’t be felt though Guren’s right arm was chopped off.


From out of nowhere, Mahiru screamed from behind.

“Wait, what are you doing!?”

But it was too late. Guren’s right hand which was holding the 《Kiju》blade flew away. Fresh blood was spurting out from his wound. Guren used his left hand to suppress it.

“…… Uh, ah…… ahh shit. My mind’s finally cleared.”

Guren groaned and fell to his knees. I don’t have enough blood. The bleeding is too excessive.

“Shigure, Sayuri, quick wake up, idiots! We’re retreating!”

Guren yelled at his subordinates.

But the two of them were still unconscious.

Mahiru ran over, panicking. She took Guren’s cut arm and tightly pressed it on the bleeding arm, not sure what she was planning.

“Hur… hurry…… Take advantage of the regenerative capabilities of the《Oni》, you might be able to reattach it!”

Indeed, after his hand was chopped off, his arm was beginning to give him a bad nausea, it looked like it was beginning to reattach itself. This sight looked nothing like a human arm.

“Impossible, impossible, it’s not bonding…… Please. Please, I beg you, even if it’s just the nerves……”

Tears ran down Mahiru’s face. Then she let out a roar.

“Why did you do this!?”

Tears were overflowing from her eyes. Even though it looked like she didn’t have any humanity left in her, she was still crying.

Kuren looked at her face closely and said.

“Hey, Mahiru.”


“Stop the《Kiju》research. This can’t go on.”


“We’re only idiots being controlled like puppets.”

“…… No.”

“Yes, we are! Think of another way. There must be another way to……”

“There isn’t!”

Mahiru let out another cry.

Even though she had rejected the idea of another way, she was vaguely aware that there was some truth to Guren’s words.

Guren looked at her and said.

“…… There is. Let me find it.”

“Liar! You can’t even do it.”

“It won’t be the same like last time.”

“Liar! Liar! All lies! Don’t just say these comforting words……”

Guren grabbed Mahiru’s shoulder with his trembling left hand.

And said.

“This time let me protect you. Let’s go together, Mahiru.”

Mahiru raised her head and looked at Guren. Her face full of tears. Her eyes flickering between fear and hope.

She said.

“If you want to protect me…… if you really want to protect me…… then come with me, Guren. Kill your subordinates, kill your comrades, and with me……”

Guren interrupted her.

“Don’t say anymore. You need to come with me.”

Hearing this, Mahiru smiled, confused. She was no longer crying.

“…… Aha, Guren. You’re always so cool.”


“If I was the type to be moved by your words, it’s so great to willingly chase after your girl. Being together with you will surely bring happiness.”

“If you think this way, then do it, Mahiru.”

But Mahiru stood up.

“I can’t, Guren. You must have realised. That was a childhood dream, ideal, joke. It’s not real.”

Mahiru took half a step back. In her hand was Guren’s 《Kiju》 sword that he had discarded.

Guren said.

“Right now I’m trying to make that joke a reality.”

“That’s why you were always a step too slow, Guren. What you’re chasing is but a childish dream.”

“Ha, haven’t you heard of the story of the tortoise and the hare? If you continue like this, you will be destroyed.”

Then Mahiru revealed an understanding smile.

“Before that, help me, Guren.”

“I want to help you. Throw away that sword and come to me.”

“Aha, you only know how to say such sweet words. But, you cannot use strength to solve the problem. Take away my sword and say ‘listen to me!’, being angry at me this way?”


“But, you can’t do it right now, can you? What a pity, I’m stronger than you. Because I’m the hare. The hare rushing into the destruction. That’s why I’m waiting for the tortoise king. Before I am destroyed, come save me, Guren.”

Saying this, she smiled then held onto Guren’s right hand. Guren felt something where his arm was cut.


Guren looked at his right arm, shocked. It had already been attached. Black things crawling on the wound, the skin slowly healing.

Mahiru spoke.

“It’s reattached. But, don’t overwork yourself. It’s because there is still some remaining power of the 《Oni》, there won’t be a second time. Unless of course you pick up the sword again.”

“This power is not what humans should be using.”

Guren replied.

Hearing his words, Mahiru laughed happily, almost flirtatiously.

“AH, that’s right. You’re no longer human. Human’s arms can’t reattach after being cut off. Your soul already has a little bit of 《Oni》mixed into it.”


“So in the end you will also perish. Just like me, the darkness will completely devour your heart. Ah ah, Guren. We won’t be able to leave each other. Let’s love each other and become 《Oni》 together.”

Even though she said that, Mahiru left his side. She looked at Guren lovingly.

“But that’s enough for today. Even though I want to give you a kiss, I still have things to do.”

So Mahiru ran to the other side.

She picked up one half of the chimera’s body that Guren had cut.

Then at this time, the other half of the chimera was picked up by another person.


No, not a person.

The appearance looked human, but obviously wasn’t a living thing.

Abnormal white skin. Full facial features. Pompous. Many decorations adorned his clothes, almost like a noble.

Long silver hair and blood-red eyes.


Guren yelled out, shocked.

In that moment, Mahiru drew her sword from her waist.

At Mahiru’s action, the silver haired vampire also drew his sword from his waist. His blade was intriguing, almost looked like glass.

Then the glass sword and Mahiru’s sword clashed against each other.

From Mahiru’s sword was an intense oppressive urge to kill, radiating towards the vampire, but,

“…… Heh. Humans have already come up with such technology to control the demons. Not bad, eh.”

The vampire smiled absentmindedly but took the attack easily.

Mahiru glared at the vampire and said.

“That uniform, you’re a noble?”

“Ah, you know something about vampires, eh? Yup yup. I’m Ferid Bathory, the Seventh Progenitor. But, for a mere human like you, it must not make sense.”

Then, the vampire claiming to be Ferid pulled out his sword.

And thrust.


Mahiru was struggling to keep up. After five rounds——the fight between the two can only be seen this much.

But after that, it was impossible to distinguish. Mahiru was ready to escape to the back. But,

“Ah, are you running off?”

Saying this, Ferid kicked the side of Mahiru’s head. In that moment, with strength that could break someone’s neck, Mahiru’s body went flying.

“Okay, this is the end ~~♪”

Ferid spoke.

And raised his sword.

This time, Guren came rushing over. His right hand still not as agile, so he used his left hand and blocked the attack with Kureto’s Demon Sword. He managed to block just in time.

Ferid smiled.

“Farewell, human.”

And struck down his sword.

Guren’s sword was struck with unimaginable strength. Guren jumped back at the same time to soften the blow, but was unable to withstand the full impact.

The blade bore the brunt of the attack, the left hand holding the sword had a few bones. The impact of the sword also hit Guren’s body, causing a few broken bones. Guren’s body flew over, hitting Mahiru’s back. The two of them flew backwards about ten metres.

“Guh, ah…..”

Both of them tumbled onto the ground. I can’t stand up. Even the slightest movement is difficult. The wound is too severe.

“…… Guren…… are you still alive?”

From behind, Mahiru asked. Guren looked at her, realising her face was full of concern.

Guren said to her.

“Don’t worry about me. You just keep looking in front. I can’t handle another one of his attacks.”

But, Mahiru frowned, unwillingly.

“The opponent isn’t bothered by us at all……”

Guren looked over, Ferid indeed did not look bothered.

No, it’s because he’s a vampire, they have always been like that. To them, humans are just livestock so they do not come out in the open. They don’t have any interest in the power struggle of humans above ground, they only live underground for eternity.


“What are you doing here?”

Mahiru asked.

Hearing this, Ferid raised his head.

“Ehh? Strange, you’re still alive? That’s really good. Are you sure both of you are human?”

“Answer me. What are you doing here?”

Ferid replied.

“Nothing much, I only heard that humans were dabbling in research they shouldn’t be dabbling in, so I came to investigate……”

Then he looked at his feed. The corpse of the chimera was lying there. He gave the corpse a kick. The chimera’s corpse flew up in the air and landed on his shoulder.

“Oooh, how scary is this? You humans have always liked these sort of things. If you were to get your hands on this forbidden technique, then the world will surely end.”

Ferid looked at Mahiru again.

“And also your sword, it’s really a crazy thing. Human greed is so disgusting.”

Mahiru held her sword and let out a nervous smile and said.

“So, you’re here to punish the greedy humans?”

But Ferid laughed.

“Definitely not. I don’t care for humans. You can just uglily fight amongst yourselves. We are not interested in livestock killing each other. But, to survive my sword attacks, I’m not sure whether you two can still be considered humans. Ah forget it, it doesn’t really matter.”


Then, Ferid easily turned around and left. No, it’s because there is such a big discrepancy between our powers, showing his back to us is not even a problem for him.

Mahiru didn’t move. Even if they attacked from behind, the possibility of winning is almost zero——she was sure of this.

“Damn…… If only the power of the 《Kiju》was completed……”

She mumbled reluctantly, sheathing her sword.

Guren looked at that sword. It already has such power and yet it’s not completed. Of course, if the power cannot be controlled, then from this point of view it is not completed yet.

“The power still can be increased?”

Hearing Guren’s question, Mahiru smiled faintly.

“…… My time is up, so I can’t explain it to you. But as I said earlier, you will definitely choose the same path as me. Because the《Oni》is already inside you.”

Mahiru ran over to the chimera’s body and picked it up.

At the same time, the sound of helicopters was heard coming from above.

Mahiru looked up at the sky,

“……《Hyakuya Church》has already realised the chimera is dead, so they have sent someone. Guren, you better leave now……”

Mahiru stopped her words. She looked at her feet, on the floor, somehow there were a few talismans already distributed throughout to form an enchantment……

“Ah…… when did you wake up, Shinya?”

Mahiru asked.

Guren realised there was someone behind him. Without looking, he knew it was Shinya.

Shinya had a silly smile and answered.

“Ah, the fiancée and ex-boyfriend are whispering sweet nothings to each other, how could I stay asleep?”

“So you’re saying you were awake from the start?”


“You pretended to faint?”

“If I didn’t do that, would you have spoken the truth?”

“It’s because you’re not good enough.”

“Ahaha. I thought I tried very hard.”

Shinya laughed as he stood next to Guren and whispered to him.



“Help me capture Mahiru.”


“If we leave her be, she will be destroyed. You understand right?”

Of course I understand. What Mahiru is doing is too dangerous. It’s leading her straight down the path of destruction. No, maybe, it’s already too late.

Guren touched his fully attached right arm.

Arm regeneration——this is definitely not a human power.

Guren looked at Mahiru, then said to Shinya standing next to him.

“Hey Shinya.”


“You really like Mahiru that much?”

Shinya laughed.

“Who knows? How do I say this…… I’ve just been trained to be like this…… How about you?”

“She’s just someone I’ve long forgotten about.”

“Haha, doesn’t seem like it to me.”

“But, I’m very interested in the sword in her hand. The chimera experiment, as well as all the intelligence that she knows. So……”

Guren stood up. He took his sword with his right hand. The grip on his right hand had already been restored. Whether it was because of the 《Oni》 curse or other reasons, Guren wasn’t sure.

But on the other hand, the injuries on my left hand and my ribs caused by the vampire attack still have not healed. It looks like the power of the 《Kiju》has left my body.

So Guren raised his sword,

“Mahiru, I’m going to stop you.

And said to her.

Mahiru looked at them, her face smiling happily.

“You know fully well that you’re no match for me.”

“The gap between you and me is not normally……”

But Guren had already rushed forward. His right hand raising his sword,

“You talk too much! JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

With one breath, he cut Mahiru down.

At the same time, Shinya placed talismans all over the ground, binding Mahiru’s legs. Mahiru’s actions——have slowed down.

But the effect was too small. It was unable to overcome the gap between Mahiru and Guren.

Mahiru smiled regretfully,

“Next time we meet, I’ll be very happy if you two became stronger.”

Saying this, she prepared to step back. Completely disregarding Shinya’s spells, ready to retreat.

But Guren’s target from the start was not Mahiru. He knew that he was no match for her.

So his sword caught something else.

The half chimera corpse that Mahiru was carrying. His sword pierced it. And he pulled it out. A part of the flesh went flying over.


Mahiru let out an expectedly surprised sound and looked at Guren,

“Ah ah, so this was what you wanted. But, if you’re giving it to Hiiragi House——”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to give it to them.”

“I see. Well that’s good…… But for a traitor like me, it doesn’t make a difference.”

“Oi, Mahiru.”

“What is it?”

“You win this time. But I’ll quickly catch up to you.”

Hearing this, Mahiru smiled really happily and answered.

“Mm, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Saying this, Mahiru turned around carrying the half chimera body and left.

Guren watched her back, then turned around. He looked at Shinya who was holding part of the chimera body and said.

“Give that to me. Or else……”

Guren held his sword up.

If Shinya is actually working for the Hiiragi House and he were to give that chimera part to them——so, he might be playing both sides.

I have no choice but to kill Hiiragi Shinya——

But Shinya just smiled at him and said.

“Oi oi, in your exhausted state, you still wish to fight me?”

“A good handicap, right?”

“Ah, I’m underestimated again.”

Then, Shinya’s body had already vanished. An illusion. Shinya’s physical capabilities aren’t strong, but he is cunning and can use various spells to trick.

Guren closed his eyes and searched for Shinya’s presence.

His presence was behind. Before he could attack, Guren decided to make a pre-emptive strike——

But he stopped.

From behind him, Shinya threw over the chimera part.

Then, the illusion also finished. Shinya had left Guren and ran to wake the other comrades up.

Guren caught the chimera part——he had caught a piece of a sharp blade-like claw.

So, it’s like this then.

Shinya had given the chimera part to Guren. So now the right to investigate and research this thing had fallen to the Ichinose House.

Goshi and Mito, Sayuri and Shigure were slowly waking up. The two subordinates had noticed Guren’s figure and frantically ran over. They saw his broken left hand and wounds all over his body, the two of them were all worried and confused.

Goshi and Mito also came over, asking Guren to retreat as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Guren had been thinking.


Whether or not to kill Goshi and Mito.

If I were to kill the two of them here and disappear, the Hiiragi House won’t immediately send someone to investigate. But it might not be enough time to investigate the chimera.

So should I do it?

I should move forward, shouldn’t I?

Holding the sword on his right hand, he concentrated.

This time, Mito touched Guren’s body covered with wounds and asked him.

“You…… you saved me again?”

No. I want to kill you.

Then, Goshi also spoke.

“Damn, why are we always saved by you?”

These two are idiots. It’s far from the truth.

However, Mito continued.

“No matter what happens from today onwards, I’ll risk my life to protect you.”

Lastly, Shinya whispered into Guren’s ear.

“…… Hey Guren. You aren’t going to turn into Mahiru, are you?”


“But I don’t think that is weak. It could be said that if you made the same choice as Mahiru, then we wouldn’t have needed to save her.”


“What are you thinking, Guren?”

Guren replied to his question.

His tone was dull,

“…… I’m a little tired.”

Then he softened his grip on his left hand holding the sword. And inserted the sword straight onto the ground.

In that moment, his strength had collapse. His injuries were worse than he thought. Not sure whether it’s from the excessive blood loss from my right hand or from the impact of the vampire attack.

The part of the right arm that was reattached started to hurt.

An intense pain.

Guren thought he saw a black curse permeating from his joint. Feeling that black thing coursing through his blood, spreading throughout his whole body.

Then he kneeled on the ground.

His subordinates cried out,


Guren just heard their voices fading away.

Then he lost consciousness in the enemy territory.

I had a dream.

A really strange dream.

In the darkness, there is something standing in the middle of the dream.

That thing was talking.

《Hey Guren, didn’t you really want to kill them?》

That voice sounded very happy.

It happily asked away.

《Goshi, Mito, Shinya, Sayuri, Shigure, didn’t you want to kill all of them?》

It seemed to jump happily in the darkness and continued.

《But, you will soon be able to do it, don’t worry. You will be able to kill people very easily. Even if you killed your own comrades, you wouldn’t mind.》

I asked it.

Towards the darkness in the middle, I asked.

“Who are you?”

The voice replied.

《I am you.》

“Who are you?”

《I am you.》


《Ah so annoying. I’m the Demon. Attached to your feelings of revenge and ambition. I’m a Demon like you.》


《We are already of one body. Hey hey, can you hear that? Each time your heart beats, you and I will become more connected.》


《Hey hey, can you hear that? You’ve already stepped into the same world like Mahiru. Welcome, Guren. Welcome to the world of the Black Demon. I’ve always been waiting for someone as strong as you, greedy human.》


《Alright, wake up. You’re already not human. You’re no longer human. So use this desire and hatred, love and sorrow, and this big ambition, together with me let’s destroy this ugly human world! 》

The demon——No, I cried out.

*Literal translation of this kanji is “Death Blood Curse”.

*Literal translation of this kanji is “Mad Demon”.

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