Owari no Seraph - Volume 3 - Chapter 1

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Volume 3 Chapter 1 – The Demon’s Hand

Ichinose Guren looked at the blood that was drawn from his arm.

When the needle was stuck in, black blood containing a large amount of carbon dioxide was drawn out.

“…… Guren-sama.”

The female scientist called out to him.

Guren looked at her. A twenty-year-old female wearing a white lab coat was standing there.

She was a curse researcher from the《Mikado no Tsuki》which the Ichinose House was affiliated with——Iori Mitsuki.

When the fifth syringe was pulled out, Mitsuki spoke.

“The investigation is now completed.”

“Mm? Ah, thanks.”

Guren nodded and rolled down his sleeve.

“So when will the test results be ready?”

“…… The rest of the researchers have already began investigating Guren-sama’s status, and there have been some results.”

“Mm. And?”

“…… There is indication of poison in your body.”

“What kind of poison?”


A moment of silence, then Mitsuki replied hesitantly.

“Unknown…… But it seems like a man-made poison that is injected with a curse. As for what kind of curse it is, it is still unclear at this stage.”

“Our research facility is unable to analyse this advanced curse?”

“…… It seems so.”

“Are you able to thoroughly investigate it?”

“Of course! Please let us continue working. We’ll continue to erode the poison in Guren-sama’s body!”

Guren look at the determined expression on Mitsuki’s face through his narrowed eyes, and thought of another face.

The face of the girl who put the poison in him.

Hiiragi Mahiru’s beautiful face.

She was determined to do the impossible and successfully seal the《Oni》into the weapon using the《Kiju》.

No, it seems most likely that it already has a considerable combat capability.

No matter what, I was able to cut down an overwhelmingly powerful member of the vampire aristocracy that humans would never be able to match up against.

That is already significantly beyond the current science and technology and current power standard of curses.


Guren recalled back.

To Mahiru’s smile.

To what she had said.

『But you’re already not human. Your arm was cut off yet it was able to be reattached. In your soul, you already have a mix of《Oni》inside. So in the end, it will break. Like me, your heart will be eroded away by the darkness. Ah, Guren. Looks like we’ll never be apart. Let’s become demons together eh.』


Demon’s poison.


Guren gently touched his arm where it had been cut off, which was now safely reattached.

Then, Mitsuki spoke.

“Guren-sama. May I say something?”

“What is it?”

“Please allow the poison to be experimented on a few more human subjects.”


“Even though currently the『Mikado no Tsuki』doesn’t allow such experiements……”

Before she could finish, Guren shook his head.


“But to resolve this matter, then……”

“No. I do not allow it. I’m the only one to be experimented upon. Isn’t that enough?”

Guren answered.

No, of course, it’s impossible. To conduct such curse research, it is essential for human experimentation, however because of this, such experiments were banned.

The one who issued the ban isn’t 『Mikado no Tsuki』.

But the arrogant masters——namely, led by the Hiiragi House, the『Mikado no Oni』.

If the Ichinose House starts to conduct human experimentation, and if it is known that we are conducting forbidden curse research, then it is a declaration of war against the 『Mikado no Oni』.

If that were the case, the 『Mikado no Tsuki』will instantly be defeated. The gap in power is just too great.


“…… Just use me. In treating me——just use this reason to research as well.”

But Mitsuki let out an expression that showed she did not agree.

“I can’t do this! The toxin is now eroding Guren-sama’s body. This is a urgent research——”

“I already said no!”

Guren shouted.

Mitsuki stopped.

Guren said to her.

“Once you start the human experimentation, then you can’t stop it, right? Researching a new curse, using new experiment, creating new powers, the power, the power…… Then, what next? You’ll be swallowed up by the power, or you’ll be defeated by the Hiiragi House. Either way, the result is destruction.”

Guren thought of Mahiru.

『Guren, I like you.』

Obsessed with power, Mahiru collapses.

『I like you, Guren. You and I are the same, where insanity and demons live inside of us.』

Guren spoke.

“Mitsuki. We still haven’t reached that stage. Don’t do human experimentation.”


“Just use me as the subject for the experiment. Just experimenting on me is enough. There is no need to complete the 《Kiju》 research. Just enough to find a way to counteract the toxin——”

But this time, Mitsuki smiled.



“I’m the same as Guren-sama, A blood type.”


What? I wanted to ask this, but what Mitsuki is planning to do, I’ve already figured it out.


But it was already too late. Her hands was holding the syringe. Inside the syringe contained Guren’s blood. Mitsuki pierced the needle on her wrist.

“…… I can’t let Guren-sama became the experiment material.”

And then injected the blood.


Guren grabbed the syringe, but already half the blood was injected.

Of course, there was a possibility that nothing would happen.

In mixing in Guren’s blood, there was a possibility that nothing could happen.

No, actually, Mitsuki smiled.

“…… This way, the experiment can go on a bit longer. Using my body as experiment material——”


But, Mitsuki was unable to continue.

Her expression had completely changed.

Her whole body was shaking, she used her right hand her left hand where the bloody had been injected into.

“…… What is…… this…… so powerful, this power…… I…… I can’t, I don’t want——”

Mitsuki screamed.

Her left hand swelled up. The blade curse wrapped around her hand. Raising her hand, her hand almost looked like a demon’s hand——

“How, I can’t, control this……”

Then, Guren pulled out his sword.

The sword which he got from Hiiragi Kureto, the demon sword 《Hakushi》.

He cut off Mitsuki’s mutated left hand. But the left hand began to swell even more. From where he had cut, spider legs started to emerge, standing up.

The hand that was cut off was already bigger than the laboratory bed.

In the palm, there were three eyes.

Then there was a mouth with teeth that appeared——from when that mouth that wanted to swallow up Mitsuki, “Go to hell!”

Once again, Guren used his full power and raised the sword again. He stabbed his sword between the middle finger and ring finger and cut through down the whole hand. The sword swept down sideways.

Then in an instant.

The monster’s three eyes glared at him.

Then it opened its mouth.

And spoke a in a low, hoarse voice.

“…… What is this, you’re also an 《Oni》?”

“Shut up, monster!”

Guren cut down the hand again.

Then the hand fell silent. It was cut in a cross-shape and it fell onto the bed.

This time, the doors of the laboratory opened. A few researchers in white lab coats came in.



“Forget about me. Go treat Mitsuki!”

Guren told the other researchers.

He looked back at Mitsuki who was slumped on the bed. She had lost her arm. Talismans were affixed to where her arm was cut off. It looked like she had already stopped the bleeding.

The researchers wanted to move Mitsuki.

But Mitsuki wasn’t listening to what the people around her were saying. She stared at the giant hand that had been poisoned on the bed——

“…… So powerful. This kind of power…… what is going on? Never seen this…… need to….. study this power.”

She had already lost her arm.

She already couldn’t control the power.

But she still had an expression of pleasure as she spoke.

Then Guren thought about Mahiru’s words again.

『You can’t resist it. The desire for power. The thirst for power. Because you and I are the same, living in the depths of a bottomless cave……』

Arrogance in infection.

Desire for infection.

Several researchers were looking at the demon’s corpse on the bed with interest.

Someone wanted to touch it, then Mitsuki spoke.

“Don’t touch it. This thing is still contagious. You have to wear anti-curse uniforms from now on.”

She was supported by the other researchers and looked over to Guren.

“Guren-sama, it’s embarrassing for you to see me like this. But, one word from you to progress the research. This mysterious curse, I’ll unravel it for you.”

Guren wanted to laugh at her words, he said.

“…… You just lost an arm and you’re saying this?”

But Mitsuki mistook his words for praise and smiled.

“In order for humanity to progress…… In order for 『Mikado no Tsuki』led by Guren-sama to become more powerful, it is a necessarily sacrifice.”

If there was a Hiiragi spy in the midst, those would have been treated as an 『attempted rebellion』 and the 『Mikado no Tsuki』would be eliminated. However, every researcher in the room Guren had known since childhood.

No matter what, this place is far from Hiiragi home base——in Shibuya there were only people from the 『Mikado no Tsuki』living in the town in Aichi mountains.

And they were in the centre of the basement of the Ichinose mansion, in the research laboratory.

“Humanity? It seems a bit indulgent to speak like that.”

Guren said.

Mitsuki laughed.

“For researchers, everyone is the same…… Alright, everyone, let’s start. Regarding this experiment, we already have a head start. And Guren-sama?”


“It’s time.”

Guren looked at the clock in the room.

It was one in the morning.

If I want to reach the Hiiragi school, I have to head off now.

“…… I will still return. Continue the research.”

Guren nodded.

“Yes. I will produce results for you.”

“Don’t rush. If the circumstances become risky——”

Then, Mitsuki replied.

“We will be careful not to let the Hiiragi House find out…… Alright, I understand. I was a little bit brave today. Because I wanted to I wanted to establish some information today in front of Guren-sama.”

So that was the case.

Even though she wanted to seriously research the《Kiju》, she didn’t have the approval for it. So, that was why she made such a move in front of me——no,

“…… Don’t tell me that everyone here feels the same way?”


Everyone had a nervous expressions.

That is natural.

Because they all know what they were getting into.


Iori Mitsuki——even those she knew there was a possibility of dying, she still went ahead with such a reckless thing.

Guren looked outside the room. There were already a few 『Mikado no Tsuki』soldiers guarding around. They were all familiar faces. Looks like we’re gathering a lot of strength.

Mitsuki spoke.

“…… Guren-sama. This experiment, if successful, the long-cherished wish of 『Mikado no Tsuki』can finally be……”

“Enough, Mitsuki.”

Guren interrupted her.

He understand what she was going to say.

The wish of 『Mikado no Tsuki』——is simply to completely eradicate the 『Mikado no Oni』.

To break away from being used, being humiliated, being insulted.

And now, in front of us, there is a possibility of being about to reach that long-cherished wish.



Mitsuki and the rest, they have already lost control.

The same with Mahiru. Completely infected with arrogance.

Once we start, the Hiiragi House is bound to find out. Everyone will be killed if we’re exposed. Yet knowing this……

“….. Are you ready to fight the Hiiragi House?”

“We have no intention of letting Guren-sama fight by himself.”

Mitsuki replied.


“Even though our parents are loyal to Guren-sama’s father——Ichinose Sakae-sama——but we are loyal to Guren-sama.”


“Most importantly, after Sakae-sama was tortured by the Hiiragi House, we were even more determined. We don’t want to be humiliated again……”

But Guren didn’t let her finish and said.

“…… Enough. I understand. You can stop now.”


“No, this is enough. I will not live up to your expectations.”

Mitsuki’s expression became clear.

Happy expressions emerged from all the researchers’ faces.

But this is suicide.

To challenge an organisation that is 1000 times stronger than them.

To achieve this goal requires arrogance.


“…… Minimise human trials. We want to win this while maintaining a rational state.”


“There is no ‘but’. This is an order. If we were to be found out by the Hiiragi House straightaway, things would get very complicated. So, don’t do anything too obvious.”


“As for the declaration of war, I’ll decide that.”

“But, just to carry on so calmly like that……”

Guren interrupted her.

“If you want to do it, then do it within the year.”

Suddenly, all the researchers were startled.

Because it was already past the middle of August.

So to do it within the year, before the start of the war, that would be just about four months.

But in order to keep it secret from the Hiiragi House, that would be the time limit.

Mahiru also said.

『Let me tell you, this year at Christmas, the world will be destroyed.』

『The bells of the apocalypse will sound and the virus will spread. So that’s why the world needs to have even more power.』

Virus——so it means there is a possibility of biological warfare. About the scale of destruction, it seems the whole world will be involved.

Although I don’t know how the 《Hyakuya Church》are going to deal with it, but common sense tells me that《Hyakuya Church》 may already have the vaccine.

In order to threaten the world.

If you do not surrender to us, everyone will die——maybe it will turn out like that. Because the 《Hyakuya Church》is a worldwide organisation, there is a possibility of this happening.

For this reason, the 《Hyakuya Church》 has waged war.

There is already very little time left before the world is destroyed, so they don’t care about each other’s powers and have started a war with 『Mikado no Oni』.

“…… Ah. On Christmas day, will there be an angel from the heavens who will have a hand in destroying the world? You gotta be joking, this is Japan after all.”

Guren said softly and smiled.

So before it’s too late, I have to get my hands on more power.

There already isn’t time.

Time waits for no one.

Guren understood that.

And said to Mitsuki.

“So this is it. Quietly, steadily, and quickly.”


Everyone answered.

Things are now set in motion.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop it.

Now that we have started a rebellion against the Hiiragi House.

After coming out from the laboratory, the two always by Guren’s side came forward, moving past the soldiers.

Hanayori Sayuri and Yukimi Shigure.

The two of them had worried expressions.

Sayuri spoke.

“Guren-sama! What on earth happened after we left you!?”

Then, Shigure looked inside the room and saw the researchers working flurried and turned to Sayuri and said.  

“Iori Mitsuki lost her arm. And there is a strange monster corpse over there.”

Sayuri looked surprised at Shigure.

“…… Guren-sama. Are you keeping something from us?”

But Guren shook his head.

“You don’t have to know……”

But Shigure interrupted Guren and said with a cold expression.

“That is unacceptable. We are here to protect Guren-sama. If we don’t have a clear grasp of the situation, we can’t protect Guren-sama……”

“That’s right. So that’s why I’m not telling you. You’re the closest ones protecting me at the Hiiragi school. So as much as possible, I won’t leak any information to you. If I let you know and if the Hiiragi House gets that information from you……”

Sayuri immediately replied.

“Not a problem. If we are caught, we will immediately commit suicide.”

Shigure also agreed with her words.

“So that’s why……”

But Guren laughed.

“Ha, do you have the determination to commit suicide? Don’t underestimate the Hiiragi House. If you know about the situation, then you can’t leave this room. I’ll get a replacement. So if you want to be by my side, then you better shut your ears.”

Sayuri and Shigure looked at each other.

Then after a while, Sayuri and Shigure spoke.

“So, in order to be around Guren-sama’s side all the time……”

“This is how it is.”

Guren walked past the two of them.

“I’m going back to Tokyo. Where’s the car?”

“It’s already prepared.”

“Then let’s head out. Tomorrow we still have to go to school.”

With that, Guren walked out.

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