Owari no Seraph - Volume 3 - Chapter Pr

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Owari no Seraph LN Vol.3 Prologue

This is a rough translation of Owari no Seraph Light Novel Vol.3′s Prologue, “Mahiru and Shinya”. This short chapter tells us about Shinya’s past and his first encounter with Mahiru.

Shout out to Shinya, whose presence graced me, lightened up my life, and provided me the motivation to translate this short prologue.

I have not done any editing past the initial translation, so there might be

  • Typos
  • Slightly-adjusted-translations to better fit the context
  • Present tense has all been changed to past tense (I think)

If you have any questions or find any mistakes, please contact me at my twitter (@ibyrn).

Warning: If you are a Shinya fan like me, it might hurt. I warned you.


Volume 3 Prologue “Mahiru and Shinya”

The first time Shinya was allowed to meet his fiancée was when he was 10 years old. It was indeed a strange feeling to have your fiancée and your life’s partner be chosen for you at the mere age of 10, but Shinya remembered his heart beating from the excitement when he found out that he was finally allowed to meet her. The girl – his fiancée – what is she like? Is she cute? Is she kind? Will the two of them be able to get along well?

To say ‘such sweet thoughts resembling love did not float around in his head’ would be a lie. He thought of them. Of a happy future. Of fun times with his lover. Such dreams filled his mind.


But, with that being said, these dreams were not going to make his heart pound and throb. After all, an intense feeling of love for a girl he had never met before – this kind of thing doesn’t really happen.

Rather, there was another reason for his heart beating and pounding.

There was another reason for his excitement.

He was allowed to meet his fiancée – when he heard that, what shook him was this sort of feeling: “…Ah, I lived, I survived without dying.”


Ten years old.

By the time he had reached that age, he had already killed several times. Those who he killed were in the same boat as him. Fiancé candidates of Hiiragi Mahiru, young lady of the Hiiragi house. Fiancé candidates to eventually mate with Hiiragi Mahiru and to provide another child with excellent and superior DNA for the Hiiragis.

This selection process began when Shinya was 5 years old. In the beginning, though, the process was neither cruel nor harsh.

Are you a fast runner?

Are you a fast learner?

Are you gifted with talents in spells (jujutsu)?

Shinya attended one of the few kindergartens in the nation that were run by “Mikado no Oni”, a religious cult led by the Hiiragi family. Among many kindergarteners, he was chosen to be part of a select team comprised of children gifted with talent. At first, Shinya was simply, truly, and purely happy. He was more talented than others. He was superior to others. Remarkable. Excellent child. Very excellent child. By being told so every day, his heart was beating with anticipation of how he would become even better and would defeat the other children. His pleasure came from learning and remembering many spells and from training his body. But one day, the headmaster told him,

“Shinya-kun has been a very hard worker and is an excellent student. As such, the main house has called you up to Tokyo! Great job! You are transferring to Tokyo tomorrow, so be prepared!”

And from that day, he was not allowed to go back to his home. He heard that his parents would receive 300 million yen from the Hiiragis, and that their rank within “Mikado no Oni” would rise several steps. He heard that his parents were ecstatic that they were commended by the main house. But, he was also told that he was no longer allowed to meet his parents, ever again. Shinya cried, yelled, and said he hated this, didn’t want any of this, but no adult would listen to him. Rather, they said that this was an honor. They said don’t say selfish things. But his life from then on was extremely harsh and cruel.



Once he was transferred to the facility there, he no longer had any time to cry. In the test held once every three months, you were disposed if you didn’t make the top 30%.

In the competition held once every year, where killing each other was allowed, you were disposed if you didn’t win.

If you don’t win, you die.

If you don’t win, you die.

If you don’t win, you die.

Moreover, one and only one person can survive.

He no longer rememberd how many people were there at the start.

He just desperately tried every day.

To learn new sorcery spells (jujutsu).

To learn new illusion spells (genjutsu).

To obtain new physical abilities (taijutsu).

Once every now and then, he befriended someone. A friend to celebrate their survival together.

But that friend got disposed for not being in the top 30%.

That instilled fear in everyone, and they all put in more effort than ever.

Met a friend.

That friend died.

Met a friend.

That friend died.

He stopped befriending others.


Regardless, many people were disposed.

He remembered that he began to smile indiscreetly in order to deal with the extreme stress. Perhaps this was the best option. He began to learn spells faster than those who just began to shut up, or than those who were angry all the time. Smiling made life efficient. More so, there were times when his opponent would self-destruct from getting pissed over his smiling face.

He desperately survived with indiscreet smiles. Opponents became stronger, and battles became painfully difficult, but he smiled and survived with desperation.


Then one day, when he went to the training facility, he saw no more familiar faces left other than his own. An extremely old man, who introduced himself as an instructor from the Hiiragi family, who yelled and shouted at him and the others just until yesterday, suddenly bowed to him with respect, and said,

“Congratulations, Hiiragi Shinya-sama. At last, you were chosen to be Mahiru-sama’s fiancé.”


He was called a Hiiragi.

The name of the main house – the name that led the religious sect “Mikado no Oni”, whose rules and teachings Shinya had been following – was now a part of his own name.

Even the instructor’s attitude was completely different from before. It seemed as if the instructor truly respected, no, feared Shinya.

To what the instructor said, Shinya replied while smiling.

“Then, I don’t have to compete anymore?”


“I survived?”


“Ah. I did…”

At first, he did not feel anything special. It was too sudden. Competing with others had become a routine, a part of his life, and he was unable to react properly.

But the instructor continued,

“And quite soon, Shinya-sama’s fiancée, Mahiru-sama, will be visiting here. It was Mahiru-sama’s request to do so. It seems that Mahiru-sama holds a great interest for Shinya-sama.”


“We dearly wish that the meeting of the two future pillars of the Hiiragi family would be a wonderful experience.”

Having said that, the instructor excused himself.

Shinya was left alone in the empty training facility. He was told that he’d meet his fiancée here. He’d meet his fiancée here, where endless bloodbaths took place. Only after being told so, Shinya finally began to feel it.

That, he survived.

He thought the endless bloodbath would continue on for eternity. But he finally survived.

At the same time, a girl appeared at the entrance of the training facility, which was some distance away from Shinya. In a corner of his mind, a very small one, these thoughts poured in.

What kind of a girl is his fiancée?

Is she cute?

Is she kind?


Mahiru came closer.

Her looks exceeded all and every one of Shinya’s imaginations that he ever had.

Long, sparkling ashen hair. Dignified eyes filled with strong determination. Clear white skin, almost transparent. Elegant, calm, yet ice-cold voice ringed,

“So, you are the one who survived to plant your seeds within me?”

Shinya lowered his head. [TL note: Shinya uses extremely polite speech here on]

“Yes. First time at your service.”

“Your name is…?”

“My name is Shinya.”

“Shinya… and how would your name be written in kanji?”

“It is written like deep (Fukai, 深い) night (yoru, 夜).”

“That’s an uncommon one.”

“Is that so? I wasn’t aware of it.”

After all, he was here since the age of five. He had no time to think about such things. But being told that, it did seem that his name [TL note: Shinya written as 深夜] was indeed an uncommon name. With a smile, Shinya looked at Mahiru and said,

“But, to a person who will live under the shadow of “Mahiru”-sama, who radiates like a sun, I think it is a fitting name.” [TL note: Mahiru means noon]

But, once Mahiru heard that, her face showed a tint of disgust.

“That’s a rather servile way of putting it.”

It seemed that Mahiru disliked this approach. But Shinya needed to be well-liked by her. The only reason why he was possible to exist at this moment was due to his status as Mahiru’s fiancé.

And, Mahiru at least took some interest in him and came here to meet Shinya in person. Then, right here, Shinya needed to impress Mahiru. So Shinya thought. What kind of attitude does she want from him? What type of guys does she prefer?

Smiling, Shinya probed for answers.

“I am extremely sorry. I just found out that I survived through, so I am unsure of how I should treat a person from Hiiragi family…”

But, Mahiru cut his words and spoke.

“I do not hold any interest in you, so just be yourself.”

Shinya looked at Mahiru’s face. Shinya observed and looked for what kind of expression she was making, what thoughts filled her mind.

She was a Hiiragi.

From the moment she was born, she was a god to the followers of “Mikado no Oni”. Surely, she was sick and tired of people trying to suck up to her.

Then, it was probably better to impress her in a different manner –

But, as if cutting off such thoughts, Mahiru spoke.

“I already have a person I love. Therefore, I cannot accept you. Today, I came to tell you this.”

So, it seemed like that was the reality.

Shinya looked at Mahiru.


He did not let out a word. Careless words were dangerous. Mahiru said that she would not choose him. But if that was the case, Shinya no longer held any value. And up until yesterday, everyone who lost and no longer held any value was disposed of.

But Mahiru continued her story as if she read what Shinya was thinking.

“Ah, don’t be afraid to speak freely. I made sure there was no surveillance.”

Shinya answered. [TL note: from here on, Shinya no longer addresses Mahiru using the polite speech]

“I can’t trust that.” (そんなの、信用できないね)

Upon his answer, Mahiru smiled a little.

“Is that the way you talk? Then, please continue that way.”

“Is this what you prefer?”

“Well, yes. But I still would not fall in love with you.”

“Hmm? That’s problematic. I survived only for that reason.”

“That’s too bad.”

“You can’t fall in love with me?” (僕じゃ、だめなの?)

Upon his answer, Mahiru once again smiled a little.

“Can or cannot aside, today is the first time we are meeting.”

“Then there’s still a chance…”

But, that was immediately rejected.

“There is no chance.”

Mahiru spoke those words in a tranquil way, yet at the same time, Shinya was able to feel a strong determination in her voice that would not allow for any objections.

Then, that meant,

“Today, I am going to be killed…”

Mahiru shook her head.

“No. I am going to pretend that we are going out, that I took a liking to you.”

At her words, Shinya thought things over. Why was Mahiru doing this? What reason was there for Mahiru to come meet him? The answer came out quickly. Shinya spoke.

“So, that means that the person you love was not allowed by the Hiiragi family.”

As if she was surprised a little, Mahiru’s eyes grew bigger. Mahiru spoke.

“As expected, you are smart.”

“So you chose me to be a cover-up.”

Mahiru smiled. As if just the thought of the person she loves made her happy, her face glowed with brightness.

“So, that’s it. I was wondering what kind of a person you would be since I heard you were from the Hiiragi house, but you are just a young lady in love.”


Mahiru laughed.

“Yes. I am just a young lady in love, born to a house that does not allow a person to love normally.”

“You call yourself a young lady?”

“Ahaha. I wish I was born a normal child.”


“In a house, that would allow me to love whoever I loved.”

That - wishing to be born as a normal child -  was the same for Shinya himself.

Kill others to survive. 

Get disposed if you fail to produce a quality result. 

He did not want to live while fighting against such fears.


Mahiru looked at Shinya and spoke.

“But, you too. Aren’t you happy that you don’t have to court and go out with a person you don’t even like?”

To that, Shinya answered.

“If it’s with a lovely girl like you, Mahiru-sama…”

“No need to flatter me.”

Mahiru cut his words, but Shinya continued while smiling.

“I’m not flattering you. You really are pretty. And to be told that I will never attain your love – even if I was uninterested until now, I’m starting to want that a little.”


“After all, I had never lost before.”

Shinya pointed at where they were, this training facility, where he was forced to compete with others for survival since the age of 5.

Mahiru smiled a little.

“You’re right. Because if you lost, you would have been disposed.”

“Therefore, I am content with being a cover-up for you, at least for now. Then I will attain your heart. Yes. Let’s do that. I’ll make that my next goal.”

But, still smiling, Mahiru stared at Shinya with a look of pity and said,

“Then, would you like to lose for once, right here?”


“If you lost for once, would you no longer be obsessed with that?”

“What are you sa…”

But Mahiru was already moving straight in his direction.

Her movement was crisp, but not fast.

Shinya opened his eyes halfway, looked at her direction, and said,

“This is a Hiiragi?”

He could feel his heart cooling down in a heartbeat. We were forced to risk our lives for a person who could only move like this? Shinya could feel himself quickly lose his interest and desire for her.

Mahiru raised her fist. It was easy to stop her. A person with her level of skill would have been disposed of a long, long time ago.

Shinya raised his hand.

Shinya grabbed Mahiru’s hand.

No, grabbed, he thought.

Mahiru disappeared in front of his eyes.

It was an illusion.

Someone poked his back.

A voice flowed through his ears.

“Aha, plant your seeds in me, being at this level? You wouldn’t even be able to touch me.”

She was on another level.

She was on another level from the guys he competed with until yesterday.

She was not an opponent he could take lightly.

He cursed his foolishness.

There probably was a paper talisman with spells conjured stuck on his back.

And, Mahiru spoke quietly,


At the same time, Shinya moved. He moved with all his strength. He attached a paper talisman of his own to counter the spells and tried to minimize the damage.

He took a step forward and turned around.

Mahiru was smiling. Mahiru was smiling sadly.

He could not find any cracks in her.

He felt a different kind of pressure this time.

Her and Shinya. Who would be the stronger one?

Probably. Most likely.

“Well, so this time, I guess it’s my loss?”


Mahiru smiled.

“Is this your first loss? If so, you’d become stronger from now on,” she said.

But to that, Shinya smiled and said,

“No. At this point, by being here, I already had lost a long time ago.”

From the moment his parents sold him.

From the moment he could not run away.

From the moment he could not reject the engagement.

From the moment he could no longer live freely, he had already lost.

But Mahiru is different.

This girl is different.

She came here, to not lose. To continue the love with the person who was forbidden for her to love. With her own hands. She came here to choose her own destiny.

Shinya asked.

“So, I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“The person you love. Is he stronger than you?”

Mahiru smiled again happily. Mahiru smiled as if she was having fun. That face is totally that of a girl head over heels in love.

At that moment, she looked the loveliest.

As if she was thinking about the matter, she slightly turned her head to one side and said,

“Hmm.. Guren is… I wonder. Whether he is strong or weak, though, I won’t change my mind.”

“Eh, that’s unfair. Then my turn won’t come.”

Upon Shinya’s words, Mahiru laughed again.

A bright smile resembling of this calm, serene afternoon.

“Guren is strong, probably. Stronger than me. A lot.”

“So, you like that Guren person?”


“Because he’s strong?”


“So. Is that so. Then, I got it. I will act as the cover-up. Until you can be with the person you love, I will act as the cover-up in his place.”

Mahiru smiled cheerfully.

“Good. Then, please take care of me from now on, Hiiragi Shinya-san.”

“You can just call me by my name. I will do the same. It’s less suspicious that way, right? So, Mahiru. Please take care of me too.”

Once again, upon Shinya’s words, Mahiru smiled.

Her face was extremely pretty.


And there, for the first time, he felt a slight jealousness toward Guren, who he had not even met yet.

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