Paragon of Sin - Chapter 917

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Chapter 917: A One-Sided Victory




The battle between high-level Ascended beings was cataclysmic, unleashing a torrential outpour of Mystic Power that ravaged the Dark Void. They battled so intensely within the limited space of Ma Zheng's spatial formation, that it felt like the end of time had arrived. At times, fixed space would distort, collapsing on itself as spurts of Black Holes emerged, or the temporal flow would become wonky as Temporal Reversion was used in excess.

The masked Earthly Saints of Trueborn were raging, fighting against their opponents fiercely as they attempted to plot and strategize. Some even used unique spatial treasures for escape, yet whenever that happened, Ma Zheng would execute a hand-seal, causing the silver cube within his hand to pulse vigorously. The attempt would be just that—an attempt. Amidst failure, the situation continued to deteriorate for the masked Earthly Saints.

Despite that, the fighting continued. Although they were faced with elite Earthly Saints, the masked Earthly Saints were Earthly Saints themselves—they weren't easy to defeat. Wu Yu had targeted the weakest, striking in his strongest state with explosive suddenness, bringing an end to one of the six, yet the others fought head-on battles.

With time, the masked Earthly Saints adjusted despite their initial panic, unleashing fierce and forceful counter-offensives that bought them time. As time passed, the most difficult battle to seek an advantage in was Han Yuhei's. At first, he was overwhelming, dominating his two opponents, but their cohesively executed concerted arts and spells sent him into a strange limbo.

Unable to maintain his advantage, he began to face two masked Earthly Saints who had vast reserves of mystic power. They countered his immense strength by exerting higher volumes of mystic power, enough to force a stalemate. It was vexing, yet Han Yuhei kept his calm.

The next match that started to become difficult was Lady Clearwind's. Despite confidently declaring that she would handle her opponent alone, after the initial strike, her opponent was getting into a rhythm of defensive tactics, which delayed her from unleashing a conclusive blow. Their cautiousness served to prolong the battle, leaving her helpless despite her violent assaults.

There were silver windstorms that sliced forward powerfully, but the masked Earthly Saint countered with walls of dense earthen-attributed mystic power, fortifying his position and resembling a tiny-sized planet. His shell was difficult to penetrate.

Sun Li was pounding out attack after attack and built up continuous injuries on her opponent. The sound of shattered bones was ear-splitting. Her opponent, however, had comprehended the Temporal-type Mystic Rune, grasping a heightened form of Temporal Reversion. Every injury dealt was reversed, and while this placed her in a winning position in a battle of attrition, her opponent seemed content with this tactic for now.

The battles everywhere produced shockwaves that could destroy small-sized planets with ease. If it weren't for the protective measures executed by Ma Zheng, sealing off the Shattered World Moon with a spatial barrier, the lunar satellite would've long since been crushed into dust.

Wu Yu frowned as he observed all these developments. The others were eking out small advantages after the initial engagement. This was unlike the Golden Life Pavilion's competition. After all, Earthly Saints weren't typically defeated so easily by the elites of their cultivation stage, even the ordinary ones, especially not the 'elites' of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region.

Wu Yu and Ma Zheng would be heavy exceptions, reaching the 8th and 9th Runic Ascendant States respectively, both having their own advantages that far exceeded their counterparts. Wu Yu had an exceptionally powerful Cultivation Method with a temporary amplification transformation, and Ma Zheng was backed by endless experience, wealth, and knowledge as one of the oldest cultivators in the stellar region.

As for Han Yuhei, Sun Li, and the others, only a few reached the 5th Runic Ascendant State as Earthly Saints, with most at the 3rd and 4th, showing the abnormality that was Wu Yu and Ma Zheng. The masked Earthly Saints might not all reach that level, with the weakest being a 1st Runic Ascendant, but they were still genuine Earthly Saints with hundreds or thousands of years of experience.

Fortunately, they still had three Earthly Saints in reserve. Wu Yu, Faye Liying, and War Commander Zhan Zheng, otherwise known as the Legion Commander of 9,999 Spirits of Wars, were either passively observing the situation or cleaning up their area.

Wei Wuyin slightly frowned as his Celestial Eyes were in full effect. He could barely observe the speed of events. Every action was explosively fast, enveloped by waves of mystic-graded spiritual power. While he caught glimpses, he was actually unable to grasp the sequence of events.

He decided to share senses with Bai Lin, and only then was he able to catch the raging battle ongoing as he hovered at the edge of the spatial barrier, protected by a pocket of spatial wall. In fact, he had been targeted a few times by the masked Earthly Saints. They tried to approach to seize him or destroy his protective barrier. Unfortunately for them, Wu Yu would casually dissipate their attacks or act as a guardian.

Frustrated by their failed attempts, they suffered attacks from their opponents, which placed them further at a disadvantage. After realizing that this tactic wouldn't work in negotiating their safety, they once again adopted defensive tactics.

A full sixty seconds had passed.

Wu Yu heavily frowned. Despite only a single minute passing, that was enough for Earthly Saints to launch hundreds of attacks. The high-speed actions also meant swifter exhaustion, especially when they exerted greater degrees of mystic and spiritual power to face equal or strong opponents. There were signs of fatigue from both sides.

Unlike Wu Yu, they didn't cultivate the Blood Origin Method that can help increase one's reserves of mystic, mental, physical, and spiritual energies at the third stage. Every spell, every art, every rapid movement, every usage of an armament exhausted heavy amounts of these energies, consumed to generate more and more mystic and spiritual power.

In another two or three minutes, these Earthly Saints would be forced to become a spent force. Their defeat would be easy at that time, and Wu Yu could sweep them up with minimal effort. Wu Yu knew this, and they certainly knew this, yet their efforts were focused on not being defeated by their current opponents and finding an escape route.

"This is truly taking too long," Wu Yu commented slightly as he observed the spatial walls. These walls were powered by four Earthly Saints and controlled by Ma Zheng, so they were extremely difficult to damage. Since it wasn't heavily targeted by the masked Earthly Saints, merely having to resist some shockwaves or missed attacks, the spatial cage was stable.

"Ahh!" A shrieking scream resounded that throbbed the eardrums despite the Dark Void. It was suffused with agony, despair, and pain. It attracted everyone's attention as they saw a burning figure releasing iridescent blazing light that resembled a humanoid-shaped Solar Star. The person was holding the sides of their head, their body twisting and shivering chaotically.

Huoyan Liulan was breathing heavily, her eyes releasing bright flames that birthed uniquely colored light. She held a small feather in her hand. The feather was golden in color and gave a rich feeling of life.

Bai Lin was taken aback. "Phoenix Feather!" She communicated to Wei Wuyin, who took a look at Huoyan Liulan, his eyes shrinking as he noticed the Nirvanic Flame Intent, a unique Intent belonging to Fire Phoenixes, emitting from the feather.

Bai Lin instantly followed up with: "Third Nirvanic Rebirth Realm!"

Wei Wuyin was briefly shaken. The Third Nirvanic Rebirth Realm was the Third Stage of the Nirvanic Transformation for Fire Phoenixes! Bai Lin was merely at the Second Stage of the Nirvanic Rebirth Realm, and she possessed the power of an elite Demi-Mortal Lord despite her young age, yet Huoyan Liulan had brought out a feather a stage beyond? Where did it come from?

Her opponent was caught in the blazing might of Nirvanic Flames. Its incineration and permeating effects were phenomenal, infectiously integrating into one's body should it be allowed, and dispersing it was extremely difficult. It was tenacious, like life itself.

It wasn't long before the masked Earthly Saint became a scorched husk, the active signs of their Mystic Soul dissipating with time. They were dead! They were killed! ​

Huoyan Liulan had unleashed a trump card, eliminating her opponent in a violent, brutal fashion. There was a glint of hatred lingering in her eyes as she stared at the floating burnt corpse. It felt as if there was an emotional response within. Was she aware of who this masked Earthly Saint was?

Wu Yu was awed by the power of the feather. It seemed to have been forged through a unique Infusion-type Mystic Rune spell, granting Huoyan Liulan access to its Nirvanic Flames. "So that's what was prepared," he commented as he rubbed his chin contemplatively.

Wei Wuyin was equally as awed. He was already fully aware of Ma Zheng's preparations to take back the Golden Life Pavilion, and Huoyan Liulan was one of his champions. Unfortunately, Sheng Jizi expertly saw her coming and eliminated her from participating with a change of rules. Fortunately, Ma Zheng had still claimed victory with two wins and one draw. To think this was one of his trump cards.

"I want it!" Bai Lin licked her beak, her eyes glistening with desire. She wanted to eat the feather! Of course, such a feather might harness power equal to an elite Earthly Saint, but the actual Fire Phoenix would certainly possess a greater strength.

By Wei Wuyin's estimation, he believed Bai Lin would roughly enter the realms of a Worldly Saint should she reach the Third Nirvanic Rebirth Realm, maybe that might be her initial limit, and she could push herself to a higher stage of power with nurturing and time. After all, Bai Lin's Second Nirvanic Transformation immediately saw her reach a Demi-Mortal Lord level of power. She hadn't even tapped into her innate abilities or maximized her foundation yet. With time, who knew how far she could push the Second Nirvanic Rebirth Realm's limit.

The only limiting factor was his lack of Mystic-Earth grade alchemical products that could benefit her. Raw mystic materials just weren't nearly as effective or fast-acting.

Wei Wuyin caressed Bai Lin, "We'll see."

With Huoyan Liulan's victory leading to a dark death, an air of desperation began to form amongst the masked Earthly Saints. They were trying to stall, but this could be the domino that collapsed the rest.

Wu Yu grew worried that these masked Earthly Saints might try to ignite their Mystic Souls to access greater levels of power. If so, then this situation will get complicated.

Wei Wuyin looked around using Bai Lin's eyes, and when he realized that no one was trying to breach from the outside, he decided to end this. Originally, he wanted to see if the leader of this operation would show themself. After all, they had sent an order in the form of a spiritual storm to run. Yet they seemed unresponsive even after the first death.

Whoever they were, they had left.

Wei Wuyin suspected this person to be a member of the Ninestar Starfield, granting access to the starfield and immunity to the formations and arrays through the Ninestar Soul Scepter that Faye Liying also wielded. These scepters were forged for by the Soul Saint Monarch, the leader of the Ninestar Sainthall, and allowed the Soul Monarchs to control their Domains and give permission to foreign Ascended at the Demi-Mortal Lord or higher to enter, with a limited range of activity and pre-sworn oaths.

Typically, the limited range would prevent others from entering other Domains after arriving, so the Soul Monarch of that Domain would be responsible for any fallout. Unfortunately, there was a slight loophole that allowed them to enter one Domain and one Domain only, but the Soul Saint Domain was too deep and typically overseen by the Soul Saint Monarch and various spatially restrictive formations. It was impossible for foreign Earthly Saints to enter, normally.

Whoever helped these masked Trueborn must have a scepter and a way to bypass those spatially restrictive formations to allow these masked Trueborn to directly enter the Soul-Saint Domain. This was the same way Wei Wuyin entered, using Void Portals and Void Anchors, abusing the scepters' permission granting loophole.

Seeing that the person refused to act, Wei Wuyin finally gave the order.


Wu Yu and Zhan Zheng both moved. They rushed towards Han Yuhei with explosive speeds, and those two opponents didn't last longer than four seconds before being subdued by the three. Han Yuhei didn't dare to ward off their assistance. He wanted to get into Wei Wuyin's good graces, and letting his ego overtake him would only harm his interests. Moreover, seeing him deploy such means, he wanted more to be useful.

The masked Earthly Saint fighting Sun Li saw this and immediately ignited his Mystic Soul. With a thunderous boom, they launched themselves at the spatial wall with gushing temporal power. Unfortunately, they crashed into it with no results except a slight dent.

Sun Li launched a violent attack with her Bo staff, causing the Mystic Soul and fleshy body of the masked Earthly Saint to explode. Another one bit the dust.

A depressing day for top-tier experts.

With two Earthly Saints dead, and three captured, only one was left. Lady Clearwind was in an intense battle observed the other Earthly Saints. Her battle was the closest in terms of strength. While she was a ruler of the United Source Starfield, her foundation and strength paled in comparison to the others, either due to wealth or higher-grade legacies and methods.

She was giving it her all, and Wu Yu was watching that blazing fighting spirit of hers with cheering eyes. The masked Earthly Saint soon realized that he was surrounded—there was no escape.

With an internal wail that was silent yet felt through their body language, the masked Earthly Saint accepted a crushing blow from Lady Clearwind as he lowered his earthen shell, suffering slicing injuries as Lady Clearwind triumphantly sealed their Mystic Soul and Meridians. Surrounded, there were only two outcomes for that Earthly Saint—capture or death.

Wei Wuyin nodded, seeing it wrapped up cleanly. These Trueborn cultivators were quite arrogant, acting freely, even allowing their intentions to be freely known. Did they think themselves invincible?

Wu Yu floated next to Wei Wuyin, accompanied by Han Yuhei. War Commander Zhan Zheng brought over the defeated and sealed Demi-Mortal Lords. Despite there originally being seventeen, only thirteen was brought forth with life.

The others were lifeless corpses.

During all this, Yue Lixiang was spectating. She had fought against four, but two other Earthly Saints had hidden away, likely trump cards to deal with her or ensure Yue Songli didn't escape. She hadn't even noticed the sixth before they revealed themselves. As for the seventh that had screamed out the order, she had thought it belonged to one of the other six.

She never expected Trueborn to deploy six Earthly Saints, especially in the Soul-Saint Domain! Was Yue Songli so important? Or, what were they so cautious of?

Just as the thought entered her mind, a glacial snort that felt like a thunderous storm erupted, invading the spatial cage with tremendous force. The spatial walls rippled endlessly as Ma Zheng and the other three Earthly Saints frowned as an explosive boom sent them flying tens of thousands of miles away!

They began to bleed from their eyes, nose, and ears!

The silver cube escaped Ma Zheng's grasp, rapidly crumbling with unstoppable force! It was hurled even further away from the Ninestar Starfield's border until it vanished entirely into specks of silver dust.

"What?!" Tian Muyang's throat hoarsely exclaimed as he opened his bleeding eyes. They were leaking spiritual light towards the Ninestar Starfield's border.

The spatial cage collapsed instantly. The other Earthly Saints were vigilant as they looked in a specific direction in the Dark Void, seeing a figure standing there in the Dark Void, oozing power. With their hands folded against their chests, they were aggressively imposing. The nine Solar Stars of the Starfield all brightened three times, releasing vibrant waves of light!

"The audacity to invade MY Starfield?! WHO DARES?!" The voice thundered. All nine Solar Stars began to tremble!

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