Paragon of Sin - Chapter 919

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Chapter 919: 100% Refined! lnvest!


The Earthly Saints present were drowned in mixed emotions witnessing the unfolding conversation between a mortal youth and the one-and-only Soul Saint King! Those captured, sealed, left powerless and awaiting judgment with masks who all baffled. Those on the mortal's side wore dismayed expressions with tensed auras.

Wu Yu, most noticeably, was revving internally. While he hadn't exploded yet, his Mystic Aura and Imperial Heaven Aura threatened to unleash all of their potential strength. Within the depths of his eyes, eight Mystic Runes imprinted themselves with a fierce brilliance.

As Wei Wuyin's Alchemic Knight, his mentality had long since changed, prioritizing Wei Wuyin above all else. As long as he reacted, securing Wei Wuyin's safety, then all else will simply be less concerning. It was a strange feeling to have a willingness of such a degree to emerge in his heart. It wasn't prompted by any oath of any sort or obligation, purely out of his own desire.

It brought his Mystic Soul to the limits. His flesh heart and flowing blood thrummed with a ferocity, leaking out an aura of Origin Essence and Blood Essence. The whites of his eyes became more prominent, emitting a rich light. Abruptly, he felt an urge to cultivate the Blood Origin Method. If he harnessed this feeling of unity between Mystic Soul, Origin Essence, and Blood Essence, integrated it all with his heart, he knew he could complete his Heart-Blood Stage, the Third Stage of the Blood Origin Method, and establish his Secondary Dantian!

It was strange how something unrelated had prompted this response, this moment of profound enlightenment based solely on the external feeling of pressure and willingness.

Wu Yu's state wasn't ignored by those present. While the Soul Saint King drew some of everyone's attention, Wu Yu as Wei Wuyin's Alchemic Knight was granted an even greater focus. Most believed that strange incarnation-like Earthly Saint, the Legion Commander, and Wu Yu was about to jointly face the Soul Saint King under Wei Wuyin's order…no matter how ill-advised it was.

So when his body began to release bursts of Blood Origin Essence Aura, the unique fusion of Blood Essence and Origin Essence, they directed a portion of their senses onto his body. The Soul Saint King was no exception.

"Is that Origin Essence Aura? It seems strange…" Sun Li asked no one in particular, mostly directed at herself. However, Lady Clearwind, who was beside her, was also surprised by this development. She recalled some conversations she had with Wu Yu, some of which detailed bits of the Blood Origin Method.

According to Wu Yu, there were certain methods that could utilize Origin Essence to intermix Blood Essence and Mystic Intent to generate a unique type of Blood Essence for Ascended beings. This unique Blood Origin Essence could be used to refine the heart or other organs into a Secondary Dantian, expanding the limits of one's physical energies; thereby, the upper-limits of one's physical strength and Mystic Power will be elevated.

It was too profound and mysterious for her before, but seeing Wu Yu's current state, she knew his cultivation had taken a leap in that direction. Her eyes gleamed with unimaginable interest.

Wei Wuyin grasped the Nexus War Flag in his right hand when he noticed Wu Yu slowly touch upon a different state. He didn't understand the Blood Origin Method outside of its most basic progress—purpose and end result. What timing for a cultivation breakthrough!

War Commander Zhan Zheng communicated with Wei Wuyin mentally, warning: "You should send this servant of yours away. His current state is of enlightenment. If he doesn't meditate on this feeling, he could lose it for life." Since Zhan Zheng had been defeated, forced to follow a mortal, he'd have some hesitation towards considering Wei Wuyin his superior. However, when he saw how many Earthly Saints were fighting on his behalf, he decided to change his thinking.

Wei Wuyin was far more worthy than others that might have taken the Nexus War Flag. After all, he had accomplished this task as a mortal.

Wei Wuyin's expression changed into one of shock. Zhan Zheng was knowledgeable regarding details like this, especially the Mystic Dao and its intricacies. The thought of sending Wu Yu out crossed his mind, but the Soul Saint King was right before him, actively controlling the array of the Ninestar Starfield. Even with Void Anchors, he wouldn't have the necessary energy to do so.

He was also running low.

If the array wasn't…

Due to Zhan Zheng's unique mental connection with Wei Wuyin, he could grasp certain thoughts of Wei Wuyin. Most were filtered by the Nexus War Flag, but specific wants that could be accomplished through an army were sent directly to him. So the War Commander reminded Wei Wuyin, "I'll handle it, mortal."

Wei Wuyin frowned slightly. Zhan Zheng no longer was constructed of his innate energies, so he didn't have Void Abilities like before, unable to act using Void Portals. After refining the flag to 100% using the combination of his Neo-Dawn Soul-Sea Elixir and his Primary Soul Light, he went from 1% to 100% with breathtaking swiftness.

If those who constructed the Nexus War Flag had known of this development, that a mere mortal had refined the flag to 100%, their jaws would drop until it snapped off their mouths. It was just too unbelievable!

However, this opened up a new opportunity for Wei Wuyin, and why he felt absolutely confident in arriving here today and inflicting Trueborn, a clandestine organization he felt threatened by, a heavy and irrecoverable blow. In truth, he hadn't expected six Earthly Saints to arrive, barring the one that hid.

This defeat would certainly open up various avenues of questioning leading to answers and weakening the organization's strength considerably. After all, less than two hundred Earthly Saints were present in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. This was an unimaginably severe loss.

With 100% of the Nexus War Flag refined, Wei Wuyin no longer needed to solely use his own innate energies to fuel the flag to manifest the bodies of those Spirits of War, even the War Commander himself was constructed from a unique energy that was generated from the refinement of War Souls. He had two million War Souls, so he had more than enough fuel. Even if he wanted to use his own innate energies, while he was a Realmlord now, he still wouldn't be able to manifest a 1,000 Spirits of War.

However, he was a little surprised after reaching 100%. The Nexus War Flag was already fully-charged! The moment refinement was complete, he had the means to summon all 10,000 Spirits of War at least once in their original states, a pre-prepped mechanism of the Nexus War Flag it seems!

Unfortunately, the Legion Commander of this army suffered damage to his essential soul power, so War Souls and Primary Soul Light were essential for repairs.

That hiccup aside, with this readied state, his War Souls could be immediately used for its secondary function—Spirit Elevation! The 10,000 Spirits of War, through the talisman, can be upgraded in strength and cultivation using Primary Soul Light or War Souls!

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