Perfect World - Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831: 1831

Chapter 1831 - Shi… Senior

After Wang Family’s people were targeted, their fine hairs all stood on end, their bodies going taut . It was as if they were herbivores who were suddenly targeted by a vicious beast in a forest . There was a type of instinctual trembling feeling that directly covered their entire body .

They all knew that this was a human form vicious beast, moreover a matchless great vicious being!

Previously the feeling Wang Shi gave everyone was one of outstanding temperament . When he didn’t display power, he was gentle like spring winds, but once he released a bit of killing intent, he would become a great vicious existence .

However, compared to the current Shi Hao, many people felt like Wang Shi’s power wasn’t much, just like a meek family cat .

It was just too terrifying!

Wang Family’s people were all horrified, unable to help but back up . This was especially the case with Wang Lan, his face deathly pale, body couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably, about to bow down .

Wang Xi didn’t feel all that great either, as if there was a mountain crushing down on her, even breathing was difficult, feeling an urge to bow down to this person .

As for Wang Shi, it was as if he was facing a great enemy, his body also going against his will, producing an extremely bad feeling . Even though a vicious beast was powerful, right now, he was facing a beast king .

As for the others, they had long become shaken, becoming like statues, bodies completely rigid .

That was Wang Wu we were talking about! Yet he was suppressed just like that .

Meanwhile, Wind Clan’s inheritor, he couldn’t even utter a word before he was crushed to a bloody mist . Just what kind of power was this, what kind of divine might?

That Jin Zhan was known as the Pride of Heaven of a generation, having the qualifications to become the younger generation’s leader, yet with just a flick of a finger, a streak of sword energy removed his head .

This type of power, this type of battle accomplishment wasn’t a normal type of intimidating, but rather a great terror!

All those who were cultivators couldn’t help but feel alarmed . This was a youngster, yet his strength… was ridiculously high, far exceeding normal reasoning!

“It’s him… it’s actually him!” Jin Zhan wanted to shout out, but he could only spit out bloody suds . There was only a head left, suppressed on the spot .

Forget about speaking, he couldn’t even release any divine will fluctuations, completely restricted in the void .

Jin Zhan was just too horrified, not expecting that it was Huang no matter what, that it was actually that person, that he could still appear . This was someone who was already deemed ruined bones by them, yet he actually became a supreme being?

He wanted to roar out . This was something he couldn’t accept . His entire body had a type of powerless feeling .

Back then, he was precisely struck down from the nine heavens straight to hell by Shi Hao, losing the right to command the same generation, losing his exceptional brilliance .

Today, it was the same . His cultivation made great progress, coming out of seclusion, hurrying to the broken Xumi Mountain, wishing to rise up today and dominate the world . However, who would have thought that he would encounter the same person, suffer another miserable defeat?

This time, it was even more terrifying, just a single streak of sword energy was already enough to remove his head, while he was completely powerless to retaliate .

Jin Zhan was unwilling, veins popping on his forehead . In his life, the most crucial two battles were with the same person, the result the same .

This made him want to vomit blood, full of anger . If it wasn’t for this Huang, he wouldn’t feel fear no matter who he faced, able to fight a glorious battle that could definitely shake the world .

The end result was just this pitiful, this life of his just this pitiful, forever within Huang’s shadow . He was completely suppressed, powerless to do anything .

“You… cannot bully the small as the great!” Wang Lan spoke up, gathering his courage, showing strength while weak inside .

When Shi Hao heard this, he stared blankly for a moment, and then he laughed .

Wang Shi was still rather calm, at the very least, he didn’t seem flustered on the surface, his courage and insight quite impressive, having his own bearing .

He took a deep breath, walking forward and also speaking up, saying, “Does senior have a grudge with us? Why is there a need to take such fierce actions?”

He gave Jin Zhan a look, and then looked at the bloody mist Wind Clan’s inheritor turned into .

He wasn’t that nervous towards his brother Wang Wu’s suppression, nor did he panic . His mentality was trained well, voice still calm .

“Does she have a grudge with you all?” Shi Hao pointed at the Lunar Jade Rabbit .

Everyone became stunned . What kind of relationship did this person have with the Lunar Jade Rabbit, actually acting in her place .

“Many thanks to senior!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit laughed in a sweet manner, her teeth sparkling, and then muttering, “Wang Family’s people are too hateful, senior, please uphold public justice, remove their cultivation . ”

There were some people whose expressions immediately changed upon hearing this . This rabbit really was vicious enough, those who were related to Wang Family all felt their bodies go cold .

“Not a problem . ” Shi Hao said with a smile .

When Wang Shi heard Shi Hao’s words, he no longer continued the topic of whether there were any grudges . He released a sigh, knowing that there was no way to mediate the situation . Things became much more troublesome .

His fifth brother said so much, even mentioning their father, yet it was completely useless!

Right now, Shi Hao raised his hand, grabbing towards Wang Family’s people, slow, but powerful . His palm covered the sky dome, simply impossible to resist .

“Please wait, senior, I cannot accept this result!” Wang Shi’s eyes erupted with radiance, shouting like this, stopping Shi Hao from acting viciously .

“What is there not to accept?” Shi Hao asked, his voice extremely easygoing and calm .

“You are a supreme being, do you dare give me a chance, fight at the same battle? I, Wang Shi, can dominate the world, never fearing a fight . I only wish for a fair battle!” Wang Shi shouted .

At this point, he didn’t back up, only able to speak like this .

When Shi Hao heard this, he revealed a strange expression . He was called a senior by Wang Shi, moreover asked to fight a battle at the same level, leaving him a bit shocked .

“Fine, I will give a younger generation like you a chance . ” Shi Hao said with a laugh, making others feel rather strange .

In reality, how could he be considered a senior? Wang Shi calling him this made him feel rather amused . If the other party knew about his identity, what kind of expression would he have?

With a hong noise, Wang Shi erupted with power, his aura surging, covering heaven and earth, engulfing the sun, moon, and stars .

Wang Family’s Nine Dragons, the later ones were the most powerful!

The entire world knew that Wang Jiu was the most powerful of the Nine Dragons, some suspecting that he might even have already reached the Supreme Being Realm!

Now that Wang Shi appeared, everyone was stunned that there was a tenth dragon . This was Immortal Wang’s son, an heir left behind to escape the disaster of the Nine Heavens being destroyed .

Only after being certain that the other side was stopped, did Wang Shi appear .

There was news going around that his aptitude exceeded the other nine dragons, possessing an unmatched immortal bone, that he would definitely achieve immortality in the future!

However, this was also just his aptitude . Even though he was formidable, his age was still far less than the other nine dragons, always sealed .

Now that he appeared, his real age was actually not that great .

Wang Shi was at the Self Release Realm, his cultivation length not that long . However, his aptitude was definitely exceptional . If he entered Immortal Domain, he would definitely achieve immortality!

“Senior, please!” Wang Shi said .

His expression was serious, his method was… the Chaos Calming Art!

He didn’t hold back at all, immediately using his clan’s greatest divine ability . This was the unmatched sword art that had quelled a great invasion!


Between his brows, a black sword core appeared, rushing out from his skull . It then turned into a streak of black light, cutting through heaven and earth’s eternity, accompanied by time fragments, instantly arriving .

“Since you called me senior, I won’t bully the small as the great, I’ll give you a chance . ” Shi Hao revealed a strange smile .

Everyone felt like this supreme being’s smile was too strange .

Shi Hao suppressed his cultivation, he had just that much confidence in himself . He believed himself to be unmatched . Moreover, he already reached the Supreme Being Realm, his insight, comprehension, and others already made incomparable advancements .

Who could stop him?

When facing the Chaos Calming Art, Shi Hao didn’t use any extreme precious techniques, only forming a seal in the void, simple and without decorations . A pestle appeared, formed from symbols, dark in color .

This was the broken Xumi Mountain, the holy land of the ancient monk bloodline . He decided to try something out, producing a monk treasure!

However, its divine might was world-shocking!

It was as if the ancient monk bloodline’s most powerful golden body achiever held a precious pestle, wishing to exorcise demons, power matchless, divine appearance dignified . Endless light erupted .


The precious pestle was simple and unadorned, dark black in color . It directly smashed into that sword core condensed from a primordial spirit, leaving Wang Shi’s body greatly shaken, expression pale like snow, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips .

One could see cracks appear on that black primordial spirit, not a match for that precious pestle .

Everyone was shocked . The precious pestle was pitch-black, truly sturdy and unbreaking . Even Wang Family’s unstoppable Chaos Calming Art wasn’t a match?

This was too terrifying!

Everyone could sense that this person didn’t exert any supreme being energy, everything he used within the realm of self release, but it was still just that incomparably powerful!

The primordial spirit sword core broke apart, turning into streak after streak of light, quickly leaving, entering Wang Shi’s forehead . His body shook, complexion snow-white, lacking color .

He suffered serious injuries . The primordial spirit attack didn’t succeed, his body instead suffering from a rebound . A single mishap and the user of this ability might die, his condition critical .

Wang Shi was the one known as the number one heaven warping hero, his talent too formidable, but today, he was defeated just like this!

On the broken Xumi Mountain, how could the others not be shocked?

“Heh, a supreme being like you, even if you suppressed your cultivation, it still isn’t something a Self Release Realm cultivator could compare with . Do you feel good about yourself, bullying the weak as the strong?”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded . A gray-haired person appeared, his face still rather young, as if he was in his thirties .

“Brother Eight!” Wang Shi spoke out, continuously coughing out blood .

Everyone was stunned . Wang Family’s eighth dragon came, the number two of the Nine Dragons . However, even if he came, so what? Could he stop a supreme being? He was clearly not a match!

“There is no need to worry . Since I dare make an appearance, there is naturally nothing to fear . Who has my Wang Family feared in all these years, how many in this world dare bully us? He is a senior, but he is taking action without any regard for his own status, for this, he will pay the price of blood!” Wang Family’s eighth dragon said .

Moreover, he produced a bone mirror, saying, “Let me take a look, see just who exactly you are . ”

That mirror shone, becoming like a sun, burning heaven and earth . It triggered waves of true buddha aura on this broken Xumi Mountain, all illusions scattered .

There was a youngster before him, not stopping this . He instead had a faint smile on his face, revealing his true appearance .

“What, you…” Wang Family’s eighth dragon immediately almost let go of the bone mirror, his body swaying, emotions surging powerfully .

“Ah!” Qing Yi, who wasn’t far off, cried out in alarm . Originally, she was extremely quiet and reserved, but now, she was completely stupefied .

“Heavens!” The Heavenly Horned Ant called out excitedly .

Wang Shi’s eyes immediately widened . He was first stupefied, and then he was shocked . Then, he almost coughed out large mouthfuls of blood . This was the so-called… senior he uttered?

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