Plan to Assassinate Tatsuya Shiba - Volume 1 - The Girl Assassin - Chapter 5

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Girl Assassin

[5] Determination

Yuki runs through the factory gate by making his body even lower.
 The wall was not high enough to exceed, but I don't know what security equipment is installed. If you can beat it with an electric shock when you land, it's a checkmate. Rather, it was safer to have a gate that was supposed to allow people to enter and exit, even if it was being monitored.
 You don't need to worry about it because you usually check the placement of security devices before breaking in. But tonight, I can't even say such a natural luxury.
 I haven't been able to do any preliminary research, and I only carry my business tools with me. The air pad containing paralyzed gas did not have a gas cylinder for replenishment, so I removed it in the car on the way to here.
 Preparations, profits, backups, everything is inadequate.
 Such bad conditions. It may be the first time since I entered a trading company.

Yuki Remembered the killings for herself before joining the organization.
 A battle to protect your own life and my parents. Kataki struggles to take.
 The first murderer.

   Both parents of Yuki were ninjas.
A ninja who is not a "ninja" and not a magician.
 However, it was not that he had no paranormal power at all. The father couldn't use the technique at all, but the mother could use only one different ability.
Yuki is the same as physical strengthening.  

Yuki didn’t know the identity of my parents until after the two died.
However, as a generation after World War III, I had the knowledge that magic actually existed at the stage of elementary school. It was also briefly taught in the social studies class that "ninjutsu messenger" who used mysterious power was active from the Middle Ages to the present day.
 But when I was young, Yuki for me, the ninja was not much different from the entertainer on TV.
 It actually exists somewhere. However, he has nothing to do with himself.
Yuki didn’t know that you are trained as a ninja.
 Ingestion of toxic substances to acclimatize the body was systematically carried out in the daily diet.
Yuki was bestowed with Ninja skills while sleeping. Put only the consciousness to sleep and rub the technique into the body.
 Even if you can't use the ancient magic "Ninjutsu", in hundreds of years Wataru, the know-how that has been passed down has made it possible.
 Martial arts, swordsmanship, shurikens, concealment, lightness.
 How to use poison and how to set traps.
 The ninja technique, except for the ninja technique, which was impossible to learn due to age problems, was in the body of a twelve-year-old girl without even realizing it.
 And "that day" came.
 I came home from elementary school on Saturday afternoon.Yuki was waiting at the corpse of his parents.
 She seems to have screamed at that time, but I don't remember.
 When I fainted and woke up, I was in a hotel room instead of at home.
 In the same room, a woman of the same age as her parents said she protected herself.
 The woman described herself as a colleague of her parents.
 Yuki was with the woman for just two weeks after that.
 It was from the woman that she heard her parents' identity. It's an unbelievable story, but there was evidence that her words were true.
     Yuki says it's my own power.
 The death of his parents may have been set as one of the keys to breaking the commandments.
 She was suddenly able to use the ninja skills.
 Your own talent physical strengthening, I remembered the existence of and how to use it, as I had known for many years.
 What the woman taught me was not how to use power and skill. She is Yuki.I told him about his parents' identity, his job, and the circumstances in which they were killed.
 Parents of Yuki were a kind of mercenary.
 The client is a criminal organization, the so-called yakuza.
 An aragoto contractor who repels a foreign mafia trying to invade the vicinity of Tokyo. That was the job of the organization to which my parents belonged.
 Even though he said he was repelling; he didn't kill him. It seems that the employer wanted to avoid the intensifying conflict and collapsing together.
 What my parents and colleagues were doing was blocking product routes and notifying the police. Intimidation of politicians for the convenience of foreign mafia. And assault to the extent that it does not die as a show.
 But that consideration was in vain after all.
 A bloody conflict between the parents' camp and the foreign mafia began, and parents' lives were used as a signal to signal the start of the war.
 Apparently one of the former clients betrayed.
 Yuki says that the woman who helped me also told me the name.
 The woman, who was a friend of her mother, tried to escape.
 But even that woman was sacrificed--Yuki Decided to fight.
 Still serving as her companion Crocodile  It was around that time that I met him. Crocodile teamed up with now before joining, it was a relationship that I joined the company together and maintained the combination.
 Yuki says with the help of Crocodile I started revenge.
 I was blessed with luck as well as ability.
 He killed more than a dozen mafia executives and a talented hitman, and arrived at the yakuza who betrayed his parents.
 The final stage of revenge is the betrayed yakuza drug factory.
 So parents and benefactors Kataki were defeated. He was seriously injured.
 It wasn't an instant death injury, but it was a fatal injury in the sense that it would lead to death.
 In a fading consciousness. Yuki missed the satisfaction of "I've done it" and the resignation of "Is the luck of luck coming around?"

(... No way. Is it a running horse light?)
 Consciousness gives a warning.
 I can't even read the situation. Distracting yourself and reducing your concentration can be fatal.
 I must have remembered that it was boring because the drug factory at that time was somewhat similar to this invading place. Yuki thought so. She focused on observing the area in order to erase the past from her mind.
 Some of my peers boast that they can see the line of sight of the machine. But Yuki unfortunately, I haven't learned of such a feat. You can usually tell from the signs and eyes of people, but monitoring through a machine just feels like "somehow being seen." There is no point in such a vague feeling because it is not possible to determine where it is being viewed.
 But if you just see it or not, you know for the time being. Even if the information that is being seen it is meaningless, it is meaningful to know that it is not being seen.
 From the time I passed through the factory gate Yuki never felt the line of sight.
 The reason I was soaked in the old pockets earlier was that there was no enemy pressure at all.
 Now it was rather creepy. It's stubborn-or not sure-that abducted minors and didn't have any guards. It is impossible from the common sense of it was more convincing to think that she had a great skill that could not detect her existence.
(... what to do)
 I stepped inside the factory building. However, hesitation arises.
 Do you go to the back as it is?
 Or do you turn back here?
 Her sixth sense warns "Don't move!
 That makes me more anxious. I can't believe my intuition.
(-No, it's a step forward)
 But Yuki chooses to move on. Believing in your senses is a dangerous sign. Self-doubt leads to hesitation. Hesitation calls for a gap.
 Now bosom. The fear is just speculation without any basis.
 When it comes to speculation and intuition, intuition is usually more correct. Especially when life is at stake.
 She told her to believe in her senses.
 Of course, I will not neglect the confirmation by intuition.
 Search for the whereabouts of enemies and traps with your eyes, ears, nose, and skin.
 Confirm the absence of the enemy.
 Yuki finally reached the innermost part of the factory.
(What do you mean ...?) The embarrassment wraps her heart.
 Yuki!  There is a back door in front of me. The building on the premises is a one-story building. I looked around all the rooms, including the basements and hidden rooms.
 As a result, I didn't encounter anyone.
 This factory was unmanned.
"I don't understand ..."
 Unintentionally, a soliloquy leaks from her mouth.
 That boy's junior high school student, Shiba Tatsuya would have run away. I'm sure. Even though he didn't have a weapon at that time, he was a powerful person who treated her lightly. It's no wonder that you can escape after seeing a gap. Rather, it was surprising that he was taken away easily.
 But Shiba Tatsuya where did the men who abducted the kidnapped disappear?
"Nuts ...! Was it safe? It was good. ”
“ Oh. Wasn't there a car going out of the factory? ”
“ No, there was nothing going in and out after the nuts invaded. ”
“ Yes. ”
 In one word Yuki hang up the call with his buddy.
 She is invading alone. It's possible that they're hiding in another room, passing by somewhere with the abductees inside.
(No, no)
 Yuki one person, at least two people over there. It is more likely that their colleagues were waiting at this factory, apart from the abductees.
 The other party Yuki you don't have to hide from. If you can escape her eyes, it's more natural to ambush from behind.
(Shiba Tatsuya But on the contrary, did you get rid of everyone? )
 There is a possibility. From the feeling I had with each other the other day, it doesn't seem strange to hide that much arm.
"No ... it's strange after all."
 Yuki Denied his thoughts by himself.
 Suppose that junior high school student killed all the abductees.
 Then, this factory has nothing to do.
 There is no corpse of the abduction group.
 Shiba Tatsuya says if you are alone Yuki while examining the inside of the factory, he may be able to escape by climbing over the wall.
 However, it is impossible to disappear with the bodies of at least two people.
 That said, I didn't have time to process the corpse. Certainly, this factory contained chemicals that would dissolve the human body without a trace. There was also equipment that could be used for corpse disposal. However, the dissolution of the human body takes some time.
 Yuki has visited the corpse disposal facility of the organization during the training of a hitman.
 It wasn't very pleasant, but that experience tells me it is impossible to erase the corpse in this short time with the equipment of this factory.
 A sudden chill runs on my spine. Yuki shakes his body.


 Yuki does not return to her room.  Crocodile dropped in at my apartment. At her request.
 Unlike Crocodile has his own condominium; he is from the company Deputy Karmal recognized Yuki. In addition to his partner, he earned money as an information store, and this condominium was purchased with that income.
 The grade is, frankly, low. I have no plans to increase my family by living alone. Crocodile did not want space or transportation in his home. Instead of being extravagant in the property itself, he spent money on the interior.
The room was a little information equipment castle. In the 10s of this centuries, it might have been called "Otaku Castle". There are no portraits or statues of fictitious characters.
"Room Bookshelf was still Gochatto"
 Nari is passed through the room Yuki. However, he gives an unreserved impression.
"I'm sorry. I'm going to get rid of it more than the nuts room."
"My room is cleaner
You've probably never seen my room." "You can imagine without looking. The nuts room. Isn't it just a few things? You rarely clean up? I do it every day.
" Doing that just is not home put the auto menu size "
 With the abusive language with a smile, nuts sat down on the bed.
 There is no hesitation or hesitation there. There is only one chair in this room and it's already there

Crocodile was sitting.
"So what happened?"
 Suddenly Crocodile asks.
 Mashiyamagi Half the air was wiped out with that one word.
"The factory was a hollow shell. There were no blood stains left, let alone a corpse." With a dark look rather than tightened. Yuki answers.
 She went out through the back door and then went back into the factory to check for any traces of conflict. The result was the fact that there were no traces.
"But as far as the signal from the transmitter is concerned, it was non-stop to the factory?"
"There is no evidence of getting off on the way. When it comes to ..." "Nuts? Anything you can think of?"
 Yuki hesitated for a breath.
"... Maybe he's a magician, isn't he?"
"He's a magician, isn't he? Shiba Tatsuya Do you mean the boy? "
 Crocodile Answered the question in the sense of confirmation. Yuki Nodded, "Oh."
"Including its potential, it is in continue with the investigation,"
"But, nuts,"
"What is it?"
 This time Crocodile muffled.
"What? Say it."
"... It's never easy to completely erase a corpse without a trace, even with magic. Only the highest-level magicians should be able to do that. "
Is that so?" It's a common misconception for those who have no experience with magic, but the magician's abilities are limited. There are things that a magician can and cannot do at the individual level, and there are limits to the magic itself.
Shiba Tatsuya If he was a magician and had magically erased the men Shiba Tatsuya may not be the one we can handle. "
" ... But that doesn't mean we can't. "
 Yuki responded; so, Crocodile It's not because I didn't trust the words.
 Shiba Tatsuya may be out of his control Yuki I was beginning to feel faint.
 Crocodile guessing gives her an excuse. The opponent is a high-level magician, and ordinary humans cannot handle it. Minutes Karelf says I can justify that I wasn't timid.
 Yuki the lines were to tell myself my position.
"At the end of his life, he's been driven out to'Bomber Demon'and' Rip Demon'. If you get off here, I can't be a killer anymore."
 Shiba Tatsuya says the assassination has already gone beyond the stage of getting rid of witnesses.
 That boy is the target of the whole organization, and the boy's disposition Yuki has become a test, no, a "trial" to see if he has the right arm as an assassin for an organization.
"Kill Lucica no "
 I was so murmured. His face was tense and his eyes were stationary.


Kokonoe Yakumo Is it a boy under the patronage of? ”
Murder association ・A trading company. An old man in a haori hakama mutters in the president's office. There is no one other than him in the surprisingly small room now.
 The name of this old man is Morozumi. A Trading Company the president of the company, that is, the former killer.
"A goddamn ninjutsu messenger. "
 A Trading Company is not an organization that randomly gathers skillful hit men. All the assassins who belong to the association Morozumi Are the ones I have found.
 What they have in common is that they are ninjas, not ninja masters.
 Morozumi made by a trading company, at the same time as being a murder contractor, he also had the aspect of "a saucer for ninjas who couldn't become magicians."
 Not all ninjas are at work. The physical fitness program, which starts from an early age, is still valid today. Some have joined the Defense Forces, have become police officers, and are leveraging their abilities as national or private intelligence agents.
 However, ninja training is inhumane in terms of modern values. In order to get enough results, you have to start the training before you even think about it. It is nothing but child abuse.
 If this is an early elite education in major sports, it is not called a human rights violation. There is not much difference in the fact that the person does not have sufficient judgment ability and the possibility of leaving sequelae on the body. Kaka Warazu.
 Let's put aside the theory that the "small difference" is the problem.
 Ninja training carries great risks and illegal drugs are used. Therefore, if you openly announce that you have hired a ninja, you will be bashed by society because it is against social justice. Momentum, both government offices and private companies had to keep the hiring of ninjas secret.
 Since recruitment is not done, only those with special connections will be hired. Originally the ninja industry was a private connection service which was usually decided. However, it is difficult to find a new employer once the "marriage" is broken because there is no interaction between other schools. That is the current situation.
 Fortunately, it's booming now. You can find a job even if it is not a ninja job. However, there are many ninjas who can't give up their commitment to their skills and fall into illegal work. No, there are many aspects of illegality in corporate industrial spies, but ninjas who get caught up in work are burglars and sleep robbers get involved in crime.
 In that respect, "ninjutsu masters", old-fashioned wizards do not have trouble with their work. Magic is now accepted by society as a rare-precious technology. There are a certain number of people who hate magicians, but the demand for magic always exceeds the supply. Unlike highly-skilled human resources in other fields, it is difficult to accept and utilize foreigners. This is because most countries effectively ban the outflow of wizards.
 Certainly, "ninjutsu messenger" can do more than "ninja who cannot use magic called ninjutsu". Even in the world of ninja, ninjutsu masters have traditionally been superior to ninjas who are not.
 However, they are the same ninja even if they have a hierarchical relationship. Ninjutsu messengers were few in the past. If a ninja who couldn't use magic didn't work as a limb, the job of "Shinobi" wouldn't be possible. But now, the "ninjutsu messenger" is touted as a wizard. It's a good job, and if you don't have luck, you'll fall into the mud.
 Morozumi is also one of the "ninjas who are not magicians". Although he cannot use the magic systematized as ninjutsu, he is a ninja who possesses innate abilities. His unique ability is clairvoyance. There is no power to read a document from a distance or through a wall. His clairvoyance is that he can vaguely see where the clues to what he wants to know are.
 With this power, he was dying as a private secretary of a politician. With his abilities, he sought evidence of corruption by rival politicians, sometimes using ninja skills to steal evidence, and sometimes disseminating that information to the police and the media, climbing up to the employer's sword.
 Undertake political murder on the occasion of the employer's retirement from politics. A Trading Company was launched. Then, he searched for a ninja who was smoldering because he couldn't get a job suitable for his skill, and a ninja who had fallen socially unfortunately, and hired him as an employee. Behind the scenes, there was certainly resentment towards the circumstances of his colleagues, who were treated cold just because they couldn't use magic.
 Morozumi has no grudge against the ninjutsu messenger. At least I'm going to do that. Also, a Trading Company I have never forgotten the fact that is a criminal organization.
 Still, misery is more than a muddy situation. Even criminals who also have to hide and live, the political assassins who play a part in power are surely more fulfilling.
 Knowing the needs of political assassination, Morozumi in response, he decided to dig deeper into the darkness of power. This was the primary purpose of the establishment, but there was definitely a purpose to "give a sense of fulfillment to living to a ninja who cannot use magic."
 A place for ninjas who have been cut off by ninjutsu masters. that is a Trading Company one side of the ninja association.
 That a Trading Company a renowned ninjutsu messenger interferes with his work from an objective point of view, it is neither betrayal nor anything. But that positive approval knowledge and the irritation couldn't go away.
"I'll take care of the boy you're protecting with my subordinates." Then, drinking should be reduced. I thought so Morozumi is Shiba Tatsuya for assassination says Yuki. I decided to mobilize not only "Bobby" and "Jack" but also those who were free.


 I moved to Tokyo last night. Fumiya started activities early on Monday morning.
 Quickly preparing the equipment Tatsuya gets out of the car immediately in time for school. Kuroba command the subordinates of the house.
"Young, please wait."
 However, the subordinate who was wearing black clothes before I knew it Fumiya, I waited for you.
I'm not ready yet." "What are you saying ...?"
 Fumiya rebutted and reviewed his equipment. Even though I am a subordinate, my experience is superior. I thought again that I might have overlooked something.
"... No problem."
 However, at least as far as I checked it myself, I have nothing to forget.
"House woman outfit I forgot.
Woman Hmm weird outfit. You don't need it! "
 In the words of subordinates was without mouth refrain Fumiya turned his face red and yelled back.
 But unfortunately, he still doesn't have the dignity to intimidate his men.
"I have been instructed by the boss to take all possible measures to prevent the leakage of young people's identities."
"Gut ..."
 This time, I couldn't return "I don't need it Tatsuya. Due to the nature of the job of repelling assassins, there is a certain amount of risk of being seen. What you have to do can also be understood.
 He is a serious boy. If a reasonable need is shown, it cannot be refused. You prioritize your duties over your likes and dislikes.
"...... this time just to fight off the attackers. Because I'm waiting in basically all the way car, or not just by enough to hide the face?"
 But still committed ray of hope. Fumiya showed an alternative.
"Be careful," the subordinate's answer was ruthless.

 Apply mascara, add blush and draw rouge. Of course, I haven't cut corners in the preparation and the detailed process. Put a nail sticker on your nails and attach a bob-cut wig to complete it.
"Young, you've improved." In response to the praise of black clothes Fumiya became pathetic. What's so sad is that boys in the second year of junior high school have to be stamped with makeup techniques.
"... Stop young
. " " Oh, that's right. Excuse me. Let's visit
 Fumiya turned the skirt hem and silently headed to the front door. He desperately suppressed the urge to yell at eight.

 Fumiya said "always in the car," but he's not really locked up in the backseat. If you don't stretch your limbs regularly, you can't move in an emergency. Also, if you have only one car, you will be suspicious immediately.
 Fumiya commands Kurboba. The house has five rotations. Tatsuya, we had a system to monitor the surroundings of. Of course, Fumiya.  It's not the idea of, but the plan of the assistant role attached to him.
"... Still Tatsuya. If you're an older brother, you'll notice that you're being watched. "
 Fumiya mumbles like a soliloquy. The voice is a little low and a little hard, but it can only be heard by women. Reluctant to him, it didn't belong to the boy who changed his voice.
 The current time is past 1 pm. Fumiya is now with Tatsuya. I'm soothing my throat at a coffee shop near the junior high school where I go.
 Wearing a hat, unveiling, showing only the mouth, drinking iced tea with a straw Fumiya looks like a female college student or a young lady who doesn't need to work (also known as helping with domestic affairs). That is also a pretty beautiful woman. There must be few lords in this big city who can see his gender.
 I was using a table for two people alone with Fumiya. A college-style young man sat across from. He is a light hearted man who unbuttoned his shirt and put on his black jacket roughly.
"Nothing is wrong. I think the other person doesn't even reach out to school."
 He put a paper coffee cup in his hand on the table. Fumiya, I turned my face to and told him in a whisper. As you can see in this line, the youth Fumiya attached to Kuroba a house agent.
 The name is Kurokawa Shirahane. It's a name that makes you want to say clearly whether it's black or white. For the first time to work alone. Fumiya as a support role attached to Kuroba he was selected from among the magicians under his family on the condition that he was young and skillful.
"Yes. Hardship like" release your face Kurokawa in a clear tone Fumiya answers seen from the perspective, it is the composition of a popular woman who treats a pick-up man. It can be said that it is acting in the hall.
"Sending people to junior high school may be difficult in terms of human resources."
 It's an era when girls don't seem strange even if they don't use women's language, but rough language is likely to make them feel uncomfortable. Fumiya thinks the use of polite language was a compromise that he didn't want to speak in women.
"Well, I don't think he has such a child actor. "
 Kurokawa; he struck an aizuchi with a loose tone. He also has a tone that suits his appearance.
"If you set it up at school, flower fire.  Is it? "
Fumiya looks sharp to Kurokawa under the veil.
 Kurokawa: The "fireworks" that he says are bombs, although they are blurred so that they can be eavesdropped.
"Do you think there is a possibility?"
" I think there is a possibility. You know that he is not just a person."
 Yotsuba is in the house with Tatsuya. Only those who have never seen him fight with Kuroba. The house operative is the boss Mistugu. But Tatsuya hates that Kaka is regardless to Tatsuya. There are many people who highly value.
 Kurokawa but Fumiya. This is the first time I have been selected as a supporter for Kuroba. Among the magicians of the house, I belonged to the younger generation, so I had many opportunities to act together for a long time.  So, I have seen the ability of Tatsuya. Actually, for this mission as well, the question is, "Does that person need an escort? Kurokawa said it was the true intention.
 Again Kurokawa and Fumiya face. Now lift your hips and put them in your ears. Saya said I took a good posture.
Then, it is physically the same as a normal human being. The more you know about magic, the more you think that you can kill it regardless of your magical skill by blowing off the careless part with a bomb " there should I if in a state of being asked to face Fumiya also said it to Saya: I asked back with a voice.
"Yes, I think so."
 Kurokawa nods back to his original posture.
"... Shall we get out soon?" While other guests are talking about it; Fumiya says I'm snooping on them. I noticed it. Fumiya faced Deer and I stood up.


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