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A grass, three slender leaves, about a foot long, looks malnourished and looks very slender. It is uprooted and held in the hands of poplars. The roots also have soil, which is very fresh and looks very delicious ...

Staring at the grass in his hand for half an hour, Aspen kept his expression blank, and the whole person seemed to be pressed for a pause.

Next, he threw away the grass in his hand as if he had been ironed.

"Ghost ..."!

I screamed, and I was stunned by a dog. I rushed into my bedroom with a crawl, rummaged upside down, brought my wallet out of the house, and slammed the door shut ...

In the heat of the fire, the poplar was sweating coldly. The goosebumps were densely packed, shirtless, wearing large pants, one foot was bare, and the other foot was a flip-flop. Regardless of the strange eyes of the people on the street, it was crazy. Seems to be fleeing.

"Shameless ..."

"Ethical corruption ..."

"Teach bad kids ..."

呀 "Yeah, that brother has muscles ..."

Aspen mad dogs have to run across street after street, despised by countless people ...

Twenty minutes later, the city's People's Hospital, when countless people with various problems due to high-temperature weather were upset and waiting for the queue, Aspen rushed into the hospital in a rush to get the number, and went straight to the psychiatric department.

In the psychiatric diagnosis room, a gray-haired old driver ... Oh no, the old doctor is drinking tea and reading the newspaper leisurely. Compared with other departments, psychiatry is the most leisurely, and all kinds of snake ailments are spreading around the world these years. Not many can come to the hospital.


The door of the diagnosis room was pushed open from the outside, and the sudden loud noise scared the old doctor, tearing it, and the newspaper in his hand was torn in half.

"Doctor saves my life, I feel bad for the whole person. When I was at home just now, I found myself somehow running into a forest, and a tiger wanted to eat me, and then I slammed home again ..."

Bai Yang rushed into the diagnostic room, and crackled in a panic, saying that he was holding the old doctor's arm with both hands, just like the drowning man caught the last life-saving straw ...

"Young man calm down, calm down, don't shake, I'm dizzy ..."

It was so easy to appease the poplar. The old doctor was relieved. The hairy boy was terrible. He drank the tea and was shocked. Then he stretched out his hand and said to the poplar, "What about the medical records?"

Yan Baiyang: "..."

An hour later, Poplar took the new account, explained the situation, and after a double-check question and answer diagnosis, the old doctor concluded: "You guys, you are not sick, the weather is too hot, pay attention to rest and heatstroke, remember not to stay up late to play games and watch movies, mental fatigue is extremely extreme Easy to hallucinate, go back for a rest, drink some mung bean porridge, it's okay. "

"No, doctor, you have to believe me. I'm really sick, and I'm not sick. I'm out of order. I'll tell you. Look at you. Your shoulders are bitten by big mosquitoes. Yes, I caused it in a forest, but I was at home, but why was this happening when I was at home, wasn't I late in mental illness? Or was my personality split, and somehow ran into the woods and came back I don't know myself ... "Bai Yang was anxious, don't lie to me as a doctor, I look really sick.

"Are you a doctor or am I a doctor? It's all right, you're thinking normally, you speak clearly, and there are no adverse reactions from mental patients. It's all right, obedient, stop playing ..."

"No, doctor, you show it again, or else you give me some medicine"?


After rumbling over the bargain, the doctor couldn't survive the poplar, and he was so entangled that he prescribed some medicine to soothe the brain, and then Poplar let him go.

Standing at the gate of the hospital, Poplar looked at the medical certificate with great entanglement. He was not assured anyway, and then walked to the next hospital, facing the big sun and countless people. He ran to five or six hospitals in succession, and the results were the same. He has no mental disorders and is too healthy.

After all, mental illness is not something you think you have. There is a clear difference between a real mental patient and a normal person. Poplar tells her own experience. The doctors all agree that either poplar is making trouble unreasonably, or that heat stroke is hallucinating.

After dragging his tired body downstairs, Poplar wandered for a long time before he got up the courage to go home, opened the door, and carefully watched it. There were no abnormalities. He slammed it all around with a clothes rod to make sure there was no danger. Sitting carefully on the sofa, his heart was tangled to death.

He ’s a college student with a higher education. Yes, I ’ve seen many Quest shows that have crossed the long distance to another place. It ’s true, but this kind of thing ca n’t be accepted on my own, except that I feel like I ’m neurotic. No other explanation.

草 That grass is still lying on the coffee table, and even some dirt has fallen to the floor. One of her flip-flops is missing, and the instant noodles are gone. The traces of soup on the body prove that the instant noodles are real ...

So the question is coming, what is the situation? I stayed at home and sat down as soon as I left ...?

"That place doesn't look like the earth. The sun on the earth is golden, but the sun in that place is white, obviously not the earth. The problem is somehow going back and somehow going back. tour"?

After experiencing the initial turmoil, she confirmed that she was not sick, and the calm Aspen could seriously consider the magical encounter.

The person who grew up eating various toxins is powerful. Although it is incredible, Poplar quickly accepted the fact of the miraculous encounter.

"Then the question comes again, why can I still come back after passing? I haven't had any incredible things on my body. How can I experience a crossing and go back ..."

杨 The poplar sitting on the sofa whispered to himself, before he finished speaking, he disappeared in the living room ...

I just felt my eyes fluttered and blinked my eyes, and Bai Yang returned to the jungle again, because I kept sitting, and sat on the ground with my buttocks, jumping with my throat, my **** didn't know what was pierced. .

"I can really come back ... I rub ... Tiger ... Go back ..."

The poplar who returned to the jungle saw the tiger crawling on the ground not far away, terrified the soul, and screamed back in her heart, but she really disappeared into the jungle and returned to the living room at home ...

Looking at the familiar home, Poplar was stunned. He was in the living room a few seconds ago, then appeared in the jungle, and then came back again ...

"His ..."

I reached out and pulled a thorn from the **** egg, and the pain told him that it was all true!

The reason why the people can rule the earth is because human beings are good at summarizing and analyzing. After two short and weird experiences, Poplar is not a fool. Anyway, he is also a college student with higher education and almost cleared things up.

"Although I don't know where it is, it is dangerous and it used to ..."

Alas ... he disappeared in the living room, but he reappeared in a blink of an eye, then said with a depressed face: "... coming back is completely controlled by my own thoughts, thinking of passing ..."

"... just go ..."

"... come back when you want."

I flipped through the summary and ‘flashed’ twice again. Bai Yang looked at the ceiling. He knew that he had hit the luck. Although he did n’t know what was going on, the truth was the truth!

Scratching his head again, he first found two band-aids and treated the place where the soles of his feet and buttocks were pierced casually. After a while, he stood up, grabbed the grass on the tea machine, and came to the computer desk. I opened Qiandu and searched for grass plant introductions. I spent two hours browsing tens of thousands of pictures of various grass plants, but it did not match the grass brought back from that forest.

"There may not be such a thing as human beings, but the sun in the sky cannot be faked. There is no white sun the size of a wheel, and it should not be the earth."

After working hard for a while, Bai Yang came to this conclusion.

Then let ’s be excited again. An unknown world is in front of us. Who can remain calm? Psychology is like cat claws.

"Whether it's past ... or coming back, it will appear where you left off last time. UU reads But where is that tiger that doesn't move, how can you explore it?"

Although I really want to go and see what world is there, but every time Bai Yang “flashes” I see the lying tiger over there, he dare not go, he does n’t understand, and he has a deep hatred with that tiger. , The other side is actually 'resurrection point corpse'?

Ye Baiyang didn't even know that the tiger had died, and thought the other side was guarding him.

However, he is not blind. After a few times, he found that the tiger was not right. When he passed again, he carefully stayed for two seconds. He looked like he had to run at any time. As a result, his eyes stared at the boss. The tiger His head, two eyes were penetrated by an arrow, and he could not die anymore!

"Dead? What's going on? He was shot with an arrow? Someone around ..."!

Thinking of this, Aspen ran quickly and returned directly to his living room. This relieved him that it was too dangerous. If an arrow flew out of the woods for him, the consequences would be terrible!

"It's too dangerous there. The tiger grows bigger than the cow, and the arrow can run through the tiger's head. What kind of bow and arrow must be so powerful!"

Although Bai Yang currently only knows so much about the situation over there, it is only two words in summary, it is dangerous!

But, the more so, the more he is tickled. The so-called curiosity kills a cat. Human beings always have an unparalleled desire to detect unknown things. Poplar is no exception. Eyes are turned around. I look around at home, hoping to find What will help you explore the opposite ...

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Wait its so confusing….sometimes its he and sometimes she? Is he boy or girl? And the details,is it messed up or its just me who hard to understand?

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