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Chapter 1704: The Past Hatred

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Ye Wen caused a ruckus with the Tang En Family. She was fierce by nature and did not want to be separated from her daughter. On one hand, her family and her eldest daughter were there; on the other hand, there was her younger daughter. The disputes were out of control, and in the end, the Tang En Family allowed her to visit Emma once a year.

Emma was sent to be raised in a castle in the suburbs. Ye Wen arranged a trusted servant and butler and raised her up as a little princess. The castles in the suburbs and their main urban area were separated by tens of kilometers. The Tang En Family just treated it as if they never had this child, and they refused to accept her. Only until Ye Wen went to look for Emma and the fire broke out was young Emma taken back into the Tang En Family.

The European Ye Family had also severed their ties with the Tang En Family. Ye Junchen said that most of the statements made that year pointed out that the Tang En Family would not have a good year, and there were bad things happening continuously. Tang En was also having some scandals. He was deceived by a woman and almost assassinated. He had to rest for months. Because of what happened to Emma, Ye Wen had cut off her ties with him long before.

The fortune teller said that all of this was because of Emma. So, Prince Tang En sent someone to burn up the castle. He only wanted to kill Emma and not burn down the entire castle.

Yet, Emma had a lucky life, and she dodged the bullet. Everyone else in the castle lost their life.

Because of Ye Wen’s separation, the European Ye Family and the Tang En Family also cut off their ties, but they cared a lot for the two daughters that Ye Wen gave birth to. Yet, they refused to seek harmony with the Tang En Family.

Prince Tang En had strongly denied that he would be so cruel as to even kill his own daughter, but the rumors from the outside world were like sharp swords. No one believed him, and they all regarded him as the murderer of his wife and daughter. Yet, there was no evidence.

To stop those rumors, Emma was sent back to the Tang En Family.

They also changed the servants in the main castle several times. This topic became the elephant in the room. Afterward, fewer people spoke of it. That day, Ye Tingyun phoned Ye Junchen and spoke of the matter regarding the Tang En Family; then, he knew of this. There was always some sort of difficult problems behind every big family.

The Ye Family had it; so did the European Ye Family, and so did the Tang En Family!

Emma needed a long time to calm down. She looked at Ye Tingyun with an infatuated look, smiling while crying. She held his hand agitatedly. “I finally found you, Brother. From now on, you will protect me, right?”

“Doesn’t your Dad treat you well?” Ye Tingyun asked.

There was a dark look in Emma’s eyes. “Grandpa and Dad love my sister very much, but they are cold to me. Dad even hates me. Although they gave me the best education and raised me up as their heirs, they were just afraid that someone would call them out for mistreatment. They also wanted to please my uncle.

“I am not in the slightest bit happy at home. Since I was young, I had to work hard. My sister only had to act sweetly, and Grandpa and Dad would listen to all of her needs. Yet, I had to study hard and achieve the best in everything before I could get some of their attention. It’s very, very tiring.”

Ye Tingyun understood this feeling, but on the contrary, he was the favored one. No matter what he did or said when he was a child, as long as it was with a smile, Grandma would give him the best. Even if he made a mistake, he would be forgiven. He was the best at everything in Grandma’s eyes.

But Big Brother was different. Big Brother had to work hard and be ranked number one in everything. He had to be the best in everything before he could get some praise from his grandma.

“Back then, did your father really cause the fire and burn the castle down?”

Emma shook her head. “I don’t know either. My sister said that my father did not do it. Dad has denied it as well. I have seen Dad looking at Mom’s portrait, and he seemed to tear up. I believe that it is just a rumor. Dad didn’t do it.. He’s not so cruel.”

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