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Chapter 2510 Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (28)

Moreover, she also knew a secret that Li Yixue seemed to like her brother very much.

However, Li Yixue did not know what had happened between them back then. She went abroad crying and said that she did not want to return to the Tang family for the rest of her life. She did not want to see Tang Yebing again.

Now that she saw Tang Yebing, Qiao Ruoxi suddenly missed Li Yixue very much. She wondered when she would be able to return to the country. It had already been three years. She reckoned that she should return soon.

After Tang Yebing was done with the examination, he handed the results to Grandpa Feng and gave him his guarantee.

“She can be discharged now. The baby is very healthy now. As long as the pregnant mother is careful, she will be fine. Please be at ease.”


Mr. Feng was very satisfied. He looked at Qiao Ruoxi and said, “Little Xi, since you can be discharged, I’ll arrange for Yunan to accompany you home tomorrow to visit your family.”

Qiao Ruoxi’s heart tensed up. ‘Isn’t this arrangement too hasty?’

He did not give her any time to rest. At least let her go back and tell her mother!

“Grandpa, there’s really no hurry. President Feng is so busy, I can go back myself.”

Qiao Ruoxi quickly said.

“No matter what he is busy with, it can’t be more important than the fourth-generation heir of the Feng family. It’s settled then. When he comes over, you guys can discuss it in detail.”

Mr. Feng did not go back on his words. After making a firm decision, he stood up with his walking stick and went to call the chefs and servants to prepare lunch.

It was lunchtime.

The restaurant was located in a garden on the top floor. It was surrounded by flowers and the environment was very elegant.

Qiao Ruoxi sat alone at the long table. She looked at the table full of exquisite dishes and smacked her lips. “So many dishes again. I can’t finish all of them alone.”

A rich family’s meal was even more sumptuous than a normal family’s reunion dinner.

Moreover, the Feng family was the number one family in Yun City. Even if they were in the hospital, they could still whip up a huge feast.

“Young Madam, the president will come to eat with you.”

A maid called Auntie Nan answered. Under the orders of Old Master Feng, the servants all called her “Young Madam.”

‘Feng Yunan?’

“Coming to eat with me?’

Qiao Ruoxi was shocked for a moment. She quickly understood that the man was willing to accompany her for dinner because of the old man’s orders.

If not for the fact that she was pregnant with the fourth generation descendant of the Feng family, Feng Yunan would probably not even bother to look at her!

She rubbed her tummy. It seemed that the little baby in her tummy was really significant enough.

Before Qiao Ruoxi could finish her thoughts, a cold voice came from afar. “There’s no Young Madam here.”

When the servants saw the president, they immediately greeted him respectfully.

Auntie Nan, who had just called her “Young Madam,” trembled in fear when she saw the President’s overbearing attitude.

It was hard for them servants too, okay?

Old Mr. Feng ordered them to address Qiao Ruoxi as Young Madam.

However, the president did not allow them to.

Then who should they listen to in the future?

Should they address her that way or not?

The man appeared in front of her in his suit. He frowned, showing how much he hated the term “Young Madam.”

Qiao Ruoxi knew that they were in a secret marriage and could not show any relationship in front of outsiders.

Not even a title.

“Auntie Nan, please continue to call me Miss Qiao.”

She told Auntie Nan, not wanting them to be in a difficult position.

“Hmph!” The man snorted and gave Qiao Ruoxi a look, seemingly pleased with her self-awareness.

After washing his hands, a servant pulled out a chair for Feng Yunan.

Feng Yunan sat down, picked up his knife and fork, and began to eat.

Qiao Ruoxi stole a glance at him and noticed that he was eating elegantly.

She had probably never seen a man who looked so good while eating.

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