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Qin Xuming did not intend to let her go. He had already observed the nearby buildings during the day and knew that there was access to the rooftop of the building next to it.

Without another word, he dragged Qiao Ruoxi to the elevator and took her to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, the cold wind blew.

Qiao Ruoxi was already terrified, but she still forced herself to stay calm. “Qin Xuming, calm down. You’re a lawyer. Are you going to break the law?”

Qiao Ruoxi tried to negotiate with him, hoping that he would not go to the extreme.

“Nothing is important. I don’t care about anything. I just can’t live without you, Ruoxi. Everything I do is for you.”

Qin Xuming seemed to be in an abnormal state of mind. Sometimes he was good, sometimes he was bad. Sometimes he would be fierce to her, and sometimes he would act pitiful to her.

Qiao Ruoxi really did not want to continue to be involved with him. “If you really did it for me, then let me go.”

When Qin Xuming heard that she wanted to leave, his expression became fierce again. “Don’t even think about escaping from me. If I can’t have you, no one else can. Since we can’t be husband and wife, then let’s go to hell together.”

He pulled her to the edge of the roof and pressed her head down, forcing her to look down.

Qiao Ruoxi looked at the twenty-story building and felt dizzy. She closed her eyes instinctively.

He grabbed her hair again and pulled her up. He asked coldly, “How is it? Is it high? Are you afraid? What do you think will happen if you jump from such a high place?”

Without a doubt, she would become minced meat.

But she did not want to die.

She still had her mother and brother to take care of.

Qiao Ruoxi’s heart was filled with anxiety. She swallowed her saliva and said, “Qin Xuming, let’s talk nicely, okay?”

Hearing her soft tone, he put on a loving look and said with reddened eyes, “Ruoxi, I didn’t want to do this either. You forced me. I just want to be with you. I beg you, don’t leave me and come back to me, okay?”

He was using death to force her to change her mind.

Even the calmest person could not remain calm in the face of such a situation.

Qiao Ruoxi began to feel afraid.

She did not know what Qin Xuming would do, but she knew that a person who had gone to the extreme would really do anything.

“Qin Xuming…”

Before she could finish her words, Qin Xuming’s expression changed again. He said fiercely, “You are mine. You can only be mine forever. No one can take you away from me. Even if we die, we must die together.”

As he said this, he suddenly grabbed Qiao Ruoxi and lay down on the edge of the roof. Their bodies were half suspended on the roof.

“Ah!” Qiao Ruoxi screamed.

They could see that there were already a lot of people gathered below the building, all looking up at them.

Qiao Ruoxi wondered if there was anyone with a conscience who could call the police.

Aren’t those scenes always shown on TV?

As long as someone was trying to jump off the building and the crowd was watching, it wouldn’t be long before the police came to rescue them.

Qiao Ruoxi could only hope that the police would come and save her.

She really did not want to die with Qin Xuming.

There was an innocent little life in her belly.

In the face of death, Qin Xuming said something that he shouldn’t have said. “If I had known that it would be so painful now, I might not have been so kind to you from the beginning. You should have gone to hell with that old thing, Qiao Rennian. None of you are good people.”

He was right. If he hadn’t been so kind to her in the past, he wouldn’t be in such pain now.

He had spent years of blood, sweat, and tears, only to dig a hole for himself and bury himself alive.

‘Qiao Ruoxi was speechless.

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